PMO, Morneau won't say if Katie Telford's husband communicated with them since joining private mortgage company

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PMO spokesperson Alex Wellstead said Telford had nothing to do with the crown corporation’s decision to outsource the contract, and that she has recused herself from all discussions involving MCAP

He also provided an internal email showing PMO had set up a voluntary conflict of ethics screen between Telford and her husband when he began his new job in January, despite an email from the Ethics Commissioner’s office saying it wasn’t necessary.

Answering Friday, Hussen’s office responded with a categorical “no” to questions about whether Silver had ever communicated with the minister or his staff. The prime minister’s office sent the same answer a few minutes later. “My response is nothing further to add,” Wellstead wrote by text.For the NDP’s ethics critic, those responses are unsatisfactory.

He also promised to send a letter to Commissioner of Lobbying Nancy Bélanger requesting she investigate whether Silver or his employer should be registered to lobby.

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kinsellawarren Her husband portrays as a scum.. always believed it especially when he appeared on CBC PNP

They're all crooks

Hopefully it was not sole sourced! morneauresign TrudeauMustGo cdnpoli

This creepy looking thing that has an in with the PMO should be investigated immediately, Katie and hubby plus G.Butts are the orchestration that put Ontario into unbridled debt. These crooks should be nowhere close to the Canadian purse, remember all the 100k $ moving expenses.

cangal21 they are all connected - all of montreal / ottawa knows this- They all feed off of one another -at least the Cosa Nostra has honour -these mother fuckers are just choochy thieving bitches

Incels for $1000 Alex....

You would think if No he would be happy to say..Not sayings leads to question..Why not say?

Totally agree with you, JustinTrudeau! cdnpoli TrudeauResignNOW TrudeauCorruption

joellehamilto10 Won't say, means they did. If they didn't, they just say they didnt.


This is what happens when a cuban dictator's son is the leader of another country.....

RobSilver telfordk just more liberal corruption, really nothing to see here......

kinsellawarren Morneau’s silence is deafening. Bill is lying.

No cuz he will be in more trouble

Hello Bill. Who's this? Rob Silver, VP, Dunder Mifflin. You're not supposed to call me on this number. C'mon, who's gonna know? Ever have PierrePoilievre crawl up your arse? Sorry bye.

These are the creepiest, slimiest, most useless humans we have in charge of us and our money. Just so that you all know people.

'Morneau won't say' ... So we have the answer then.

Why is a minority being allowed to sole source everything?

Well if Bill_Morneau had nothing to hide wouldn’t he just say so?

Of course they wont, Trudeaus Transparency on full display

It’s pretty sad, when Gerry seems to be the honest one in the Cabal.

The TrudeauCorruption gift that keeps on giving

Must be a yes.

Who do you think Morneau transfered his China mortgage to?

Why do you even bother to ask the question - pillow talk BABEE.

.....did you Bother to ask....Why he won't say if Telford's 'conflict of interest'....I mean, Husband 'communicated' with him? Btw...did Morneau have to write...another cheque?

MarissaNovetsky So the answer is yes then.... TrudeauMustGoMorneauToo

MarissaNovetsky Ask him under oath, then.

More corruption! 3x is enough to be out!!

Gertrud29409036 Silence = corruption.

A face only a mother could love ... and Katie Telford

punditclass Why won't he say?

Of course he won't 😂 This country is a joke. Scandal after scandal after scandal.

Non answer reveals the real answer

Interesting. Sounds like his non answer is actually an answer. TrudeauScandals

nspector4 Did private mortgage company help in this?

Then that’s a “yes” in plain ordinary English.

If you believe that, I have shares to sell in a Liberal connected mortgage company.


joellehamilto10 Not like them not to lie.

If it looks like a probably is

lamphieryeg So that means he did right?

If this is the non-issue I thought it was, this is not how you deal with it. It’s like the government wants to make it seem like a scandal. If it’s a « yes », fess up and explain. If it’s a « no », that *should* be even easier.

'...on the grounds that it may incriminate me.'

joellehamilto10 If they won't say then you those are lying. Human nature

Well that’s a giveaway. If he didn’t he’s say no. But..... we are dealing with the most corrupted liberal government

CalgaryRugbyDad So the answer is YES telfordk 👍🏼 good minion

Exactly how many times do these Liberals need to be caught stealing our money to give it to their friends before they are tossed out of office? TrudeauCorruption

So just like every other scandal, until...


canukcookie What a bunch. Lying scheming thieves. LiberalCorruption

We all know the answer

Looks familiar

Translation - Telford’s husband communicated with PMO’s office. cdnpoli TrudeauCorruption

CharlieAngusNDP Raises question the law doesn’t apply to the liberals?!? Are you F’N kidding That has been the writing on the wall for a long, long time. Why are people just seeing that NOW AndrewScheer PierrePoilievre ErinOTooleMP LeslynLewis kick em out!

cbcwatcher Thanks for confirming that for us Bill. Ya prick.

nspector4 Seems like Trudeau will earn another 'Not plausible' when the oppositions start 'Mythbusting' this.

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