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Airplane Seat Reclining Fight, Airplane Fight Video

Right to recline? American Airlines seat reclining debacle divides internet

What do you think: Do passengers always have the right to recline their chair?


What do you think: Do passengers always have the right to recline their chair?

'He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about nine times,' one passenger wrote on Twitter.

Copy link A hairy situation involving a reclined airplane seat has taken off online, sparking the debate: do we really have the right to recline? Video footage shared to Twitter on Feb. 8 shows a man seated behind a woman on an American Airlines flight, in the very back row. He’s seen continuously bumping the back of her chair with his hand after she reclines it. (Since he’s seated in the very back row of the plane, he doesn’t have the luxury of reclining his own chair.) “Here’s a great jackhole! He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about nine times, hard, at which point I began videoing him and he resigned to his behaviour,” the woman tweeted. READ MORE: “The other jackhole is the @AmericanAir flight attendant who reprimanded me and offered him rum.” Story continues below advertisement Flying on airplanes is generally uncomfortable for all passengers involved, but Twitter is seriously divided over who was in the wrong in this particular situation. The airline responded to the woman’s complaint on Twitter, asking her to privately message them. In response, she wrote back: “You clearly want me to do this quietly through a DM. I’m done being quiet! “I’ve had extensive neck surgeries — my cervical spine is completely fused … I’ve lost time at work, had to visit a doctor, got x-rays, and have [had] horrible headaches for a week.” 1:23 The “one-person-one-fare” flight policy: does it help larger-bodied people? The “one-person-one-fare” flight policy: does it help larger-bodied people? In a statement from American Airlines to NBC News, they said that they’re “looking into the issue.” “Why were you so inconsiderate?” one Twitter user . “Reclining airline seats is such a dud move. I admire his resilience.” Another Read more:

Yes Yes if you can’t why are they recliner seats Yes Yes No Of course pasengers should be able to recline. Airlines shouldn't have the right to sqeeze more seats onto their planes at the cost of pasenger comfort and safety. Wrong question. Do passengers have the right to comfortable seats? Not while eating Good God...get a grip people....just a FEW MORE IMPORTANT happenings going on right now....Holy SHITE!

“Do you think airplane passengers have the right...” I mean, there’s a button for it right there. Recline away. Thank you! This is one of the central issues facing Canada. Keep up the great journalism.

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What the previous tweet said below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ At night on a long flight - yes. During the day or when meals are being served - no If there is a tall PAXin bulkhead behind, use common sense Punching seats is wrong Speak to the flight attendant if you have a problem Both showed bad manners Also breach of privacy to video

Just common sense. Option is there for comfort & passengers expect to fly comfortably. Passengers behind have the same option & it’s up to them to use it too (it’s too bad if they choose one of the few seats that won’t recline. They should choose a better seat in their check in. every second seat should recline and you pay more for that seat. Assigned carry on stalls would be the greatest improvement ever

Yes in a way.....but there is really no room to do so as it interferes with the person behind need to give more room Now that’s just silly! Let’s keep them as uncomfortable as possible so they upgrade to first class the next time they travel. Ask a stupid question.....🤷‍♀️ Because shit airlines like westjet and rouge and swoop have the least allowable leg room allowed by transport Canada to pack the sardines in . It’s a race to the bottom

That acted like an immature brat!! It wouldn't be an option if they didnt have a right! You pay good money for the seat, it reclines? Then yes you can recline

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Why would they make them to recline if you weren't suppose to. Of course people have the right to recline, just as others have the right to call them out for being ignorant jerks if they are injuring the person behind them or invading their space. How about this question... Do you think Airlines have a right to shoe horn as many people they can in a confined space in uncomfortable seats?

Passengers needs better leg space!! I think recline capability should be removed from all seats and more leg room should be provided. I am short and round, reclined seats take space I feel I have paid for but as long as the seats recline of course people will use the feature. Yes, of course! You paid for it. When I do, I politely ask or let the person from behind me know before I recline my sit. I usually get a nod, if they don't do/say anything I do it regardless.

In a considerate manner of course It shouldn’t even be an option with the amount of leg space airlines now offer. Wow another new avenue for the “ I am offended “ Soap boxers If they didn't have the right to the seats wouldn't recline. What a stupid question. That being said it's rude to do it if it's bothering the person behind you, especially during meal time.

