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People claiming to have COVID-19 are threatening to cough on officers: N.S. RCMP

People claiming to have COVID-19 are threatening to cough on officers: N.S. RCMP

2020-03-31 8:30:00 PM

People claiming to have COVID-19 are threatening to cough on officers: N.S. RCMP

The Nova Scotia RCMP says people claiming to have COVID-19 are threatening to cough on police officers .

"A threat to transmit the COVID-19 virus is a threat to the wellbeing and health of our members which is a criminal offence," said Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, spokesperson for the Nova Scotia RCMP.Clarke says, if someone did cough on an RCMP officer, it would be considered an assault on a peace officer.

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No charges have been laid at this time, but Clarke said the RCMP will be addressing the incidents “with the appropriate criminal charges.”The warning comes following a similar incident in New Brunswick last week in whichtwo men were charged with assault for allegedly coughing on others

.The Kennebecasis Regional Police Force responded to a call at a rooming house in Rothesay, N.B., Thursday morning after someone complained that two people had allegedly failed to self-isolate after returning to the province from the Dominican Republic.

One of the accused lives at the rooming house, and when a resident complained that he and his travelling companion weren’t self-isolating, police say that’s when the coughing started.Both men were charged with assault.In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia require people who travelled outside their home province to self-isolate for 14 days when they return.

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That is absolutely terrible! They have every right to be safe as well. They also have families and put their lives and their families every day. Show some respect, and if you have done something illegal, face the consequences like an adult, not a child. Ok seriously, these imbeciles that are threatening to cough on our police officers, that protect us the community should get an automatic 10 years in prison just for doing that

People can be nuts. Are the police enforcing unjust laws or penalties? Clamping down on people sitting on park benches Or are these threats just cause people are dicks? Throw the book,where it hurts-the wallet Why would the news media broadcast this info,it is not at all true and can only cause grief. Lol this is one of the very few reasons I love humanity

Pathetic cuff them lock them up! And these same people will be screaming when they need the RCMP, and the response is not immediate. Shoot them Whyyyy? 'Take care of them'! ... ' the best medication'..... What do we call that!? Attempted man slaughter? Incarcerate with prison population. Hazmatsquad to arrest. Impose 5 year prison sentence for idiots who do this. 1 for even thinking it.

Then they should be arrested for attempted murder WTF is wrong with people They should be charged with attempted murder. It is a deadly virus. Just put them down for good. Officer safety comes first. Lock them up in Alcatraz....we dont need them...I'm sick of this shit... when are we supposed to get our lives back?

Omg!! People, are you crazy Theses Mounties are human beings with families just like rest of us! Anyone doing this is nothing but scum. Police protect us. People get a grip And that would be grounds for an arrest, using as much force as I can apply with my baton, taser or other form of force to stop the threat! Not impressed people!

What a bunch of jerks!!! whatswrongwithpeople Police Officers are not your enemy. They are members of your community that do a job that nobody else wants to do. Secondly shame on CTV News putting this out, it's stupid. It was probably one moron that said this. This type of reporting only value is to make people upset.

handcuff them put a bag in their mouth and a mask over the bag lock them in a dark room tell them if they move rats will bite their ankles. that should fix it. can't handle idiots who are like that. Pepper spray the bastards ! Grounds for shooting them. They should be charged with maximum penalties. This is beyond disgusting!!

Lock them up for twenty years... just do it! What’s wrong with these people. Then,if this is the case, and that this virus is DEADLY which is known to lead to DEATH as facts are obvious, then the DEATH PENALTY should be applied to those who use this virus against people. RCMPONT rcmpgrcpolice JustinTrudeau CanadianPM fordnation TorontoPolice OPP

Arrest and give the a meaningful sentence real classy! smdh It's sad that, because of the world we live in, I had a worry this would come up. These people are crazy. They should be taser. I know it is harsh but how about those police offers risking their lives while dealing with these idiots! You just can’t make this stuff up. Who in their right mind would bring a cough to a gun fight 😀 Just further evidence that in times of crisis the stupid are, well, still stupid!

