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Cn Strike, Canadian National Railway

Quebec has less than 5 days propane left due to CN strike, premier says

Quebec Premier François Legault says a strike at Canadian National Railway Co. has left the province with fewer than five days before it runs out of propane.


Quebec Premier François Legault says the CN strike has left the province with fewer than five days before it runs out of propane, which would wreak havoc at hospitals, nursing homes and farms.

Quebec Premier François Legault says a strike at Canadian National Railway Co. has left the province with fewer than five days before it runs out of propane.

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Have you researched how the oil companies are using the state of the art technology in extracting oil the environmentally friendly way? the strike from CN affected you the most. This strike would have not affected your province's need if you had a pipeline at your disposal Mr Legault, you criticized Alberta oil to be dirty the dirtiest of all its byproducts (propane) is being used among the emergency operation within your province....... and then complain Alberta is not green. what a hypocrisy.

Freeze Frenchmen freeze There is always a solution MR. politician. It’s called negotiating. I’m sure they are not striking because they don’t want to work. Just look into the money books. Im sure you can pay a bit more for your striking workers to enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer. CN ARE TERRORISTS. First they cant move grain because they are too busy moving oil, THEN They are laying off because of lack of traffic, But stop Grain caliming they is too much traffic. Now critical infrastructure as a terroist threat How is that different than FLQ

First Antifa attacks on old people, now Trudeau attacks old people. This guy is disgusting!! This should help cut carbon emissions.... “F” the 🐸 Dang. If only there where some sort of a pipeline or something. 🤔 Didn't they say they wanted to leave that stuff in the ground? Just think how much better off the enviorment will be Quebec. Do not expect any sympathy. Screw you.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has yet to take mandatory sexual and psychological harassment trainingFireJessAllen

Shipping fossil fuels out east is socially not acceptable Too bad alberta oil is socially unacceptable! Hahahahah hahahah Nice 👍 Beautiful karma for the 2 biggest 🤡’s in 🇨🇦 politics JustinTrudeau francoislegault They should have to swim in there poop filled rivers tin order to have our western propane.

Perhaps the huge💰surplus Quebec has this year...can help secure some propane, at least until the latest back door 🤫Contract to SNC Lavalin kicks in. I hope AB has a huge GP (equalization size)on the 100 railcars of propane, we just sent Québécois. cdnpoli Canada francoislegault freeze in the dark le fucker!

CTV National News: CN Rail workers go on strikeThousands of CN Rail workers have gone on strike over safety conditions but it could have an impact on Canadian farmers. JillMacyshonCTV reports: JillMacyshonCTV What kind of impact does safety have? Who cares , money is getting lost JillMacyshonCTV Like the impact it had on Saskatchewan Canola, or Canadian Pork, no sorry, that was Trumps Trade War with China, imagine intermodel traffic is down also, Workers fault though JillMacyshonCTV 'we need satellite reconnaissance for the engineers to be able to see if their track is clear or not'

If hypocrisy was energy, Quebec would be a tropical paradise! A pipeline carrying Natural gas would solve all of that Too bad there is no pipeline in place to help them. It's all been staged to force an agenda and filled with ulterior motives..start chopping wood for those fireplaces. It's gonna be a cold winter! Just think.. neanderthals did it!!!!

So JT continually screws the west, no pipe lines,no access to west ports,carbon tax,our farmers get a loan but dairy producers get a cheque. But I’ll bet he will kiss Quebec’s ass again over this problem reicurran Build pipelines fool! On simplement s’en câlisse. MDR. One simply doesn’t give a fuck. LOL

Maybe find a alternative method of transportation (you think). Oh Well! Hmmm. Much has been said about the human ability called foresight. Is there none in Quebec? I worked and hung out with so many east Europe immigrants, I always have 45 days of food at home. propane as well.

CN strike another hit to Prairie economiesThe transport disruption threatens shipments of oil, grains and potash, with Western Canada likely to feel the most pain from prolonged disruptions. More nails in the Alberta coffin Does anybody east of Thunder Bay care? Clearly not. Their attitude is appalling and they, not jkenney or PremierScottMoe , are feeding wexit . Well Global News, you were part of the fascist media promoting Trudeau as PM. Trudeau and his policies are destroying Western Canada. You and others, especially in Ontario, question why WEXIT is at the forefront again. Master Plan to destroy the country of my birth.

But, I thought their needs were met. Stop propane from reaching Quebec. They don’t want Canadian propane. So mange mal!!! The only reason I care is that AB & SK farmers are affected. I know it sounds petty, but if QC were the only ones to suffer, especially given Blanchets recent totally ignorant remarks, I wouldn’t care if CN was out for months. Blanche has NO place in federal politics. It’s a joke

Too bad they banned wood stoves Hmmm.. maybe make them pay through the nose and a promise of a pipline Ha...Karma. Quebec will soon understand the importance of pipelines. Great opportunity to wean off fossil fuels Quebec!!! 👍👍👍 Maybe he should talk to his federal counterpart who is against pipelines and all energy except hydro

Good. Maybe now they know what it’s like to be on the ‘Needy line up’. Like Alberta is experiencing right now waiting for their jobs on the pipeline to open up? No job= no money No propane delivered = No heat or energy maybe mr Trudeau can fix!!

Why are CN rail workers striking and what do they want?The union and the company cannot agree on a number of concerns. Here's a closer look and what they're asking for and what is impacted: The hours and scheduling of work is ridiculous!!

Quebec politicians..No pipeline , No pipelines... oh crap , we're running out of fuel ... wa wa wa 😪😪😪😪😪 Suck it up Buttercup! Boohoo. Who cares Poetic justice Couldn't happen to a group of more deserving people! My propane is running just fine here! Let them freeze in the dark. Unbelievable Hahaha He hated oil and gas industry.. i bet Alberta is laughing now

Alberta energy minister calls for Parliament to return early to end CN Rail strikeAlberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage is calling on the federal government to bring back Parliament early to enact back-to-work legislation for striking CN Rail workers. So the Alberta Energy Minister doesnt want to adress the issues the CN Union has raised? The workers right are more important then any private corporations profit. I understand it is disruptive to some, but the CN workers deserve fairness, respect, fair hours and pay. Ok Nazi Seeing he has no access to rail, why doesn't he move his oil to BC via pipeline? Oh yeah, he doesn't have one.

Their arrogance will keep them warm, I’m sure.... There is no social license to end this strike JustSayNoToHydrocarbons perhaps a 90's Iraq-style 'propane for food' program? Quebec is stupid it amazes me. And I sadly live in quebec its Canada's toilet bowl This is a sneak peek at what a green economy and no pipelines looks like. People in Quebec can go pound sand. When you and your cattle all freeze and your crops rot without propane powered dryers, you won't get sympathy from me.

Just fire up the wood stoves! Oh wait, you idiots banned them 😂😂😂😂 You don’t need that vile oil product, you guys are going green. Just put up a windmill or something you’ll be fine. maybe francoislegault might wat to remind his federal counterpart that ALL provinces should be supporting each other... until the bloc gets it through their entitled heads they can go f_ck themselves

Grain shippers worried about strike as feds urge CN and union to continue talksGrain shippers are concerned about the impact of a strike by about 3,200 Canadian National Railway Co. workers in an already tough harvest year. They don't care

Can’t sanctimonious hypocrisy be used as a replacement? Hopefully they started trucking to critical institutions before they got on the news There's no appetite for a pipeline to Quebec. Lol. Lol . Lol . Huh... So, without fossil fuels, people freeze? Maybe we oughta keep those around. No one gives a shit

Did I hear Ice Storm is heading east? cathmckenna doesn’t like that kinda talk! Didn’t you hear her No fuel for you‼️ In the Atlantic/Quebec region, product movements from refineries to terminals occur primarily by ship. An exception is the unit train employed by Ultramar to move product from their refinery near Quebec City to Montréal.

