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Scheer tries to rally Tories to take on Trudeau amid leadership attacks

Andrew Scheer says his Opposition intends to fight hard.


Andrew Scheer says he has a message for Justin Trudeau: Vacation time is over.

Andrew Scheer says his Opposition intends to fight hard.

Scheer says his Opposition intends to fight hard now that the days of a Liberal majority that could do whatever it wanted are over.

And he says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should consider himself on notice that the Opposition won’t let him get away with anything.

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GlobalRegina lol scheer What a dope 🤣🤣🤣 BC1 hit the road Is this a party ad, or news? Speaking of vacations, do you celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving? Should fix that Andrew as a duel citizen you should pick one. And here's my message to Andrew Scheer: it's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And he's leagues above you and your sad rhetoric. Please go away. You have nothing to offer Canada.

I bet the Conservative party is the only party he’s been invited to in his entire life. Yes AndrewScheer. Your vacation is over. Do some constructive work on formulating policies, defining legislation and assist with gaining approval The message is negative. Delivered with a smirk and a pointy finger. I register my non-receptivity to continued passionless negative counterproductive arrogance and veiled threats. Where are the inspiring leaders of our times? Please stand. These kind: please, move over. Goodbye.

Andy dandy needs to look for a new job...perhaps finish those courses to get his insurance agent license

John Robson: You can't blame London Bridge terror attack on Britain's ToriesIt’s Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn who has often said convicted terrorists need not serve their full terms and that British foreign policy provokes ‘militants’

AndrewScheer jumping into the folds of the CPC_HQ... Coming from the lame duck who is about to be on a permanent vacation when he’s bounced as party leader then resigns in shame. Oh shut up already Loll this guy is a fool Is he kidding? I thought this was a SNL skit! scheerstupidity You misspelled Doug Ford. There fixed it!

That's right Andy, the gravy train is pulling into the station soon and this is your stop.. I thought they hired some adult communication people? When do we see the new strategy? The 'Trudeau is a poopy pants' strategy is wearing thin. Ah. I see a new career in insurance - if he can get the credentials. Oh he did didn’t he. Oh, that was a lie. Well he can always fuck off to the USA. Good place for him

Well that was disappointingly expected.

Letters to the editor: Dec. 3: ‘Canada should thank Andrew Scheer for helping to keep our country untainted with the smell of an even less palatable dish.’ Plus other letters to the editorIn today’s letters to the editor: standing up in Manitoba; show them the money; justice in Ontario; Trump and NATO; the health-care debate goes on; art in Vancouver; cooking with Andrew Scheer

Message for Andy. Practice the phrase “Would you like fries with that?” Hey Scheer your rhetoric didn’t sell us in the election and it sure as hell won’t comfort us after find another tactic. Or preferably, just step down. Poor AndrewScheer is trying so hard to hide the fact that he’s just a seat warmer for the next Conservative Leader. Still a U.S. citizen Andy? Of course you are.

He truly is obsessed with Trudeau AndrewScheer hasn't ever had a real job, so he's not clear about what a vacation is. Oh Andrew... 😳🙄 you'll soon be replaced.. Now tell Ford...? Does Andrew know his extremely long vacation is about to start? Is this bigot still leading the conservatives? How embarrassing.

Trudeau to mark NATO’s birthday amid questions about military alliance’s futureLeaders from all 29 NATO member states have started to gather in London to celebrate the 70th birthday of the alliance, which was created at the start of the Cold War to defend North America and Western Europe from the Soviet Union globepolitics he is going to dress like general? chameleon globepolitics globepolitics Le govt canadien serait-il condamné à suivre, à payer sans dire un mots OTAN NATO et ONU UN

Please, just go away! It hurts to listen to you. Oh, Andy. You’ve been on a free ride since age 24. Sit down. This is news?Conservative shill much? BoycottGlobalNews So while PMJT was at the NATO summit, what were you doing? Yes, I’m sure the Conservative caucus will deliver, but what; Pizza? Wings? ScheerNonsense cdnpoli

Oh you're still here He is a terrible Red Foreman. Terrible. AndrewScheer what Canadians need is for their government to work together Go away Andy. Your own party doesn't even want you.

Provinces demand changes to fiscal stabilization program — here’s what that meansThere was a call from provinces to reassess fiscal stabilization, which provides financial assistance to provinces amid economic downturns. cdnpoli jkenney must think Alberta is ok as he gave away $4.7 b in taxes that weren’t needed for other things like say, front-line medical workers or cleaning up Old well sites. Jesus, jkenney authored the original with stephenharper when Alberta was doing well, he thought it was good enough for other Provinces at that time ! Hypocrite.

