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Elxn 43, Cdnpoli

Party leaders join fellow Canadians at the polls as voting gets underway

The 40-day campaign has come to a close, signalling the opening of polling stations.


Many of the federal party leaders and candidates are also casting their votes Monday. elxn43 cdnpoli itsourvote

The 40-day campaign has come to a close, signalling the opening of polling station s.

Here are the voting hours for each time zone. All times are local.

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet casts his ballot on federal election day in Shawinigan, Que., Monday, Oct. 21, 2019. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes)

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This is illegal and continues his history of corruption. You are not allowed to take pictures inside a polling station and then display them on social media. But he’s above the law and will continue to do what he deems as his right. Trudeau did a fantastic job repairing the devastating cuts from the conservatives and people understand that money had to be spent to reverse the hurtful cuts that hurt most. The economy grew and continues. Liberals for all, conservatives for wealthy.

I wonder who he’s voting for! Then show the other candidates. Don't just show the ass we currently have in power. elxn43 ElectionDay Hypocrisy! Bring out the family to show that he is a family man?This is another slap to our intelligenceDo you really think that this will change our minds today or tomorrow about the despicable human that you are? Win or not ,you have destroyed our Canadian unity.

Federal election 2019: The definitive guide to the issues and party platformsOn everything from climate change to pharmacare, the parties who want to win your vote on Oct. 21 have sharply different visions for Canada. Here’s a primer on where each of them stand Clearly the G&M is not very interested in helping inform people or it would have included the PPC. I wouldn't trust any leftist media.

CTV QP: How much will the Green party grow?The Scrum panel weighs in on the Green Party’s campaign and whether the party's main message was lost. See the full discussion here: cdnpoli elxn43 All was lost when May hired Kinsellout, look what he did for the CONServatives going after Max !!! What struggle? Of all the newsfeeds I receive the mainstream media has barely given Ms May a photo op since the French debate. You purposely shorten my options by not providing the same coverage as other credible candidates who present thoughtful and valid platforms.

Scheer refuses to say whether Tories hired strategist to ‘seek and destroy’ People’s PartyScheer answered repeated questions on the report with the same refrain — that he doesn't comment on vendors that his party 'may or may not have engaged with.' cdnpoli elxn43 Which means he did. Seriously this guy is a liar. Do not vote for his party. and? Are there actually people out there that trust this man

Coalition and minority government: What strategists say their party would doThe West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson sat down with strategists to discuss what could happen if their party isn't chosen to form a majority government come election day.

B.C. becomes campaign’s final battleground as party leaders descend on Lower Mainland'The seats are unsettled, the margins are thin and many of these ridings are two and even three-corner contests where (any party) could make a splash.' Elxn43 simonplittle That's what they exactly said last election They are perpetuating the fraudlent narrative even on election day. This was the headline one (1) day before the Alberta election: 'NDP Bridging the Gap' Do you see a bridged NDP gap on this riding map of final results? 👇

LIVE: Party leaders cast their ballots in electionWatch as the party leaders cast their ballots in the 2019 federal election after a 40-day campaign, LIVE here. Hope he wrote his goodbye speech. Who cares TrudeauMustGo

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