Awe fuck them they wanted to leave canada let them fend for them selves

Just sign this pipeline deal and we will bring you some propane pal! So maybe build a pipeline from Alberta to Quebec? Or is Legault going to ship it in from Saudi Arabia? Karma sucks doesn’t it? Yeah because Propane does not produce NOx (forming acid rain), or have any slippage... 🤫😏 But don't tell that to a know it all politician. They need to be ignorant so that they can claim being they are true environmentalists.

Hey Quebec pipelines don’t go on strike! Let em freeze. Stupid provincial leaders who think they dont need western oil or gas. 😂 now let’s cut off oil 😂 Love it!! Uh Oh, Quebec's about to run out of natural gas and we're supposed to STOP and DROP everthing because CN's on Strike? But, but, but, they hate pipelines! Especially western pipelines! Suck it up buttercup. You created it; now live with it! I have no sympathy 4 you!

What about Alberta oil pipeline ruining so many lives by not getting through Quebec? Don't expect sympathy from the rest of Canada for the leaches in Quebec Ha Ha Ha Isn't it ironic that a supposed leader of an independent French province is now bitchin about lack of fuel, when ten years ago pipeline could have been built to supply the needs of Quebec fuel users.

Justin Trudeau should call for emergency measure and have the company producing the renewable equivalent start mass production as soon as possible. Boom problem solved.

Hope it runs out and freeze Life comes at you fast. Deny it all you want, but we are utterly reliant on fossil fuels for our lifestyles. There should be backup plans for essential goods. 😂😂😂 paging yfblanchet Time for Quebec to cool off for a few months, we will check you in the spring....Have a good Christmas.

Shove warm climating where sun no actually shine ing. Don't worry. They will find a way to siphon more from the west to fix this. Hahahahahaha k... now go be your own country. Perfect time to get off those filthy fossil fuels! Good luck to you! Boo hoo Quebec Maybe they could burn some BC coal to keep warm

Is that moron asking for a pipeline to built? Geez how ironic 🤷‍♀️. Maybe next time, vote for pipelines and the Canadian economy? Just saying.... No worries Quebec. Help is on it's way! If only there was a better way.... Great opportunity for them to live fossil free.. Shutoff those heaters and enjoy the ambiance of fossil freedom! Enjoy

Begetter start buying a shit load of bic lighters. CN needs to get to the table soon. Finally, a ClimateEmergency we can all agree with! Quebec is now a leader in climate change with no propane. Let them freeze. Karma works.

Primier François, 🖕🏼 Sincerely, Any province west of Quebec. nnabros Those pipelines are looking pretty damn good right about now 🤪 I don't think you'll be getting much sympathy from anyone. Going “Green” isn’t easy. But the environment thanks you! No to pipelines! yfblanchet should have planned for this! He actually was asking for something like this to happen to justify his arrogance! And, Quebec citizens voted for him & his ilk. No sympathy! CanadahasNoPrimeMinister

There is no social licence for propane in Quebec

Pipelines can cure stuff like that. Just sayin. Great opportunity for Quebec to get off fossil fuels!! 😜 Rush shipment from the saudis perhaps? What do you need propane for? Don’t you have solar panels? RokoshME Now if only they had something like a pipeline that could be used to transport propane instead of a railroad..........

If only the pipes that go to Sarnia from Alberta could have been extended somehow? 🤔 Well boo hoo! Karma perhaps! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Good CBTithecott They want to take away the right to strike for members. Get a deal done and the members will get back to work. CN is one of the most prosperous rail corporations, but they don't want to pay the workers that actually do work.

Too bad, so sad.

If only there were a better say oh idk a pipeline. pipelinesdontstrike This makes me laugh... thank you 😂 Western Canada’s propane and natural gas will be better left in the ground than sending it to Quebec. Western Canada... light up your flare stacks and burn it before shipping it!! Laughs in Alberta pipeline.

Wait, I'm confused..... Poor baby Hilarious. Good luck with that Quebec. But hey, now you’ll be greener...right? 😂😂😂 Quebecers are into fighting climate change, no worries right? Hypocrites I support the CN workers ! They should stay out all winter if it means Quebec freezes Call Greta

Too bad so sad. Did you ask him if he wants a pipeline? Ask the right questions! Hmmmm.... if only there was another way to get this commodity to this market.... c'est la vie Karma The irony is lost on nobody. I guess a green economy isn’t good enough to heat homes in the winter. And the fact that 100,000 Albertans are out of work never even crossed his mind. What a hypocrite.

Well well well.... Interesting. 🤔 Why don’t you cry for Alberta to make it all better ? FU Quebec ! WEXITALBERTA The irony of it all..... Trudeau’s Incompetent Gong Show will jump into action immediately, because after’s Quebec! And........we all know, Quebecers are much “smarter” and more “deserving” than the Rest of Canada!

I think the east should really look into their dependence on fossil fuels. Turbines! Turbines and solar panels! Bonne chance! 👍🏻 You could use plan b , wood stove. Oh wait you ban those in Montreal. Well it still works out for the climate movement. Some will freeze to death and that means less angry humans to ruin the world. Win win.

There are two provinces responsible for blocking Alberta resources to new markets Quebec and BC ironically both Provinces are complaining when Alberta resources don’t make it to their provinces!!!! Imagine a premier that does not say this on his twitter page 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I may have to call this FAKE NEWS

Canada must be the laughing stock of the world. We are so rich in oil and gas and we have a possibility of people suffering from the cold. Would John Diefenbaker have allowed this to happen? Wasn't the Quebec Premier saying a few days ago that they don't need the West? Alberta has plenty. We can have our trucks there in less than 5 days. Might be a bit more expensive though. If only we had a pipeline!!!

Approve energy East and your problems will go away. Try windmills and solar panels. Good luck.

Karma for voting Bloc in a big way. Anyone see the irony? What! No pipeline! Sucks to be you. Alberta pipelines WinterIsComing A pipeline ? Propane I mean really...Propane? Is Quebec totally covered with trailer parks? Ever hear of this thing called Natural Gas? With all the Dairy Farms in Quebec I recommend converting to methane gas, this way they can utilize what's coming from the BLOC as well!

So just a thought Alberta. When the rail strike ends, blockade the rail line from anything moving east to Quebec. 🚫🚅🚉🚉🚉🚉🚉🛑 Awk ward . Breaking news: Quebec considers an innovative, new technology that will be introduced to Canadians as something called a 'pipeline' ...intended as a method to transfer energy products efficiently, at a low cost, with zero environmental impact.

Here in canada my propane is working great! Sucks to be Quebec yet again. Too bad that they don't have a pipeline that could deliver the gas. More Globalist agenda, energy industry and the heart of Canada is being attacked They mention Hospitals and Nursing Homes to get our sympathy! Maybe Quebec should RATION propane so these facilities get what they NEED!!

Gunna run my v8 explorer in the driveway all day so we can speed up global warming to help them out. I mean the alternative would be to provide better work conditions for CN employees. To paraphrase the Bloc party leader: If they were running a green state, we would help. Be careful about what you wish for Quebec, because you are getting it now. I live in Alberta, and I have No Sympathies for them. Maybe a pipeline would of solved this issue. Oh right, No Social Acceptability. Time for the popcorn, that I will make using Propane.


Quebec has problem ! Emergency! Emergency! Alberta has problem . No big deal . The Quebec government is too busy setting up the list of historical English people who will continue to receive services in English. Everyone else - French only. He needs to chill out They should have stored up more propane when they could, and 'quit their whining' Seems not long ago they didnt give a rat's ass about us. We do seem to have plenty of this resource in the ground here. Too bad we are forced to leave it there...

