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Hamilton Police, Hamilton Rail Blockade

Protesters leave rail blockade in Hamilton after injunction notices delivered

Protesters could be seen packing up tents and personal belongings, while small fires continued to burn on the tracks.

2020-02-26 2:50:00 AM

Protesters blocking rail lines in Hamilton, Ont., left the scene Tuesday afternoon after police delivered a second court injunction notice. READ MORE:

Protesters could be seen packing up tents and personal belongings, while small fires continued to burn on the tracks.

READ MORE:Early Tuesday, Hamilton police const. Jerome Stewart told reporters officers were encouraging the protesters to leave “the area peacefully.”Officers were on scene where the blockade was and others were stationed in the nearby vicinity.The blockade has caused GO Transit disruptions and train service has been suspended since Monday evening at Niagara Falls GO, St. Catharines GO, Hamilton GO or West Harbour GO stations.

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Shuttle buses have been running between those stations to Aldershot GO.1:16Protesters continue to block railway tracks in Hamilton after being served injunctionProtesters continue to block railway tracks in Hamilton after being served injunctionAccording to the Wet’suwet’en Strong: Hamilton in Solidarity Facebook group, a post on Tuesday morning said: “It’s a new day, and we started it by burning the injunction delivered by CN rail.” It also encouraged others to join the protest.

“Hamilton police does respect the right of people’s freedom of assembly and peaceful assembly and expression of freedom,” Stewart said at the time. “However, we have a court injunction that’s in place right now and we are here to enforce that injunction if need be.”

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So all the 'gooddoers' on TV promoting good will while their brothers and sisters deface a monument and walls in Winnipeg, gives a black mark for reconciliation. They see themselves as victims. Canada has repaid Indigenous people for their lands over and over. Greed and money. JustinTrudeau protestors who don’t know what they are protesting, when will the rights of the pro pipeline Indigenous people be addressed? Do they not have same rights as protesting FN?

So they can start a fire on the track but not a single one is charged? Just asked to leave peacefully and move on? Lol interesting Supposed to be a bad winter storm tomorrow. Let’s see if these extinction rebellion protesters stick it out through tough weather conditions. This needs to stop such bigotry

Should be an offence to cover your face at a protest/demonstration. Stand your ground. Police, lock the renegades up and jail them. This is about money. Who is paying Wet'suwet'en in BC to block the pipeline? Make sure they are billed for the damage to the tracks that fire will cause Peaceful protesting is one thing. Illegally blocking transit & damaging public property is quite another. At the very least they should be charged for this unacceptable behaviour.

There is a simple solution to this problem.....don’t stop the trains! It’ll only take one or 2 incidents and the problem will correct itself. They are definitely not helping to make our country a better place. Please don’t make it “us” vs “them”. JustinTrudeau CanadianPM Pathetically weak leadership. JT is worse than his dad at this.

Bye Felicia They should be charged for damage to private property. Charge them for littering as well. If they were real protesters, they would follow through on their cause and get arrested. But they don’t, cuz they’re soft. Basically it’s just something for them to do to pass the time between jobs or something like that!

Toss them in jail and charge them to full extent of the law . 'Protectors of the land' ... But then leave all their junk everywhere. And of course these “environmentalist” pigs did not clean up after themselves. 😂😂a second court injunction 🤭🤭 ooohhh, that got them. Boo!

Hamilton police warn protesters blocking rail lines to leave area following injunction'At this point in time, the protesters have been served with an injunction by CN rail. We are encouraging them to abide by that injunction and to leave the area peacefully,' Hamilton Police said. HamiltonPolice Water cannons.

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As midnight deadline expires, Tyendinaga Mohawks don't budge from blockadeSupporters of the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs remained at a rail blockade in Tyendinaga , Ont., outside Belleville, as the midnight deadline to leave the railway and avoid possible police charges expired. Shocking... Put a fucking train through them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They want a war.

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OPP move in on protesters at Wet’suwet’en rail blockades in eastern OntarioWARNING: Livestream may contain scenes of violence which may not be suitable for all viewers. Discretion is advised. WATCH LIVE: Police move to dismantle rail blockade in Belleville, Ont. Violence against indigenous people you mean? Oh Canada This made my Monday better 😊 You’ve been warned

Protesters in Tyendinaga, Ont. given until Sunday night to clear blockades crippling CN rail network‘The Mohawks would have taken down everything,’ a hereditary chief said, had Trudeau not made ‘antagonistic’ speech There is nothing left to discuss. The time for dialogue is over. Clear the blockades and arrest anyone who resists GetTheTrainsMoving Believe what you want - doesn’t make it true acoyne