So I guess RCMP just do what needs to be done normally when someone threatens you . WTF is wrong with people!! 😱 Shoot these fools. The world will be a better place without them. They should be arrested sounds like assault to me Just lame. Not a good idea to threaten a cop. Nope the officer arrested them just for that. Let prick still in a cell for an attitude adjustment.

I was wondering when this stuff was going to start. Throat punch justification Shoot them who gives a shit. Threatening the life’s of those who protect shoot first ask questions later. That would fix the problem quickly. Well if they’re not respecting the two meter rule, I’d cough too.. Good taze them, and quarantine them in cells for at least 2 months.

They do not deserve ventilators if they get Covid. Period. When making choices these are things to consider not just age. Hello people!!! Smarten up!! Now this is way past stupid..there is no reason to infect a person let alone an officer who just might be the one to help you.. What a disgrace!! So disheartening! Respect and honour should be they only thing being presented to any of our frontline workers!!

Charge them BIG TIME Taser and arrest them for assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and anything else that might apply. That’s just wrong 😡😡 WTAF is wrong with people The RCMP is a well respected police force and never should have to experience this abusive behaviour. I am disgusted by this as a Canadian 😡😡🤯🤯

Repugnant. I support the RCMP and all Law Enforcement. There are just no words for some people. Disgusting. Shoot them OMG.......Stop this “ME FIRST “ attitude people.....these are ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL designated to HELP you.....give your hand a shake...we are in this together and together we are STRONGER....CANADA STRONG.....🙏🙏🇨🇦❤️

So the police are being bullied? How the tables have turned. Good way to beat a traffic ticket Taze the shit out of them Nothing short of TERRORISM!!! LOCK THEM UP FOR LIFE. Canada should reinstate the death penalty. Crime rate going to skyrocket during this pandemic. COVID19 COVID19Canada COVID19Ontario

Jail for attempted murder. Full stop! Well they can be charged with terrorism then. Assault with a biohazard should find ppl in jail for years. Shoot them in the knee Charge them as a terrorist attack. Then lock them up for domestic terrorism! You chose your consequences, by your own irresponsible actions!

Jail time please Anyone wanna take bets on the demographics responsible for most of these threats? They’ll never release that info, but it’s pretty obvious when you look at the footage coming out of the more “diverse” areas of Europe. In other countries he would never cough on anyone anymore! So sickening!

That kind of behaviour,if it occurs, should carry a very stiff penalty! RESPECT those who are putting their lives on the line for all of us! Beat them. Senseless. make sure they lose a couple of teeth whole arresting them We’ll gather them all together in a single cell. Nothing like people with a common purpose sharing their thoughts.

What is wrong with people! 😡😢 Crown prosecutors: This is assault with a deadly weapon. Oh look people are stupid Friggin jerks!!! Disgusting, needs to be arrested! Put them in quarantine for 10 years. Show up in hazmat suits and taser them Just taze em. Unacceptable 😠 Wtf is wrong with people? Tasers have a range of over 6', no?

I plan on coughing on my rifles every day this crisis goes on. Come and take them. Throw their a$$es in jail for assault! StupidPeople they should be quarantined and locked up in a cave disgusting I hope all officers wear PPE. They are first responders and since few are tested... That is disgusting behaviour.

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All people over the age of 70 advised to self-isolate during COVID-19 pandemicOntario's Chief Medical Officer of Health is now recommending that all people over the age of 70 self-isolate given the elevated risk of 'severe outcomes' should they contract COVID-19. I haven't been out of my house in weeks! this is beyond disgusting .... I know the staff that work at this home... some are working back to back shifts and a very stressed out .... they and the residents that live in this home are fighting a hard battle .... they don't need you sharks circling outside Where were you when Pinecrest Nursing home was begging for help ... nowhere to be found ...but you vultures arrive and start to circle after it is too late ..when there are deaths it the smell of the dying that brings your reporters out like sharks in the water ?

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