I mean, it should be fine. Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. And you wouldn't want any dirty Alberta OIL to heat your homes, schools, and hospitals. Buck up, buttercup. Just start a camp fire behind the nurse's station. It'll all work out. justingoss_ Cool. I'm warm in the west, suck it up.

Laissez les bâtards de l'Est geler dans l'obscurité (Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark) That gold lined pipeline from Ottawa can't send propane? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Why do the hospitals run on propane?

Just turn on the wind mills. Poor QC farmers and seniors eh! Gee is it in the best interest of other provinces to intercede with Quebec issues. Let us wait for the Bloc to cry. Good time to put in sustainable energy you arrogant lily hoppers. Is it time for the “war measures act” now? Pipelines don't go on strike. Better put on another sweater ❤️

Use a wood stove...... oh wait Montreal banned that a few years back. Ok progressives fix your shit And pipelines can be made to move propane as well. It looks good on you anti pipeline SOBs!!!! Yeah... let them freeze... unless you can heat your homes with solar panels 😂😂😂

Isn’t karma funny Boo effing hoo Well cry me a river Premier François Legault. You proved that you care nothing for the most vulnerable in your province otherwise you would not be opposing the pipeline. cdnpoli qcpoli We seem to have lots here in Alberta Wait, I thought Quebec ran on unicorn fart Has he figured out yet that pipelines don't have unions and don't go on strike.?

Do pipelines go on strike? Asking for a friend... Its amazing, they all screams climate emergency and death to fossil fuel but as soon as they run out of propane they start their whining. I would tell Legault to go ask McKenna or Guilbeault what alternate they recommend. All you have to do is swim in a river and make stupid video for 4 years and the problem will fix itself.

Hey, you know how to fix it so it doesn’t happen again ? A PIPELINE Me this weekend thinking of QC. Hmmm...maybe they should let some Canadian oil from Alberta flow through their province and provide our fellow Canadians in Quebec with Canadian energy. A pipeline is looking pretty good right now. Maybe the CN strike should last a bit longer. Just long enough for them to realize that without oil and gas they will freeze in the dark.

Hmm. I guess biting the hand that feeds you isn’t a great idea after all Trudeau should have already stepped in with back to work legislation. Come on Justin , use your power of the PM. I hope dem Kay beck’rs have a way to use maple syrup to heat their homes. Ow can dis a pen? Hi erd dat Kay-bec az hev reeting hunder control!

not a fun time JustinTrudeau must cancel his hair, nail and sock appointments and recall Parliament.

Awwww. That’s too bad. Want propane? We want pipelines. Let’s make a deal If only there were another way to transport that product 🤔 Who cares I would never wish any ill will towards anyone, but here it goes. Good!!! Suffer Quebec, suffer fucking hard! I do wish those in the hospitals and nursing homes the best and I hope nothing bad happens to them, bit the rest of them can suffer like we do. Sincerely, the west.

I would feel sorry for Quebec but then I remembered they elected clueless tools like francoislegault and yfblanchet and believe they don’t need fossil fuels, Alberta or our transfer payments, so..habillez en couches cdnpoli Fack em!! Green state Still got the bumper sticker? Wow even they must see what ridiculous assholes they are being. Now everyone has to stop and fix problems for Quebec. I honestly think we should shut in shipments to Quebec for a winter or two, wonder how they would feel about a national energy corridor then?

Why the hell would a propane shortage cause havoc at a hospital? If only it wasn’t 1840 and there were safe and efficient ways to transport energy. Sorry, but this is rich. Hmmmm pipelines may help you fucking idiot! Forget it. It's a great opportunity to phase in cleaner fuels Like I give a crap about you (spoiledQuebec) after the way you treat me. Rub your hands together: it works like global warming... you heat up two times faster then the rest of the world. If you pee on yourself, you'll heat up & get a warm feeling too! Let Quebec freeze!

Here is hoping for a polar vortex this weekend Let's hope for a polar vortex this weekend Hey do you like this Dominion of Canada ...with a Quebec PM....' The worst ever ' Let’s just say we care as much as Quebec cares about Alberta! Enjoy the cold! 🥶 But isn't Propane Gas Evil & Bad according to Climate extremists? Trudeau & climate activists should be Happy, Utopia is coming to Quebec!

Why would a Premiere leave his Province in short supply of Propane during the winter? Not CN’s problem All those folkes that came to Canada free stuff....well I guess that includes free heat Maybe give Quebec National Railway a call Oh...its only Canadian National...and Quebec doesnt want Canadian...hmmm.

Hmm well you have a surplus....spend it !! Moneybags Good Too bad.... Y'all have anymore of those transfer payments? Who needs propane when you can get foreign oil?

Good, starve! Just Kidding. But seriously Quebec only cares about Quebec, so why should Canada care ? He will s I hope they have a frigid winter Maybe if they had a pipeline? Dont worry Quebec, Trudeau will come to the rescue for any eastern province. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Maybe he can try using the sewage they pump into the St.Lawrence to warm up with.

He need to curb his use of fossil fuels he was just saying. Just build more windmills Fantastic 👍 Fucking pipeline would come in handy about now, wouldn’t it Francois...

🤣🤣🤣🤣...karma is a bitch 🤣 they’ve only been on strike 3 days. How about shipping propane and oil in trucks and making Quebec pay shipping charges in the billions of dollars they have received from Alberta in transfer payments. What has Quebec done with all that money we send them anyways? albertastrong westix albertavseverybody

I’m confused. I thought that “you people“ don’t like petroleum based products like propane! With the extreme climate change, they should be fine. If not simply call Greta and ask her to plug in the old electric log splitter. toughitoutasshole Meh You're still using propane? What was the point in damming our rivers and lakes and saying you need electricity if you're still operating on propane! SMH

They have a lot of trees in Quebec, that should keep them warm. Ahh that's a shame. Don't bite the hands that feed you 🤣🤣🤣 Just hope that with a lot of research they might come up with an alternative to rail.

I thought propane was only used for BBQ's. In the West we use natural gas to heat our homes. Why would they be using propane...they have lots of hydro power for electric furnaces...and no carbon tax on it either. If only there were a province that had a supply of fossil fuels 🤔 The only one i'm aware of is one that QC doesn't want oil from 🤷‍♂️ i guess you people will have to freeze

Hey JustinTrudeau Tru-Dope, Quebec is in trouble and needs Alberta's dirty oil. When can we expect back-to-work legislation forcing CN workers back to work? I'm sure they can use solar power to sustain. They dont need any dirty western energy 😂😂😂😂 So just pump it through your much safer pipelines. Oh that’s right you don’t have any.

Oooh now that's political pressure on Junior! Thank the heavens Propane is not of the carbon family

You do know globalists are trying to cripple Canada and Justin Trudeau is complying with them. Fuck him and them. Geez, if there was only a way to get fuel to Quebec. Let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark. It's what they want. Can’t they just turn the knob on the windmills to HIGH . Well would you look at that

Hmmmm if only they weren’t so ARROGANT TOWARDS THE WEST ! we may have had a stable pipeline that could help them. FREEZE IN THE DARK YOU ARROGANT $&$ . How’s that green renewable energy working for ya now. Go cut a tree down start burnin wood The CN strike is justified.. I know and have talked with people who work for CN and are on picket line, and they are not asking for much and are willing to give up their 2% raise to get what they want.. CN holding out is because they are a bunch of greedy fuckers.

