Rex Murphy: Canada is in crisis. Erin O'Toole, where are you?

Rex Murphy: Canada is in crisis. Erin O'Toole, where are you?

2021-01-13 11:13:00 PM

Rex Murphy: Canada is in crisis. Erin O'Toole, where are you?

It is at times like these that Parliamentary opposition — questioning, debating, remorselessly testing the government — is most required

Just where is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition? I might even expand the question to nearly the whole of the Conservative party. Now it is not being suggested by these inquiries that I am sneakily implying that, like so many health authorities, some cabinet ministers from various jurisdictions, and others involved in drawing up the new regimes of lockdown, that the federal party is off caucusing (is that a word?) in St. Barts. Or that the majority of them are lolling around on less expensive beaches, in more tawdry resort venues.

Anti-lockdown protests downtown were 'not safe,' Tory says Ontario reports 3,422 new cases of COVID-19, 69 more deaths Trump brand tarnished after bruising presidency and U.S. Capitol attack

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedIt’s just that, given the absence of their voices during this extremely fraught time, they may as well be. And that goes double for their leader.

Just where is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition?Just take the most recent events down south, in the wake of the attack on the Capitol. I am referring to the most extravagant example of what we have come to call “cancel culture.” Normally that’s the term to describe a Twitter gang-up on some person or news outlet that “offends” the prize sensibilities of woke puritanism, the storm of snarl and condemnation that falls on the unhappy head that violates the new politically correct scriptures.

They demand the head of the heretic — metaphorically one hopes — and whichever publishing house, university campus, or company houses the victim swiftly finds the need to blast him or her from their premises, apologize all over the place, and issue prayerful assurances that said campus, house or company prizes above all the holy trinity of inclusion, diversity and anti-bias. End result, expulsion and ostracism for the offender. Genuflection and penance for the weak-kneed institution.

Not that cancel culture. No, the larger one. Where the greatest companies the world has ever known, with an oligarchic power over the flow of information and communication in general, decide in concert to shut down a president; the same companies that then go on a full spree of overt and covert cancellation of all sorts of accounts and users, purging individuals and groups from their ranks.

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedThe suspended Twitter account of U.S. President Donald Trump is seen on an iPhone screen on Jan. 8, 2021.Photo by Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The tech oligarchs — rich beyond dreams, powerful beyond measure, accountable to nothing but their own untrammelled whims — decide who may ride the information superhighway and who may not.This is not, emphatically, an American issue. It would be nice to hear from Mr. O’Toole, in the strongest voice he can bring to bear as Opposition leader, what he and his party feel about this — in my view — grand and frightening overreach. During his run for the leadership of the Conservative party he was fairly intense on the whole notion of cancel culture, quite declarative of his opposition to it. It’s fair then to ask, when we have an example of cancel culture leaping up the scale to what amounts to high censorship, exercised by simply fiat by a quartet of tycoons, why is he not out front condemning it?

No place for ‘far right’ in Conservative Party, says Erin O’Toole City will soon decide if events, including annual Pride Parade, can proceed in-person this summer Kamala Harris to resign her U.S. Senate seat Monday ahead of inauguration

Or proclaiming, Google forbid, he’s for it.Mr. O’Toole, here’s the question. What do you think of Apple and Google and Twitter and Amazon exercising such power? They operate in Canada, too, you know. On the whole broad phenomenon of cancel culture, large and small, are you as intensely opposed to it now, as when running for the position you now hold?

This is not, emphatically, an American issueBut that’s just the start. Here, purely on our own ground in Canada, we enter the second year of the COVID lockdowns, the confusing, often contradictory and ever-changing regulations and regimes coming down on the citizenry. One whole year during which — and we have no full measure of it — the economies of every province and territory, and the national economy have been battered non-stop as a consequence of the response to the pandemic.

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedWe have a government in Ottawa shovelling money by the hundreds of billions of dollars out the door, the national debt morbidly swollen, Parliament a caricature of itself, and a minority government waltzing about as if it had the most secure majority in the entire history of the Confederation. And to put a little icing on this perfectly distasteful cake, we have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implicitly suggesting a spring election is not, as the cliché has it, off the table. (Why he would want one, seeing how unfettered his government is, is a puzzle, but that’s a side thought.)

Put in a capsule phrase, the operation of our democracy has been immensely restricted and shrunk. The highest questions of civil liberties in a time of emergency — perhaps the most significant debate we could ever have — arenotbeing debated. Regimes imposed, information only reluctantly squeezed out of the authorities, people’s movements — sometimes it seems almost randomly — subject to unprecedented government and police control: these are areas of the most profound significance. But our opposition party, the constitutional instrument of challenge and debate, is off the field. The Leader of the Opposition is quiescent.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks about the coronavirus pandemic during a news conference in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, on Jan. 5, 2021.Photo by Blair Gable/ReutersWhen Parliament was, in an impaired capacity, functioning for the few days it was allowed to function at all, at least then Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre and Michelle Rempel Garner, to name two of the party’s most energetic members, made a worthy attempt to open discussion, question spending, and try for some accountability. Now that Parliament’s shuttered once again, all is quiet.

