Plane crash leaves friends in Canada wondering what to do with belongings

2020-01-17 12:51:00 PM

The downing of flight PS752 in Iran, which killed 57 Canadians, has left friends in Canada wondering what to do with the victim's belongings.

The downing of flight PS752 in Iran, which killed 57 Canadians, has left friends in Canada wondering what to do with the victim's belongings. Published Friday, January 17, 2020 4:48AM EST SHARE He's now trying to figure out what to do...

Published Friday, January 17, 2020 4:48AM EST SHARE He's now trying to figure out what to do without them, not only in terms of grieving their loss, but how to take care of everything they left behind in Stouffville, north of Toronto.

"I get up each hour during the night and I feel something's missing," Shahbazpanahi said. Gholami, a talented jewelry designer, was seven months pregnant with their second son when she died and had already decorated a room for the new baby.

Shahbazpanahi said he's been in touch with the family's relatives in Iran hoping to find out what they want done with the couple's two vehicles and their belongings inside the rental house.

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Plane crash? perhaps process grief then think about what to do with belongings? Rough landing leaves friends in Canada wondering what to do with belongings Hey so you know the definition of a planet crash? This wasn’t a plane crash. Keep up your fictional reporting and you will become the Canadian version of NationaIEnquire

Apparently CTV News is somehow under the impression that the people on the plane were the only people ever to leave behind 'belongings' when they died. Not a plane crash.. Hey CTV, I dont think being blown out of the sky by S.A.M missiles is the same thing as a plane crash. Why are you minimizing what could more accurately be called a terrorist act, or an act of war?

I guess you're technically correct, planes do crash after being hit by two missiles. And you wonder why you are called the enemy of the people.

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for plane crash victimsUniversities across Canada are coming together today to honour the victims of a plane crash in Iran that left no survivors a week ago. Shot down..... this was murder Two missiles shot this Plane down the second missile 23 seconds after the first. This was a deliberate targeting! Prayers for the families and my condolences but this was targeted not a crash!

Donate it. Just like anyone else who’s lost love ones. Wtf “Plane explosion from deadly terrorist attack leaves friends in Canada wondering what to do with belongings”. There CTV, fixed it for you......cuz we all know you Trudeau kiss-ass media have your head in the sand. Stop calling it a plane crash, the fact the plane crashed after it was shot down with a missile, does not make the loss of life the result of a plane crash. - This is a less decptive and far more accurate headline: 'Iranian missile attack on plane, leaves friends in Canada.....'

It wasn't a plane crash. Iran shot it down. Stop the FakeNews Canadian media still carrying water for the Iranian regime by calling this a plane crash...shameful! Not sure why this was determined to be 'news'. When a person dies, all families and friends are left with deciding what to do with the decedent's belongings.

The same thing that one does when anyone dies. This though as tragic as it is, is not new or the first of it's kind. People died and that is sad. FakeNewsMedia It was not a plane crash Donate!

Universities across Canada plan moment of silence for Iran plane crash victimsInstitutions throughout the country are planning a moment of silence at 1 p.m. EST I've seen lots of flags at half-mast. It was such a waste of innocent life.

What plane crash? Oh you mean the plane the terrorist regime shot down on purpose that our prime minister blamed on our closest ally cause he’s a UN radical ? Plane was attacked by Iran with surface to air missiles. correction Must have been a ridiculously slow news day. Iran sot the plane down! I wud donate to charity/shelter. At least it’s going someplace who needs them

How horrible. Take them to the Salvation Army duh Kijiji Crashed? I thought it was shot down? I love how support Iran 🇮🇷

Canada Leads Push For Iran To Compensate Families Of Plane Crash VictimsFrancois-Philippe Champagne says the countries are watching Iran's actions closely. oh, so the story changes, yet again, ' Now ', it's Iran that suppose to compensate the Iranian bombing victims families. The last I heard,Trudeau was going to get Canadians to compensate the families .. Trudeau going to give Iran the money ,,, Huff and Puff post BS fake news rag..... carry on

You might as well say they died from Typhoid if you’re going to lie. People are dying everyday and you’r still talking about this plane ✈️ god help us Only thing crashing is your fake news ctv. Get your story straight the plane was shot down by 2 missiles !!!!! it was not a plane crash.... you just proved how bias your media outlet is but we already knew that with how you handled Jessica and racist hockey rant from the 'social'.

Can I suggest to have each of the family take a Momento of your kind friend and donate his clothes to a charitable to your friend and family member. Gordons auctions.. or Kijiji. The plane was shot down. Is this what $600 Million tax dollars bought for the liberals? Crash? It was missiles. The Irainian military badicly called the air traffic controler and yelled' PULL!!!!. Not an accident.