Lol. Suck it!! Given the la belle province seems to feel fossil fuels are not necessary anymore look forward to seeing how their hypocrisy keeps them warm

Good thing Quebec can count on oil from Alberta in a major crisis.... oh wait. Guess you’ll have to ask Saudi instead. 🤷🏼‍♀️ RokoshME This is my favourite news story of the year! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Justin will be able to help them out......on December 5th! 😂😂😂 That will teach them for not voting for The Conservative Party cdnpoli noempathy

Sounds like they need a pipeline. Well, I guess this is called shooting yourself in the foot, you would think that after Lac Megantic that a lesson would have been learned, but it seems that another one is needed. There is no social acceptance to providing Propane to Quebec via rail idiots

Too bad Quebec..join Canada.. I wonder if the esteemed Premier knows there is more than one rail company in Canada. Think CP rail might be able to help out? Propane? What about GretaThunberg ? How dare you! A pipeline doesn’t go on strike. Ha ha ha. I hope you freeze But they dont need alberta 🤔 did something change or happen? thanks CNRailway thanks for proving a point we alberta support your strike for helping us indirectly!

Hey YvesBlanchet “If ur attempting to create a green state in Quebec without Oil & Gas, GOOD LUCK with dat BUT if ur trying to create A COUNTRY with Alberta’s LNG, U cannot expect any help from us.”😉 GOOD THING the BLOC Quebecois Leader yfblanchet didn’t get elected hunh?😂 If only there was a more reliable way to access such a thing...

Yeh, Trudeau will stop the strike now that his effin pets are whining, if it was any other province, ******crickets Ha ha ha good their stupidity and arrogance is catching up to them

... Fk em I guess energy is actually important. Wow. Forgive me if I don't feel sorry. I thought we didn’t need or want fossil fuels anymore Isn’t this a dream come true? Anyone? No? Dam if only we had a pipeline to the east. Oh never mind I just remembered no social acceptance for a pipeline. F**king Pepsi

Sounds like you need a nation wide utility corridor to run through your province... Karma is a royal bitch sometimes Don’t worry TruDUMB will nail you out. Millions are on the way.

You know, you don’t wish bad on anyone...but Legault is getting what he gives. Isn’t propane a fossil fuel, aka oil & gas? Isn’t CN dependant on fossil fuels, aka oil & gas? The hypocrisy is staggering! They get their propane from the US but their grain dryers are using it all Too fucking bad frogs. amarie_jen

'There's no social acceptability for an additional oil pipeline' - Legault Well, I suppose you’d better put on another sweater Quebec. Well , They got what they wanted. Enjoy Maybe the should have a pipeline. AB has lots of propane Hope the eastern bas***s freeze in the dark.... Boo hoo. Tell somebody who cares. He said he doesnt need Alberta's energy. Take a hike

If only there was another way. 😂😂😂😂😂 There’s always this guy maybe he can help Quebec no one else in Canada wants to. Nothing a pipeline wouldn't fix Tough shit! Good Oh no not poor Quebec.. Hmmm that sucks. We have lots! Should have built a pipeline Irony is sweet!

Pipeline would be great right now So Quebec does need fossil fuels Who knew? Alberta right now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I smell a CN Conspiracy to buildthepipeline wishitweretrue Would be a real shame if Quebec got hit with a deep freeze 5 days from now Too funny 🤣🤣🤣 Think someone is trying to tell Legault something 🤷🏻‍♀️😉

This, coming from the same mouths of those who told Alberta to “keep its oil in the ground.” Maybe talk nice to Alberta...

Not to worry. It’s Quebec, not Alberta, so I’m sure Trudeau and the Liberals will step in to help. Strikes are necessary when membership are badly used. Why not look at CN management and board. 🍁If only someone would invent... 'elongated tube like structures' by which essential energy commodities like propane, gas, & oil could be transported into Quebec in a similar fashion to how they export Hydro energy thru adjacent Provinces & States via transmission lines🙄

Pardon my French, but how fucking appropriate does this seem? The irony of this......! Well it will lower theit carbon footprint, they should be rejoiceful they dont have dirty energy From the oil state of Alberta Note to Quebec, remember you don't need or want anything from our dirtiest of provinces. Alberta has no desire to help you at all. Sorry, but I hope you all freeze. Except for the immigrants. They probably want out!! Alberta really does welcome scarfs and all!!

Fire up the solar panels, you don't need the west. francoislegault jkenney Alberta is happy to do what it can to provide Quebecers with the needed fossil fuels to live. We care about all Canadians, even you. Get the Solar panels tuned up quick. God forbid the use of any hydro-carbon. Now is the time to turn green. See how that irks for you Frankie.

So what’s with Alberta? Huh... wonder where they might get some LNG or nat gas? Their solar, wind, unicorn farts and arrogance should keep them warm at night. Is there social license for propane in Quebec? Or something something green state Irony meter just went CRAZY WEXITALBERTA *smirks in french* Too bad

They should be praised for lowering their carbon emissions.

Does Quebec need the rest of Canada? Does Quebec need a pipeline? Maybe its time for a lesson on mutually assured prosperity. Feel bad for the people that may be hurt because of this. AB is here to help all CDNs when needed Have no sympathy for Que &Fed politicians who due to their own incompetance and anti CDN energy stance are responsible for this. Pipelines would ensure this never happens.cdnpoli

Better get out your home chemistry sets..😀 This is great! It is time to see what it will be like to live without polluting fuels. If you can last a couple weeks it will help for when we all will live without them permently in the future. Build a pipe line I have a sharp pain in my heart hearing this... If only there were some kind of pipeline from the energy rich West.

Geee... I wonder if there was a way to move fuel east. I wonder if a pipeline would work? What do you think? Maybe? Oh well Ummm you steal our natural energy you fool!! Go use some of that

I'm sure his condescension and moral superiority will keep him warm. Zero sympathy for Quebec. Alberta has an endless supply. Let us know how we can be of assistance. Zero! BuildThosePipes Welcome to the Green Economy You can’t even script this level of French stupidity We'll he wanted a green province. Careful what you wish for.


yfblanchet said Quebec is adequately supplied. Plus they have 90% hydropower so have at it. That should work. If quebec is listening, your leaders have no clue how dependent you are and misrepresent your interests. Oh make it stop! My belly hurts from laughing🤣🤣🤣 Whatever Lawsome_ If only you had a pipeline....

Oh. Too bad he doesn’t realize where propane comes from “.... is extracted from liquid components during natural gas processing. To remove propane from natural gas, hydrocarbons are fractionated and absorbed in OIL, which is followed by adsorption to surface-active agents...” 🤦‍♀️ Them the breaks. Oh delicious irony... there you are yet again

Well i guess they get what they deserve Now, if there was a pipeline .....

Nice going, getting off fossil fuels in just 5 days! Well done. See ya later Karma!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But Quebec has time to lecture the rest of Canada, francoislegault on energy. Why not windmill out of the problem? Talk about incompetence. 😂😂😂 they don’t want pipelines from Alberta. Tell me how they don’t realize they literally only have a few days supply of fuels but don’t want a pipeline from Alberta to deliver products to them?

what is he bitching about , The Effing trains have not stopped moving , I live beside the CN line heading east and still every hour on the hour , Trains travel by Now is their time to separate from the rest of Canada. Leave them to fix their own problems. So Quebec does need Canada? Or how about you develop a bit of your own resources and stop blanketing your province in national and provincial parks. ‘Oops...can’t develop that area because it is protected by a park’

Oh well Find us an anti Canadian o/g activist who uses less o/g than we do Shall we ask Alberta to transfer you some cash early so you can buy some? Don’t give a shit Quebec. Not my pig not my farm Green Quebec running out of a petroleum fuel... funny. Green Quebec buying pipelines in Brazil while blocking them in Canada... Sickening. WTF Quebec? WTF?

Hahahahha Rest assured everyone, Quebec already has 'all that they need'. No cause to worry here, they'll be fine. As for Globalnews. I sincerely hope you also suffer the consequence of your actions of hooking for Trudeau & his policies. francoislegault we will keep our propane and you can have your drywallers back. Oh and...

