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Pipeline protesters need to 'check their privilege,' Conservative leader says

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says pipeline protesters need to 'check their privilege' #cdnpoli


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says pipeline protesters need to 'check their privilege' cdnpoli

Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said pipeline protesters standing in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs need to 'check their privilege' and stand down.

Published Friday, February 14, 2020 11:52AM EST SHARE OTTAWA -- Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said pipeline protesters standing in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs need to "check their privilege" and stand down. Speaking to reporters in Ottawa on Friday, Scheer expressed frustration with the ongoing demonstrations against construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which have caused blockades across the country at government legislatures and major rail crossings. The Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) announced Thursday it was shutting down its eastern freight network. Via Rail also cancelled all service on tracks across Canada. "These protesters, these activists, may have the luxury of spending days at a time at a blockade, but they need to check their privilege, they need to check their privilege and let people whose job depends on the railway system – small business, farmers – do their job," said Scheer. He said the blockades are "illegal" and should be shut down by law enforcement. Keep up with the minority Parliament: Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter "We have court orders, we have court injunctions and they need to be respected. I’m calling for an end to the blockades," he said. "As prime minister I would direct the RCMP to enforce the law to ensure that our railway system can operate." Scheer said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “running around” trying to secure a seat for the United Nations Security Council and not prioritizing the situation at home. Trudeau is on an eight-day tour of Africa and Europe to drum up support for Canada’s spot at the table. Minister of Transport Marc Garneau also weighed in on the escalating protests on Friday morning, stating that the rule of law must be followed but that the government would balance this approach with a path towards reconciliation. "Clearly this is a difficult time, and there is work ahead of us but I can assure you the Government of Canada is committed to working on these matters in a manner consistent with its broader commitments to reconciliation. We also are a country that is a proud democracy that believes in the rule of law," said Garneau. More to come… Read more: CTV News

What a POS A wanna be Trump. SMH I don’t know what world he’s living in if he thinks natives are privileged It seems that Andrew Scheer has found his missing cojones, albeit several months too late. Andrew Scheer resigns as it’s revealed Conservative donors paid for his children’s private school tuition. Hmm who needs to check their privilege again?

On your side 100% Andrew The liberals here bragging.. You people do realize you voted in a man who groped a woman and did blackface 3 times... He also gave millions to terrorists.. Liberals in these comments have 0 right to say anything. That comment will bite sheer in the but. Or whoever takes his job.

Sucks to be him when they track the dweeb down, and man theres tones of them All Indigenous elected leaders affected by the pipeline support the pipeline. Some consider themselves so morally superior they think they can ignore the law and court orders. If they're allowed to get away with it other groups will do the same.

Privileged civil servants

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaWhen law is in opposition to rights, why ought it be 'respected'? This guy says Laws must be respected...the guy who attempted to interefere in the RuleofLaw by trying to have the PPSC reverse a decision not to grant a company facing corruption charges, a DPA. His words have absolutely no weight when it comes to Rule of Law Canada cdnpoli acoyne How about obeyed and enforced?

Go home Andy , your drunk We demand fair equal Canada .across all BORDERS equally disabled.. equally canadisn.. BC residents some $400 pe month less than Alberta.. BC disabled get $375 for shelter.? You.must force provinces to pay min standard across Canada right now. No excuses equalization payments Says the guy who's party paid for his kids education

We don't pay taxes for a crown hierarchy any longer check your privilege... Gov check your privilege with our taxes All that sweet sweet First Nation privilege Thank you AndrewScheer and disregard any nonsense tweets from the socialist CTV pundits. Justin now own the CTV with his 600 million dollar bribe that Canadians paid for. Also, trying to censor Canadians! Stay vigilant against his socialist treachery. 💯🇨🇦🙌

Guy who lied his way to the head of the Conservative party tells other to check their privilege. Oh reeeeally ... look who’s talking about “privilege”! He is still at it! Poor twit; you're a has been, a also ran, a footnote, bottom of the page.

Minister offers to meet with Indigenous leaders, says anti-pipeline protests a ‘volatile situation’The blockades were erected after the RCMP enforced a court injunction last week against Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and their supporters, who had been blocking construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline GlobeBC 🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤢🤢🤢🤢 🤮 🤨 🙄 GlobeBC So the Trudeau 'Liberals' are still making excuses for the illegal activity A better response would be stop now and meet with me or go to jail and don't have that opportunity for dialogue They have chosen cowardice over country once again GlobeBC teamblackface

He's right. If you're on the spectrum of diversity, you won't get the Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge treatment. Haha I feel like he’s trolling here Wow! There's a guy everybody pays attention to. Really? Confirmation that Canadians made the right choice last election. Did the cons find their new leader yet?

