Police shooting of Black man stirs unrest in Wisconsin city

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WARNING: Protesters took the streets in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a Black man was shot and wounded by police officers on Sunday. Read more:

Protesters set cars on fire, smashed windows and clashed with officers in riot gear Sunday night, while Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden immediately condemned the shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, who was hospitalized in serious condition.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. Sunday and was captured from across the street on cellphone video that was posted online. Kenosha police do not have body cameras. Biden called for "an immediate, full and transparent investigation" and said the officers "must be held accountable." Online court records indicate Kenosha County prosecutors charged Blake on July 6 with sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse. An arrest warrant was issued the following day. The records contain no further details and do not list an attorney for Blake.Laquisha Booker, who is Blake's partner, told NBC's Milwaukee affiliate, WTMJ-TV, that the couple's three children were in the back seat of the SUV when police shot him.


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This guy was resisting arrest going into his vehicle probably to get a gun.. I don't care what colour he is, he got what he deserved.. don't resist arrest and you won't get shot.. no brainer!

They are all idiots, three officers can jump on the guy and detain him before he even try to get into his car and why this idiot ignored the officer while he had his gun drawn at him.

You mean rioters?

Wanted felon with knife in hand, ignoring police commands and reaching for a loaded .38. BLMAntifaTerrorist

This is why the police had a protocol, and that’s not taking a chance because their life’s and others could be in danger. Those that ate blaming the police while defending this wanna be thug that doesn’t contribute with society are literally fu...ed

This is all the media’s fault, they instigate racism by telling only one side of the story just as they did with George Floyd. There’s always a political agenda behind all this stuff, disgusting.

Those cops were patient. I would've unloaded my clip when that idiot reached at his shorts.

Can someone who is strongly saying this is complete police brutatilty and this poor man deserves justice explain to me what they expect the cops to do in this day and age?! Like seriously enough already!!

That's disgusting how many times he was shot

So he was brandishing a knife and refused to stop going towards his car when police told him to. He told police he was going to get his gun from the car. He reaches into the car, presumably to get the gun he said he was going to get. What should the police do? JacobBlake

With all due respect. You should SHOW exactly what happened. This man was murdered and it should be witnessed. I’ve seen uncut versions. It’s brutal and disgusting and needs to be seen so everyone can understand EXACTLY why black murder by cop has come to a head in the US.

How many times does this have to happen Those cops should be charged.

Any one know here what he was grabbing while entering in car

Well looks like the guy wasn't following commands from police

When officers have their guns drawn on you and demand you freeze and put your hands up, it's probably a good idea to comply, rather than walk away and reach for something under your car seat. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Lives matter. So does obedience to police. WTH!

Clearly he was ignoring the officers request to stop got what he deserved how do they know he wasn’t going for a gun again if he stopped when asked there would be no problem every time you see the same thing respect the police clear these people have a learning problem

Black man shot by police; very common in the US Was the man armed? If he was, it's no wonder with the lax gun laws in the US (compared to most developed countries) Police shot without any concern of the children? In line with how US police behaves (towards blacks)

Who was wanted by Police Has warrants for his arrest Resisted arrest Reached into his vehicle to grab what could have been a weapon pushing the race narrative of the far left

Armchair quarterbacks watch this:

A lot of these cases have something in common. I was pulled over once. I got out of the car as my purse was in the trunk. The officer had his hand on his gun and said “get back in the car ma’am.” So I did. Got a ticket. Simple.

This guy wasn't an angel! And the fact that he was walking away from the cops ignoring their orders... Kinda deserved it!

Ctv is not telling the whole story he was reaching for his gun under the seat

This fine upstanding individual had an active warrant for domestic abuse , other weapons offences ,trespassing and assault on a police officer. He knew he was on his way to lock up , decided he didn't want to go. Got his wish .

Jacob Blake is a violent felon with a history of assaulting police officers and a CURRENT warrant for his arrest for both domestic abuse and sexual assault. He was shot while refusing to comply and potentially endangering officers lives.

This is not fair for 3 police officers. This has to stop and leave the police officers to do their jobs to protect the hometown and violences and criminals. This news got paid by Losers Democrats, rioters, looters, antifa and China communists


Protesters ha ha ha

If I resist arrest and reach for a weapon in my car I expect to get shot.


Here's the 'victim'.

Just let me open my vehicle in a live and death situation 😂

Any protests on Chicago over the 60 shooting this weekend including 5 deaths?

Not to worry The hundreds of millions who have protested globally since the CV19 Cult hysteria began can't get CV19. This virus only attacks church singers and beach goers.

Should have cooperated. C'est la vie.

Honestly all the white cops, should go back to college, and train better on how to deal with other groups of PEOPLE, EXPECT white!!

Those are not protesters Those are rioters AllLivesMatter

Ignoring police with drawn weapons never ends well, especially when reaching for something in your car.

Correction ...a felon with an arrest warrant with multiple priors including pulling a weapon on someone in a bar ... resisting arrest

Why was homie resisting? Amount of rounds unloaded is suspect but shouldn’t have resisted. Dude also got tasered and got up like a trooper

A totally justified response by police.


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