LOOK 👀.....GUESS WHAT IT DOES Time For Alberta To Increase Propane Prices! The Leafs are on a losing streak and karma hits Quebec and its politicians it’s been a great week! markusoff Too bad there's no pipeline!💩 I want this strike to be over, but if it keeps going, and some PQ residents are feeling the squeeze of fossil fuel shortage, I'm willing to strike till spring. FuckPQ

I guess ecosystems are about to die Maybe they should build a PIPELINE francoislegault. Tough. Maybe you should start sucking up to Alberta to get re-supplied. At exhorbitant costs. After all, you have all the equalization money that they didn't get. And it's your poor management that let propane get so low in the first place.

How do you say ‘suck eggs’ in that criminally grating joual? brianlilley CFRAOttawa Pipelines don’t strike!

Maybe a eastern pipeline will be useful? He said they don’t need fossil fuels or pipelines. Live in the dark and cold and see how you like it. Fk him. You guys can “transition” off the fossil fuel economy! We can just “leave it in the ground”! Lead by example. Energy Diversity: Self Sufficiency starts at the Federal level. Renewable Non-Renewable Energy Energy

🤣🤣🤣 In 5 days Quebec will show the rest of the country how to survive the winter without fossil fuel products. 0 fucks given Let them see what stupid pretentious policy does. Zero sorrow for Quebec. Choices have consequences.

They should suck it up. They can't be supporting the use of fossil fuels. It's very easy to virtue signal saying you dont want FF in your province when its flowing in regularly. Suddenly the supply is checked, you suddenly realize its importance. Chop a tree down and buy matches. If only there was a made in Canada solution you friggin parasites would stop blocking.....

Oh well, freeze in the dark you pompous sack of s_hit. Why not call Kenny to see if he might help you out? So what? Il y’a encore les camions citerne Maybe Alberta can help? To bad the pipeline wasn’t open. Justin is on the way to personally🤣🤣🤣🤣 deliver... Let em freeze

Anybody know the last time a pipeline went on strike? Vous manquez de propane? Oh boohoo. Vous ne pouvez pas survivre sans le bien-être de l'Alberta, vous êtes des rats de l'aide sociale. Mais à partir de maintenant, vous mendiez, comme tous les rats. Boohoo. Hahaha Don’t give Quebec a damn thing. Let them freeze their asses off all winter. Then, and maybe then, they’ll appreciate the real Canada. AB/SK have a say ... and we live in the damn cold. We know how important oil, gas and propane is. Let’s see if they can figure it out. Igloos

francoislegault 😢😢😢Too bad. Maybe learn to co-operate with your Western partners and we would feel some sympathy for you. It goes both ways. Sending you thoughts and prayers. Those always work Quebec is reliant on a fossil fuel!? I am shocked! Shocked!! Maybe a pipeline would help! Hey francoislegault, did you know propane can travel through underground steel tube structures called pipelines? Oh I forgot, Quebec believes pipelines are socially unacceptable.

Should I say, 'Oh, stop whining.' No, I won't because this is serious. And they shouldn't either when it comes to the economic situation here in the west. Why aren't you heating your buildings with all that abundant hydro power that you keep saying Alberta should convert to? Quebec: “we are in dire needs of propane” Alberta: 🤦‍♂️

Well Alberta.. I’d like to feel bad but I don’t. It’s Karma, hunny. Guess your needs aren’t fulfilled now, are they? Pipeline! My non-francophone attempt: geler dans le noir. 🎻🎻 Ah so sad, a Canada wide energy corridor would have prevented that. Oh dear, how will I ever sleep tonight? Oh right, I'm going to crank the furnace to 70, open my window for fresh air, jump in the sack and have a great sleep. Sweet dreams, Quebec.

francoislegault Quebec ohh low on propane? Wouldn't be a problem if the pipeline wasn't constantly being blocked from being built 😁 Alberta cdnpoli Maybe a PIPELINE would have helped! 🤭 QuebecHypocrisy Hypocrisy cndpoli Gee, if only there was such a thing as an east-west pipeline. Although I feel sorry for those that may be impacted by this, you sir, can suck it

That’s a shame. If only there was another way. Pipe. Line. Lawsome_ 👍 Oh boo hoo Boohoo quebec cares only for itself. Isn’t that what they are always telling the rest of us?

🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 But I thought It was against Quebec principles to allow oil,petroand fossil fuels to pass through the state .. How’s their vision of a fossil fuel free economy treating them now DUMBASSES !!! JustinTrudeau theJagmeetSingh 😂😂😂😂 All that dirty Alberta petroleum Darn. Oh well. Too bad I'm afraid

Quite pleased to hear the news. Fear not.Trudeau will throw money at it and order everyone back to work. This isQuébec after all Burn your Iranian oil Quebec🖕🏻 In 6 days let’s all discuss the importance of fossil fuels. Call McKenna.. She can bring you some on her bicycle.

Alberta has these tubular things that carry... oh never mind, there’s no social acceptance in Quebec for that kind of thing. OhTheIrony Hope you run out. And JT best not step in or it will truly show his colors!! A real leader would sacrifice his comfort for the people he serves. Turn your heat off to preserve.

With global warming and the new generation of green power they will be fine. Use that solar panel and wind turbine. It will be fine since McKenna has done so much for the earth Pipelines don't go on strike. Freeze in the dark !!! Now that Quebec needs propane I am sure Ottawa will end the rail strike. Not because the western farmers need the help. Not because the west’s oil by rail temporary solution just went off the rails.

Too bad so sad.! Justin Trudeau has no plans to run the country . Just spend money on fake news and use line of credit to fund the United Nations I am here for the comments. Some are funny but the sad thing is most of the comments ring true

Should have a natural gas pipe line from Alberta hey. We have plenty of gas here and it’s cheap. How long does a full oil tank last? That is odd. In BC we use Hydro electricity and Natural Gas. Propane is for the backyard BBQ? Quebec had oil gushing in the St Lawrence and are not even developing it. Karma is a bitch..

Me pretending to feel like I care,🖕u Quebec. reicurran Good go without. You screw over the prairie provinces which if they weren't being screwed over by fed gov, Quebec wouldn't be having this issue right now. Karma's a bitch lol I bet he wishes he had a pipeline now...

Better get those Wind Turbines and solar panels up ASAP! Creating those Green Economy jobs one blackout at a time! They have no appetite for our pipelines through their province so we have no appetite to care if they run out of petroleum products... Oh that's so sad. It's really too bad you don't have pipeline for that sort of thing.

The world has got to be laughing at Canada and what a joke we have become Hmmmm work with the rest of the country or freeze. What a quagmire To bad Quebec's pipelines are full of shit instead of fuel... They are going green now... WA WA WA Wasn’t global warming supposed to take care of your heating needs?

Well you may be in a bit of a situation but hey! At least your distinct.

Love it! Hopefully they get cold! No pipeline no heat! Hey you guys want to do things on your own, so figure it yourselves. It is not our problem, that’s basically how you guys answer anything we are concerned about when it involves the west, sorry about the negative response, but not sure how else to respond.

Let quebec reap what they sow. Sleep in the bed they made. They don’t want pipelines or development of energy? They can see what it will be like without. If these idiots had only thought of a pipeline. WWGD But I thought Quebec doesn’t need Fossil fuels.....weird Ask yourself ,what would Greta do. !! Not to worry, Trudeau will reconvene parliament to solve a Quebec problem, legislate them back to work, which he will not do for Alberta rail shipments.

reicurran And yet I'm finding it hard to work up even one tear. EnergyEast

Sad. Hahaha Maybe Saudi Arabia can ship them some more ethical energy. Can you hear my violin from MB? The afterrmath of a work conflict which could be made illegal through the judicial system ... but what if there was a war? The counrty or province’s energy infrastructures will be the first hits. Destroy the railways bridges, topple key electric pylons and Quebec is on its knees.

