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Roy Green: Will inconsistent coronavirus messaging from leaders contribute to a second wave?

COMMENTARY: If a second wave of pandemic befalls Canada, will we have learned from the first wave, asks @TheRoyGreenShow.

2020-05-23 1:17:00 AM

COMMENTARY: If a second wave of pandemic befalls Canada, will we have learned from the first wave, asks TheRoyGreenShow.

Roy Green asks if our political leaders have so far been making the 'sound, pragmatic and forward-thinking' decisions the pandemic demands.

, “illnesses and conditions not related to COVID-19 have gone untreated or undiagnosed, including killers such as cancer and heart disease.”The letter continues: “It is the responsibility of our leaders to defend both the health and prosperity of Canadians. The path forward does not lie in politicians deferring to experts. As two experts from the London School of Economics observed recently, ‘It is dangerous when politicians ignore expert advice. But it is just as dangerous when politicians outsource their judgment to experts, especially if the margin of error is huge and the advice is contested.'”

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism demonstration Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-Black racism protest in Ottawa 'Safe restart' of Canadian economy will take 6-8 months, Freeland says

If a second wave of pandemic will indeed befall Canada as experts are cautioning, will we have learned lessons of the first wave? Have decisions taken by political leaders so far been sound, pragmatic and forward-thinking?Story continues below advertisement

As Canada reopens, are we ready for a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus infection?This nation cannot reasonably be expected to absorb another period like March and April when three million Canadians lost their jobs, while a month later almost eight million of us were reaching for emergency replacement monies from Ottawa. Is another $200 billion, or more, available to be borrowed should an extension of the massively expensive monetary support be required in four or five months?

What is our national debt? Prior to the pandemic it was approaching $700 billion. How much red ink is flowing provincially and municipally?How about consumer financial health? IPSOS polling for MNP Canadafound that“Three in ten (29 per cent) of Canadians [are] already insolvent; cannot pay all their monthly bills.” That poll dates from January of this year — prior to the worldwide pandemic declaration.

What other troubling scenarios might a second-wave of COVID-19 bring for Canadians? Can we again severely limit health-care access and possibly risk further erosion of mental health stability for many required to sequester? Will our food and prescription medication supply chains prove resilient? Will PPE become readily available? Will rents be paid? What might happen to education?

Maintaining public trust in government action is paramount.At present, the visual of Canada being governed appears restricted to daily television appearances by Justin Trudeau. Our federal and provincial legislators don’t consider their daily and on-the-job presence as essential as, say, the staffing of liquor outlets.

1:24Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau responds to Scheer’s calls for more oversight in the House of CommonsCoronavirus outbreak: Trudeau responds to Scheer’s calls for more oversight in the House of CommonsMeanwhile, in provinces across the nation families who shared living space were warned and fined many hundreds of dollars for enjoying some outdoor time as a unit. In mid-April an Oakville, Ont., father rollerblading with his sons in a community centre parking lot was issued an $880 fine by a bylaw enforcement officer.

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Story continues below advertisementRemember that throwaway question we’d ask maybe dozens of times daily during better times? You know, “how are you?”Well, how are you and how are we?is the host of the Roy Green Show on the Global News Radio network. Read more: »

TheRoyGreenShow No planes in. No planes out. Borders remain closed. Total social distancing (fines set at $10,000 and jail time). Masks at all times to start As soon as the borders open up again, the virus will be back guaranteed, it might come in a contaminated storage containers from overseas, it may come from illegal border crossing but it will come,be prepared and stay safe

Why is their no Civil Defense Department in the federal government to look after the civilians in Canada you know a department that would have issued proper masks for every man, woman, and child in Canada after all who do you think is going to replace front line workers when they fall ill,no not Santa Claus you know the Canadian public.

TheRoyGreenShow Hoax 2 TheRoyGreenShow I do not believe in your `second wave` TheRoyGreenShow We still arent ready for the 1st one! Borders still open, not enough PPS, different messages everyday from the top. Hosp.'s empty & staff who dont want to go to work. Two lessons for possible 2nd wave, staff senior homes well & only use a few hosp. per prov. for COVID patients.

TheRoyGreenShow Don't forget about the polar bears that are going extinct. TheRoyGreenShow TheRoyGreenShow TheRoyGreenShow TheRoyGreenShow Yes. We learned that the shutdown was not necessary! TheRoyGreenShow Yep, that is was one of the biggest scams and attack on Canadian citizens by the One World Governments Elite Class, the plandemic is going to boomerang on all of you muppets when the masses finally wake up. It is coming, nothing can stop it, WWG1WGAWORLWIDE

TheRoyGreenShow Canadians need to realize that if we get a 2nd wave this winter we are looking at 5-6months locked inside on top of regular flu season....ppl thought the last 2 months were hard... TheRoyGreenShow He’s hiding his rotting teeth! TheRoyGreenShow I sure hope our leaders have learned something. Obviously whatever they learned from SARS wore off.

TheRoyGreenShow Seeing as flights from China are still flying in and out of our country unhindered the answer would be no. TheRoyGreenShow you can,t teach a liberal anything TheRoyGreenShow All I can see from this is that no matter what, we are fucked. TheRoyGreenShow still waiting for the first wave plandemic chicomflu chinavirus FakeNews

TheRoyGreenShow I would like to think every Canadian has learned from this scam, although people have died like a severe flu season it has been used to pull the rights from Free People. I hope we learn, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. TheRoyGreenShow He's wearing his pussy hat wrong.

TheRoyGreenShow The first wave never hit. TheRoyGreenShow No, because we ain't even learned anything yet and are reopening way too fuckin soon for anything really. TheRoyGreenShow I'd like to think every Canadian together has learned from this. staysafe TheRoyGreenShow TheRoyGreenShow I hope we have. Part of the problem with messaging from the government and everyone else was that we were discovering and continue to discover about this virus. The message changes and that can be frustrating we have to adapt Often and that is difficult

TheRoyGreenShow I hope we have learned that toilet paper is unnecessary to hoard TheRoyGreenShow Certainly not how to live with the virus, I don’t know if most people have learned anything.

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'It's Frustrating,' Ford Says As Ontario Lags Behind Testing CapacityOntario did 10,506 tests for the novel coronavirus Wednesday — far below its capacity of 21,000. So what. Just like all viruses....this one is running its course. It will wane. Have another bump likely in the Fall. They all follow the same pattern. Now ask yourself why the public health officials guilted politicians with doomsday data and suggested lockdowns fordnation make it mandatory before starting your job and you will fill that capacity. Hey when nobody comes for a test it’s time to reopen. WTF is wrong with our premiere endthelockdown

As coronavirus spreads, Trump lashes out at science that contradicts him“A Trump enemy statement,” he said of one study about the coronavirus. BIG STORY !!! 🇺🇸 Global news is an enemy of the people As truth about the plandemic spreads - Gloober News lashes out with anti-US rhetoric to distract readers.