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Saskatchewan minister tweets people should ‘pray and repent’ to rid COVID-19, then deletes it

Greg Ottenbreit says in the tweet ‘I guess it worked a few thousand years ago …couldn’t hurt’

2020-03-29 12:55:00 AM

Saskatchewan minister tweets people should 'pray and repent' to rid COVID-19, then deletes it

Greg Ottenbreit says in the tweet ‘I guess it worked a few thousand years ago …couldn’t hurt’

As the province responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, Minister of Highways Greg Ottenbreit tweeted a photo early Saturday where a section of scripture is highlighted and circled with the text “Pay Attention Children.”In that particular passage God says when he sends an epidemic onto his people, if they “pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing” they will be forgiven and their lands will be restored.

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Ottenbreit says in the tweet “I guess it worked a few thousand years ago …couldn’t hurt.”In a statement, the Yorkton-area MLA says his Christian faith is important to him and he intended to encourage those inclined to pray to do so.He says he realized the picture framed it harshly and felt it could be interpreted to mean that’s all one should do, which is why he deleted it.

As of Saturday, Saskatchewan has reported 134 cases of COVID-19.#MorningDevotion— Greg Ottenbreit (@GregOttenbreit) March 28, 2020“I believe faith and prayer to be important, however, everyone needs to follow the direction being provided by governments and health officials regarding safe protocols, self-isolation and social distancing in order to reduce the risk to themselves and others,” Ottenbreit said in the statement.

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He could be right, but he's not what is prayer going to do..this is a physical thing, not mental A good topic for JohnGormleyShow macphersona. Isn't that why MOSQUES are NOT closing?! I'm not afraid of his religious statement. Perhaps those who are, are just afraid to look in the mirror. Even if it dis nothing to help with the Covid 19 situation, don't you think it would be a better world if people were remorseful for things they've done wrong.

He's right tho..he should have left it up. As in one of Jim Morrison ( The Doors ) states ' You CAN'T petition the Lord with prayer ' 🙄 jeebus. If people believe prayer can prevent the spread of disease they should prove it by refusing medical treatment. See this is whack job southern US style politicians we do NOT need in this country. And I vote Conservative - but these idiots need to go and the F with it.

Hey, this will be an inspiring and new idea that everyone will embrace and bring people together - ahh crap 'Delete' Amen Brother! REPENT forsake all of your sins. Accept Lord Jesus the Christ as our saviour READ your KJV 1611 Bible everyday Let God lead the way, not you! Humble yourself before The Almighty God creator Lord Jesus the Christ our saviour Amen Amen and Amen

Move to the states prairies Who cares. Anyone deeply offended by this is probably an anti-Christian bigot who gets immediately triggered by any mention of God or prayer. Gawd i thought he was an america in Texas or alabama.... KKK? Fuckin religion, should be banned So as I understand it this man is a man of faith let him be he's looking for hope. However you get there there's nothing wrong with that.

Of course Greg Ottenbreit’s going to think praying and repenting is going to get rid of COVID-19 because of his faith. That’s commendable and maybe naive, because COVID-19’s an atheist. The laying on of (especially unwashed) hands is not a good idea here. Science loses again. When did it work a few thousand years ago

Be true to yourself, sir. If it's your view, you are entitled to speak it. I wonder how many of these responders actually read the article Thoughts and Prayers. Works for his boss down south. And deletes ? lol Sad that in a 'free' country you're not allowed to express an honest opinion about your beliefs. Yep super tolerant.

Here is National Post. Helping everyone make fun of a Christian. Wouldn’t dare to make light of a devout Muslim. Cowards. He is different inside than outside in other words..... A nation that believes we all happened by 'chance' when even the sciences disagree. We pray not so that He bends to our will, but that we acknowledge His. God has already provided the answer, and not one person will pass away 1 second before their time. Have faith!

Absolutely nothing is wrong to encourage all people to pray Yes, let’s pray that science deniers open their minds or get out of government. God gave us science and a brain! Just give us some real news NP!! Are you ever petty.... He should be fired, he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t have a grasp on reality and he would rather rely on a serious mental illness rather then rationality.

