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Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Manitoba election


Manitoba incumbent premier Brian Pallister says Manitobans chose 'forward' by re-electing PC government MBpoli MBelxn MORE:

Find the real-time voting results for every riding across the province here.

WATCH: Manitoba Election: PCs’ Pallister says residents chose ‘forward’ with re-election

— Brittany Greenslade (@BrittAtGlobal) September 11, 2019

WATCH: Manitoba Election: NDP’s Wab Kinew concedes defeat

— Lauren McNabb (@McNabbonGlobal) September 11, 2019

David Nickarz has given his concession speech after losing the Green Party’s main hope to securing their first seat in Manitoba. #globalwpg #mbelxn pic.twitter.com/sPsjxhrEsL

Gerrard has represented the area since 1999 and is the former leader of the Manitoba Liberals.

Just spoke with @PC_Manitoba Joshua Guenter who was elected in Borderlands tonight. At just 25 years old, the newly elected MLA says he wants to focus on affordability for Manitobans

Asagwara makes history as the province’s first black MLA ever elected.

Prior to the election call, Pallister and the Progressive Conservatives held a majority in the Manitoba Legislature, with 38 of the 57 seats to the opposition NDP’s 12.

Approximately 112,983 Manitobans cast their ballots during the eight days of advance voting for the 2019 provincial election. This compares to approximately 110,000 votes cast during advance voting in the 2016 election.

Read more: Globalnews.ca

Ugh So did my dog.... I just got back from Manitoba and judging by their roads, crosswalks, and bike lanes I’m pretty sure all these guys in this video are crooks Lmao, I love that he highjacked that word from the corruptocrat federal Liberals. Surely a bit of a troll. What is a Progressive Conservative? It sounds like an oxymoron.

Soon to regret!

Progressive Conservatives set to win majority government in provincial electionGlobal News is projecting a majority government for Brian Pallister and the Progressive Conservatives in the 2019 Manitoba election. READ MORE: 😂😂😂 someone get the crew at CP24 a couple of therapy dogs 😂 Mr. JustinTrudeau you are NEXT!!! I'm afraid for Manitoba. How much more is Pallister going to cut? Much to your chagrin I'm sure

HuffPost is now a part of OathMeh. Send help now... ugh. There is nothing progressive about the conservative party in this country.

WATCH LIVE: CTV News Winnipeg’s election specialWATCH LIVE: Brian Pallister speaks to supporters after Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Manitoba. MBvotes MBpoli He looks George Bush II BridgetST101 Sextrade101 Raheelraza Ayaan DouglasKMurray Jeanlouisroy CraigScottCA alexandrasl maryamnayebyazd calgaryherald bbceducation globeandmail macleans washingtonpost AndrewScheer jfrobergeQc francoislegault JustinTrudeau

Progressive Conservatives seek second mandate as voters head to the polls in ManitobaBrian Pallister won 40 of 57 seats, the largest majority government in Manitoba in a century, in 2016 after the former NDP government raised the provincial sales tax and angered voters

Election day: Manitoba Tories seek 2nd mandate with promise of tax and cost cutsBrian Pallister is seeking a second mandate for his Progressive Conservatives in the Manitoba election today with a to-do list that includes further cost cuts and reduced taxes. Please Manitoba, kick them to the curb. Costa Rica having an election today? Let me guess, Mennonites swung the vote because PC’s argued that liberals would tax schmauntfett and take their Verenicki.

Pallister’s PCs re-elected with majority in Manitoba, solidifying bloc of conservative premiers opposing TrudeauThe PCs won the vote after a campaign in which Pallister pledged to relax the tight control he has exercised on the provincial budget since being elected Premier in 2016 Weakening our chances of avoiding catastrophic climate change. Manitoba keeps its sanity.

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