RBC report says immigration slowdown due to COVID-19 threatens Canadian economy

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A report from the Royal Bank of Canada says a slowdown of immigration to the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to derail a major source of economic growth, at least temporarily.

The report says Canada added 34,000 permanent residents in the second quarter, down 67 per cent from the same period last year.

The report adds that a near term recovery in immigration is unlikely and suggests the slowdown could last for months.RBC says immigration to Canada is needed to help deal with the country's aging population and help support our cities. It says at the current pace it expects to see only 70 per cent of the originally planned 341,000 new permanent residents at the end of the year.


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Really! BS news some of the people I know can't or won't get a job. Ask Trudeau for some cash out of his left pocket to balance his stride. 😎🖕🖕

And this is a problem how?

Why the hell would rbc be reporting this 🤦🏻‍♂️

Orwellian double speak at its finest! An immigration slowdown will help Canada's economy, we have way too many people, never enough jobs and the U.N. wants to decrease the world population anyway so Canada can do its part. Stable population and smaller government is best.

This is bs

Immigration slowdown threatens economy? If that’s threatened our economy than what has Covid done? Oh I guess nothing..... once again CTV news reporting more garbage. Sad and pathetic news reporting. They should be embarrassed.

Seems like we have plenty of people here already..?


Id think so, there are plenty of Canadians out of work.

CTV news is joke

Bank profits and executive salaries hurt the Canadian economy.

now that is a bold face lie the liberal govt and its criminal treasonous policy has fucked us fake news

That is true. Immigrants drive the demand for services and goods

Untrue. Covid19 lock down does. Nice misinformation.

BS, those pple who lost their jobs and businesses will not be helped by high immigration, a cure for Covid would help but what is lost cannot be regained so stop with the lies!

Let’s get people who can come to Canada that won’t be a drain on our system. Be self sufficient when arriving!


OK, thanks for the click bait headline. Let’s see what the report says. You don’t even quote it.

millions of Canadians out of work yeah let's bring in 350,000 more uneducated, illiterate illegal aliens.

What economy?

Since we stopped accepting refugees 🙄

You have got to be kidding!! I may have to move banks. I don't want anyone that stupid to look after my finances.

Great news we don’t need anymore radical welfare seekers

Paging francoislegault ... c’est pour vous, ca.

No it hurts RBC

Is the threat to economy for not enough imigrant workers to replace workers off on CERB?

Let's invest in Canadians, that can't get a job or lost their jobs. Time to rethink how we train our own, subsidize more higher education. In BC only about 17% or highschoolers continue to university, the rest can't afford to go to university. Most immigrants are not qualified.

And Trudeau's/butts green economy will be the final nail in the Canadian economy. Welcome to Venezuela 2.0

Pretty shitty economy if we're relying on immigrants lol TrudeauMustGo

You know what else collapses without a constant stream of new people? Pyramid scams

I’m not against immigration, I’m against wealthy immigrants, who want to launder their dirty money through our real estate and dump their cheap fentanyl on our streets. Nobody should be allowed to buy their way into Canada 🇨🇦.

Immigration slowdown my ass pure bullshit

It means Canada's economy highly relies on rich immigrants, only they have purchase power in high end markets. Local mid class Canadians? Apparently they don't care, they make money from rich, not workers who live by paychecks. Without foreign money pumping in, Canada will crash

This is total BS!!!

lol I assume this is the setup for the liberals to open the borders with promises of guaranteed income

We dont need mass immigration to sustain our economy. We need people in power who know what there doing. It should be easier to keep a low population country employed. We just need to adapt to what works best for our type of economy.

Be nice to see the brakes put on this bullshit. Small farms with multi million dollar mansions in the ALR, selling for millions. We need to shut this down and make getting into farming a little more easier for younger people.

Fake news. Immigration costs us billions and by the lols of the murders happening by immigration it’s definitely time to stop.

People need to get back to work!!

You mean properly controlled immigration..not Roxham Road?

We don’t need any more immigrants. Pay Canadians a living wage.

Its likely most Cdns feel nothing could be more threatening to canada than TrudeauCorruption TrudeauDictatorship & entire LPC & equally alarmed with Freeland running the show. cdnpoli

lets talk about Trudeau

You've got to be kidding.... Is this some kind of sick joke? Pretty sure destroying businesses built by thousands of Canadians threatens the economy. Not the lack of immigration. Holy shit you can't make this stuff up.... But CTV somehow can.


Because without them we would have to pay Canadians a living wage?

Be nice to see the government put a stop to all those non Canadians coming in and laundering their dirty drug money through our real estate and ALR.

Canadian says: so be it.

How so? You need Labour? Put an Ad in the Paper. Derp. There are TONS of people unemployed here already.

The government over the last 5 years has been the threat.

What no more, wealthy criminals and drug peddlers to help launder dirty money for Poor RBC.

Liberal policy threatens the Canadian economic LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder defundctv FakeNews

Dimwitted Liberal policies is what's killing the Canadian economy.

Would be nice if unemployed Canadians could get jobs that paid a living wage...

So there is a link between strong immigration and economic recovery? Perfect. Can the fear mongers ease it now and can we please focus on improving our immigration strategy? A strong immigration regime ensures our economic strength and progress. Walls are not a solution cdnpoli

The prime minister is a threat to the economy.

Seems immigration has also introduced machete killings in doctors offices and ieds in Ontario

Lol...RBC....the 'people's bank' 🤣

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