Why doesn't Quebec start to develop their natural gas. The St Lawrence lowlands East of Montreal is full of natural gas.

The people who vilify fossil fuel producers, are in desperate need of fossil fuels.... at this point I even think the Francophone Supremacists would even accept a propane delivery from a new immigrant, wearing a turban and speaking English. To bad for them should have been nicer to province's that could help.

I think it’s time that Quebec started to seek green alternatives. Excellent.. Hope It gets really cold... Should cut off Quebec's equalization check too Oh, I thought they had everything they needed?!?!?!?!? 'WTF I love oil and gas now!' - Legault. Propane is a carbon fuel which is bad for the enviro. Quebecers should just put on another sweater.

How’s that separation looking eh? Tabernac WTF, don't they have Canadian Tire in Cuebekistan? Where else can you get propane?

Aaahahhahhhahahahahhahahhha freeze in the dark aaahahahahahhahhahh karma aaahahahahahah je suis un pomme du terre aaahahahhahaahahhaahhahhahhhah splork aahahhhahahahhahahahahhaahahhahhahha voted liberal aahahahhhahahahahah.... Too bad Alberta product is not ethical... buy some from Saudi I guess. Boo fucking hoo.....

KARMA Maybe they can call Alberta for help. Hey jkenney we need your help... Quebec has no propane trucks? Maybe horse drawn wagons full to appease the climate turds? How about the Saudi's? You love there oil maybe they'll hook you up It looks like it’s gonna be a long cold winter in Quebec I GUESS YOU SHOULD APPROVE THE OIL AND GAS LINE THRN AHOLE

Proper previous planning prevents piss poor performance. Not my problem.

Should have allowed the pipeline. Sorry, oil and gas is still 'unethical.' Go buy a space heater. Welcome to Trudeau’s new Canada. Incompetence is our middle name. There is a God. That's a shame..... Freeze asshole. A wake up call for francoislegault to shift the focus to renewables and EVs in order to reduce Quebec’s dependency on fossil fuels.

pipeline ? Wind turbines and hydro dams

Quebec needs something? JT will get the thumbs out now. Sorry francoislegault but there's no social acceptability for not caving to your ridiculous demands. Kinda hurts when it's the other way around, doesn't it? Oh what a sob story. Freeze to death Quebec traitors. Build a pipeline perhaps. Negotiate a deal? Pretty straightforward?

fck Quebec. Oppose pipelines? FREEZE That is okay. A green alternative will magically be implemented within 24 hours. Yeah.. right. Imagine if there were pipelines. Imagine... Gee, maybe they need a pipeline... put on a sweater

Just use green energy. Simple. Cry us a river francoislegault Karma!!! Genius leaders. AH!! you wanted JT, you got him Call your buddy juiceboxwaterbottlesortathings Suck it up, buttercup! Hint: propane not in the rivers, that’s where the sewage goes. oh now you want that western fuel eh? 😉 Pssssdt need a gas line?

Hehehe. Fire up windmills !

Quebec government did this to their people by not embracing pipelines. Does anyone really believe that Trudeau will intervene? Of course he will, it’s a Quebec, Bloc issue:any other part of Canada:he puts on his black face and sings “Mammy”! I could careless if QC freezes to death or sinks into the ocean 🖕🏻 sincerely from an Alberta guy.

Maybe they could ask Alberta to ship them some by truck? yfblanchet rn... My ❤ breaks for the separatists in Quebec. Maybe this is a good time to separate and take your 32 BlocQuebecois with you. Is that a fuel source you need? Burn wood or coal.

How about you use some of your surplus and go buy some from south of the border Hot air should be able to replace propane!! That's a shame. Ralph said it best, let 'em freeze in the dark. All of Quebec can now freeze I thought their needs were satisfied? Maybe a few cold days might change the minds of Alberta’s dirty oil?

They better negotiate quick then.. Does he want a pipeline? Interesting development.

yfblanchet Huh. Guess you're not a green state yourself? Hope you don't need western Canada's help with this. Good francoislegault Pipelines looking better every minute hey? BRRRRRR it's cold outside Save the world, electrify and use that clean QC hydrocarbon hating bastadsss Thats a shame, maybe he will rethink his stupid stance on pipelines after a few of them freeze in the dark francoislegault is a over bearing elitist who deserves to face the consequences of his arrogance Even if CN restarts we should block it with protestors

Karma is an absolute bitch sometimes eh Quebec? With love from Alberta 😏 Naaaa, screw em... let them suffer! No social acceptance for pipelines? Too bad for them!! freezequebec WexitAlberta WexitSask Wow, if only there were something like a pipeline that might bring oil and natural gas from out west that wasn't at the mercy of the railroads...

It’s affecting QC? Well then. It will no doubt immediately become a very priority for the PM.

RokoshME Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of figure head that had the elected power to step in and mandate some kind of resolution? Oh well...who’s up for a canoe trip then some surfing ? Hospitals and nursing homes will be affected so common decency should prevail. That doesn't change the fact that Quebec is selfish and slimy. We are better than that.

Gotta love QC and BC Premiers. Both so smug. People of high intellect for certain. Real men of Genius indeed. Blocking pipeline and running into such problems as lack of fossil fuel supply. How could this happen RokoshME This QC situation will be why the strike will be ended. Set your watch by it. Nothing to do with western agriculture or oil shipments.

Good. RokoshME THATS WHAT THEY VOTED FOR Too bad assholes L.M.A.O sorry can’t help myself

tell him the pipe line east will help.....oh wait he said no to that...the west will send some ....wait he told us to pound sand. Let the Quebec bastards freeze in the dark! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 reicurran There's a hysterical amount of Schadenfreude in this, given M Legault's dismissive attitude to Alberta and its concerns.

Aladdin Watch 2019 Uh Oh Aladdin's 'Country' is in Trouble! Team Train Wreck! 🤡 2.0 TrudeauJr PeterPanPM MagicKingdom What, they're above using a good old wood stove? Not sure how an oil pipeline would help with a propane shortage. Lol 😂 Don’t worry. Lower mainland BC will send you a trainload of wind and future hope when the trains start going again. Hugs till then. 💨 🙏 signed Western Oil&Gas.

How about them pipelines. energyeast

Aww that is too bad. 🖕 I thought Quebec didn’t want “dirty energy”? Welcome to your ‘green’ new world. Trudeau should buy CN. That worked with the pipeline. Oh wait. Yeah, you should call BC or Ontario. Maybe they can share. Alberta and Sask are running low. FLegaultCAQ As us in the West would say Je ne give a shit pas BoycottQuebecProducts cnstrike abpoli AbLeg

Lmao, you reap what you sow. Quebec Ontario Communists Wait. You’re looking to the west for help, is that correct Quebec? Propane ? I thought Quebec didn’t need oil or gas What the hell man ? climatecrisis climateemergency climatescam carbontax The Banana Republic of Canada. 5 days to chaos. We're lead by morons.

Hahaha - it couldn’t happen to a better group of freeloaders...May be a pipeline is not such a bad idea

It’s difficult to read this without wanting to scream...shortsighted imbecile...and yet I have empathy for those in hospitals and seniors’ care centres. If only we had more pipelines....hmmmmmm...... It is only Quebec, who cares. Hmmm maybe a pipeline would help Let me understand the fossil fuels stay in the Earth on less Quebec francoislegault Needs it.

