Russia and China have a stranglehold on the world's food security

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Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine highlighted the role of fertilizers — and who controls them — as a strategic lever of global influence

It’s not grain or maize, but 20,000 metric tons of Russian fertilizer, and it can’t come soon enough.Start your day with a roundup of B.C.-focused news and opinion delivered straight to your inbox at 7 a.m., Monday to Friday.By clicking on the sign up button you consent to receive the above newsletter from Postmedia Network Inc. You may unsubscribe any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails or any newsletter. Postmedia Network Inc.

Last year’s jolt to the $250 billion global fertilizer industry highlighted the role of Russia and Belarus as exporters of almost a quarter of all world crop nutrients. While Russia’s agricultural products including the three main types of fertilizer — potash, phosphate and nitrogen — are not targeted by sanctions, exports remain curtailed through a combination of disruptions to ports, shipping, banking and insurance.

The result has been an all-too familiar divide: Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Alexis Maxwell says that even though prices have fallen more than 50% from last year’s peak, farmers in Southeast Asia and Africa remain more exposed than their counterparts in North America, China or India.

Nutrien mines potash from a 400 million-year-old rock known as the Prairie Evaporite Formation at a depth of some 1,000 meters . This far down, the heat is a stark contrast with the sub-zero temperatures outside in the Saskatchewan winter. The air has an ocean tang that comes from the high concentration of salt in the potash. Huge boring machines cut tunnels to extract the ore, which is moved by conveyors to underground storage areas, then taken to the surface and on-site mills.

The race for fertilizer supplies has spawned efforts to encourage self-sufficiency. In an echo of the Chips Act that made $50 billion available for US semiconductor production, President Joe Biden’s administration has announced $500 million in grants to increase “American-made fertilizer production” and “bring production and jobs back to the United States.”Article content

On several occasions the government tried and failed to secure imports. In the absence of alternatives, it began supporting a program to increase use of organic fertilizers from seabird excrement, known as guano. But that doesn’t nearly cover what’s needed, said Gabriel Amaro, head of Peru’s agricultural export association AGAP. “The small farmer hasn’t necessarily been able to apply fertilizer, or has applied very little,” meaning loss of productivity and even damage to plants, he said.


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HappyCanadian55 No..they don't, we have plenty, what they have a stranglehold on is the cost of goods sold....follow the money, the food barons are concerned about their profits, rightly so, I'm a business man, but don't confuse cause and effect, that's just spin and not truthful

Oh BS.

thats ok. need to curb obesity anyway

China exported more fertilizers in 2022 than in 2016-2020. China is actually trying to resecure the world's food security. It is the sanction to Russia that interrupted the fertilizer supply and threaten the world's food security.

On average, China's exports of fertilizers increased. China's exports of fertilizers in 2022 is higher than in 2016-2020.

5eyes_Scott no wonder i'm always hungry

Put a stop to it. Don't let them take any stock from USA or Canada simple.

dont we have [potash in SASK

Canada, India and USA are all top grain producers. We get most of the grain we don’t grow at home from India and USA. Meats and dairy are mostly from Canada. We get some fertilizer from Russia. Potash and such comes from Canada.

Why globalization does not work. We need to go back to being self-sustaining.

And who let this happen? Our current leadership? They did not even challenge them to prevent this situation, but with open arms helped create this.

What happened to Canada's wheat, beef, pork, poultry, and produce? Still in stores last time I looked. I checked the labels on my food and all say 'Product of Canada'. Have we been lied to on the origin of our foodstuffs?

I’m glad we are working to get off Russia’s fertilizer and Xi’s cheap imports.

Because of China’s refusal to buy US debts, now the whole western media is collaborating with the US by making lies to smear China 😎

Jesus christ focus on Loblaws.

Ha. The Liberals have a stranglehold on Canadian's food security. TrudeauMustGo

You misspelled WEF KlausSchwab BillGates

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