You mean “plane blown up by terrorist regime”....fixed it for you 👏🏻👏🏻

RCMP creating DNA profiles to help identify Canadians killed in Iran plane crashCanada's national police force is taking part in the massive effort to identify dozens of Canadians killed in last week's plane crash in Iran. More spin it wasn't a plane crash no matter how many times you repeat it. Slippery diaperery cloth. 'Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne was in London on Thursday attending an international meeting that Canada hopes will lead to justice and financial compensation for — … cdnpoli bcpoli Transponder (aeronautics)

already sent my complaints to the Code4ca about your overlays of actual news .. this was not a fukking crash !! This is why everyone should have a will. It was *not* a plane crash. This is why you are loathed. EnemyOfThePeople Oh like this guy who worked on Iran’s nuclear program ? The Iranian Military shoot down the Ukraine Airliner

Downed Flight 752 leaves friends in Canada wondering ... Prior to the civilized world sliding into the moral abyss about a decade ago . Reputable news organizations would use wording similar to what I’m reminding above with . NotaPlaneCrash. 2 missiles lumbering passenger jet,following same,only trajectory as 6 previous lumbering passenger jets. Departed shortly before. Russian. 2 Turkish. German. Austrian. even possible. Pmjt :iranprotests no comment =ties to Iran state media documentaries

Milking it.... Have you not noticed CTV? Hasn't your viewership fallen lately? People have woken up to your UN/NWO MO, FakeNewsMedia pushing an agenda, socially engineering stupid people (sheeple) for decades. You will not & cannot survive the Great Awakening. What a disservice to the memories of those murdered by the Iranian govt, calling this a plane crazy. The media is disgusting now!

It didn’t crash. It was shot down by 2 Iranian missiles you hacks.

‘It’s not safe at all’: Iran harassing families of plane crash victims, sources say‘They know that if these families … put the blame on the Islamic Republic, the whole of society in Iran would be united against the Islamic Republic’ Why would Trump do that? And Trudeau is doing what ? PahlaviReza jaredkushner Not something new. They harrased Zahra Kazemi's family, Neda's family and many more. This monstrous bloody-hands' gov is master of creating Kaos & fear to control. That is why they shot down the plane creating fear among their other agent from leaving.

For God's sake, it was an attack. Not a plane crash. 25k should help with that Try donating to charity It wasn’t a CRASH. You dishonour the dead and the truth with this sanitized narrative. Be better, ffs. Really....donate or put in a shoe box under your bed. Such fakenews Killer Iranian govt cold blooded. Killed Canadians

What plane crash? You keep saying these words but I don't think you think you know what that means. It wasn't a crash! It was shot out of the skies by 2 missles fired by Iran! Stop with the nonsense! So —- the EXACT same problems/questions that ANYONE faces when dealing with a sudden family death. Top shelf reporting there.

Plane crash A terrorist attack on innocent people? Plane crashed after being shot down by Iran but headlines....... ...take them out to the curb on trash day...not rocket science.... I’m glad to see that no matter how the Canadian garbage media “word” things.... Canadians are not stupid and buy into it. The plane was shot down! Report accurately .

“Plane crash” It WASN’T a plane crash! What’s wrong with you media outlets? Have you been that brainwashed by JustinTrudeau? It wasn't a 'crash'. It was SHOT DOWN BY IRANIAN MILITARY. Instead of this nonsense issue (not demeaning the deaths), why not do some real investigative reporting for a change! ie Who exactly was on that flight 2 warrant this so-called 'accident'? How many r wealthy & don't warrant a handout from our gov't when Cdns are desperate 4 food.

How about paying it forward? Donate ot to shelters or some homeless people. Blankets coats boots etc. It wasn’t a f’ing plane crash! It was an act of terrorism

It wasn't a plane crash the plane was shot down by surface to air missiles. How is you as journalists cant even get that right? IT WAS SHOT DOWN First, it wasn't a plane crash, it was shot down! Second, how is this news? Anyone who has had a loved one die goes through this. I feel empathy for these people but for the love of God stop trying to milk this for everything you can.

Wow... My God, grow a brain folks. Shot down plane by two missiles. Not a crash. You are expected to report accurate news. Ummm do whatever was outlined in their will? If they had no will it can be donated or sold.... everyone who loses a loved one has to do this.. this isnt news Plane crash? Which 'plane crash' are you referring to?

For heavens sakes. Uses their brains figure it out folks. The plane only 'crashed' after two missiles were fired at it. How hard is this for canadian media to understand? educationfail CTV CTV Stop the fake narrative. It wasn't a CRASH!!! It was a commecial airplane shot down with 2 missiles by Iranian terrorist regime. Get your damn facts straight.

This is sooooooo sad..... Shit happens every day to people in canada people die unexpectedly, and are freaking out ,what to do ,so STOP with the oh these poor people deal with it SHIT HAPPENS . CTV, your Supreme Leader, Justin Trudeau does not use the verbiage, 'Plane Crash'. Why do you persist with misinformation of the facts by sympathizing with Terrorists. THE PLANE WAS SHOT DOWN by a Canadian Confirmed State Supporter or Terror, Iran. Get the facts right!

Just stop CTV. You are using people's grief to push your left wing agenda. SIT DOWN. I understand the dilemma that these folks are in but blaming our government for not having diplomatic relations with Iran is not reasonable . When they move here they are all well aware of Canada's relationship with Iran should of planned for future accordingly.