Railroad blockades ‘setting back reconciliation 20 years,’ warns B.C. MLA Ellis Ross

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Ellis Ross says he is 'very concerned' about the risk of violence against Indigenous people.

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B.C. Liberal MLA Ellis Ross said he is already hearing of cases of Indigenous people not involved in any of the blockades being confronted and threatened.

Ellis Ross says he is 'very concerned' about the risk of violence against Indigenous people.

Frustration grows over protests and blockades across Canada Frustration grows over protests and blockades across Canada Via Rail and CN Rail shut down the majority of their operations two weeks ago because of a blockade on the railroad near Belleville, Ont. And while the RCMP in B.C. have said they are open to walking back their presence on the traditional territories in B.C., there has been no visible sign that the gesture will lead to any walking back of the blockades in place along rail lines. Story continues below advertisement Ross, who served for six years as the chief councillor of the Haisla Nation in B.C., was an early advocate in his community about the potential benefits in select kinds of resource development: in the case of the Haisla Nation, this is the $40-billion Kitimat LNG plant set to be operated by Chevron. 1:59 LNG project set to transform small BC community of Kitimat LNG project set to transform small BC community of Kitimat The Haisla Nation effectively act as landlords for the plant, an agreement that the community says brings in roughly $4 million each year in rent and taxes, along with the potential for other contracts and deals. The community is also in the process of looking at similar potential agreements with several other LNG companies. REALITY CHECK: Can the Canadian government send RCMP to arrest Wet’suwet’en protesters? Ross said the “political rhetoric” from those who claim to support some of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs opposed to the natural gas pipeline ignores the “tremendous amount of work” done over the last 15 years among B.C. First Nations like his to get companies to consult and accommodate them on projects. “You’re trying to de-stabilize these communities and you’re trying to de-legitimize the work that collected band leaders and hereditary leaders have done over the last 15 years, not only to provide jobs or employment as a way out of poverty, but also to breathe life into the word reconciliation.” Story continues below advertisement What those behind the blockades are actually doing, Ross said, is hurting chances of a more positive future. “I’m pretty sure Aboriginals across B.C. do not want to see those blockades, they don’t want to see it escalate to the point where Aboriginals are actually getting accosted on the streets,” he said. “I mean, this is setting back reconciliation 20 years.” © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. Read more: Globalnews.ca

FakeNews GovernmentMedia Disagreeing with the Hereditary Chiefs economic policy is fine. But suggesting that it's the demonstrator's fault when grown adults make the decision to be racist clowns and harrass people not in anyway linked to the demonstrations is wrong. bcliberals lamphieryeg According to media Trudeau's Canada is a filthy racist country, with minorities being attacked, crippling First Nation Poverty and abuse, bans on hijabs and turbans, White Francophone Supremacist value tests and a blackface PM. Trudeau's Canada is a broken Canada.

Liberals are destroying the country. Wonder why Global? Look at yourself. If the media reported the truth on this - That the protesters are NOT the majority of native leaders and a significant number of them are not even native people, maybe we would be at a different spot now? He’s “hearing of cases”. A friend of a friend’s second cousin heard that someone made a racial slur to someone who may or may not of been indigenous. 🙄 so Global news announces Canadians are racist 🤦🏻‍♀️

FakeNews OilsandsAction By white guys or First Nations guys? Big difference. There is a difference - neither is good... Ellis loves to make shit up , like signatures of deceased Hereditary Chiefs ... not a good source for truth ...lol Duh ....where ya been all of Canada knows this already, the goverment idiots and useless media are the last to figure that out ,,,, I am ashamed of both. Ineffective and untrustworthy both of you.

I used to give a fuck, not so much now.

Blockades are hurting reconciliation says former B.C. Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross , B.C. MLA for Skeena and former Haisla Chief Councillor tells Mercedes Stephenson aboriginals across his province do not want to see the blockades...

DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID! ALL PLANNED, TOTAL SETUP THE GREAT AWAKENING from the start, had the cdnmedia accurately portrayed the elected FN decision makers vs the illegal eco terrorists this would not have happened. Ross is right& media needs to accept their share of responsibility for damaging canadians

Let's see these threats. The ones that Ellis Ross is talking about. These are serious accusations, he better have proof Not a surprise. Until THE MAJORITY of f.n who SUPPORT o&g step forward to stop their own, this shit will continue. Our supposedly not racist leader wants f.n to stay poor and dependent. And continues ignoring the flames he lit.

And Would this be a case of careful what you wish for? It's YOUR lies and propaganda that these protesters are 'in solidarity with' or 'supporting' Wet'suwet'en people is the CAUSE of this! YOU and CBCNews and CTVNews are responsible for this!!! You should all be sued!!! SoTolerant SoLiberal SoLeft

Thank JT.

Blockades remain in place as Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs returning to B.C.The actions are in solidarity with hereditary chiefs contesting a British Columbia natural gas pipeline Nobody wants to tell us how they are getting around. I have it from 'informed sources' they did the trip in electric canoe. Then they did a long portage to BC. Get out of the way you radical idiots, were trying to go to work - a foreign concept I know Travel expenses courtesy of Tides Foundation...

The media is responsible for lying about this marxist attack on Canada that has been using Wetsuweten. Wetsuweten Clan Mother (Matriarch) Speaks to the world. SheilaGunnReid Thank JustinTrudeau Diversity is our strength and very stupid man once said ezralevant 'Quick go find some Indigenous victims...'

Does the Corrupt MSM in Canada no that! Keep creating division FakeNews Global News = Fear Porn Reap what you Sow.

Lions sign free-agent receiver Dominique Rhymes to one-year contract - Sportsnet.caThe B.C. Lions have signed free-agent wide receiver Dominique Rhymes to a one-year contract.

SheilaGunnReid I call bull 💩 Keeping dis-order. Lol. It is what it is. How much has changed in 5 years or more? This is exactly what the Trudeau govt wanted. Anarchy to claim the only option is UNDRIP.Ignoring the First Nations unanimous vote in favour of pipelines,propping up a few elders who don’t want it as the authority & dragging the process out costing Canadians until they’ve had it.

It is. Nobody wants to be extorted. This isn't the way. I don’t believe the news anymore OilsandsAction Thanks to a smart woman- listen to thetruthspeaker! OilsandsAction The CBC is continually saying there are is?🤷🏻‍♀️who ospaying for this crap-taxpayers. What a left wing joke!👎👎👎👍👍 OilsandsAction Too late. The First People can blame Trudeau, May, Singh and Horgan to begin with. Reconciliation is dead.

A BC Liberal is what an Alberta O&G Conservative calls itself when the mountains are on its other shoulder. People showing each other who they really are ...

Trudeau says Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades ‘need to come down now’BREAKING: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the time has come to end the blockades that have shut down railroads across the country for two weeks. I think Trudeau needs a new cabinet minister... Oh well since he says so, it should just happen Time was a week ago

SheilaGunnReid We need to borrow some of those US drones to deal with these blockades....they seem to be effective and efficient and resolving issues. Reconciliation takes honest cooperation and stick to it-ness from all affected parties! So what happens? Manitoba government signs over management of Northern Airports, to First Nations. FN all smiles and saying the right things. Next day FN announce blockades! 🐃💩

Hmm. Krisster81 Create division. Global news, cbc, fake gov. That's all u do. Make stuff up if it's not there. All with the help of the greens! OrtoJoelle The blame for this lies with the paid off sellout hereditary chiefs What do you expect the longer it goes on the more people will lose their jobs,then the more angry they will get and who do you think will be blame for their problems

This is what justin created Trudeau set Canada back 20 years By Liberal agenda...

