Politics Briefing: Ontario becomes the last region waiting on a childcare deal with Ottawa

2022-01-25 1:20:00 AM

Politics Briefing: Ontario becomes the last region waiting on a childcare deal with Ottawa

Politics Briefing: Ontario becomes the last region waiting on a childcare deal with Ottawa

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok announced an agreement to support an average of $10-a-day licensed childcare in the territory by March, 2024.

Encanto.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the $66-million deal virtually this morning with Nunavut Premier P..Home prices have risen by 31 per cent in Grey Bruce-Owen Sound from December 2020 to December 2021, according to Canadian Real Estate Association figures.

Mr.Quintero explores its musical influences along with the movie’s wider representation of Colombian and Latin American music and culture.Akeeagok joining from a daycare in Iqaluit.The Decibel is here.Sign up for the.PRIME MINISTER’S DAY Private meetings.He also says the estimated savings for families in Iqaluit will be about $14,000 a year.The Prime Minister made an early learning and child care announcement virtually with Nunavut Premier P.Twolan said he was involved with a property that saw 27 bids.

J.With Nunavut on board, Ontario is now the only jurisdiction not to sign onto the program.Akeeagok, Also, the Prime Minister attended a virtual cabinet retreat.LEADERS Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole made an announcement on the cost of living crisis in Canada.24, 2022.No schedules released for other party leaders.OPINION on the lack of regrets and consequences inside parties for dishonesty: “Perhaps politicians won’t stop doing this until their own supporters, their own partisans, call them to account.Article content “The challenges have always been there, but they’ve definitely had a light shone on them during the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

So let’s call on partisans to do us all a public service: Spend less effort on pointing out the dishonesty in the other party, and more on calling it out on your own side.Help our political leaders do what they seem incapable of doing: feel shame for dishonesty.This may be a pipe dream, given that politics is a rough business and it’s human nature to see more fault in an opponent than in your own team.But a little of this kind of thing could go a long way.You don’t have to look any further than the Jan.Advertisement This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.

6, 2021, occupation of the United States Capitol by supporters of former U.S.president Donald Trump to see what happens when partisans won’t object to their own side’s lies.Dishonesty is not a new thing in politics, but there seems to be less fear that getting caught peddling falsehood is shameful.All’s fair in war.Henry Wall, the chief administrative officer of the Kenora District Services Board, said one way the province could help speed up housing development is to constrain the ability to appeal housing developments or at least streamline the process.

No regrets.” on security becoming a genuine concern as political incivility hits home: “ It doesn’t feel clever now for protesters to show up at a politician’s house.It feels dangerous.The people who are now appearing outside politicians’ homes are using threatening props, and talking up discredited COVID-19 conspiracy theories as they rally against vaccine mandates and health restrictions.And now the protests aren’t limited to the highest-profile federal or provincial politicians with dedicated security details.The Association of Municipalities of Ontario said in a letter to Clark that the two housing meetings are a good start, but addressing the housing crisis will take joint action.

” Peter MacKay, Allan Rock, Ed Broadbent, Ratna Omidvar and Rachel Pulfer (Contributed to The Globe and Mail) on how Canada must not let the plight of Afghans stuck in purgatory fall off our agenda: “ Action is desperately needed.That means setting up a cabinet committee that is mandated, empowered and resourced to act on the Afghanistan file, paired with a task force of officials across departments.That means a clearly communicated timeframe, with commitment from the government to hit and report on milestones of progress.That means political direction on how the remaining refugee spaces are to be allocated.” Steve Paikin (TVO) on remembering Lincoln Alexander on the 100th anniversary of his birth: “America has Martin Luther King Jr.

, but Canada has Lincoln Alexander.They were both Black men who cared a great deal about civil rights, equality, and discrimination, but they had very different ways to realize their visions.Coincidentally, each has been given a day on the calendar to remember them by, in the same week.Americans observed Martin Luther King Day this past Monday.Canadians, since 2015, have had January 21 on our calendar to remember the man everyone knew simply as “Linc.

” Alexander made a name for himself in politics under highly unusual conditions.In 1968, when much of Canada was caught up in the love affair that was Trudeaumania (leading to a majority government for the current Prime Minister’s father), Linc managed to get himself elected as a Progressive Conservative in one of the country’s staunchest labour cities — by just 342 votes.It was the first of five consecutive victories for Linc in Hamilton West.” Got a news tip that you’d like us to look into? E-mail us at.

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They're federal-provincial/territorial deals not federal-regional deals...

Nunavut signs $10-a-day child-care deal with federal governmentIQALUIT, Nunavut - Nunavut has become the latest jurisdiction to sign onto the federal government’s $10-a-day child-care program. 14% unemployment in Nunavut and no clean drinking water. But it’s good to know that if they ever get jobs, they’ll have cheap daycare and if they ever get clean drinking water, they’ll be able to have kids.👍

Ontario reports 615 COVID-19 patients in ICU, 3,861 patients hospitalizedOntario reported 4,790 new COVID-19 cases today but Public Health Ontario has said the actual number is higher because of changes to the province’s testing policy This is total and not net new right?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford holds meeting on rural, remote and northern housing issues\u0027What happened in the city previously is starting to happen in rural Ontario\u0027 The province needs to take a bigger role in growing towns. We’re in a long term population growth period that will last 100+ years. Cities can’t be dragging their feets because the don’t like this or that. Too freekin bad. Build housing. welcome to the home of the 'MOB'

Dreaming about spending March Break abroad? Here are some risks to consider | CBC NewsIf the call of beaches or European cafés is becoming too much to resist, one travel expert suggests planning ahead is key to preventing your trip from becoming a logistical nightmare. Can’t be any worse than what the Bills just did to me. 💔 Agreed 👍 Experts say best advice is to stay home and starve. Tell your viewers that ZERO of YOUR STAFF will be travelling out of country for ANY sort of winter getaway. DOUBT that you can be truthful....TheNational CTVNews globeandmail

As U.S. accelerates distribution of rapid tests, critics call on Ottawa to catch up | CBC NewsAs Canadians grapple with the highly transmissible Omicron variant and a molecular testing regime that has all but collapsed, rapid antigen tests have become a much-needed lifeline — for those lucky enough to get their hands on one. In the U.S., 875 million at-home tests will be distributed this month. What, bypass the provinces who sat on the last batch? JPTasker I wonder how many of those inaccurate rapid tests get brought over the border by truckers 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oops! Never mind… 🤦🏼‍♂️🥴 TruckersForFreedom TrudeauNationalDisgrace FreedomConvoy2022 CdnPoli DefundCBC 🥳 JPTasker Can't even tell the truth there, rapid test might get to some Americans in 2 weeks, but you knew that you just didn't want to say it! All you're really here for is to divide and conquer! You're not really a news agency are you? The propaganda's agenda! Defund the CBC!!!

Ontario driver tells cops 'I had too much to drink'A 28\u002Dyear\u002Dold man has been arrested and charged after telling OPP officers: \u0022I had too much to drink I shouldn\u0027t be driving.\u0022