AdvertisementThis advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.Article content continuedI cannot recall a time in which the opposing party in Parliament has been so limp and feeble. And it’s not the damage it is doing to the Conservative party itself that worries me. On that who cares? The country has been, and will continue to be for a considerable time to come, in crisis mode, medically and financially. That is when opposition — questioning, debating, remorselessly testing the government — is most required, to maintain the proper exercise of our democracy.

Fauci says 100M coronavirus vaccinations in 100 days ‘absolutely a doable thing’ Maple Leafs place Jason Spezza, Aaron Dell on waivers Fauci says U.S. will likely return to 'some degree of normality' at same time as Canada

Mr. O’Toole, where are you? Read more: National Post »

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Two thirds of the electoric vote progressive. The only way the CPC can get elected is when the Liberal Party really screws up, like during the Adscam era. ERIN HAS NOT BEEN DEMONSTRATING LEADERSHIP NOR OPPOSITION SKILLS. Yikes. Car 54 where are you. I remember it well. Murphy.... what crisis do you think o'toole can handle? Constipation?

he is trying trump tactics from 2017-2020 .. always a little behind the gaslighting and dog whistling Rex's biggest issue last week wasn't the assault on the Capitol but the participants' removal from social media afterward. Nazi-apologist troglodyte. the fox is hiding So much going on these days, would live to see O'Toole stand up for Canadians and wade in on some of the current issues, especially the give aways from Ottawa

Hold it! If Canada is in crisis erinotoole is not the answer and neither are the other two heads (can't really call them leaders). Turn to provinces for direction and leadership, they are closer to issues Does anyone making harsh policies to 'save the planet' consider its cost/benefits to Canadians north of the 49th?

He's busy competing with Trudeau to be China's lapdog to the tune of Scooby Doo theme song I am conservative but this guy is a nobody. Couldn't the party pick someone with the goods to take out Trudeau ? Terrible take. Twitter is a private company and can allow whoever they want on their platform. Use of twitter is not a right. Trump violated their terms of service nearly daily. It's the right move, not an overreach. shouldn't publish garbage like this.

Probably circlejerking with the Muslim Brotherhood Exactly where is the opposition? I knew this guy was a dud. Why are the conservatives silent on the plane loads of chinese people coming in to pearson international airport every day! 1000 of them! Are they new voters for the liberals? Why do we still have that chinese woman out west, and allowing her to have her family visit from China?

He was at the Trump rally Rex. Did anyone stop to think that perhaps being quiet right now is the best political move? We are in a pandemic. Just letting the government do its job could be his best option. People aren’t interested in politics right now and they take offence to anyone trying to criticize.

I am losing hope. The CPC seems to have vanished, the Liberals have constant exposure with absolutely no criticism, and they will surely be voted in again by a brainwashed electorate who are controlled, as Rex suggests, by a small cabal of extremely wealthy oligarchs. He’s a tool. Not supported by Cdn MSM

Politicians are hypocrites. I could do better then Erin O Toole. He's scared of cancel culture mob. Thank you Rex!! I hear you Rex. Trudeau doesn't have to WIN election, in a vacuum he just has to show up. Where the hell is the opposition? . Rex has lost the program, this dude is out of touch. Trudeau light .... give me a break

Rex Murphy like TRUMP will eat his own if there approach defers from the Tex-Rex point of view! Old journalist never die they just fade away ... hopefully! He’s is hiding. Exactly what the freak is he doing He is riding the wave, heil to da man, l know nothing, what did you say, erinotoole “The highest questions of civil liberties in a time of emergency — perhaps the most significant debate we could ever have — are not being debated” No way JustinTrudeau is gonna allow an election so stop preparing for it and BE the Official Opposition with a voice

Erin OToole Is staying at home campaigning for Skippy. 🤧 erinotoole is vegetable lasagna I voted PeterMacKay for CPC Leader cause O'Toole never struck a cord with me yet wanted PierrePoilievre Now I'm likely to become an AB separatist and a Libertarian cause all the 🇨🇦Fed parties seem to have abandoned Liberty and Due process so scare the $hite out of me.