Maybe a pipeline would solve thid Would a pipeline help? Alright everybody, I know he's been a dick but we all have a few extra propane tanks for the GreyCup... C'mon folks what do you say. reicurran Quick where's the ministerof Quebec whinning

Please take all my schadenfreudes. Hopefully we find a way to get them some propane for the nursing homes and hospitals though. Gee whiz-sure would be nice to have a pipeline now, wouldn't it! This is FANTASTIC! Quebec pound sand! They're so bloody arrogant that they likely don't even realize that most of Alberta is laughing at them. Psst... francoislegault and yfblanchet, freeze in the dark, big mouthed losers. And Blanchet, learn to live without heat, m'kay?

They should install solar and other green alternatives. Tough shit. Can’t have it both ways assholes. Well you asked for this, enjoy your transition to renewable energy you cocksuckers! Too bad you never thought of this scenario before you said you don't need Canadian oil. We have no social conscience to help you, and if you think this is bad wait till the money stops flowing.

Let them run out. We can call it a real life version of 'The Purge' for Canada. Encana Alberta probably has lots.... 😂

There is no social acceptability for shipping propane to Quebec Is Quebec still part of Canada? Didn't they separate yet? Perhaps Saudi may send some propane with their oil. Tell him to build a pipeline from Alberta....problem solved. Let them freeze. That is what they would do to the rest if Canada if the roles were reversed.

I guess Quebec has 5 days to switch to renewables or use coal from BC. 🤣 Quebec bashing is very loud out west, has been for decades. Ever thought of that? The pipeline resistance is directly linked to that. But we’re not alone... BC doesn’t want pipelines. The US doesn’t want pipelines. Maybe you should think about being polite and respectful.

Propane bad for the environment. People must die to save mother earth. Greta will be happy. They are reliant on fossil fuels in Quebec? JustinTrudeau Sucks to be Quebec. Don't worry PM turd JustinTrudeau will save the day.

I for one, hope they run dry. Gee--that's too bad.... I bet you wish you had a pipeline or two, eh? 🖕🏻 Hmmmm. I say there's a lesson here. Wasn't it just last week yfblanchet was saying he won't help out the people in West? PremierScottMoe and jkenney are both working hard right now to help end this crisis. Maybe we should let Quebec buy from the Saudis instead.

That’s a shame. Lol Everybody getting into the ' hold ' em' hostage 'game coast to coast..funny how what goes around usually comes around.. Well....Fuck Quebec is really the only appropriate response to this. Awe man thats to bad! The west be like...

So... Someone has to say it - it's a 'CLIMATE EMERGENCY!' Hire a truck to go get your propane! Lawsome_ Maybe they should build another pipeline. Don't come talking to us about help- Alberta Did anyone tell him there is technology available to make his province less reliant on rail transport? It’s ok they can just move to green energy

Awe muffin, tell somebody who cares Just a taste of what climate alarmists want. Get used to it. No burning of fossil fuels. Ha ha

reicurran Freeze!! Is that propane from Saudi Arabia Lawsome_ Lot of shitty comments in here. Quebec deserves to hear it but they're still Canadian and this is a serious problem that needs to be resolved. Should have built some pipelines. Get fucked Quebec. reicurran Sometimes the irony just writes itself. cdnpoli abpoli

Watch JustinTrudeau spring into action after having said that the govt will not come into session early.... QC issues AB issues cdnpoli Well good news for you, Legault. The CN strike solved you issue with dirty fuel. Us Albertans recommend switching to natural much better for the environment. We can ram a LNG pipeline through Quebec at your request, though I'm sure you'd rather it shipped from elsewhere

WendyWe95834363 Boohoo Hold a magnifying glass up to the su . That should heat up your homes and businesses. And it's not a fossil fuel. Win/win! hahahahaha! Does the guy, who is vocal about not allowing a pipeline into Quebec, ensuring a safe secure energy supply to Quebec, expect anyone to care? I think this is a good way to put this guy on the 'hot seat'. There ARE consequences for his actions.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 reicurran Get it piped in from Saudi Arabia reicurran Ahhh poor Quebec. No sympathy here reicurran Trudeau needs to show leadership. Transportation is a national responsibility and priority. PET's record dealing with these was swift. Impacting everyone. Hurting economy. It's an essential service. JustinTrudeau

Whoa, it just may freeze over.. reicurran Wait till you start running oil. Pipelines look pretty good now huh ? Smug is a fuel isn't it? Quebec has plenty of that to burn. If only there was a pipeline or something Are Quebec elites too arrogant to learn anything from this?

Karma Excellent I thought all Quebec’s needs we’re fulfilled? BlocParty Thats quebec...leading the way in lowering their co2 emissions! Greta will be so happy..... lmfao Oh well. Quebec only cares about itself. Time the rest of Canada let's them sink or swim. This is literally what it will take for some people to realize our dependence on fossil fuels.

Well... Qc hates hydrocarbons. Perhaps they should look to an electrical solution? Karma Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet: ”If they were attempting to create a green state in Western Canada, I might be tempted to help them. If they are trying to create an oil state in Western Canada, they cannot expect any help from us.”

Welcome to life without fossil fuels.

Wait, I thought their was no social acceptability for Alberta Oil and Gas in QC!!! “About 85 per cent of the province’s propane comes via rail, the bulk of it from Sarnia and some from Edmonton — the country’s two propane trading hubs.” 🤭, oh well..... Bet you wish you had a pipeline about now. Fuk him.

Now if only there were a way to transport oil and petroleum products from Alberta to Quebec... Well now it effects Quebec this will get Trudeau/Butts full attention, watch for the workers to be legislated back to work. SorryNotSorry how about EnergyEast you know working Province to Province for the benefit of all Canadians?

BeachSnob Wear a sweater. Signed The West Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha Maybe they should have thought of that before opposing pipelines from Alberta

Funny how important oil and gas becomes in the winter Don't worry. Justin loves you guys. Well you have no one to blame but yourself let the bastards freeze Then they must be happy. They hate oil gas and all those comforts don’t they ? Meanwhile in backwards land the unions they use to support their fight against pipelines go on strike because they’re overworked from hauling oil and end up getting can’t make this up. *Helpful tip-pipelines don’t strike

Can't help but chuckle a little. Well there’s always wind and solar....right? Hey francoislegault, I know it will screw up your gaming of the equalization process, but you could always tap into your own reserves... My goodness, you mean those EB’s might actually freeze in the dark?

Might be good practice for them to get used to life without fossil fuels ....if the country keeps up the road of shutting down our oil & gas industry. And they want to be their own self sufficient country? Normally when it comes to Quebec I wouldn’t give a shit but with hospitals and seniors involved it needs to get thru. Quebec farmers, I don’t care. Maybe they could buy some from the saudis?

bryttan77 Disgusting. Quebec should be a green state Then separate. gtfo. jkenney fordnation francoislegault SeamusORegan doesn't appear to be much sympathy for Quebec. Seamus to the rescue! Too bad we didn’t have pipelines to move thing like propane Couldn’t have happened to a better premier. Maybe a 3-4 week strike is just what the country needs

The premier is directly responsible for this. Well I guess workers rights and safety will be put on the back burner, we all know JustinTrudeau doesn’t give two sh!t$ when it’s the western premieres call for an injunction, but now the golden child is crying... I wonder what he will do🙄

Karma baby CFIB No way Quebec sustains the rest of Canada just ask Blanchette CFIB We have a solution! Cheers. Now watch Trudeau get it settled! I’m afraid you guys have to eat beans and the see if you can capture the gas. Mr Blankcheque would look good chilling in the dark. If only we had other options to transport energy... oh well.

Alberta has some propane, but your not getting it, we are going to keep it for our BBQ. Gee, I wonder what else could transport that propane......