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Wouldn’t be a problem if airlines didn’t pack in the middle and low income people so that the rich can spread out. Airlines have created spatial difficulties for travellers leading to air rage. There needs to be a better option to reduce stress when flying. Perhaps allowing absolutely NO baggage on board other than a single bag! Then, redesign the seats. Any thoughts? Haven’t heard any!

Slow news days I know airlines are in the business of making mega bucks by jamming the maximum amount of passengers into the smallest space however on long flights or overnight flights a passenger absolutely should be able to recline their seats. Only on sleeper flights Because a 90 degree sitting position on a transatlantic flight is better than pissing Karen off (who also has her seat reclined anyways)

I say yes. I have never in all my 52 years reclined mine but I will defend your right to recline yours like a douche if you wish. Airline can solve problem if they want in a number of ways. Duh, this is why they recline! Do you not have some Trudeau corruption to report on? How about bigger seats , not everybody is a minnie mouse!!

WOW, much journalisming!!!

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Of course, that's why they are designed like that. Otherwise, remove the adjustable joints. Even more airlines need to be held to allowing that right without pissing off the person behind you Of course. Dumb question. I only fly 1st class. I Pay 900 dollars to fly within my own country I recline the fucking seat

As long as airlines keep putting them in, yes. What needs to be asked is do airlines have the right to put in reclining seats and sell space that overlaps in to other peoples space Don't make them recline if it's that BIG a deal I guess if there was adequate room the reclining of seats wouldn’t be a problem. I think on flights under 2 hours it’s unnecessary and speaking for people that are talker than average a welcomed change.

Who cares, on the swoop flights you can’t recline the seats, if you want a reclining seat it cost you 21.99 If they don’t want us reclining, then put in fixed back seats. But that’s not the real issue. What needs to happen is to increase spacing between the rows. The airlines don’t like this idea because it reduces passenger load an therefore revenue.

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Don't make them recline if you aren't supposed to recline. simplesolution Depends. How about applying a basic level of humanity, consideration, and courtesy first? For instance, if the person behind is very tall, a reclined seat can cause discomfort and even pain. No one has the right to cause another person harm.

I pay for my seat, you damn right it will recline. What kind of question is this global? During take off and landing and meals the seat is up any other time knock yourself out and recline. That’s what it’s for for crying out loud Just us your head, ask the person behind you and make them own it. If they say no then that’s your answer if they say sure, then they have to own that! consider other people’s space! I have flown many times before and that’s what I do!

It’s the airlines fault 1000000% because of how they smash us in there but beyond that why the hell do they allow a reclining option if you’re not supposed to use it? I feel sorry for anyone too young to have known flying in the 70’s and 80’s. Totally different experience! Why have reclining seats then?

Buy your own airplane and then you can stop bitching. I don't pay high airline fees to sit in a bus seat environmrnt for 4+ hours. Yes! Why would you have the function to recline them if your not supposed to use the feature ?

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Recline this: can we have a debate on if we feel JustinTrudeau is above the law? that would be more topical have a recline sign the same as the seatbelts? Your SOL if you miss nap time ol Respectfully recline their seats, if the airlines didn’t cram the seats in so tight this wouldn’t be a issue They should have put it’s all about making money so the pack people on planes like sardines in a can

This is a stupid poll Global. It shouldn't even exist. My two cents- having voted yes to being allowed to recline and on the receiving (back) end of having a seat reclined; my personal issue is the abruptness of the recline and not the recline itself. Recline slow and we’ll be friends. This is the airlines'fault. They should design it so even the back seats have room to recline. Their greed is what made that situation possible.

The airlines should stop packing so many seats on a flight. That is the problem.

Do you have the right? Yes. But should you? Not necessarily. Be courteous to the person behind you. I usually adjust the seat minimally to get out of 90 degrees as my back gets sore easily. But for long haul flights I pay more for premium seats. Also book early to seat select. Thanks for asking. No. Passengers have no rights. Do you really think flying is supposed to be comfortable & affordable ? This is 2020. Welcome to the real world of flying on aircraft.

Long haul absolutely! 6+ hours! In coach you can’t win for leg space or the width of the seat is limited & shrinking everyday! Need space pay more for business class. Real question is, does an adult have the right to act like a 2yr old in public and kick and punch seats? Can you be comfortable inside those cozy cubicles if you cannot recline. Especially with no leg rooms.

1000% Stupid question: it’s a feature. Paid for.... Hello NO .... It's rude. They build them to recline, if they where not meant to they would not be able to. This isn’t a legit question. It’s not subjective. The seat reclines and you selected it and paid for it, you can recline if you choose to.