He's fawning over American politicians. Sad and pathetic, MaximeBernier should be leading our conservative opposition O'Tool is right where he should be, and he won't take the bait. erinotoole is too busy being Trudeau's controlled opposition. MGarneu Not OTooles fault that Polievre bowed out but Pierre is the natural leader. 🇨🇦

So true more so today Maxime B and Pierre P seem to be the only politicians trying to stand up for Canadians. Sadly, that’s just not enough. erinotoole has been a huge disappointment. Is he even conservative? He has the spine of a gummy bear! Who cares? Bingo. Lewis should be leader. Only one to defeat Trudeau. But alas. I’m now a separatist. So...... Care meter 0V——————10

ruffnecknation He’s A’Tooling around... he’s scheer 2.0. with the help of dominion voting machines, poor Leslyn Lewis was likely cheated out of becoming the leader. canada loses big time, yet again. on the plus side, FreedomAlberta is growing stronger as each day passes. 😀 government is fired, anyone who dares question the overlord trudeau will be cancelled, if they dig deep into government, it will be prorogued, media will cover for the overlord. there can only be 1 thought, anythj g else is a thoughtcrime

I dunno. Down in Oklahoma with michelle the Calgary cowgirl and Pierre? No idea where they are but what I do know is more they shut up, higher they climb in the polls. Pierre never the same since paper ripping day nor the cowgirl hysterical on floor sceaming bout vaccine Who? How did he ever win over Peter? So bizarre. Conservatives you have messed up. Where was the strategist on this one?

He’s doing what a lame duck opposition leader does. Trudeau gets a majority in the spring, doesn’t even have to cheat. Oh goodness how did we communicate before social media? What a bunch of malarkey. 😂 Did you check Florida? 😂. Haha. Hey, Rex, ask real tough questions, like why is Candy pandering to Trump?

Who effing cares He’s ready and eager to get on CTV, Global, CBC. Even take interviews from the print media. Funny thing. They invite a lot of Liberal Ministers every Sunday. His invite? Must be lost in the mail. Mr Murphy, thanks for saying what I've been thinking. Mr O'Toole has an opportunity and a responsibility to present the conservative voice in response to the pandemic and the miserable response that the Trudeau liberals have encumbered us with.

erinotoole. Exactly coryhann, what the hell is going on? selling Teslas? This is devastating. And right on point. erinotoole has now lost Rex Murphy. What an epic fail. An election can't happen soon enough so he and the entire CPC_HQ leadership can be thrown out and replaced w those Conservatives who know how and want to win.

stockchaser99 Erin who erinotoole are you paying attention? Good. Question Erin O’Toole Will never be the saviour of this country Canada, if CANADA is ever to survive what is happening Max Bernier and the People’s party of Canada is truly our only hope. We the people can make that happen Should have been PierrePoilievre as the Conservative leader.

Kinda starting to think the bloc needs to run more Candidates out side of Quebec. As much as I hate them I might just vote for them at least they have a spine and don’t care He is on there side Like the Dems in the US who 'voted'? .. for the wrong President, I'm starting to think Canadian conservatives voted for the wrong leader. Hope I'm wrong.

bconnolly00 NP competing with rebel media? Who does erin love the most? ofoole Liberals will gain a majority because of OToole this missed the boat not putting McKay in just because they were pissed McKay dissed Andrew Scheer. Exactly. Does anyone other than a few Conservatives know he even exists? he's mourning for his buddy who failed... a lot

Exactly, PierrePoilievre is the only Canadian politician doing his job! Poilievre4PM The only crisis is what you keep spewing. SpencerFernando That dude looks like a career politician, not a leader. What pseudonyms do Canada’s “opposition” leaders use when they donate to Trudeau? Is the Post going to publish Trumps statements & the proud boys declarations? Why only the high tech giants?

He is not the leader many hoped for. There are many Canadians who look to the opposition that if necessary will be ready to lead all Canada. Perhaps we need to look at a different party should we need to vote out the liberals. What is he supposed to do? There's no way the CPC are given a fair chance with the anti-conservative sentiment flying around after the disaster at the Capitol building and I think O'Toole knows that.

Where Canada is getting this quasi conservatives....? Get them out at the time when real conservative is needed to take the charge and protect values!!!! As simple as that... Still working on 'party unity' or in other words.. looking for a new job. Also while we’re at it. Ontario in Crisis.. StevenDelDuca where are you? Cause at the minute like O’Toole, De Luca seems to be awol in this moment of need. What happened to Canadian politics. When did it become so pathetic. When did all politicians become so useless.

Looking in the mirror...... thinking about ways to spew TRUMP propaganda☠🤔 Where indeed? 👀👏 Limp and feeble sums in all up unfortunately Giving interviews to Drivel Media and taking pictures with Proud Boys. Playing to the base. SpencerFernando Problem is not just erinotoole. The entire CPC_HQ needs to come together. I am tired of JustinTrudeau and MSM promoting hate and dividing the people by using ideology of left & right. The CPC_HQ needs to reach Real Canadians with messages promoting what is right or wrong.

