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Breakıng, Covıd-19

PM Trudeau says more medical supplies coming in days as industry retools

#BREAKING: Justin Trudeau has announced that the federal government is spending $2 billion to procure personal protective equipment for front-line workers

2020-03-31 6:35:00 PM

BREAKING : Justin Trudeau has announced that the federal government is spending $2 billion to procure personal protective equipment for front-line workers

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the federal government is spending $2 billion to procure more diagnostic testing, ventilators, and personal protective equipment for front-line workers in the COVID-19 fight, with some supplies set to be ready within days.

As part of this, hundreds of ventilators are now in production and the government has ordered millions of supplies in anticipation of a surge of patients at Canadian hospitals.More equipment will be needed, from masks to testing kits, the prime minister said, cautioning that the scale of those needs will depend on how seriously Canadians take the physical distancing and self-isolation measures in place.

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Starting this years, the government will be earmarking $1.5 billion over two yearsto the Public Health Agency of Canada to support purchasing these supplies and diagnostic equipment with an additional $500 million coming in the 2020-21 fiscal year.This industry effort includes building up the manufacturing capacity to produce equipment and supplies including face shields, gowns, and sanitizer. The government has also shifted the country’s entire industrial policy to focus on the COVID-19 fight. This has included reprioritizing existing innovation and research programs and working on agreements with industry to produce more diagnostic testing products and other disease tracking technology. 

The prime minister spoke to the latest efforts the federal government is taking to address the COVID-19 pandemic from Rideau Cottage, as the number of cases in Canada continues to climb.Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Minister Mary Ng are then expected to provide an update on the costs of certain economic aid measures taken so far, including the expanded wage subsidy for Canadian businesses.

With the scheduled federal budget day come and gone, and the price tag continuing to grow as the government focuses on ways to keep Canadians safe and employed, the ministers are expected to outline more details about the economic impact of measures taken so far.

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Should have been done 3 weeks ago, at least. Then it might have been only 1 billion and front line workers would have been protected in the interim. Mr Prime Minister... Please step down. Your useless. Justin you need to get bigger balls Blackface is late to react once again JustinTrudeau why does it take 8 days to get coronavirus test results in Canada? Why is Canada so far behind the curve on detecting coronavirus? By the time citizens get their results they are either back to normal health or dead.

That same equipment Trudeau sent to China. If Trump did that they would call him Jesus and suppend election. Cause that how low the bar is. South Korea and Cuba did all of this in a week but no one seems to care. Why are you such a fucken lieing sack of shit. Hiding out from Trump after you go caught selling Chinese steel to the USA you fucken maggot.

Queue every Conservative who still thinks sending international aid is somehow criminal despite it being part of the countries identity for decades. CTVToronto How about investing in something that stops people from bending their elbows past 90 degrees... it’s actually all that is needed to stop our country and the world from touching its face... athletic tape on back of elbow works great... washfirst

.JustinTrudeau has to since he sent 16 tons of our equipment to China. He's just trying to replace the stuff he stole from frontline canadian HealthCareWorkers workers. trudeau helped create canadian PPEshortage. COVID19 cc: OntariosDoctors ontarionurses From whom? And the rich get richer ... 2 billion diverted to companies with connection with people in Government! Racketeers!

TheSocialCTV Everyday he keeps throwing money at this pandemic like it’s going to make it go away. Just putting to country deeper in debt Good evening Mr. Justin Tudeau my name is Hector Chamale. My concern about Covid-19 is that I think that you should shut down the whole country before the virus spreads too much and end up killing more people. I believe you need to take action now thinking about that thx

Little late bud. Why not try this shutdown the country, pay us properly. Fk the government Why not just donate the 2 billion to China you f$ing tool. Canada doesn’t have a billion dollars to its name. I do hope its not coming from china I would not trust there government at all. js TheSocialCTV TrudeauBestPmEver ✌️🇨🇦👍🇨🇦✊

Do you think that the LITTLE amounts of money you are giving to the people in Canada makes up for ALL the money you have given to other countries! Your farther was an ASSHOLE and you are just like him!! You gave Canadians money to Terrorists Countries. How about making sure the group homes and nursing homes actually have enough PPE to protect thier staff and residents! They can't get any in Saskatchewan, the hospital's and the greedy hoarders have taken it all.!

EvilMorty242420 Trudy getting his Lenin look on.....commie twit What's the hurry man? Most of the comments on here are pathetic. Be glad you don’t live in the US or EU right now. Don’t me. Just wash your hands and stay indoors. TheSocialCTV Would of been easier and cheaper to use use the 16 tons of supplies he gave away, for free, to lying China.

Leader? Exposure... Guilt. Freedom? Prepared OPEN UP OUR BUSINESSES ! IM GOING BROKE AND NEED TO WORK!!!!!!!! WE MUST GET RID OF THIS CLOWN!!!! BREAKING: A developed country doesn't have masks for nurses let alone civilians. Surreal. If there are no masks for civilians the hospital will never stop having influx of patients. Lack of masks for all is dangerous for health care workers and very expensive in terms of cost to health care.

Get the cannabis companies to grow food as well as pot before there is a breakdown in the supply chain Breaking. JT’s dying his own hair. He got the mix a little too dark. I am so glad to hear this. I hope that once this crisis is over our manufacturing will continue here in Canada and not rely again on overseas manufacturing!