Do the seats recline? Do you pay to use that seat? Yes to those answer so yes it's your right but courtesy says and manners says don't. Depends on length of trip. If youve taken the plane enough times that you feel passionate about this issue you priviledged af tbh GlobalNational I am a professional in the field, every time I fly, I observe the ignorance of passengers when they ask not to recline their chair during takeoff, in turbulence and landing etc, do they ignore it? Many passengers violate the rules during the flight and endanger everyone's life.

Day time flight- short haul flight- A Big NO! Night time flight-long haul flight- Yes ofcourse Push your seat against my knees and you will upright the seat real fast! GlobalNational I travel a lot and the issue is people who slam their seat back without checking first. I've had liquids in my lap because the person in front feels they have to push back as hard and fast as they can. And at meal time move it ahead so others can eat too. It is a respect thing!

A better question - should airlines have jammed so many rows of seats into planes, to optimize their profits, that there are now fights/debates over reclining? People have no right to complain of reclined seats. If I buy a seat and that seat reclines, trust me it is going to recline.

If they didn’t have the right ,they would make them recline 🤷🏼‍♀️ Before the airlines started cramming in more rows, yes. Everyone in front of me dose😎 i just voted but i have no idea what is topic about... They shouldn't have designed them to recline if reclining them was such a touchy subject. Ffs this engagement bait is complete horseshit

If passengers aren’t supposed to recline, then the seats shouldn’t recline. Ffs A right? Of course. Should you? No. It’s called respect and courtesy. When your reclined seat moves into another's space then it should not be allowed. It is shameful that airlines have taken away the room to recline a seat. Discounts should apply.

Progressives should not even be allowed on airplanes. They should be literally Walling the Walk. But then again, they believe only the rest of us have a carbon footprint. This is the dumbest debate ever ...

Ummmmm why would there be a recline position if it wasn’t allowed. People will find anything to complain about. yes, but in a considerate manner... common sense. not while others eating or... using the tray table... BizNasty2point0 😂 I think airline passengers have a right to more space in the plane, so that they won’t have to squabble over such matters. 😁

Gun control, gay marriage, reproductive rights ... Here in Canada we tackle the hard issues: The “right” to recline your seat on on a plane. You mean, all 3 inches? if the seats are designed to recline and you cannot recline the seat for what ever reason it should be considered a loss of service and a discount should be applied.

Yes but limit the recline amount if anything If you answered yes, you're greedy and selfish. whoever said yes has never had a seat in their lap. i do not recline unless someone wedges me in

Short haul no. Long haul ONLY after the dinner is long done & the last 1/4 of the flight back up asap. Dumb question. Must be a slow news day? I wish this wasn’t even a debate. Sure, but I have the right to block you by installing clamps that prevent you from reclining. There's simply not enough leg room to warrant reclining your chair, and for the almost 0 room you gain, it just doesn't make sense.

First vote I always do the little 1 inch recline to try and compromise. Those chairs go back so far (for the person behind) it’s ridiculous. Pretty insane for the guy to hit the seat like a child rather than talk try to the woman or the attendant. They paid for the seat, they have all rights to make themselves comfortable!

Not if your pushing into the passenger behind you other than that it should be fine. Absolutely. If you choose not to check in early or risk a crappy seat selection by not paying for one, then why should everyone else suffer? If the seat is made to recline... I'm gonna recline it. I paid for the seat... I'll be here a while.... I'm gonna get comfortable.

People paid for the seat and the seat reclines, so they have every right to recline their seat, if those behind don't want a seat in front reclined, they can always take the bus. Never a problem if you fly Business or 1st Class. Next time the dude being a jerk should pay to have seat selection, and not make it the fault of the civilian in front of him. Super classy/.

Just make the seats unable to recline. Problem solved! U know this comes down to the airline company's fault for squeezing 2 many seats in there plane's to try and make up the financial losses there taking cuz if rising prices of everything in the airline industry and that's why issues and incidents like this happen alot !

And I have a right to cross my legs and accidentally kick the reclining set back or slam my tray up and down 10 times an hour and to lean forward and breathe really loud. Or to get up multiple times violently bouncing the reclined seat. How is this a right? Yes I personally never recline my seat due to feeling like I am crowding the person behind me. Although this sometimes doesn’t work in my favour and the person in front of me stays reclined the whole flight

Reclining adds very little to your own comfort but very much negatively impacts the comort of whoever is behind you. I never recline, and always hope whoever is in front of me won’t either. Certainly, you should always at least ask.

