Province 'looking into' reports that new licence plates are difficult to read at night

Ontario, Licence Plates

Province 'looking into' reports that new licence plates are difficult to read at night

Ontario, Licence Plates


Province 'looking into' reports that new licence plates are difficult to read at night

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services says that it is “looking into” concerns that have been raised about the readability of Ontario ’s new licence plates when it is dark out.

The new plates, which feature a blue background with white lettering, were announced during the province’s budget last spring but only became available to drivers earlier this month. Since then a number of people have taken to social media to post images in which the new plates appear difficult and almost impossible to read. One such image, posted to Twitter by Kingston police Sgt. Steve Koopman on Saturday night, shows a vehicle with one of the new plates in a parking lot. The first two letters in the plate can be made out but the remaining four are not entirely clear. “Ok, this was taken off duty in a relatively well-lit parking lot with my headlights on,” Koopman said in a message accompanying the image, which has since been retweeted more than 1,400 times. “Did anyone consult with police before designing and manufacturing the new Ontario licence plates? They’re virtually unreadable at night.” When the new plates first became available on Feb. 1, the province said that they featured “high definition sheeting that is stronger and longer lasting” than the materials used in older plates. As a result, the province said that it would be able to guarantee that the plates “won’t peel or flake,” which was a problem with previous models. In a statement issued to CP24 on Monday, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services said that it did consult with key stakeholders, including law enforcement partners, to “test the readability, reflectivity and functionality” of the new plates. The statement notes that the plates were tested “using advanced plate reader technology under multiple visibility conditions” and were successfully read in every instance. The ministry, however, says that it will take the concerns about the visibility of the plates to the naked eye seriously. “We have been made aware that some Ontarians are reporting concerns with readability to the naked-eye under certain light conditions,” the statement reads. “We take this feedback seriously, value the input of Ontario drivers and law enforcement stakeholders and are currently looking into this.” CP24 did reach out to the Toronto Police Service, however they declined to comment about the readability of the new plates. A Peel Regional Police spokesperson, meanwhile, told CTV News Toronto that “there hasn’t been much feedback in relation to issues with the plates just yet,” though they said that “it’s only been a couple weeks.” Has anyone else noticed that the newly designed Read more: CP24

Yes blue plates aren’t as visible. While I was relatively close behind - it was visible. As distance increased I could not see the numbers but I could read a white plate clearly. So ugly Yup, well thought design. Not. Ford is leading the thug life. Would have thought this to be part of the testing process before production!

That’s what happens when *leaders* don’t consult or ignore consultations they don’t like, don’t research or analyze and generally make non fact based decisions. Incompetence. FordFail Waste of taxpayer money Going to get a lot of complaints from 407 ETR Looking into. 😂😂😂😂😂. Everything he “looks at” is ruined. OntarioPCParty Vote of no confidence in your leader is expected by THE REAL PEOPLE OF ONTARIO Otherwise you should start looking for jobs now. Ontario will fix its mistake

How much did this cost? How much will it cost to remove the egg off of Ford's face? fordnation 's company probably made money, off the taxpayer, to print these wasteful (sticker) plates and now his company will make more money printing new ones. Taxpayers will now get to pay for, 'looking into it', as well as new ones. OneTermParty

Does the government not know about R&D! They make a lot of stupid mistakes like this!

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Breaking something that wasn't broke. Thanks Doug. Why do you need to read it? Good! Who needs to know anything about your business anyway? I’m going to drive around myself and be the judge! There was nothing wrong with the design of the old plates. Oh that's awful Taxed to death You work, taxed You spend money , taxed And now these key stone plates What next?

This isn’t the first time Ontario has done blue plates. They're all chipped and peeling off. They dont make em like they used to. The first time I saw one of these new licence plates was tonight in a parking lot. The car was directly in front of me and I could not read the licence. Obviously Dougie's people made a big mistake with these.

How is it not clear that this wasn't always just a 'ha! Conservative Blue won provincial election and thus let's make a lasting history mark'...and also obvious right away that dark blue visibility is low in general?

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Have to spend our tax dollars on something. They made the Ontario white. Why not the characters? How does it get all the way to this point without anyone realizing this? The first one I saw was like this. It took me two seconds to see that these won't work. AND they were touted as being easier to see! How? How? How... Ridiculous.

the_ref14 🤦🏼‍♀️ You think? Hard to read? It was UNNECESSARY to change Ontario plates at all! Like every fordnation idea the end result is failure. What a joke. I agree! Tough to report drivers when you can read their plates! This is blatant tory blue propaganda branding, that was the only priority when approving design. More tory blue to come.

Boo goo

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We should be able to fire politicians for incompetence just like we fire employees for egregious errors DougTheDisgrace fordnation Probably a business associate of the ford family. Don’t worry the provincial government will pay for it again and then raise taxes and make some more cuts to education and health care.

If you are directly behind a car with a new blue license plate it is impossible to read. However if you are in the lane beside you can read it quite clearly. This I observed last night on the 401 east bound in all cases ( 3 plates in total) Another fail by the government.... Ya sure. They are 'looking' into this the same way they 'tested' them.

They are ugly! And how much money did this bullshit cost us? fuckfatheadford I can't believe why they not experiment before Tax dollars

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It’s true , there terrible What a terrible colour scheme. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Ford’s friends and family being in the signs business Another great job from FailNation fordnation They can't even get a license plate update right? That should have been an easy slam dunk. At least the peeling plates where somewhat legible.

Of course the government jumps before investigating the best way. Just another failure from the Ford government!! Experienced this last night. Could not make out a single letter or number. Perfect for crime! I'm not even a Ford supporter but come on now people. They're only hard to read if 1. You don't have eyes or 2. You're blind.

fordnation There goes more money that could’ve gone to social services or education. what a waste. I see nothing wrong here....Good luck trying to grab my plate number now after I brake check you and toss my empty beer can outs 🙂 Another 'improvement' brought to Ontario by Mr. Ford. Bye bye tax $$$.

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Hilarious to see people pretending to care about the plates while trying not to sound political in agenda.

Wonder how they work out with the camera flash on the 40 or red light cameras? Abul_Qasims lol they figured it out !! ‘Looking into’ You just have to open your eyes 👀 This is scientifically known as a cluster-fuck You can’t even read them in broad daylight. What a waste of resources. Yes true. Not legible. Who is the smart person who came up with this idea. This will make drunk drivers escape fast

If you voted conservative in Ontario last election, where are you now?

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Why they changed it at all !? just to showing that ' The province is -blue- right now' !! Waste of time and money! Yes true. I have tried. There goes more money that could’ve gone to education or social services. Don’t they do a research anymore? Doug Ford wasting taxpayers money one stupid idea at a time! His new slogan for Ontario Wasting your money

Totally, saw one the other night and thought they forgot to put numbers on it. it would be so funny if someone for once tweeted a photo of a qtips box lol can you imagine that Increase in sticker renewal cost ServiceOntario for this mess? LOL. The money wasted on those stupid number plates is justifiable, but paying teachers more is not.

100% can’t be read the plate at night. Tested this theory out last night while driving ... neither me nor my teenager could read the plates of the person in front of us. if they hired a proper graphic designer this wouldn’t happen. HAHAHAHAHA. FORD FAILURE What happened to good-old-fashioned “quality testing” before they rolled it out?

And they are just figuring this out typical Doug Ford why wouldn’t you check that before? You definetly can't see them at night. MTO must stop issuing them immediately until the problem is fixed. For the good of Public Safety & Police Officer safety Genius Transportation Minister should be fired .... Simple ..... And remove those useless plates out of the roads asap.....thank you


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