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PM offering $75 million more in COVID-19 aid to Indigenous people living off-reserve

#BREAKING: PM offering $75 million more in COVID-19 aid to Indigenous people living off-reserve

2020-05-21 6:30:00 PM

BREAKING : PM offering $75 million more in COVID-19 aid to Indigenous people living off-reserve

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his federal government is more than tripling the amount of funding Indigenous aimed at people in Canada who are living off-reserve, adding $75 million to the existing Indigenous Community Support Fund.

Indigenous Community Support Fund, which included $15 million for regional, urban and off-reserve Indigenous organizations.Trudeau said topping up the funding for Indigenous communities living off-reserve and in urban centres is necessary, as the organizations focused on these populations are experiencing a high demand for their services.

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism demonstration Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-Black racism protest in Ottawa 'Safe restart' of Canadian economy will take 6-8 months, Freeland says

Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox“While all communities have had to wrestle with COVID-19 these past few months, the everyday realities of this crisis are different for everyone,” Trudeau said Thursday during his Rideau Cottage address.

“To mount an effective response to this crisis, we must adapt our approach and our programs to recognize and meet the particular needs of all Indigenous peoples, including those living in urban areas and off-reserve,” he continued.The money is expected to be put into community-based projects such as those aimed at providing access to food, transportation, educational materials or mental health services.

As has been the case with several recent announcements, however, the details of where the funding will go or who will qualify could take time to be sorted out.  This comes the Congress of Aboriginal People — which represents the interests of off-reserve Indigenous people in Canada —

filed a federal court applicationalleging the federal government’s COVID-19 assistance has been “inadequate and discriminatory,” compared to other groups.The organization says the government has “abandoned its fiduciary responsibility towards a significant number of Indigenous peoples during this pandemic.”

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Because he thinks they are less capable than everyone else. Loser. Finally but if I get any I'll donate to cancer research. Something's you just can't forget about. 😎👍 🖕 Can I suggest we look at also funding anyone who has every watch our Great Leader non answers questions from the press or in Parliement. Sort of JTPM PTSD

What a f’n dweeb Buying more votes!! JustinTrudeau but they're already being funded thru other programs that assist people not on reserve like income support, CERB, wage subsidies increased child benefit. Sigh. What if I identify as native. This is the very definition of racism. Plain and simple. Better pay those natives. For all the. Native kids the cabal butchered

That’s a total of $705MM in funding dedicated to 4.9% of the population. Let that sink in for a minute... Stop giving them so much money!! How will they ever learn to be contributing regular citizens They don't like him. CTVAtlantic LOL the rail hijacking settlements (240 mil), the 'reconciliation' payments, the 'above the law status' living tax free with the same access to services as a taxpayers, endless support and development programs and it's far from over why change when you can get all the $ you want free

Keep kissing ass snake oil salesmen wow just giving it away. Why do I get my free money cause I a Canadian and want it 30 billion in interest. Trillion in debt and climbing. Trudictator is bankrupting cunada than handing it over to the UN NWO. He than Hope's to be placed as govenor and answer to the un.

This clown is so outa hand....fuck Why do they deserve more than the avg Canadian taxpayer? Off reserve they should be treated equally. No more entitled than any other Canadian How come seniors are only getting measly one time $$? Don’t they have same bills, face rising costs same as rest of us Why tho?

So the folks that pay taxes either get zero, like me, or $2000/month BUT the ones that don’t get more? They still have status card right, where they get less taxed? Trying to buy back the love of the natives with everyone else's money. They are already supported by the programs available to every Canadian.

Honestly, they deserve it based on the replies to this tweet alone. Privileged people love to pretend to be oppressed. Buying votes...and where is this money coming from? CTVToronto seriously , seems racist Where’s all this money coming from? You will be known as the Orime Minuster that destroyed the country

I’d be surprised if anyone apart from his liberal friends sees this $ CTVToronto Why is this a race issue? BREAKING: Trudeau announces 800,000,000 aid package to get re elected by Canadians How about helping CANADIANS...all of us instead of labelling!!! This is unbelievable - he is literally buying votes daily. Do you realize we will all be paying this back in massive tax hikes for years. Nothing is free!

If they are living off the rez then that should suggest they are trying to actually be a productive member of society. Good on em. This would also suggest they have conservative values and take the moral high ground. $75 Million to Canadian Indigenous people. $850 Million to the WHO, who is technically being ran by China. If you think this govt is working for the people of Canada, you’re very very wrong.

I don’t see how this isn’t racist. They’re not on a reserve. They are identical to the rest of us not living on a reserve. They can get CERB, EI, or the paltry $300(one time) for seniors, welfare, etc. What Trudeau government thinking about is all Canadian,more than politics, it is positive and constructive.