RIght On Justin. You're doing a Great Job!! Chum1045 This is fantastic!! We are so grateful for our front-line workers! 💕🎉🎉 Can someone find out if Airport Employee are part of these. Hope the hell it isnt the poor quality garbage from China as the Netherlands found out ,hopefully that money goes to Canadian companies that can manufacture the equipment we need

No one is getting any money it’s all bs funny how all the governments around the world are saying the same thing to their people what a joke Lies lies lies Yeah & which country is he sending it to? Will refugees get the help while Canadians get his empty promises? Didn't we ship all of our to China, and now 2 billion to buy more. Does anyone at your network not question this type of stupidity

Let me guess from where... ChinaLiedPeopleDied Our PM has no supportive manufacturers willing to do what BRAVE Jockey from Wisconsin is doing for America, right? For a case fatality rate of TWO DEATHS PER ONE MILLION POPULATION.... cdnpoli COVID19 coronavirus Can someone calculate the cost per piece of masks, face shield, gown, handsanitizer that Canada is getting? Wondering if Canada got price gouged.

About time ⛑⚕🚑🚛🚔 After he gave 16 tons of equipment away. Dumb Timing is key in fighting a pandemic. If he did this two months ago (among many other things that should have been done), we wouldn’t be in this situation. The whole world is trying to get more supplies now. We (esp front line workers) are suffering due to his incompetence.

I think the Govt. is doing the best job they can do in this time . I usually don't even read these posts , all people do is go on social media and spread hate all around , not a good word to say . Some of these loud mouth liberal haters need to run for the office , or move . Funds to what actual Canadian manufacturers , can a list be obtained for transparency

Maybe he shouldn't have sent 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China. Probably a bad idea in hind sight... CTVToronto How is it fair that he's reporting from his own special cottage but with him and the premier telling everyone not to go to cottage country but also have the reporters either camped out that way or travel there everyday 🤔🤔

And the deficit rises. I wonder how is it that the gov't is capable of purchasing PPE in bulk for all provinces and territories in a matter of weeks, yet bulk buying of pharmaceuticals for cheaper prices for all Canadians is considered years away?... CTVToronto What I would like to know if some genius reporter is out there. Nice that all these governments. Businesses. Individuals are offering millions/billions for PPE. (Face masks). But where are you getting them from? And when ? That’s the question.

It’s hard to get PPE all around world, it’s not about 💰 Form where? Why haven’t we nationalized Canadian industries to do this? BREAKING forgot to mention that PM Blackface led off the COVID19 news conference with a high paying job for his good friend and someone voted out the last election, Ralph Roodale, no shame but shameful

CTVToronto Just get it and stop talking KUMBAYA.... from COTTAGE BOY who is on DAY “20” of a SELF IMPOSED “14” DAY quarantine, while SOPHIE & KIDS are long gone! TRUDEAU+PANDEMIC=PERFECT STORM! God help CANADA! NTVNewsNL A bit late since most businesses have done that for their employees already Is this all that useless asshole is good for. Wakes up and figures how to spend money then goes back into hiding for 23’45”. What about getting rid of Carbon tax and helping the energy sector and you wonder why his wife took the kids and left she’s just as sick of him as we are.

And yet the Carbon Tax is set to go into effect tomorrow......thanks JustinTrudeau Is China paying for the supplies he sent them while Canada was facing a pandemic or is he just tacking it onto the debt he is racking up ? CTVToronto With no lockdown well⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ TheCanadianShield Give 16 tons away to China . Now we have to pay 2 billion to make more wow . We are getting screwed by the liberals thanks for nothing.

LIVE: PM Trudeau makes address to the nation'You know the drill': Prime Minister Trudeau urged Canadians to follow advice from public health officials and continue to practise physical distancing. More here: Pops out of that place everyday, similar to a coo coo clock. JustinTrudeau are you planning to respond to Canadians unable to access resources and support due to the complete inability of ServiceCanada_E to provide effective and efficient services? Hard for Canadians to be paid when the system is not equipped properly.

PM Announces COVID-19 Aid For Charities Supporting Vulnerable Sectors“Tough times fall first and hardest on the most vulnerable in our communities,” Trudeau said Especially in KenneAB. 25klaidoff ABProvinceWideProtest CancelUCP FireShandro FireLaGrange we do not have job and food and money in Calgary what you talking about ? While Trudeau the coward hides for an additional 2 weeks.

CTV National News: Preparing for the worstPM Trudeau says work is underway to ensure Canada's health system can expand to handle any worst-case scenario in the unprecedented COVID19 crisis. JillMacyshonCTV explains: JillMacyshonCTV Are there solar panels on the Bunker? JillMacyshonCTV He is the worst case scenario. What will he do resign? JillMacyshonCTV Not the time for politics guys! Say what you want about this man, but give him some credit how he’s been handling this whole thing.

De Blasio says New York City only has enough medical supplies to last through the weekNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN Sunday that the city, which has become the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., only has enough medical supplies to last through the week. Not even enough for only 7 days?! fogetaboutit FredosLittleFriend Not as bad as Canada where the dumbass that masquerades as our PM shipped them all to a foreign country at the start of the pandemic.

Trudeau vows 'no corners cut' in accepting masks, other supplies from ChinaPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says Health Canada will ensure that all masks and medical equipment arriving from China will be properly evaluated, after reports that the Dutch government recalled over 600,000 faulty masks imported from the country. Quit the BS'ing - this is some of the supplies that we sent them. Fake news MSM. I wouldn't trust China & use these medical supplies. They are probably faulty or contaminated with COVID-19.

U.S. coronavirus deaths could reach 200,000, warns government expert, as medical supplies run lowThe United States has now recorded more than 130,000 cases of COVID-19 , the most of any country in the world, and 2,300 deaths How about we stop with all the doom and gloom? How about you do wake up and stay home and stop listening to you airhead of a president worried about polls and rich friends. All Americans should be quarantined and forced to stay home. Just look at the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. happynotamerican