The guy who lost. Sigh. Someone tell Andrew the time to campaign is over. He lost. Wait, the guy that barely worked outside of politics, has ~15 years of taxpayer six-figure salary plus expenses, is telling the PM ‘no free rides’? This House is convening the same days as last election, but couldn’t come soon enough for Scheer, desperate for the distraction.

His mind is on permanent vacation. Don’t you ever feel stupid after you say crazy stuff? Andy is ending his life-long vacation!? Getting his brokers license? Actually putting thought into policy? Wow. I didn’t think he knew what ‘work’ actually meant. Listening to you is like listening to a construction zone right outside your bedroom window in the middle of the night. You’ve become seriously annoying.

Newsflash: you lost the election. ScheerStupidity cdnpoli Can he just resign already? This whole act is nauseating.

John Robson: You can't blame London Bridge terror attack on Britain's ToriesIt’s Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn who has often said convicted terrorists need not serve their full terms and that British foreign policy provokes ‘militants’

Yes Scheer, elections are over. Thanks CANADA 🇨🇦 for not voting this joker. Is Andrew giving the gov't notice that he won't be available until he's finished his insurance broker exams? Guy whose own party hates his guts says what? Canadians have a message for Andrew Scheer: You lost. Your own party is going to fire you. Get over it.

Scheer delivered the same message to Doug Ford. Scheer called, nobody answered. He’s on his 238th replay of Girl From Ipanema muzak Andrewscheer Preferred Prime Minister Polling: Trudeau: 38.2% (+8.2) Scheer: 21.5% (-5.5) Singh: 15.1% (-2.2) Blanchet: 2.7% (-0.7) Bernier: 1.1% (-0.5) Nanos Research / November 29, 2019

I would love it if Scheer would take a vacation so I wouldn't have to stare at his angry, childish muppet face for a while. Its time for Scheer to go back to being a fake insurance salesman. News alert for Scheer..Time to Leave Stornoway. Mackay moving in April. Play time is over now time to go back to being a quarter Insurance salesman.

Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced' after candid videoU.S. President Trump has called Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 'two-faced' after video surfaced of world leaders seemingly talking about him while attending an event at Buckingham Palace. Read more here: lmao the snake oil salesman... shame on the usa electorate for electing him.... 25th ASAP! Trump will retaliate against Canada now. Steel tariffs, farmers ? Tracey Ullman as Angela Merkel springs to mind...

😡😡😡😡😡👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Says the guy who couldn’t beat him. 🤨 getbent You literally told Premiers in two Provinces to stop legislating until after the election because you were afraid their policies and conduct embarrassed your brand. AB went 3 months without a budget and ON went 5 months without a sitting government because of you.

So what does that mean? Ah, the Pm is renowned for his ability to work hard and for long hours. Scheer, soon you will be on a vacation. Guess he totally missed the hilarity of the NATO summit, then. JT just did us all a solid and kept that orange turd in his place. I don’t think Nato summits constitute a vacation but if this is how YOU view it..I say Canada chose the right PM.

It really is pathetic. Liberals would love him to stay and won’t do anything to hurt his chances. They know that he can’t win an election. There is an urgent need to find a leader that can unite this country. Scheer has been on a taxpayer paid vacation for the last 10 years! If Scheers vacation is over does that mean he is living in Canada now? What about that USA citizenship? Is that still in process?

Andy are you still a USA citizen Get bent insurance coffee boy ! Loser says what? Scheer been on vacation for 20 years... Nice try shithead And I have a message for Andrew Scheer, Your vacation is about to begin when your very own Party kicks your stunned ass to the curb! Yah sure that won't make up for the vacancy between Scheer's ears.

Has no one told Yankee Dimples Andy that the election is over and he lost? What *is* it with the Cons and the apparent memory wipe they all get after losing elections?

Hard to believe that the CPC will find somebody less likeable than Scheer, but I’m confident they will. It’s clear Andy wasn’t listening to the throne speech You’re terrifying 😂😂 Your vacation will begin in April Yankee Doodle Andy Justin Trudeau unbeatable he will be the next winner as well I guaranteed and write on any paper I will sign it

AndrewScheer Loser! The supreme leader of the CPC has never shown he is capable of leading anything. Leaders are people who are positive, find good in people, unite all with positive taughts. Mr. Sheer and the CPC only know how to criticize. Haven't heard him say anything positive about Canada Ugh. I wish he'd go away already. He always looks like he thinks he's saying the world's most brilliant thing, like a kid who thinks they have a grown up argument.