Oh well. Maybe he should look into a pipeline or two. Could solve some issues Ironic, isn’t it. Karma from Alberta 😂😂 Maybe Saudi can send Quebec some propane tanks, via plane? Quebec govn. has surplus from AB equalisation transfer and must be able to afford it. Good. Let the bastards freeze. Oh non, desole .... now JustinTrudeau will act fast because it is Quebec

Good for them!! Couldn't have happened to a better group of privileged SOB's in quebec. I thought they had Quebec Hydro and didn't need Alberta's dirty fossil fuels. 🖕🤡 Quebecers should take this time to think about how separation would affect them negatively. Opposition to pipelines? Common sense must prevail. Quebec needs Canada. Canada needs Quebec. We're stronger when United.

Jeez imagine what would happen if they didn't get that dirty Alberta oil they don't want.

Enjoy the cold francoislegault Hum what happened to last weeks claim not needing AB and Sk energy and being so green Well I guess this means CN will be forced back to work They can get a few cargo ships worth from Saudi Arabia. Bahahahaha couldnt happen to a better place. Lmfao I'm sorry, but we in the west have all we need so we won't be helping you.

Freeze in the cold, assface. How about a pipeline? Oh wait, Quebec opposes pipelines ... and fossil fuels. I am surprised they are still using fossil fuels in their hospitals, farms and nursing homes; surely they would have switched to wind power or solar by now? Look at the GHG you will be saving! Greta will be proud of you!

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂FUQuebec 🖕🏽 Jeeze , a pipeline would sure come in handy bout now,eh? I’m sure Alberta will help them out. What with the new eastern pipeline and all. Get some from Saudi Arabia lol TooBad Better plan better..... Quebec’s soon to be contribution to the fight against climate change. It’s a win win for them. They don’t like or want Alberta’s products and they get to save the planet.

Karma? If only there was some other way to transport things other than rail. Some kind of line or pipe maybe. It's a shame that we don't have that capability Are they in the market for a pipeline? LilyTbd Awww poor babies. Maybe if they started developing their resources and not rely on the west as a welfare recipient, this kind of thing wouldn't affect them.

GREAT! they hate fossil fuels so they get what they want!! I can’t like this post enough. Anyone who opposes Canada’s energy industry doesn’t deserve to benefit from it. I’ll start my violin that I’m playing for you on fire for warmth........ Oh, boo. I feel so bad for Quebec. If only they had reliable access to another source of fuel. If only.

Maybe Greta/butts/may can start a quilting bee and make blankets....🤔 I knew that if it was moving cars from Ontario or maple syrup from Quebec, the strike would be overturned by Trudeau. But this will do it too. Get your propane from Saudi Arabia! If only there was some way to get liquid petroleum products into Quebec.

That's karma right there. I hope they stay out for a month then Lol. Hey if he only had a better relationship with western partners that could easily supply it.

🤣🤣 Oh now he’s worried about energy?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ LilyTbd Would like to care...but FUCK TRUDEAU LilyTbd boo hoo you want canada’s help PIPELINE This is great news. There no chance a strand Canada Pipeline could have avoided this issue 😏 Damn. If only you had a pipeline from another part of the country with an abundance of it.

Sounds like a Quebec problem. Alberta can solve this problem. build a natural gas pipeline & ethical Oil. Jeez too bad these buildings weren't powered by renewables. Something to address in the future. Now support CN workers JOBS. Funny how hard politicians fight for non existent future jobs but not existing ones?

lambert_pp Awww. That is too bad. During the last 1981 energy conflict with Ouebec/Ontario a popular bumper sticker in Alberta was, 'Let the Eastern Bastards freeze in the dark' 😉 ... There might be a reprint of these? Back to work legislation, but stop at Sudbury sounds sweet to me. 🖕🏽 QC Can someone tell the Premier you would not have these problems if there were more pipelines carrying natural resources safety from western Canada!

Freeland to the rescue! Or will it be Seamus? Or uh, McKenna. Or, where’s Joly - what she responsible for now? A good lesson on interdependence Let's start respecting each other in the future Wouldn't be a problem if you had a pipeline Should cut their carbon emissions a bit. If only you had a pipeline from Alberta! Just imagine? Pipelines and O&G workers never go on strike Legault!

Does Legault realize that Locomotives run on Fossil Fuels. Where’s Greta? Oil by train is fine for Quebec but if it was put in a pipeline that's safer than rail, it is bad for the province. Who cares. Let them burn green energy. Look who needs Fossil Fuels now... Better send in the Military and cut them a cheque. Quebec is in trouble, hurry, cancel everything else so we can all pitch in to help!

Don't worry. I am sure the Saudis will send you another tanker when they get around to it ... Paging...Mr. you feee for a chat...lmfao. Too bad 🤨 Seriously? What about Quebec Hydro hooking up some windmills?

Perfect, use the renewables. I thought you didn't want those dirty fossil fuels? Hahahaha how about a pipeline? I can’t help but think of something like KARMA! And they wanted to separate. lol what a joke. wsly440 jkenney There's plenty out west. If only there was a pipeline. Oh well Propane is pure methane. Is Quebec saying it has an addiction to GHG?

My heart pounds purple panther piss for Quebec.

Maybe your solar panels and windmills will make up for the loss of FF🤷‍♀️ Oh wait....🤣 nosympathy francoislegault gets 40% of his oil from AB via pipeline. All the NatGas for Energie Saguenay LNG is from AB. His propane is from Alberta too? Quebecers R the largest consumers of gas-guzzling SUVs in Canada .. Oh the irony! 😂 JustinTrudeau will fix this, U watch!

Perhaps a pipeline would be in order. Everyone except Liberals west of Thunder Bay... Not enough GAS Let's fart all together. good, then this will be resolved immediately, Some of their hospitals and seniors homes rely on propane? Put up some solar & wind farms, I'm sure they'll be fine

Awe poor Quebec, NOT This is going to be tough on people but I don’t have much sympathy for the QC Premier. We have so much in AB that we are flaring it off... Geeze, maybe a pipeline would help? Use the renewables... duh Perfect because you guys don’t want anything that’s from fossil fuels. Nice to finally get what you wished for. godsSpeed

Maybe your federal counterpart should have thought of that before mouthing off that QC doesn't need AB or their dirty energy. Here is an idea, build some pipelines from western canada Oh. So Quebec relies on others in Canada ... hmmm good

I’ve been in Quebec’s craphole nursing homes and hospitals. Lack of Propane isn’t the problem, it’s the morons they hire!! Lazy people who refuse to do their jobs, letting our elders die in misery and pain. If only we had an alternate transportation method ... Hmmmm. No worries, Quebec will get what ever they want in 3 days Cdnpoli

Strikes over, I guess ProudCDN1 Do you see how provinces are better off when they work together francoislegault, kinda like a nation... FFS Anti pipeline, anti 🇨🇦 🛢️ but their propane seems to be a necessity for life. Imagine that. Hint: Alberta produces 88% of 🇨🇦's C3H8. cdnpoli ClownWorld Lmao good hope you run out.

First Quebec steals 50 billion a year from Canadians (I’m guessing) and than they say they’re too good for Ontario and Alberta, and now they come crying to us for help? What has Quebec ever done for us except kick us out so we can make Toronto better? WOW it did not take to long for this to turn into Quebec bashing. 😳

Oh well... For the love of fucksake.. Do NOT drive my price of propane up you dinks. BlocQuebecois partiquebecois are you only concerned for those who speak French?

Well that sucks for them. I’m pretty sure the west could help ya out. 🤣 So this speaks volumes to lack of judgement and redundancy plans for any situation, not to sure I would trust this Provincial Gov nbpoli pqpoli If only a pipeline existed. Boo hoo Could be fixed with a pipeline Smallest 🎻 playing from Alberta, I’m sure.

AHAHHAHAHA If only they had a safe, union free way to transport fuel into their province during the winter... if only.

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