Rob Manfred: Retaliation in wake of Astros scandal 'will not be tolerated' -

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said any retaliation against the Astros for their sign-stealing scandal 'will not be tolerated.'


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said any retaliation against the Astros for their sign-stealing scandal 'will not be tolerated.'

With baseball ablaze over the Houston Astros' cheating scandal, commissioner Rob Manfred met with several managers Sunday and told them to knock off any notion of get-even beanballs.

‘ cheating scandal, commissioner Rob Manfred met with several managers Sunday and told them to knock off any notion of get-even beanballs."I think that the back and forth that’s gone on is not healthy," Manfred said.In further fallout from the Astros’ scheme, Manfred said the investigation into the Boston Red Sox could be completed within two weeks. He also said he planned to meet the players’ union to discuss new rules limiting in-game video access.

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WHAT r u doing man. expectstrosbacklash This is a total joke..MLB astros get everything that’s coming their way. You can’t even handle the start of the heat and already players getting mad. They took the lead from their owner . cheat notchamps beanball Just like any real reprimand of the Astros will not be tolerated

Systematic cheating by Astros players = Fine. Rest of league holding players accountable = Will not be tolerated. Well they should not be able to keep their title. Does the commissioners office use the same PR firm as the Astros? And Pete Rose can’t get into HOF but nothing happens to them. Please explain

Right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. Such is the inverted morality and judgement of MLB. Take awy the World Series from the Astros. Period. May we retaliate against Rob Manfred? nointegrity Bean 'em. astrosoverparty He needs to be fired, MLB is going down if they don’t correct the BS I’m not watching again until he is fired, Houston is stripped of the title and all player involved are suspended, probably won’t happen so I’m done with MLB

Baker to MLB: Tell teams to stop negative comments on Astros -“It’s not good for the game, it’s not good for kids to see it, so I think both,” Astros manager Dusty Baker said Saturday. “Stop the comments and also stop something before it happens.” They deserve worse! Nope ... sorry dusty ... your in for a hostile year. Kind of sad you took this job because you are one of the best. Aww muffin. Are other teams hurting your feelings by telling your players they were a bunch of cheating scumbags. That's what you re worried about? Kids seeing cheaters is ok. Sit down Dusty. The game has passed you by.

Manfred your incompetence should not be tolerated. What a puppet. If only the Astros had a way of knowing they were gonna get dotted BEFORE the pitch was thrown... some kind of signaling system maybe boring. take the title away. why is eveything so boring? we are people so boring? Problem can be easily solved by stripping them of the World Series win...It’s not that hard...

Wow this guy is something else. Maybe people wouldn’t want to retaliate if he actually punished the Astros for cheating. Yeah, that will work. Gotta protect those poor precious rich cheaters This is why baseball is for boomers. Right, so instead of bobble-head night, we’ll have trash can and bat night instead

But it’s ok to cheat and keep a championship?!

War of words on Astros scandal now involves partial tattoo - Sportsnet.caThe verbal sparring between the Houston Astros and others around the majors over the team's sign-stealing scandal is reaching new levels of absurdity — from accusations of illiteracy to claims about a player's partial tattoo. “nobody wore a buzzer in 2019”. Doesn’t mention 2017 though. I find it very intriguing with the huge difference in batting averages for the astros from Washington to Houston. Sorry Astro’s. This story and feelings from opposing players isn’t going anywhere How about stop reporting on this. It’s like the Kardashian’s of Baseball. Cheating and baseball having been going hand and hand for generations.

I’m not boycotting the Astros. When they come to town, I plan to sit behind the bench and try to start “cheater” chants and loud and often as possible. People talk about the organization but each individual player should be ashamed. Don’t let them forget Manfred should be fired! So tired of the Astros getting special treatment. If they're afraid of team's retaliating then the mlb didn't give out a proper punishment

Invitation accepted The fines are not nearly as severe as they should be, the Astros should start the next 4 seasons 50 games back in the standings and not get a a draft in the top 10 in the next 5 years on top of fines but doing what MLB did was a slap on the wrists Sorry Mr Manfred - I call BS. If you would man up and discipline the players that cheated appropriately then other players wouldn’t feel the need.

RobManfred in regards to the punishment for the Astros scandal, it’s kinda like punishing the parents for their child stealing candy. Like the child the players in this case need to be held accountable they stole a World Series not bubble gum. Show them by not going to a game with the Astros playing Ban them from the playoff this year.

Doesn't mean it is not gonna happen. Maybe discipline the Astro and the players involved properly. 2020 the year of the Bean ball!

Astros' Baker accepts that no one is moving on from scandal -“You realize it’s going to take a while to move on.' While Astros manager Dusty Baker wishes the fallout from the sign-stealing scandal would go away quickly, he also understands why it will take time. astros Sorry. If Astros thought hiring him or anyone was going to tamp down the justified criticism, they're badly mistaken. Baker knew what he was doing so no sympathy astros Pete Rose. Now that is punishment!

