Review: B.C. has alienated an industry that has until now been a co-operative ally

2021-01-03 6:05:00 PM

B.C. has alienated an industry that has until now been a co-operative ally

B.C. Dish, Alexandra Gill

B.C. has alienated an industry that has until now been a co-operative ally

The main reason restaurants remain open for indoor dining is because the industry got on board early and worked tirelessly at great expense to make it work

With barely 24 hours notice, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry said on Wednesday afternoon that all liquor sales across the province would be banned from 8 p.m. on Thursday until 9 a.m. on Friday.The emergency order was announced without consultation or prior warning.

Their anger does not just stem from the huge financial loss in sales – estimated at $15,000 for the average restaurateur, according to Ian Tostenson, president of the B.C. Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA).Or even the disrespectful 11th-hour timing. Why wasn’t this decision made a week or even one day earlier?

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lexxgill There was nothing stopping folks from still eating out on NYE, buying wine/spirits to enjoy on the w/e & tipping well. If we are sincere abt supporting local. & or do an extra takeout this w/e which I’m doing with 1 resto that had cancellations lexxgill Her lack of clear, consistent messaging is causing people to not listen/care. No advance notice to restaurants - NYE is the same date every year...and who did she consult She claims this was in the works for a while - who else was on board?

Dr Bozo is a wing nut. She's attacking an industry which has nothing to do with the spread of this virus & turning a blind eye on the root of the outbreaks...LTC homes. Staff are the only people allowed in & out of LTC homes so they're the ones bringing the virus into these homes So you post an article behind a pay wall. GTFO Twitter.

DR.H sure has made a mess of things as of late. When she does try and explain herself she sounds like a back peddling mom who's scared.These decisions should come with CLEAR and Concise terms and conditions period

First Nations say Alberta review of coal project inadequate, seek federal involvementIn a letter to federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, the Siksika and Kainai say the review planned by Alberta’s energy regulator of the Montem Resources Tent Mountain proposal falls far short

U.S. says Myanmar takeover was coup, promises sanction reviewThe United States on Tuesday declared the military roundup of civilian leaders in Myanmar a coup, and said it would look for ways to impose more sanctions or other penalties on the country's military and officers. If the US is going to sanction Mynmar, shouldn't the rest of the world sanction the US for the events that unfolded at Capitol Hill? Just sick Karen on them AOC no no no no no mayanmar this is unacceptable. I want to speak To the manager. WOW and the US election wasn't!!!

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Maples care home review finds gaps in pandemic planning, lack of urgency in calls for helpA final review of Manitoba's deadliest care home COVID-19 outbreak shows it wasn't equipped to handle the numbers of severely sick residents. In tonight's newscast, JillMacyshonCTV speaks to Larry Baillie, whose father was one of 56 lives lost. More: CTVNews JillMacyshonCTV And that’s the hard part: trusting these people. Care before the pandemic was already questionable but now it’s downright inhumane. The worst part is these people are being separated from their families for the greater good yet still contracted covid regardless.

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28, 2020. DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press For the already battered and bruised B. Story continues below advertisement Australia-based Montem plans an open-pit mine in the Crowsnest Pass that would straddle the Alberta-British Columbia boundary.C. sanctions over the deadly campaign against the country's Muslim Rohingya minority, it was unclear how much impact any new penalties could have. hospitality industry, the annus horribilis of 2020 ended with a sucker punch to the gut that betrayed its trust and will, I fear, have devastating long-term consequences. In January, the Alberta Energy Regulator ruled Montem’s plans required a new review. With barely 24 hours notice, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry said on Wednesday afternoon that all liquor sales across the province would be banned from 8 p. [I’m just impressed you know what a meme is, big guy.

m. The Kainai and Siksika have compiled a long list of concerns over those terms.-led effort to rally international condemnation against the coup leaders, including in the United Nations. on Thursday until 9 a.m. “Skirting just below the thresholds for federal designation,” wrote Siksika Chief Ouray Crowfoot. on Friday. State Department officials said Tuesday they were satisfied the move met the legal definition of a coup. On New Year’s Eve, bars were forced close at 9 p. “(Tent Mountain’s) proximity to the threshold and the significant coal development in the area gives rise to the need for a federal review,” Crowfoot wrote. The front grille is more defined, emphasized by an exclusive black mesh calandre and silver skid plate, and adds a panache previous Tahoes were definitely missing.

m. Restaurants serving full meals were allowed to remain open later, but no one – not even staff members – could take a sip of alcohol past 9 p. “The cumulative impact of this activity has the potential to significantly and adversely impact the ecological integrity of the area and Kainai’s ability to use this area for the practice of their Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Whatever penalties the U.m. Story continues below advertisement The emergency order was announced without consultation or prior warning. They are concerned about downstream contamination from selenium and say Montem has acknowledged water is already highly allocated. The bar and restaurant industry, which has bent over backward to comply with previous edicts and has done everything necessary to create safe spaces that have not been a significant source of COVID-19 transmissions, is outraged – justly so. The weekend military roundup swept up Suu Kyi, winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize for her years leading Myanmar's oppressed democratic opposition while under military house arrest, and other political and elected officials. OK, so we’ve established that the Tahoe is a wheelbase — and a height and width, not to mention girth — beyond my comfort zone.