TwoFacedTrudeau ‘s life is a permanent vacation

Bless his heart, he means well. Canada has a message for AndrewScheer can he even say anything without mentioning Prime Minister Trudeau? Would be nice to hear his platform for making Canada better. Like his friend Mr. Harper he never says what he is planning This guy still here? Yawntastic content The smirk always makes him look completely insincere.

We can guess what idiotic statements theJagmeetSingh and AndrewScheer will say after the throne spoech. Who’s gonna tell them they both lost? ChooseForwardWithTrudeau Because WeakAndy knows he'll never be PM, he can safely throw these lame snowballs without fear they'll ever be thrown back. What a jack ass

Canada had a pretty strong message for Scheer that his continual petulence is unacceptable and he's completely ignoring it. Also, it's Prime Minister Trudeau to you, Mr. Leader of Opposition cdnpoli First off it’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Quit being a sniveling child Andrew. Secondly you had fordnation hide for five months during the fed election, so sit down. We are tired of your negative divisive politics.

Who is scheer again? Oh a nobody Hahahahahahaha 880Edmonton Anyone is better than our clown prince TruDump! Well, maybe not May what’s-her-face. Who is Andrew Scheer? He’s religious like Pelosi. Why doesn’t he take the high road and say he prays for Trudeau every day 🙄 OK, Yankee This guy is a loser This American guy is using Justin to get rid of his own political trouble, he refuses to resign so he has to find a scrape goat and that is naturally his opponent Justin~

680CJOB Now we have the would be Prime Minister telling us he believes that talking to other world leaders is a 'vacation'. Good luck getting any more seats for your party with that slogan. Is it just me because I have a hard time taking him seriously! He looked like he was smirking the whole time and about say 'just joking' lol

CKWS_TV What was CPC_HQ doing before now? Go away Scheer time for your party’s hate speeches and useless agendas are over !! The Liberals , NDP and greens are in control not hate speech Scheer needs to get his own house in order before criticizing others What is the matter with this man who cannot seem to get beyond grade six class government tactics?

This guy is a pest and nothing else. Grab the pesticide please. Shut him up. Second is the best the CPC can do, if so fantastic. ... you are complete embarrassment Get lost! Scheer clearly has been on vacation from listening to Canadians. And pull us out of the UN stop the Paris accord and then migration compact and maybe, more people might believe in you.

GlobalEdmonton I didn't want it but I assume, 'i want to control women's bodies, I hate natives, I ran in an area that split the native vote so low that it couldn't affect me, I'm a cry baby that would love trump bending me over a barrel like the gays that I hate'

That's not what democracy is about Mr Scheer. 👏👏👏 What are his thoughts on that 5 month vacay he had dofo and friends take? Speaking as an Ontarian sick of cons and their BS. AndrewScheer Had AndrewScheer renounced his US citizenship yet? He has had plenty of time. NobodyAskedMe Andrew Scheer I think it's time you sat down shut up and get on with your job

And what's AndrewScheer been doing for the past month, besides hearing how most of his own party doesn't like him, and sniping at the Prime Minister? Not much of an accomplishment. GlobalNational Loser Did you tell that to Doug Ford as well? After his 5 month hiatus? Why does continue to promote this whiny, Insurance School dropout? His policies mirror Ford's appalling, ass-backward ideas... Only the most deep-pocketed and a sprinkle of rednecks give a rat's tinky about what this guy has to say...

Oh man this is getting tedious, shouldn't Andrew be looking for another job by now? He knows he lost the election? He’s irrelevant. He missed the empty net. Whoever is doing your strategy work needs to be fired. Canadians have a message for AndrewScheer too and that message is 'NOPE!' Go sit in the corner.

Does Scheer not realize that his party is now ineffectual mainly thanks to him. Also we can’t be in too bad a shape when he really has so little to say that matters. Every opposition says this. Global you on the take during Canadian election It sounds like he’s suffering from hulkamania.... vacation time is over brother!

What is his issue? He has a Trump like Hillary obsession with JT. I get they are the opposition but give it a rest. Stick to policy. That’s funny. The country had a message for Scheer: “Your political career is over”. AndrewScheer time for you to take a holiday. You lost, your party is having second thoughts about you.

Scheer is a literal loser so there’s that.. Now that’s funny coming from a paper shredder man. FFS Scheer stupidity.

