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Quebec sees 70 new deaths as coronavirus cases top 48,000

Quebec continues to lead the country in coronavirus cases and deaths.

2020-05-26 8:31:00 PM

Quebec also has the highest caseload at 48,598 as the number of infections continues to rise by hundreds every day.

Quebec continues to lead the country in coronavirus cases and deaths.

on Tuesday, bringing the total to 4,139 — which accounts for more than half of the country’s fatalities since the pandemic began.The province also has the highest caseload at 48,598 as the number of infections continues to rise by hundreds every day. On Tuesday, it recorded 614 new cases from the previous day.

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😢😢😢 what is going on there? They did reopen schools. Yawn...are we done yet ?

Nearly 70 new coronavirus deaths in Canada as Ontario sees highest case jump since May 8Overall, Canada reported more than a thousand new cases and 69 new deaths, bringing national figures to 84,686 cases -- including more than 43,000 recoveries -- and 6,424 deaths. Seriously.. even more stories this has been like the 10th post I've seen on this. Give it a rest already. Nobody wants the tests. The virus is almost gone. People want to enjoy summer. This does not match the directive from the Chief Medical Officer yesterday. Communications to the public and the testing community should be the same.

Quebec reports 44 new COVID-19 deaths as Montreal retailers prepare to reopenThe province also recorded 573 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases, meaning 47,411 people have now been infected There are going to be “new” deaths during the reopening because reopening doesn’t mean no-new-deaths Sensational headings don’t help anyone. Sadly we are still not reporting what is going on with those deaths. There is a huge story here and its unfolding all over the world

Quebec ombudswoman to investigate high number of COVID-19 deaths at seniors facilitiesMarie Rinfret announced in a statement that her probe will focus on the failings of Quebec’s health-care network in responding to the many COVID-19 outbreaks in public and private senior residences Do ya think? 😡 THE MONSTER.... THE HOUSE OF CRAZY Why aren’t the police investigating? Military already identified gross abuse and harm.

Winners, Marshalls, HomeSense stores reopening Wednesday in Ontario, Quebec, N.S.Winners, Marshalls, and HomeSense stores in Ontario and Quebec will be reopening this week, according to the company's website. They are already opened here in mississauga town center. Yesterday I saw long lineup outside the store.

Quebec ombudsperson to investigate coronavirus crisis response in seniors residencesQuebec's ombudsperson is launching an 'impartial and independent' investigation into the handling of the novel coronavirus health crisis in embattled nursing homes. What is CAF finding in Québec homes? There’s not a politician in Canada who deserves to survive this appalling neglect with their jobs. That the people who built this country live like this while we send billions of $ overseas is a disgrace. And Quebec seems to have not spent $20bn of Alberta’s money well. that it’s at a state of disgrace as well there has been ZERO about the state of respite for special needs. CRDI staff have been taken away from desperate families in need of that service only to be placed into nursing homes...our provincial Gov is remiss

Inspection reports reveal critical gaps inside Quebec nursing homes ravaged by COVID-19Many problems mentioned in the reports stemmed from similar roots in each home: understaffing, a lack of protective gear, confusion about how to counter the contagion I'm sure Trudeau tell the media he calling the Premier of Quebec to publicly chastise him like he is doing Ford.