Pete Rose. Now that is punishment! If you plunk any of the cheaters that havnt been suspended, we will suspend you! This will be entertaining when this goes down! The mlb and Robert Manfred are a joke. Then it’s up to the fans to boo them out of every ballpark that they visit. Manfred can’t police that.

Well golly. Can’t see any pitcher not listening to that darn serious warning In other words, cheating is alright. Man up MLB and ban the Astro from the league for 2 years just like what happened to Manchester in football (that’s soccer for NA) Manfred is a tool! This was not handled properly from the get go. When Kenesaw Mountain Landis and Bart Giamatti were faced with crisis they made definitive decisions that saved the game from disgrace. Manfred is trying to play both sides and failing miserably.

Your going to enforce the rules now? Not when you KNEW they were cheating and decided to benefit?

Bryant on Astros' sign-stealing scandal: 'If they didn't get caught, they'd still be doing it'Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant weighed in on the Astros' sign-stealing scandal, and did not mince words, saying that the whole thing has They've always cheated or tried to cheat in baseball. Spit, grease, hair tonic, vaseline, cutting or roughing up the ball, water in the base paths and edge of the bag. Is the outrage due to the technology?

Now MLB is going to start disciplining? toolittletoolate Like 3 years of cheating wasn't tolerated? Is he going to tolerate me not watching baseball this year because of how he’s not retaliating?. I’m sure I’m not alone. HAmmer them all in preseason. All of them, even throw a couple at the mascot, Nuke Delush style

'Maybe the hand was slippery because the wife doesnt like my dry hands' Tell that to the Yankees and Dodgers and the rest of the teams they cheated against. I see beanball season is wide open Their own fault. Boston is next Lol well if he won’t suspend them then vigilante justice will prevail!!

Bo Bichette says Astros don’t seem ‘too apologetic’ - Sportsnet.caBo Bichette on the Astros: 'I don't know what they're really thinking. I don't know what their true intentions behind the apologies are. But from the outside looking in, it doesn't seem too apologetic.' Bo knows Just take the Astros away as a whole. The team and management is a joke. Own up to it. mlb the fact you wouldn’t look into the buzzers more is a joke too. Sick league They’re only sorry that they got caught

So cheating, drinking and drugs are ok- just as long as you don’t gamble? Banned for life..... Same level and treatment and the white sox Is there anything after 2016 that doesn’t benefit from being corrupt as hell? Anything? The words coming out Manfred’s mouth don’t make any sense Fans should retaliate and not show up for any baseball games. Maybe then the truth will come out and those responsible held accountable.

What a clown. To prevent that from happening, he should have done his job properly and banned the ASStros involved. Problem solved. Of course not. He has absolved the players of any wrong doing. If an employee in the real world broke laws at the direction of his/her employer they would be tried and likely punished with the employer.

If he just said I messed up, then more respect will come towards him. Hes making baseball a joke. He's a f*****g hypocrite that's ruing the game. They must have something on him, some serious dirt because no one in their right mind would be making the choices he has in terms of letting the players off Scott free

Yankees GM Cashman suspected Astros were stealing signs - Sportsnet.caNew York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman had suspected that the Houston Astros had been breaking rules against electronic sign stealing long before Commissioner Rob Manfred released his report in January that resulted in three big league managers losing their jobs. Yankees Of course he did.......time to investigate the Yankees re many cheatings lol

Anything that comes out of Rob Manfreds mouth is trash. He needs to be replaced. He has absolutely no respect for the game, I judge this on the fact the Astors got away with cheating. fucktheAstros 'plunkem Strip them of their title MLB 😂 Sounds like he either placed bets on Astros or minority owner of that franchise.

We should boycott the MLB then. First giving the players immunity and now this? FOH 🖕 Manfred is a disgrace and a joke! Why aren't they getting the Chicago Black Sox or Pete Rose treatment? How about this: suspend sales of all Astros memorabilia, jerseys, etc from all ball parks this year. MLB needs to kick the Astros asses to the curb and beyond.

Spike 'em Plunk 'em Bean 'em Berate them non-stop from dugouts and stands Show videos of their trash can banging on the big screen Call them every name in the book when their on your base, but especially CHEATER Harass them on every finger because no doubt they'll have a new plan Only POTUS is allowed to retaliate!! No one got the memo

How about MLB actually hand out a significant punishment so teams don’t have to take things into their own hands. How many guys on the verge got their confidence destroyed. Plunk every one of them.

Brutal. So he's telling hitters what's not coming. As long as they don’t bet on the games, right? That’s the worst thing they could do. So every team except the Cheating Astros have been warned. And if someone does throw at a Cheating Astro, they'll be suspended! Well that's fair.. after all, NO Cheating Astros were suspended for cheating!!! Fair...not!