So the Conservatives are still using sponge bob square pants to try and gain some credibility and votes? It’s time to refresh the cabinet and back bench the guy. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Cheap shot. That is the best the opposition can offer. Time to Change advisers. Ya, 3 months too late AndrewScheer GlobalRegina I hope you’ve practised your breakaways on an open net during your holiday, AndrewScheer

globalhalifax I'd like to see Scheer at least mimic a decent human being if he can't be one; and the work needed to mend division and work with gov't. Anything else is just sabotage and Canadians lose. God, he needs to pack that in and focus on being a LEADER. Hia obsession is brutal. He can’t say a single sentence with out bringing up Trudeau. Move on and lead your party while you still can.

Andy, you’re going to be going on permanent vacation yourself soon enough, though I suppose there’s always work for a professional lickspittle. Another message from Andy, the walking dead. Canadians have a message for AndrewScheer , you lost , get over yourself... doing something constructive or step down....

Global News do you realize how irrelevant this is?

Vacation? You are one with any objectivity is buying this drivel . Doof GlobalEdmonton He’ll be on vacation soon as well Hey look, it's the former data entry clerk. The P.M, begs to differ. globalhalifax OMG! Scheer, Canada has spoken and you are NOT the PM... Also, the division in this country is fueled by your BS. So stop lying!

Is Scheer Canadian yet? Blah blah blah! I dont know the longer the moron is on vacation the less damage he can do GlobalBC Sheer = nazi

Man oh man this b******* is tiresome! I hope Canadians have strong mental constitution to endure 4 more years of this b******* I don't remember anyone asking him his opinion but ok GlobalCalgary Is he planning on leaving the PC chair for someone who might actually be on level playing field?.. eheheh It’s going to be fun watching you put two face/blackface Trudeau in his place.

His whole leader ship has been a vacation. GlobalNational But our dopey millionaire Slime Minister loves his lavish vacations ... how could he be expected to give those up? But he will keep jacking up the taxes so none of us could ever afford a vacation 😡 TrudeauBlackface TrudeauTwoFace OMG SHEER! Take some blame for your stupidity please. The fox did not get the grapes so he said it was sour. Remember when you point 1 finger 4 is pointing right back to you. Enough of blaming everyone but yourself.

Is anyone still listening to this man? Hey AndrewScheer never heard you tell that to fordnation when you told him to take a 5 months paid vacation ☹️ ScheerFailure cdnpoli onpoli

TwoFacedTrudeau BlackFaceTrudeau A miserable excuse for a PM Simpering tween mean girl cdnpoli If you think turdeaus doing a good job, God Bless your heart! AM980News Bro you lost, you missed a lay up you pigeon fordnation took a 5 month paid vacation to help AndrewScheer out with the election. Which was total failure. Doug Ford & Sflecce should’ve taken that time & negotiate a fair deal in good faith with OSSTF so we could’ve avoided all this. cutshurtkids onpoli cdnpoli

Every time he opens his yap he sheds voters. AndrewScheer anyone with 1/2 brain knows he was not on vacation. GlobalBC Andrew Scheer please focus on your plans. Climate change . Women. Housing. Transit . Please stop talking badly about other people AndrewScheer Just like the previous PC governments 🤦‍♂️

Sit down mr sheer. U lost and that’s the end of it GlobalBC Are you saying that if you became PM you would not represent Canada at NATO? GlobalEdmonton Please go away.

And I AndrewSheer will step Down AM980News Someone's still upset he lost the election lol Resign Andrew Can’t wait for Justin to put you on permanent Vacation Yeah really who cares what AndrewScheer has to say about anything. Isn’t he American GlobalBC Why does he always look so smug? OMG ! 'So my message to Justi...'*tunes out* Can we as a country, get a restraining order against Scheer saying that name. It affects me not unlike Chinese water torture. Jrip...........Jrip.........Jrip.........Jrip......

Its like watching a lopsided fight! when 1 guy is getting beat so bad everyone just wants the fight to stop.

Haha Andrew Scheer is a joke! Time for a new leader! GlobalEdmonton lesmanchettes 😂😂😂😂😂 The slime ! Sour grapes Andrew lost ...think so only been 4yrs Oh get over your bossy self! GlobalEdmonton Is racism over sheer? Weak andy! What a clown.

Because he is running out of planes rexglacer Scheer reduced Trudeau to minority. What an ass Scheer is Guess all these leaders should go home too. Scheer is nothing more than a limp cactus and needs actual therapy to deal with these emotions he has for our PM. You are too much! This coming from someone who has been on a permanent vacation AndrewScheer needs to get stuffed.

