Rolling Stones warn Trump of legal action over song use

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British rock legends The Rolling Stones have threatened legal action against Donald Trump for the U.S. president's use of their song 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' at campaign rallies.

The Rolling Stones perform during the"No Filter" tour in Oro-Medonte, Ont., on Saturday, June 29, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred ThornhillLONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- British rock legends The Rolling Stones have threatened legal action against Donald Trump for the U.S. president's use of their song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at campaign rallies.

"The BMI have notified the Trump campaign on behalf of the Stones that the unauthorised use of their songs will constitute a breach of its licensing agreement," read the statement, which was retweeted by the Rolling Stones official Twitter account. The letter is the latest in a campaign to stop Trump using the song at rallies which dates back to 2016.The BMI added that it has not yet received any response from lawyers acting for Trump.Earlier this month, the family of rock musician Tom Petty issued a cease and desist letter over Trump's use of "I Won't Back Down" at a rally in Tulsa on June 20.

Queen complained when Trump walked on stage to their anthem "We Are The Champions" during a Republican Party event in Cleveland, Ohio, in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.


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Do the Rolling Stones remember their own songs? Would Trudeau be OK playing their songs without permission?

Do it! Sue his A$$.

Guessing the media and leftist attacked Rolling Stones to say that. Or is spreading FakeNews again


I know people that play Rolling Stone music and MAKE money doing it. Don't see the Stones doing anything about that. Hahaha 😂😂😂

Sue trump please jagger

Those who scream the loudest have something to hide. I’m sure Trump has dirt on Stones. Can’t wait for it all to come out. Epstein pizzagate Pedowood

Why didn’t they warn Justin against any use of his mother for political use? Wasn’t she property of the stones? Asking for a friend.

Go for it boys

Sue his ass off, he deserves the publicity on it.

CubCarson 😂

Lmao Do it!

SachaLongCTV I don't know any self-respecting RockNRoller who would allow Trump to use their music! Let him play TedNugent & KidRock tunes at his Covid19 political rallies until they all catch the virus! CullTheTrumpHerd 🎼🎵 GreatOrangeBuffalo! 🎶🎸

SachaLongCTV lol trump should dressup in full blackbody like justin and all would be good, anyways here are justin dressups to immitate a black person

realDonaldTrump I love bands that warn Trump about using their songs because I just add them to my 'hate forever' list.

Trump is the geriatric useless one. The Stones can fill an arena with 50,000. Trump can only get 6,000.

MickJagger Never mind warning Trump realDonaldTrump and the Trump War Room parscale TeamTrump do it, sue them then they might listen.

They don’t want the orange thing to use their music. They have a right to stop him.


Very warm!

Not a fan.

Why don’t they stick with artists that support Trump like Kid Rock and Ted Nugent...🤣

So the Stones are getting political now? Well I guess thats all they have left!

Tell them they are not welcome in US .

In other news, from the U.S.

now? they had 4 years to sue

The song 'you can't always get what you want 'is more appropriate for the dems lmao

Time to dump these losers in the recycling box

Go men go!!! He needs to know he is not invincible !!

Didn't they all sleep with Maggie Trudeau?

As if Donald Trump cares what a bunch of geriatric has-been dope-heads say. MAGA.

Isn't there a licensing fee that's paid to use the song. If that's the case Mick and the boys are shit out of luck, Trump can play that tune all he wants. Though in reality who gives a shit.

And so they should 👍💪

Trump attracts ten of thousands of people's to his rallys. Over 7 million watched him live in Tulsa. Trumps base is as strong as ever, and getting bigger. Demoncratic lies, and msm fake news having a hard time knocking Trump down. Dozens show up to see Babbling Biden at best.

That's becoming a long list of musicians... trumpy should stick to trash like kid rock

I agree sue the Con Man

he doesn't use stones songs. if anything it may be playing to the crowd while they are waiting. Like a radio station. everyone gets there panties in a knot.

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