Fuk this guy He had a chance to do the right thing and fucked it up. When the bean balls start flying he can only blame himself. The only 'safe' game they have will be against the Red Sox. no plunking just boycott the Astros game MUSIC - Can’t touch this..... cheatingpaysoffagain. 👎 What a clown.

Then don’t let the players off the hook scott free. 🤮 Or he’ll grant immunity and punish the brass of the other team? fail Sounds like he’s being paid by Asteriks ownership. corruption Plunk them all. Let them win every game. How’s that look? Hey Rob Manfred, you going to let opposing pitchers throw at you instead!! You're almost as guilty as the cheating astros after the sweetheart deal you gave the players! FireManfred StripTheStros embarrassing

Every other team in mlb now have the right to cheat. ! Sounds like Rob Manfred just wants this to go away. It can’t just go away. The fans should show they’re displeasure on every road game this team plays. Make it a living hell for them. Then maybe the commissioner should lead by example. Remove them from the World Series trophy and leave that spot vacant. Let me ask this question? How is the Astro’s any different than the 1919 Black Sox scandal?

Commissioner: doesn’t punish cheaters Players: punish cheaters Commissioner: punishes players for punishing cheaters He should be fired for saying that!!!!! What they going to do throw fans out of the building for booing!!

How are these players still allowed in the MLB but Pete Rose is still banned from baseball!? AstrosCheat MLB If I cared about baseball I’d say strip the title! Love sports. Baseball needs to change. So sick of the “traditionalists”! A change that will make me watch again ... Once the batter steps in he can’t leave batters box until at bat is over. Same for pitcher on the mound.

Seriously? There seems to be more repercussions for throwing at Astros players then there is for outright cheating! 😡😡😡 Why are the Astros not being punished? So its OK to cheat, but dont say nothing bad about it ...MLB is the next sport to turn into a SNOWFLAKE LEAGUE... You made a mess of this investigation. How are you going to prove retaliation?

This guy is a clown... League tolerated cheating though. Record year for bean balls You are a joke Manfred! What a 🤡!

Manfred needs to go. RobManfred mlb in regards to the cheating scandal involving the Houson Astros: According to the report the actions being considered as cheating was player driven. Then why are the players not being held accountable. What a disgrace for a commissioner to say this That guy is on drugs!

But cheating to win the World Series is cool? Got it. I hope every single batter for the Astros gets beaned multiple times this season. Or what? Lol. Just like he made it clear about not tolerating cheating what a clown what's next any fan booing the Astros will be thrown out of the balllpark What a joke

Ron Manfred should resign MLB

Bet on your own team to win= lifetime ban. Cheat your way to a World Series title= please don’t pick on the Astros. This guy’s days are numbered as MLB Commissioner. Clearly beyond his depth. The punishment was pathetic! This guy is as crooked as the game of baseball! Complete 🐂💩 mlb and Manfred have been embarrassing is their response to the cheating scandal. Along with the BlueJays for hiring one of the cheaters, Hudgens.

Maybe Manfred should grow some balls & punish the Astros the way they should be punished. All of the Astros wins , team stats & players stats should be null & void at the end of the year.💩👎😜 🤔🤔🤔 so the retaliation punishment will be harsher than the punishment for cheating? Then strip them of the championship!

Ya but make sure you stay the course on not reinstating Pete Rose. 🤦🏼‍♂️ He’s a turd. The Astros are public enemy 1 no matter what anyone says or does. Retaliation in one form or another is inevitable. Pathetic statement ... basically saying it is ok to cheat, lMAO at MLB MLB Why is he still tolerating the Astros cheating to win the WS?

Classic! You tolerate cheating; zero suspensions for the scumbag players. Manfred makes Bettman look useful Seems like he lost credibility when the league didn’t come down hard enough...if they had, this chatter wouldn’t be there Time to tenderize some Astros! Cheating shouldn't be tolerated either! Also what a joke of a league. Cheat for your championship and we’ll just give you a slap on the wrist. I’d trade 2 1st, 2 2nds and $5 mill for a championship any day.

Have fun losing ratings lots of people won’t watch this shitty sport

No one is going to listen to the commissioner. The Astros deserves what’s coming to them. Retaliations? Don’t think the fans will do anything other than boo. Also the Astros fans saying it doesn’t matter cause you still need to actually hit the ball doesn’t understand the advantage knowing what pitch is coming would bring.

🤡🤡🤡 High inside fastballs. But cheating to win the World Series will? Beantown!!!! 🙄 Manfred really should stop choking on Astro nuts. A real commish would have stripped the title. I feel there should be a website of all the players and as they get plunked during season they get 'X' ed off. Who cares. I’d still plunk Astro hitters and my chances.

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