P.E.I. potatoes could head to Puerto Rico within 2 weeks, minister says | CBC News

2022-01-28 5:00:00 AM

Premier welcomes 'first flicker of good news' for industry in weeks.

Premier welcomes 'first flicker of good news' for industry in weeks.

The federal agriculture minister says she's optimistic that shipments of Prince Edward Island potatoes will start to head to Puerto Rico within two weeks, and to the mainland U.S. shortly after that, ending a ban in place since November.

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Ukrainian healthcare professionals facing barriers to licensed work in Nova Scotia | SaltWire

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Austria to lift lockdown for unvaccinated residents

'Freedom convoy' needs to lose extreme rhetoric, says association head as truckers reach Toronto | CBC NewsAs the convoy of trucks opposed to a federal vaccine mandate makes its way through the Toronto area, the president of one trucking organization says the protest's original message has been hijacked by far-right or extreme rhetoric. Extreme rhetoric is anything the CBCNews disagrees with. Horse has already left that barn. Interesting to see the CBC (& by extension the current government) already in the 3rd stage of grief - Bargaining 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance

Ottawa police prepare as convoy protesting vaccine mandate heads to nation's capital | CBC NewsOttawa police are preparing for the arrival this weekend of a massive convoy of protesters opposed to pandemic public health measures — but they say they don't know how big the event will be or how long the protesters might stay. All the hate towards each other is disgusting. Protesting is what you do when you disagree with a policy. Millions of people disagree with the mandate. No matter the side you are on, we are all countrymen. You can disagree with people and still respect them. This reminds me of that movie where the guy starts running, gaining tons of followers along the way. Then, after accomplishing nothing, he turns around and goes back and all the dummies that were with him were left wondering what to do next. .....Good movie. 🤣🍿

Feds tap brakes on Atlantic Loop expectations | CBC NewsIntergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc says more information is needed on the electrical grid connection expansion before Ottawa can justify investment.

4 people found dead inside Richmond, B.C., home were likely shot, homicide investigators say | CBC NewsThe RCMP's homicide unit is investigating after four people were found dead at a Richmond, B.C., house on Tuesday.

Sunwing party trip organizer apologizes, plans to sue airline for breach of contract | CBC NewsJames William Awad, who organized a now-notorious Sunwing charter flight to Cancun in late December, said he’s planning to sue the airline for refusing to fly his group back to Montreal from Mexico. Yeah. After the video, good luck with that. Didn't they not board because they didn't agree to the terms? Like no food on the flight. They made their own bed.

Identities of bodies found near Canada-U.S. border confirmed by High Commission of India | CBC NewsFour people found frozen in a Manitoba field near the Canada-U.S. border last week have been officially identified as a group of Indian nationals, the High Commission of India in Ottawa says. So sad ! Heartbreaking. Florida man got the catch and release program very fast eh 😏😏😡😡

Social Sharing .Social Sharing Convoy gathered at noon in Vaughan before heading east to Kingston CBC News · Posted: Jan 27, 2022 3:04 PM ET | Last Updated: 1 hour ago Supporters of a truckers' convoy opposed to a federal vaccine mandate cheer outside the Vaughan Mills outlet mall, in Vaughan, Ont.Social Sharing.· Posted: Jan 26, 2022 6:00 AM AT | Last Updated: 3 hours ago The Atlantic Loop would see more green energy generated in Nova Scotia, and transmission upgrades in New Brunswick to facilitate the distribution of green energy from Quebec and Labrador.