Election 2019, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Election, Nanos Polling, Andrew Scheer, Who Will Win The 2019 Election

Election 2019, Justin Trudeau

Polling suggests Conservatives, Liberals in a deadlock

Polling suggests Conservatives, Liberals in a deadlock


Polling suggests Conservatives, Liberals in a deadlock

In the final round of polling before the 2019 federal election, Nanos Research suggests popular support for Conservatives and Liberals remains a coin toss.

Nanos Research, commissioned by CTV News and the Globe & Mail, conducted a sample survey with a total of 739 decided voters on Sunday, Oct. 20, and asked the voters: “If a federal election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?” and found support for the Conservatives at 32.5 per cent, while the Liberals sit at 31.7 per cent.

“Popular support remains a coin toss between the Conservatives and the Liberals,” said pollster Nik Nanos in a news release. “Now it’s about the ground game and delivering votes.”

Meanwhile, the Greens fell by over 3 percentage points, while the Bloc Quebecois stayed the same and the People's Party of Canada dropped slightly compared with Saturday.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, has a lead over the Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer when it comes to Canada’s preferred prime minister.

For this portion of the survey, the voters were asked “Of the current federal political party leaders, could you please rank your top two current local preferences for prime minister?”

A national random telephone survey of 1,600 Canadians is conducted by Nanos Research throughout the campaign over a three day period. Each evening a new group of 400 eligible voters are interviewed (800 on October 19th). The daily tracking figures are based on a three-day rolling sample comprised of 1,600 interviews. To update the tracking a new day of interviewing is added and the oldest day dropped.

The last day of polling reported was a single day representative national random sample of 800 Canadians and is accurate ±3.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Read more: CTV News

Polls also said Hillary had a 96% chance of winning I thought it was against the law to post polling information the day of the elections ...am I completely wrong? Could we be seeing the end of the Greens. ChooseForward no your suggesting it to try and make people think lots of others are voting for the crooked liberals

TrudeaulessTuesday 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 By the end of the night, the truth will be revealed. 🤷‍♂️ ChooseForward

Polling suggests Liberals, Conservatives in a deadlockIn the final round of polling before the 2019 federal election, Nanos Research suggests popular support for Liberals and Conservatives remains a coin toss. If that's accurate then vote efficiency means the Liberals easily win more seats than the Conservatives. I just hope it's not a majority. Good.

Tories have slight lead in popular support, but it may not be enough: Ipsos pollBREAKING: As the campaign enters its final hours, exclusive polling data reveals the Tories have a very slight lead — meaning we could be in for a very long election night. elxn43 cdnpoli Misleading headliblnline GlobalBC “exclusive polling data”? Can you share or is it a secret?You mean pro con media data. I do not believe this at all.

Minority government could leave Governor General with critical role in what followsQuestions linger over how Governor General Julie Payette would manage attempts by the Liberals or the Conservatives to take first crack at forming a minority or coalition government. elxn43 cdnpoli ElectionDay CanadaElection2019 The Liberals appointed her. She will give the Liberals right to form government. What's to discuss? She'll do what trudope tells her to do,ol buddys What questions? We all know who’s back she’s got.

The Facebook campaign trail: Analysis of ads shows shifting priorities for parties in campaign's final stretchOn election.ctvnews.ca: Part two of an analysis of Facebook political ad spending by the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP shows shifting priorities for the parties in the campaign's final stretch.

Bolivians pick between Evo Morales and change in tight voteSouth America's longest-serving leader was seeking an unprecedented fourth term in Bolivian elections on Sunday, but polls suggested Evo Morales is in the tightest race of his career.

Leaders descend on B.C. in final campaign push as Trudeau, Scheer and Singh take aim at BlocHere’s a look at the last Nanos Research survey of the campaign: Conservatives: 32.5 per cent Liberals: 31.7 NDP: 20.8 Bloc: 7.2 Greens: 6 PPC: 1.5 elxn43 cdnpoli If they form a coalition government against the will of the people then what? The rise of extremism because the people feel they can not effect change through democracy. acoyne Percentage polls don't mean anything when they're so skewed because Alberta & Sask. are pretty much 100% CPC If you want to be stuck with yesterday’s same losers in Ottawa vote for those clowns. If you want real change & real representation BurnabyNorthSeymour Vote ROBERT TAYLOR INDEPENDENT TAKE OUR VOICES TO OTTAWA elxn2019 elx43 ElectionsCanada canadavotes2019 ClimateCrisis

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