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Rest stops barring washroom access to truckers a 'huge problem' as virus spreads

Rest stops barring washroom access to truckers a 'huge problem' as virus spreads

2020-03-31 1:38:00 AM

Rest stops barring washroom access to truckers a 'huge problem' as virus spreads

Truckers are increasingly being denied warm meals, hot showers or even a place to wash their hands as rest stops close and service stations bar access to washrooms amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's pretty bad out there," said Teamsters Canada spokesman Christopher Monette. "It's a huge problem."Highway rest areas for big-riggers are likely less risky to health than a grocery store or pharmacy, which can be more crowded, he said.

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Coronavirus newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxIn a letter to the prime minister last week, Teamsters Canada asked Ottawa to force companies to clean trucks, trains and package cars between use to prevent transmission of the virus.

On Sunday, Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton tweeted photos of signs reading, "No Driver Washrooms at this Location" and "No drivers beyond this point. No washroom access.""This is a disgrace," McNaughton said in a post. "Drivers get goods to market. Let's show them some respect."

Ken Johnston, Purolator's head of human resources, said the problem is at least as critical in the city as on the highway, with the majority of the courier company's drivers working in urban areas at any given time.Gas stations are typically the "last reliable place" for a rest stop, but that's changed over the past few weeks, Johnston said.

"Our couriers deliver critical supplies to hospitals, long-term care facilities and of course millions of Canadians who are now self-isolating or social distancing in their homes who need supplies. So in many ways we're as much of a front-line worker in this effort as anyone," he said.

"Without keeping them safe and healthy, it would have downstream impacts on all these other important functions."As the issue gained more attention Monday, Toronto Mayor John Tory urged businesses that remain open to accommodate transit workers who need to use their facilities while on the job.

"Some businesses who previously accommodated employees for mid-route bathroom breaks are either closed or they're open but no longer allowing those operators in," the mayor said in a news conference Monday."Those operators -- those bus drivers and streetcar operators and others -- are serving us at a time when we need them to serve us, and we need to help them as they carry out their duties for us."

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 30, 2020. Read more: CTV News »

Please help our truckers! They need our support! Without them we are finished! Want you to all know our family really appreciate what you do! To truckers everywhere...keep up the good work! 🛑 stop our trucker have needs let them use the washroom stop for coffee & food without them we would have no food the hospital that are trying their best to keep us alive we need supplies

Get ready for flying piss-jugs. We figured that. So we went in ditches along our route back to Alberta. Sorry not sorry. 5PctCarbs How offensive. No trucks = no economy. The washrooms should be first class with concierge staff to clean and sanitize them. Thank our truckers. Without them; we’d all be dead.

Hey fordnation maybe you can get some sense into your fellow Mins and have them keep their highway stops open to our drivers? Like I said b4. Any truck stop who refuses any truck driver from using their restrooms our showers. Show get a massive fine. SupportTruckers Better get ready for all the shit on the sides of the roads.

By some of the comments here you see how little anyone cares. A lot of them now taking Anti diarrhoea drugs so they don’t have to go as often. Super 8 or something other business chain needs to get some government money to open up to help. If the Truckers quit then what? Maybe they should stop and have a blockade Across Canada.They need washrooms and food people

How about they all stay home then see how fast that problem gets fixed. WTH? Classless acts. This is sad news...Hope it get fix..The truckers are keeping this country together...Thanks to them.. An empty Timmies cup and hand sanitizer Should only be open to truckers right now It's called the great outdoors, the bush, the grass 🙄

First there is no food for them and now they can’t use a washroom, and yet they are out there working frontline to be sure essentials are delivered for us. Doesn’t seem fair to me. Piss jug? If a remedy isn't found ppl will start to see 'poop' all along roads. They should allowed Be like Ray off the trailer park boys jk

This is outrageous. Put your heads together people!! Start a registry or something; let the drivers know whose supporting them! Come on!? More piss jugs And yet the government keeps letting people load on to mobile toilets, otherwise known as buses/subways. These are front line workers If it weren't for truckers these restaurant wouldn't even be open

No worries , trudeaus new increased carbon tax will resolve this Use a bucket Trailer Park Boys had an answer for truckers and no washroom. That’s fine I have TP I’ll poop on the ground Park the truck one foot from loading doors and go to the bathroom So we need, not want, we need the supply chain to continue and the trucks don’t drive themselves. Of course they need washroom access. Is that really too much to offer? 🤷‍♂️ sheesh!

Doug Ford need look into this huge problem, we are asking bring masks and supplies these truckers doing the job for North America Plus truckers unpaid meditationszn This actually doesn't protect endangers the entire country Shippers and receivers won’t let you use their washrooms either. You can sit there all day waiting to get loaded or unloaded and not be allowed to use their washrooms. Of course a lot wouldn’t before the pandemic.

Truckers are the backbone of the economy, not computer data punching work from home types. where do coffee drinking truckers pee? I get it, but this is brutal. Truck stops are vital relief. Well then, there stops my resumes and applications for a truck driving job. Use the crowbar key And they wonder why they can't find enough truck drivers.

These are the very same brave souls we are ALL depending on to get critical supplies to our health care institutions... CALL them OUT! Name them. Do news segments on them!!! Someone should remind them that without truck drivers they won’t have a business to return to. Cmon get a grip what are they supposed to do...

Finally this is noticed

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