Santa Trudeau is comin' to town CTVToronto What for. Vote buying again. You poor excuse for a PM. 🤬 status or non status And most of that money will be going to liquor sales. 333❤️💗❤️ WHY. So they can go distroy more transmountain pipeline in merritt. Its been to courts,been to courts, been to courts approvals on all sides. Win win for all. Its ok to oppose. But not ok to distroy

Why? If they are off Rez that's their choice.... They can apply for the same levels of assistance any other native Canadian or legal immigrant can apply for. Where is this money coming from? How long is this program in place and why was it put in place at all. You are absolutely destroying this country. Little wonder why you don’t want to get things back in parliament up and running.


Anyone still think Canada is a democracy? Canada will be a Chinese vassal state after this intentional planned destruction of our country. This idiot is handing out tax payer money like an intoxicated imbecile. Most people in Canada are absolutely clueless as to the dangers of an endless supply of fiat money.

Canada has a two tier society, 4% aboriginal with special privileges and the 96% of Canadians that pay for the 4% special privileges. Canada has very weak willed foolish politicians preaching Canada is truly diversified and equitable country. Bull manure Where has trudeau borrowed all this money from? Do they not qualify for CERB like the rest of Canadians?

using Covid to buy votes. smart. 😫 Watch the rates of the working homeless sky rocket as people won't be able to afford a place to live when they are hit by tax hikes. So.....if they’re not a reserve they’re exactly like everyone else then, except for one small detail....thus making this very racist, no?

Trudeau is Canada's Oprah. You get money, you get money, you get money everyone gets money except Seniors and Veterans. CTVAtlantic Why ?! I'm on cpp disability, I've been hospitalized 2 times , 1 ambulance ride , multiple dr appointments bus and cab rides , medications in the last 2 months , i got a gst credit of 290 , thankyou so much but 75mill for indigenous people and nothing for dissabled ? Holy f***!!!!

So many people are ungrateful, always looking down on aboriginal communities. CTVToronto How about he ties that to no rail blockades ever. The LPC does have recent experience tieing riders on omnibus aid bill's. Right gmbutts ? topoli bcpoli onpoli cdnpoli When is this coward getting back to work? Alberta has rescheduled its new legislative schedule. It’s time to move out of the basement.

Me still hungry disabledandhungry More vote buying! Big hike is GST coming within 12 months. Bribes and more bribes! CTVToronto The taxes increase next year will be way too crazy; get prepared! These guys don’t give anything for free that’s right give away more free money gonna be just fine when it ends

Maybe time he started using his foundation to help people out. It just be bursting with money nowadays. Living off reserve? This clown needs to go Is there more added relief to non-indigenous people living off of reserves? Throwing out even more taxpayer money and making our debt even higher, only this time for our national leeches that has absolutely no return on investment

We are going to be soooo broke and in debt Why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau JustinTrudeau is giving away money, he doesn't have, all on the backs of Canadian taxpayers. Canada is so far in debt, it will take higher taxes and generations, to fix this financial mess he created. JustinTrudeau Stop spending our money!!

More votes. What's he doing about Hong Kong and China? For what reason!? Wow! I’m going broke while they make more money!! Brutal Why?

Canada to provide more COVID-19 funding for off-reserve Indigenous peopleThe additional funding expected today comes amid criticism that the Trudeau government has largely ignored the plight of thousands of Indigenous people who live off-reserve and in urban centres. *Racist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau* FTFY Time to start identifying as FN so we can cash in on more of this free money! I will now be known as Stands with Fists! I look forward to a leader who will say 'I will help ALL Canadians in this time of crisis' and dispense with checking off names on the ever-growing list of divisive victim boxes. Identity politics are poison to a multi-ethnic, pluralist society.

Canada Opens The Door To Virtual Citizenship Oath CeremoniesThe swearing-in ceremonies have been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The good news for these applicants is that Trudeau's deliberate failure to contain the spread of coronavirus just opened up about 5000 Canadian citizenship opportunities... 😠

Sask. records 7th COVID-19-related death; 21 new casesSaskatchewan announced a seventh death related to COVID-19 on Wednesday, along with 21 new cases.

5 things to know for Wednesday, May 20, 2020Canada has more than 79,000 total COVID-19, with more than 40,000 cases considered recovered.

Evening Update: Tam upgrades advice on wearing masksAlso: Women in Canada disproportionately affected by COVID-19 She should resign, this evil of a woman. She might have saved lives if she did this from the onset.. Austria said from the start.. everyone in public wears masks. hey began to reopen their businesses a couple of months ago. This stupid woman has wearing masks delayed for 3 months !

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