61% of Canadians oppose Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades, 75% back action to help Indigenous people: pollNew poll results find that nearly two-thirds of Canadians disagree with the ongoing Wet'suwet'en solidarity blockades that are interrupting rail and truck traffic across the country. That would require them to have a semblance of thought and not simply an instinctive attraction to shiny things. Yes. PugsleySiegel Who in hell votes ‘Yes’ on this question? Are there that many paid protestors out there? Or that many screwballs?

Get the names of protesters and cut all money to them I am sure they have 🙄😉 Ya, this is going to happen. Reconciliation will be set back 20 years. Ironically Horgan tried to do his best to support FN’s with things like UNDRIP. No Premier will do that again. keithbaldrey The Wet’suwet’en nation has a population of less than 300 people , but a bureaucracy of governance that makes the Liberals looks efficient ... might explain why consensus or the ability to convey their collective thoughts so difficult

It's not helping their cause. The globalists have always used the FN to take the blame for their evil plans for Canada. The paid protesters were never FN. Don't fall for their plan to divide us. I’m no longer that sympathetic and think they should be punished brought it on themselves The media fallback talking point - Canada is racist - subtext: only our noble leader is pure enough to stop racism. Yet under Trudeau's leadership we are the only country in North/South America to implement a turban/hijab ban, immigrant value tests- Trudeau's silence is deafening

B.C., Ottawa, First Nations reach deal to protect caribou in provinceThe federal and B.C. governments along with the West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations signed the long-awaited agreement to protect the endangered herd in the Dawson Creek area of B.C. The DAM cut them off the migration route..reclaiming some roads is just a waste of money. Okay, now what about saving the endangered railroad industry? Do it now!!AnimalRights caribou EndangeredSpecies savecaribou GetOnboard

Rent-a-cause Trudeau is destroying Canada by going after India media, paying out millions to undeserving individuals, allowing unlawful people to block avg Canadians to earn an income and move freely, hes doing what hrc was to do in her part of the 16yr plan ezralevant Lies Justin doesn't care that's clear. This is not ending anytime soon and frustration is rising

The government repeatedly created a dangerous environment for 🇨🇦, by allowing illegal protests to continue the danger increases When you call your opponents racists like they did for the election it dehumanizes folks & condones insults, threats & violence Welcome to the new 🇨🇦 ezralevant They have been telling people this since the beginning!! THese eco-terrorist NEED TO be arrested & CHARGED. I am behind the FIRST NATIONS, & those REAL CDN's in AB that only went & cleaned up the protestors irresponsible MESS. COME ON MEDIA get behind CDNS. STOP supporting LIBS.

Why don't you write about this? Will Trudeau cut off your funding? ezralevant

Why don't you write about this Global instead one one sided biased reporting. ezralevant Fake news Main cause of this lays entirely on Ecoextremists and JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh and ElizabethMay francoislegault and topped off with cathmckenna ezralevant What 4 years of Justin Trudeau has brought us to & first nations will pay the biggest price. The wrong people are being targeted, its all those white snowflakes behind the masks that are the problem.

ezralevant Painfully obvious from the outset. Just watch the videos. Do these look like indigenous people? NO. They are young, white, out-of-work millenials that have chosen to rebrand the entire Wet'suwet'en story as an fervent anti-capitalist movement. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure they are. The blockades are a great way to destroy any goodwill that existed.

The hereditary chiefs need to also own up to the disruption and divisiveness they have caused. The great gains in reconciliation of late...now many bear steps back. People who were supporters of indigenous efforts to receive justice and reconciliation are now moving in the opposite direction. It is creating a whole new world that will not make things better.

Yup...and that is what the fake natives want. And it is going to get nasty when things get worse with the virus that China and traitors infected Canadians with. So the traitors have the real natives to take the heat as they hide like cowards. REAL NATIVES ARE BEING SET UP.

Libertard bullshit This is a tale of how indigenous groups and non indigenous groups had two very different ideas on what reconciliation meant and on how it would be applied. Any progress made is now in tatters and what could have been is now a faded memory. charlesadler That is ridiculous and so very sad. 😢

Bullshit I agree. Let them reconcile with a God.

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