Privilege check indeed from a person who has lived a privileged life on the taxpayer dime since graduating from school and flibbing burgers before starting his career as low end of politician! Privilege YUP! “Indigenous rights activist and the Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University Pam Palmater responded to the Conservative leader’s comments, saying Scheer ‘needs to check his own white privilege and his blatant racism and disdain towards First Nations.’”

He’s right Conservative tells FN peoples to check privilege? Is this an Onion article? Tout à fait raison I can’t believe that in 2020 people still can’t see these things for what they are. You’re all fools to the media and easily manipulated.

Minister offers to meet chiefs over cross-country anti-pipeline protestsIndigenous Services Minister Marc Miller has offered to meet with three Indigenous leaders, saying their protests against a pipeline in northern British Columbia are a volatile situation. uspoli cdnpoli pnpcbc UKpolitics auspol polcan eupol nzpol CTVppv Fascism is a Govt. that moves in lockstep with Corp. interests ignoring or trampling HumanRights. Why doesn't $TRP use a different route if so many other folks want the pipeline? Wetsuweten They belong in jail. This is not winning points for the Liberals, can they ever stand up and do the right thing? ⚖🇨🇦 lock them up 🇨🇦⚖

You got that right You know where you can stick your finger What’s this American dude talking about? He should worry about dealing with the problems down there, not creating them here. cdnpoli cpc onpoli nspoli Says the guy who used Conservative donor funds to pay for his children's private school tuitions 🙄

That’s rich! 'check their privilege'?! Really Andrew Sneer?! What was that about private school, your kids, and donation money?! Andrew Sneer is not very good at this. :P Right-wingers are so sickening We constantly have to hear them complaining that people are trying to take away their rights and freedoms, but As soon as someone does something they disagree with they want to take away rights.

Andrew don’t go away mad, just go away!! So did Scheer ever repay back the money he took from public coffers to pay for his kids' private school tuition, or is that just gone? 😳 Non-indigenous protesters absolutely have some priviledge to check, hopefully he was only referring to them.

Pipeline protesters block Freeland from Halifax meeting, tell her to call policePipeline protesters linked arms to physically block Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland from entering a meeting at Halifax City Hall. Well that’s embarrassing. Where’s your boss? This needs to stop acoyne This is not peaceful,’s mob bullying. Most of these protesters know nothing about what they’re protesting, nor the circumstances or repercussions of their actions. They don’t care. Plain and simple. Our authorities need to get control, now.

Agree. people breaking the law and getting away with it... the tribe leaders voted in BC for the pipeline. Why are other tribes blocking roads? Its criminal. If they declined the pipeline and were being forced to give up land, then maybe id agree. But this is dumb. A white man scolded protesters to “check their privilege.”

Emilyfo04914299 What kind of stupid comment is that, like they will understand something like that. Yama yada yada..why doesn’t he do something about it Privilege should be reserved for those wishing to send their children to private schools. And have someone else pay. Who? Thought this asshat left already...🙄

And you need to check yr underwear because they will be right behind you somehow somewhere 🤡🤡🤡 Hes not even the leader anymore. He stepped away because he fails as a leader. This clown can shut his hole in his face and fade away into the background. No one cares about his input

LIVE: Andrew Scheer speaks to reportersConservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks to reporters addressing the rail blockades and what he calls the failure by the government to act. And spouting his typical nonsense. Go away Andy. Nobody cares what u have to say. No thank you, I think we've heard enough from his irrelevant self. Well spoken, well said!

Correct We will NOT have any national referendum because Canadians don't like our institutions and they would want change. He never did have anything constructive to say and he still doesn't. Please can we elect a government who will stand up to these people!!!! Yep that will help a bunch. We are NOT equal befire the law and with the wealth we create through taxation to ensure no canadian comes to harm or neglect or discrimination or abuse no matter what province your from coast to coast to coast one Canadian falls we all fall.

They are not protesters, they are indigenous peoples protecting their unceded land against an invasion by a foreign colonial nation. They have every right to be there. The government should respect their sovereign rights and not act in the interest of oil and gas companies. Privilege private schools party paying check .