Non-reclining sears and no overhead sowing should become the thing. Yes, they do have the right. You don’t even have much of a choice if the person ahead of you does it. Or maybe they could have just had a reasonable, adult conversation about it without resorting to being asshats.....but carry on.....worldisfdup

Having your seat upright for a 10 hour flight is excruciating. Don't like reclining seats ? Don't fly or get yourself a private jet. Some of the low cost carriers don’t even have seats that recline, like Swoop. Yes If you are 6 ft 3 and have to wedge yourself into one of the seats on today's modern airlines, then the passenger in front of you decides he wants to recline his seat and gets angry because your knees are in the way, it does not make for a very enjoyable flight.

If the option is there, yes. They have the right. But airlines should switch to non-reclining seats because you can't count on people being considerate of those sitting behind them. I always recline my seat if I want to sleep.. I never blame the person in front of me who reclines their seat and noone has ever asked me if it's okay. Airlines would not order such seats if they didn't expect people to use this feature during flights.

Yes. It's 100% ok to recline. He should have choose his seat if couldn't handle the back seat. It would be nice if the airlines provided enough room so that this would not be a problem. There is 10 cm less space between rows than there was decades ago. This was just petty on both of them... are we that petty they couldn’t just speak to each other.

Problem is we are packed like sardines on planes. I get anxiety just thinking about it every time I fly. Global_Montreal They were both acting like idiots. Can you ever imagine hearing something so absurd 20+ years ago. Society needs a slap in the face and needs to wake up. It reclines like 1/2 an inch people. Relax. FirstWorldProblems

elle as changer de boucle d`oreille la dame The airline chairs are hardly a recline when they only go back a few inches That guy is a prick. He'd NEVER do that if a man were sitting there. She has every right to recline. He has every right to be banned by that airline.

Flying at the best of time is no fun, this guy is just an ass. Seats are made reclinable for that sole purpose. So yes, with some consideration to eating times for example. The problem lies with the airlines who are reducing leg space to increase number of seats sold. CommonSense The seat reclines. Get over it.

I wouldn’t dream of reclining my seat even on a long haul flight, I wouldn’t like to think I was making it more uncomfortable for the passenger behind me, somepeoplejustdontcare You cannot use your laptop if someone reclines their seat, let alone watch the monitor in front of you as it is now less than 12” from your face. For tall people, the seats jam into ur knees. Personally, I don’t recline my seat, even when sleeping.

I tell my kids 'sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right'. Seriously both these people could have grown up. No His actions are questionable and quite frankly intimidating why not just have a grown conversation. There’s no way I would let some person treat me this way reclining or not. What do I think? I think is a waste of public tax $$

People have a right to recline but the courteous thing to do would be to check how much one can before it makes the person behind uncomfortable. 2/2

I’m 6’2 210 lbs. I don’t recline the seat because we’re already cramped as it is without making it worse for the person behind me. If I can fly like that then so can 99% of the other population Had a gentleman with his seat fully reclined (except for meal) from Paris to Montreal. I asked him politely, 3/4 of way through flight, if he could decrease the recline so I could do a bit of work on my tray table. No problem. 1/2

I think it’s the bad design as it is, the plane designer should’ve fixed the problem at the very beginning I don't understand why they still make seats that recline to start with. In economy class, that shouldn't be a thing. A good question, but sad to see you have to ask. You have the right to swing your arms around however you like, until there are people around you.

The solution is non-reclining seats. Traveled extensively my entire career and I have learned that the way you use the recline option on a plane is most always an extension of your personality. I would ask the person behind me if reclining would bother them before I did so. I agree they should remove the option...

How the f*** is this a right? 100% yes Fly first class and you won't have that problem

I’m so scared of dying the entire flight it doest really matter😂😂 Absolutely! He shouldn’t have been sitting in a row that doesn’t recline. Technically, he’s assaulting her. People have the right to recline. But they can do it with consideration. Don't just slam it back at full speed. If the person behind you has a laptop set up on their table, you could damage it.

Global_Montreal NO Every right comes with a responsibility, of course you have a right....don't be a jackass with that right and use your judgement and be open to compromise if your 'right' is infringing on another. I can't believe this is a story...... Of course they have the “right” to. I just feel bad doing it.

Just about the ideal time to fly into severe turbulence maybe? The world is nuts. The problem is that there is no room for reclining chairs so why is it even an option....

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