Opinion: Using O'Toole to fix an alleged crisis is sort of like putting out fires with gasoline. We already have far too many members of the culture of entitlement controlling municipal, provincial and federal politics without adding more. DCTFTW Yes indeed, Rex. Missing in action is not acceptable. Ya where the fuck is he........... no leader. Need Trump to become Canadian and show him how.

Busy fading into 4th place Just like any other politician.... quietly collecting his fat pension And so it begins. Liberal bought media on the job we have been abandoned I see more of that Fool Singh! Indeed Erin... where are you? Where are you on blatant censorship particularly of conservative voices? Where are you on draconian CoVid policy and enforcement? Where are you on lockdowns & the social, economic & health impacts?Where are you on vaccinations & roll-out of vaccine?

SpencerFernando You need to step up Erin and stop letting the media make Trudeau out to be a saint. Where was he at Christmas can he show us photos? He's not screwing up, is what he's doing. SpencerFernando They called fundraising today. My funds where as invisible as he has been 😉 SpencerFernando Conservatives timid to be truly conservative.. stick to your guns and appeal to the new generation of Canadians who have been led to believe that the Liberals are automatically the good guys. Raise awareness to the things CBC won't cover!

Part of his problem is the fact main stream media keeps him under a blanket and only lifts it to call him a racist. Same as what they're doing to Trump, take notes. I had my hopes, but sadly, I have been left monumentally uninspired and unlikely to vote for him, or the rest of the Conservatives party, despite the fact I can't stand Trudeau and/or any of the Liberals.

Let’s face it. Canada has no opposition party. erinotoole big disappointment so far, letting off this current government way way too easy. Canada is not in crisis. Canadian White supremacists, Trump sympathizers, and Conservative party of Canada are in serious crisis and nothing on Earth will rescue them. Amen! Amen! Amen! 🙏 Thank you for reading and sharing.

SpencerFernando Exactly he has been MIA which is not good Sitting at home tweeting ! mack3636 Totally agree where the hell are you summeki erinotoole now is the time to show us what you’ve got. You need to show your face now more than ever!!! I'm a big fan of how he starts this article by referring to a show from 60 years ago, but then describes a private company silencing a person who caused an attack on a government as 'cancel culture'. Where are the Conservatives, you ask? Reevaluating. That's what.

Loser!! Is he in Canada? SpencerFernando In less then 1 year this country has been reduced to an impoverished, totalitarian shithole. People will start leaving soon! Thank you JustinTrudeau Whos voting for him? Not me. Are the Federal Conservatives a “lame duck” opposition? Good question, where? I have been asking myself the same question. This is a bad PC policy. Wake up guys, before it is too late

For a man who wants to be our next PM, he's been noticably absent lately. I think Erin is worried about his 'tone'. Maybe he thinks if he has a sweet compliant tone the LWNJ's who support Trudeau will vote conservative instead? erinotoole where are you is right we are facing the worst crisis I have lived through and you are silent on the topic ?

I've never seen such an inactive party leader. Scheer was bad but this is next level. Why are you so out of touch? What the fuck is going on with the Conservative party in Canada? erinotoole Maybe the tool is busy leaning Canadian history? Oh hell,probably on a beach somewhere. Twitter, Fb et all are private companies that can set their rules. Live by them, don’t incite violence, murder, insurrection etc or find somewhere else to spew your hate. You can’t come into my 🏡 if you insist on doing so, I’d kick you out.

SpencerFernando He ia collecting donations from big corporations. I still can not believe I became a member of Conservative Party because of this guy. What a disappointment! Found him! SpencerFernando Now where to be found. Has nothing to add. erinotoole is turning into a soft woke Leftist. Barking up the wrong tree, Murphy!

SpencerFernando You got to step up ! Not spouting words from a podium. SpencerFernando O'Toole will make sure our boy JustinTrudeau liberal_party get a majority in next fed election. fail Making backroom deals with the devil !!? SpencerFernando Yet we have a corrupt and criminal PM who hasn’t been held accountable! All of this is happening on JT’s watch not O’Toole’s! Hold your PM and his socialist liberal party accountable!

Who’s Erin O’toole again? The one who thinks he is entitled? Last we heard he was trying to take back Canada. Not much help during a pandemic or preventing the country from descending into partisan chaos. LeslynLewis was my choice...and from what I have not seen and not heard... I will stand by my choice

Busy deleting his MAGA Tweets. in his bloody closet I hope.... He’s getting his militia ready to take back Canada from Trudeau/Communist party of China control Wrong person to be asking for help from. Who? Just getting back from Vacation...give him a minute