The GOV need to check their privilege with taxation and funds meant to be sure no canadisn is led behind and homeless and in dire poverty while you force C2 axial fracture and brain lesion patients to deny medical advice and return to work out of your poverty plan/agenda Correct

Feds, B.C. hope meetings with Indigenous leaders will end rail blockadesFederal and British Columbia officials are tentatively set to meet with Indigenous leaders in the hope of ending anti-pipeline rail blockades that have stalled travellers and choked Canada's economy. Run them over problem solved This isn’t about the Coastal Pipeline ... it’s about our ignorance and neglect of First Nations in all jurisdictions for a multitude of reasons - let’s start with clean drinking water and go from there. FirstNationsBC ccab_national But will they talk to the leaders that want it. The media & the gov’t officials only seem to talk to the minority that don’t.

Why Andrew? They're not your type of privileged? Here comes the Trudeau outrage brigade. He needs to check his and pay back $900 k in privilege expenses Yea check your privilege be like Andrew Scheer, take $900,000 to pay for your kids private school. No ... Canada is being held hostage by econuts and our clueless PM is off pandering to UN.

A great example of pathetic click bait. Why is AndrewScheer even talking? Just go away Bahaha. Like he checked his? What does that even mean!!! ?

Scheer is a has been and not entitled to even have an opinion on the subject. Other than indigenous people, everyone else is subservient. Great example of somebody who does not know of what he speaks. I guess the american never learned to speak Canadian? EXACTLY 👍🏼 He's right Protestors have pushed this to a point where if they continue to push the law is going to push back. You can’t block roads, bridges, inconvenience people/business. Laws exist to prevent stuff like this from escalating. It needs to end. It’s unacceptable.

Such an ass So true! After they check their privilege, they can check in somewhere. If anyone needs their Privilege checked it would be Amerikan Andy … I guess he still thinks he is relevant Scheer is abusing his privilege

Andrew 'I steal money from donors to pay for private school' Sheer talking to others about Finally a strong statement from someone. You certainly won’t hear anything but hollow platitudes coming from our embarrassment of a PM. Isn't this the guy that spent government money funding his kids educations? Why are we caring about what this rat says?

Why not let the First Nations People who's land is to be affected have a referendum and let the democratic system work Fun reminder of why he got fired. Man of privilege & entitlement says what Where was this sentiment when the yellow vest white supremacists were clogging road ways to protest something about pipelines ... oh yea, he spoke at their rallies to voice his support.

CTV needs to check their privilege The strange thing is, he thinks this is a clever, witty, and worse, effective response. He still doesn't get it that he lost an election to the most defeatable prime minister in Canadian history. Here's one time we absolutely agree with Mr. Scheer...

You mean unsuccessful outgoing leader. Well said. Just watched the interview. Should be our PM right now, instead we get the high road Trudeau who is oblivious and clueless to everything Hahaha Yeah but you’re not PM are YOU! & for good reason. Time for you to keep your face & opinions to yourself. The Vote has been tallied long ago, don’t let door knob fall in you’re azz on the way out the door. Your conserve’s have lost fail in you, do 🇨🇦 favour & don’t speak anymore

So he does not believe everyone has the right to protest.? This is a good play Andrew, Pot. Kettle. Black. Wow. Typical silver spoon feed person talking. F outta So the Federal Transportation Minister wants to give the indigenous a break from obeying the law because of reconciliation. Bull manure. Enforce the law. Remove the blockades. Enforce the court-ordered injunctions. None of these actions are opposed to reconciliation.

I don't see a problem here. Scheer made it clear he wasn't referring to indigenous protestors.

Oh HELL no. Fuck this guy Maybe Scheer you should Seriously check your ** Privileges ** Andrew needs to grasp his last few days as leader of the Conservative Party and force a vote of no confidence in our two face, constantly absent, back stabbing , black faced, corrupt PM. Sheer THAT IS STUPID REMARK! We as the ppl of Canada and sapport less destruction. So sit down and shut the hell up!

Sit down About time someone has taken a stance !!! people shouldn't use their privilege to help those struggling? Andrew wants to reserve the privileged for other privileged. CTV reported on this statement hoping to trigger outrage against Scheer. They would rather attack conservatives than write a story about how the blockaders are shutting down Canada's economy.

Perfect! 😂😂👏👏👏 Bitch please.

So glad he’s gone. Awas with him. He's right, it's a bunch of wealthy university students in these protest, who live in one of the richest nations in the world. Many Canadians aren't privileged enough to be able to miss work to protest the protesters. Wish I could, but I got bills to pay. You mean like they should have someone pay for their kid’s private schooling?

🤦‍♀️ nice! I love this man!

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