Peter MacKay: The Tories’ avatar of unity, hope and renewal—but also of unforced errors -

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He’s the charismatic candidate who’s supposed to be most electable, carrying name recognition and the promise of centrist appeal. But some Conservatives are not without worries cdnpoli CPCleadership

Many Tories see MacKay’s political experience as being the right blend of old and new

MacKay’s experience, meanwhile, is proving a double-edged sword. He is the candidate in this race with nearly a decade in cabinet, but there are controversies scattered among his accomplishments. He’s the one who helped merge the PCs and Canadian Alliance into the powerful Conservative Party of Canada, but amid the deal-making was one notorious piece of deal-breaking. He’s the one offering crossover appeal to moderates, but may struggle to keep social conservatives within the party tent.

Harper’s appreciation for him is all the more striking given the former PM’s noted impatience for others’ slip-ups. “Everyone made mistakes. His were more regular,” one Conservative cabinet aide says of MacKay.

MacKay has stated that as Conservative leader he’ll accomplish two things simultaneously—attract “more moderate, more centrist” voters in a general election, and preserve the party unity that’s lasted 17 years. Social conservatives are wary of that latter commitment from a candidate who’s avowedly pro-choice and supports LGBTQ rights. MacKay says he’ll make sure they feel listened to, and points to several so-con MPs who support him, such as former minister Ed Fast .

MacKay attributes the early stumbles to “rust” after four years away from politics with a Toronto law office, advising businesses on overseas compliance issues. Then it happened again, in late April. Frustrated by O’Toole’s mockery of MacKay’s fundraising boasts, campaigners sent a memo in MacKay’s name to supporters chiding his rival for supporting a transgender rights bill in 2013, which MacKay had opposed—labelling it with the notoriously transphobic term “bathroom bill.


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PeterMacKay is just another CPC_HQ homophobe

He’s like another Trudeau rich friends. He will make sure they are all taken care of

Peter MacKay as CPC leader will show that the party has not changed and the intention is to repeat the same experiment over and over expecting a different result. cdnpoli

The only one of the four that I would vote for!

Charismatic! Fake News!!!

I'll pass. You know that when the MSM pumps a CPC candidate, it is because they believe he/she is a losing proposition when put up against a Liberal.

'charismatic'? huh? Using that word alone makes this not worth the click.

Liar pants on fire...

If it looks to good to be true. It most likely is to good to be true.

This one is a little negative compared to the last article, be careful McLean's. let's see the next one.

1/2 CPCleadership It's clear that with MacKay JustinTrudeau will lose the Charismatic advantage; however it will be up the Conservatives to pull a team that reflects 2020 🇨🇦 (gender; ethnicity; etc) which, considering the primary, it seems difficult😷🤓

back in the day playing hide-and-seek, we never went looking for Peter, though we all knew he was in the dryer.

I guess charisma is in the eye of the beholder.

Plus he likes helicopters

I want to see the Poilievre fire! Maybe he could give Mackay a tutorial...

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Canada Latest News, Canada Headlines

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