Their frustration is not just attributed to the massive inconvenience of having to shuffle reservations to accommodate patrons two hours earlier, deal with cancellations, cut staff and watch significant investments in food and liquor go to waste. “Kainai’s experience is that modern water management regimes for coal projects have not been effective. Their anger does not just stem from the huge financial loss in sales – estimated at $15,000 for the average restaurateur, according to Ian Tostenson, president of the B.C. They say Ottawa should step in because the mine would affect British Columbia, as well as downstream water users in Saskatchewan. State Department officials said there was no evidence of widespread fraud and said the coup was timed to prevent Monday's scheduled convening of parliament. Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA). This isn’t just about the one-night hit, no matter how crucial that night might have been to the bottom line for restaurants that have run out of cash flow, are barely squeaking by and are losing money every day their doors stay open. The Alberta Energy Regulator is barred by law from considering constitutional questions. The 5.

It’s not about the apparent lack of logic. The United States gave Myanmar $135 million in aid last year. By driving people out of monitored spaces with strict safety protocols, wasn’t the government encouraging household gatherings, which are by far the major source of transmission? Or even the disrespectful 11th-hour timing. They take issue with Montem’s argument that since the proposed mine site is already disturbed, further work shouldn’t be a problem. Why wasn’t this decision made a week or even one day earlier? Story continues below advertisement These are all valid reasons to be angry. But the biggest problem for the Provincial Health Officer and the government is that in one miscalculated fell swoop they have alienated an industry that has, up until now, been a co-operative ally. “This will give an accurate picture of what the impacts of mining on the site have been. penalties against the military is likely to be minor. Yes, we are extremely fortunate in B. Truly, the only unimpressive aspect of the new Tahoe’s driveline performance is … NF: Its fuel consumption.

C. “In general, all designation requests made to (the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada) will be given consideration. to have restaurants that remain open for indoor dining. Suu Kyi in recent years has defended Myanmar against allegations that military-led attacks in 2017 uprooting, raping and killing ethnic Rohingya amounted to genocide, costing her much of her support abroad. We are the envy of the country.C. But the main reason we find ourselves in this enviable situation is because the restaurant industry got on board early and worked tirelessly at great expense to make it work. In mid-March, before anyone even knew how bad the pandemic would get, many restaurants and bars offered and did indeed close down proactively.. assistance programs that may be indirectly benefiting Myanmar's military or lower-ranking officers. First of all, as you said, this V8 is paired with a well-behaved 10-speed automatic transmission.

By late spring, the BCRFA organized a task force and came up with a plan to reopen safely. It was the first industry group to do so. Throughout the summer, industry leaders lobbied quietly behind closed doors to put pressure on the bad apples that weren’t following the rules. McConnell said Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken had called to talk about the U. Story continues below advertisement In November, many continued to toe the line and jeopardized friendships even after the province ordered restaurants and bars to stop selling alcohol after 10 p.m. OK, Mother Nature was being much more cooperative, but I drove on about the same non-urban roads as we did with this new generation and my average never displayed more than 12.

That was a measure that made little sense to anyone, because provincial and private liquor stores remained open for an additional hour. The Biden administration is seeking to restore the United States' position as a global leader, after four years in which President Donald Trump withdrew from co-operation with longtime U. All over the province, patrons poured out of bars and restaurants and headed straight to the liquor stores. There were lineups everywhere. That’s when the mutual respect and trust in authority began to fray. The new administration has sought to turn its main foreign-policy focus to ever more influential and economically powerful China, instead. Restaurants make most of their profits from liquor sales and those late hours really do make a difference. Besides, if you really want fuel economy in a Tahoe, you’re waiting for the Duramax diesel.

All of a sudden, restaurants that had previously followed the rules began selling batched cocktails. “The government has lost the plot,” one restaurant owner told me. officials have said they fear moving away from relations with any one government, country or region would leave an opening for Chinese influence. A few weeks later, when infections continued spiking, Dr. Henry issued the edict restricting social gatherings. The communication was a garbled, confusing mess, the rules were largely misunderstood and the messaging was full of contradictions. Indeed, it’s a big softie, the magnetic dampers calibrated full limp which means the ride is nothing short of exquisite.

Story continues below advertisement As a result, restaurant reservations took a nosedive. According to a recent survey of 261 restaurant owners by the BCRFA, 56 per cent of operators have experienced a drop in revenue of at least 41 per cent since the new orders restricting activities were announced on Nov. 7; 82 per cent have reduced their opening hours or staffing. The B.C. The difference in comfort is substantial.

hospitality industry is now truly desperate and fed up. This latest edict, a low blow that came without warning, communication or respect, will likely erode the last shred of trust in authority. I am afraid, based on several conversations that I’ve had with bar and restaurant owners, that it has created a situation in which they no longer co-operate with the government or comply with public-health orders. And that could pose serious danger for everyone. Your Globe Build your personal news feed Hide info Follow topics and authors relevant to your reading interests. You didn’t notice, n’est-ce pas? Nor did I, although I did note that this centre compartment was no longer big enough to hold my (big enough) purse.

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