He should “ Trust in God but tie up his camel” 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Coocoo for cocoa Puffs Just afraid to put the truth out there? Honestly it doesn’t matter what God you pray to. Right now when nothing else seems to work PRAYERS MIGHT!!! Pray COVID19 Does he sexually abuse children? Pontifex Good idea. I agree 👍🏼👍🏼

It Couldn't hurt, Lord, sometimes I fail to realize the experiences and feelings of other people that lead them to actions or thoughts I disagree with, I will try to think more on where they are coming from and try harder to understand. I will also wash my hands a lot. amen. Idiots Like it or not God is speaking to us all, next time he will speak louder so get use to it

edwinmundt This is news because... Hes 100% correct! And... Stupidity is contagious - like the plague. Resign immediately So what? This isn't news. Pathetic Ya know, there is this little thing in America called the 5150. In Canada, it has an alternate name, its called a Form 1. The lucky winner gets a 3 night mandatory stay at the local acute care pyschiatric department😂 just sayin

Reading the article explains why he deleted it. If it works, it works. Whys that news? Seriously, he has the right to think that, but if he deleted it, its a non issue. Move on He can shove his prayers up his Coronavirus! Really? Anti Christian bigots will be outraged. Unfortunately the minister isn't Muslin. Progressives would be cheering.

He’s right. Well that is as silly as the fools who believe paying taxes to the government will stop the climate from changing. OMG! It takes all kinds to make up a diverse constituency . I respect your POV; just cannot support it. Don’t become a person responsible for my wellbeing. “I guess it worked a few thousand years ago...couldn’t hurt.” Yes, MinisterOttenbreit, it could. You’re implying the afflicted are responsible — thus victim blaming. Critical thinking, reasoning, science-based interventions, compassion and empathy would help more. GlobalRegina

Deletes what? The virus? It's really not any different than Trudeau and his pseudo science that guides him. Real science eventually kicks Trudeau in the ass but with a 1 month delay. Social cons are more than irrelevant, they’re a danger to society and need to shunned, ridiculed and sidelined until they join the modern world

Why delete it he's right Might not be such a bad idea At all time we must pray and repent. Praying is the most powerful arm we have. Stop, close your eyes and do it. Well ... I, for one, am praying..... so what is your point? Religious maniac. No matter how much u pray, covid19 will kill u if u do not take proper precautions.

Nonsense, only in his imagination it work thousands of year ago, hasn't worked recently, now or in the future. Pray to what and repent what? Why do this deluded religious goofs keep on getting elected. I'm Christian. I don't pray Parish priest said it was OK. If all Christians out there want to pray, pray for the doctors and scientists to find a cure to this deadly virus! God speaks through people. Doesn't he

So by your headline you would prefer to eliminate any belief in God? Wow, it seems my interpretation is as goofy as yours eh? He can pray and repent, I’m going to self isolate and listen to health professionals. We will see who comes out of this thing better off. Another fool. To Allah? Sounds like a plan, we should all get right on that.

I don’t know these people are truly deluded or are just taking advantage of a pandemic to advance their religious beliefs Prayer certainly wouldn't hurt if you are so inclined, it can be good for your mental health. Time to really reinforce the idea that religion and politics should not be combined or tolerated. Like, actually.

GregOttenbreit prayer & repent is not non-nonsensical beyond reason. This is a disease of science a sickness for which scientists find a cure! If SINNERS like Ottenbreit wishes to pray & repent that is a private matter for him. He is an elected public offical BE THAT FIRST! Wow, politics seem to attract the worst sort of people.

Quoting fiction .... nice... Andy Boy would agree Why delete it. He has freedom of religion and opinion And he’s definitely drunk on religious dogma Prayer, yup, that’ll do it. cdnpoli There’s no tolerance for this sort of f**kery in Canada. None. So what. on se croirait en 1920! Narrow is the path Good for him. You know what quote is on our coat of arms? Psalm 72. Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles.

Singing kumbaya would work just as well. He is right tho..... First reaction WTF then I read the article and went oh I get it. I don’t think he has anything to be sorry for. In a way I think he was kidding (my opinion don’t come for me Twitter) Seems like a true statement Who’s this nut? Yes it's the 1500s folks and god is here to purge your sinful ways. But hang on, is it just the bad ones who fall ill? Or hmmm..🤔

What the efff is going on? People have lost their minds over this virus covidfail Yes pray to the CloudWizard he will fix this. pitiful! He's right. You should be encouraging him to repost it. BGut that's assuming you lot have the integrity, decency and cojones to do it. It worked for Jonah Idiot edwinmundt

What's with the anti-Christian rhetoric? He's a person of faith, he is allowed to express himself freely. If a kirpan can be worn in parliament, and women can cover their faces in banks, he has the right to express himself. And I support that right. Must be a slow news day at the National Post

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Over a century later, Spanish flu bears some similarities to COVID-19 pandemicThe Spanish flu hit Saskatchewan in 1918. There are a few similarities to today's COVID-19 pandemic. globalnewsto Yup! Incompetent leadership not paying attention to Science!

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