GlobalCalgary Andy sure showed him huh Nice to hear... let’s get to work. 🙄

am640 Really? I thought the PM was overseas representing our wonderful country. Not on a vacation. Looks like he’s doing his job to me. Poor little lamb. He seems so confused. About everything. Trudeau is busy leading the country AndrewScheer ... go pretend to sell insurance. Go back to the USA!!!! Yea tell that to Doug Ford and his cabinet. 🙄

Who the hell is this guy GlobalBC The fact that he thinks the PM has been 'on vacation'just goes to show you how clueless he is about what the government does and what the PM does. The CPC would be much better off without this embarrassment of an opposition 'leader' By the sounds of his speech i believe i missed something ... I thought Andrew Scheer lost the election . Him and his cacus giving Canadians what they want .... He must just be really mixed up and in denial . 😜

Well said Andrew

680CJOB Weakest conservative leader in decades,liberals support you please stay on as leader, Back in your hole lil guy. AndrewScheer Lol next please sheesh! to Yeah Andy... try acting less of a d**k & more of a politician. Shut your mouth & work FOR the people, instead of against, for a change! CPC_HQ AndrewScheer

Looks like he’s off the election diet. to Poor Andrew. Put the other foot in and go away. Bout time So many Justin lovers with so few followers.....coincidental Canadians aren’t really interested in your non-stop campaigning mode you lost the election it’s time to start governing if you’ve got some good ideas let’s hear them

Time to get Canada back. JustinTrudeau gmbutts cafreeland cathmckenna telfordk Bill_Morneau HarjitSajjan liberal_party manny_ottawa smfehir ezralevant AndrewScheer jamesbezan PierrePoilievre

Andrew, go sell life insurance CKWS_TV Oh shut up GlobalEdmonton What vacation?!! He's meeting with world leaders and NATO right now. Guess we should tell the other leaders it's time to go home too. GlobalNational Want to get to work quit criticizing everything and come up with some logical solutions

GlobalNational Ick. globalwinnipeg 🙄🙄 GlobalEdmonton Maybe Scheer should take a permanent vacation. ScheerMustGo Andrewscheer is an expert in vacation. Remember when he hid for 8 days in the summer? No one knew where YankeeDoodleAndy was hanging out. Probably working on his non-answers about his US citizenship and Manning money.

GlobalEdmonton We already sent sheer a messages when we voted. It said 'get lost'.

Most of us have been waiting since 2015 for TwoFacedTrudeau TrudeauWorstPM to get to work. GlobalBC Go get ‘em AndrewScheer the next election is right around the... oh wait.. GlobalEdmonton Nobody is listening to Scheer. No offence but he is totally irrelevant and as long as he is the leader of the Federal Conservatives then the Federal Conservatives will also be irrelevant.

GlobalBC We have a message for you, Scheer. Start looking for a new job, loser. Did this guy just learn how to talk. GlobalCalgary Lol. He’s the reason they lost the election. Should’ve been a cake walk with anyone else leading the party Put him on a permeant one. GlobalEdmonton lol every politician is on vacation, just by nature of your jobs.

CKWS_TV It seems Andrew is the one who’s been away and very out of touch with reality... what is he thinking ? Global_Montreal But he's been working all week, we even saw him at NATO meetings

GlobalCalgary AndrewScheer n da Alberta_UCP is lije a disgusting ugly pimple dat neva goes away.....hehe..ur pop soon GlobalBC Was he tap dancing while whistling dixie? does it matter what this man says? He'll be back filing papers at the insurance office in 6 months GlobalBC 🤣😂🤣😂😋😂 globalhalifax He can go pout in the corner with his buddy Trump and they can talk about how mean everyone is and how no one likes them. He still holds his US Citizenship. Oh, they should invite their buddy Ford, too. 👍🏻🙄 WhyIsThisGuyStillHere

TheWestBlock Wow - I'm sure Justin is terrified. 680CJOB Isn’t the timing a little off? PMJT is overseas rn. Justin made fun of Trump so lay off he's good in my book lol And we have a message for Andrew Scheer: Time to go on a permanent vacation, Andy, far, far away. I bet he is really scared now AndrewScheer CPC_HQ I don't think you are angry enough still!! I am angrier than you are about how Trudeau has screwed Canadians over, and Alberta. Let me stand there and make a speech! I hate seeing you smile when you say these things.

I... I’m starting to feel bad for the guy 😂 BC1 Justin Trudeau is in London for NATO. The disinformation of your words baffles me. AM900CHML He's just painful and needs to stop talking. am640 Lol...sit down and shut up dough boy

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