Ottawa ready to deal with violence, extremists as protest convoy arrives, says public safety minister | CBC News

2022-01-29 5:32:00 AM

Ottawa ready to deal with violence, extremists as protest convoy arrives, says public safety minister. Ottawa Police drawing extra officers from police forces in Toronto, Durham, London, York and OPP.

Ottawa ready to deal with violence, extremists as protest convoy arrives, says public safety minister. Ottawa Police drawing extra officers from police forces in Toronto, Durham, London, York and OPP.

Canada's public safety minister says multiple levels of police and national security forces are preparing to deal with any threats that could erupt from extremists who have latched on to a massive truck convoy that began descending on the nation's capital Friday.

Sloly said any decision to bring the protest to a close early or let it extend beyond the weekend would be based on public safety and that security services will be asking a number of key questions as the protest unfolds such as: "Are there lives at risk, are there elements of critical infrastructure that cannot function sufficiently, or at all."

Friday evening the Ottawa Police Service told CBC News that Ottawa Police will be augmented with officers from forces in Toronto, Durham, London, York and the Ontario Provincial Police.4 hours agoCBC News' Hannah Thibedeau talks to Power & Politics about the protesters who have arrived in Ottawa ahead of an expected weekend demonstration.

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No one has said jabs are the enemy. The mandates are. CBC having trouble with nuance. Canada was the country who was lecturing India on Farmer bill. India now should stand with the protesters. This headline confirms how biased and ill-informed CBC is for coverage..and you call yourselves Journalists...SHAME ON YOU!!!

Remembering the overreach of the G20 where Toronto police arrested, assaulted and stole citizens money and property,, and Bill Blair got away with it... Thank you to OttawaPolice Durham, London, York & OPP for completely ignoring CBC FakeNews fear mongering. Well done! WeAreAllInThisTogether. FreedomConvoy2022 TruckersForFreedom

Fake news The power of the people is mightier than the PAID /CONTROLLED people in power. Every CBC tweet warns of violence, mayhem, destruction. This is a rally of severely normal, hard working wage and contract earners. They are NOT BLM, Antifa, liberal shit disturbers nor students demanding free crap. This is why CBC sucks, misreading, misinforming Canadians

Males are constantly abused by hateful feminists, practicing discrimination & insulting us by calling it equality. Men it is your right to SAY NO & give feminists what they give you, hateful, abusive sex laws, child custody laws, affirmative actions laws, all against men Always focusing on the negative eh? CBC you suck

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds in line for Ottawa street name | CBC NewsFilm star Ryan Reynolds could soon have his name in lights in the nation's capital — at least when cars drive down the block. Don't do it. He'll probably be cancelled in the future. He seems like a nice guy. His work for Sick Kids is admirable. Did you know Ryan Reynolds promotes and profits from Alcohol,which we know,CBC also causes Cancers!

Any minister in the liberal party is the enemy and part of the problem. The prime coward has been moved to undisclosed location what a joke. To afraid to face the people and hear bad names. Lunatic fringe… Why are using words like violence and extremists, when there's been nothing but driving going on. Yes the they should be prepared but you don't need to spread unnecessary fear and hated

Violence? Extremists? It’s a shame the government funded CBC isn’t defunded. It’s nothing more than a tool for controlling messaging to the masses. The way this is being covered is disgraceful. If there’s gonna be violence it’ll be the police that initiate it. boycottCBC You mean you acknowledge that government hired professional rioters are now set to infiltrate this peaceful, uniting country loving Freedom Convoy in Ottawa..Gov is the only one w motive to harm such a beloved historic event if Canadians rising in duty to protect our charter

There are better way to protest instead of distributing lives of people around. Get vaccinated and stop being Trump. shylaura It’s too bad a Peel cop was all for this white nationalist protest. These are the flags they have .. not our Canada KarenKonvoy Ottawa ministers will do anything but listening to the grievances of this Fri he group. There. Fixed it for you!

Erin O'Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa | CBC NewsConservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill — but does not plan to meet with the actual organizers of the convoy. Of course he will. He needs to beg for their votes bc they’re being purged to PPC. CBCNews As apposed to Justin Trudeau “2022 Hide and Seek World Champion” TrudeauMustGo

CBC are you people here.? How can you say garbage like this. There is absolutely no violence here. Stop trying to create havoc on us the peaceful people of Canada Extremists? These are peaceful protesters asking for freedom. Other people coming and caysing havoc aren't part of truckers, they mentioned that lastnight on their space.

🤣 Acting like spoiled children has always worked for these kinds of people. Lazy, entitled and ignorant Store shelves still full. CBC you should hang your heads in shame! CBC A GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER COMMUNIST MEDIA I will always stand with the 90 per cent of vaccinated truckers not the Maverick party truckers.

Looks a lot like January 6th hmmmm protesting freedom? Seriously? It’s all hate, racism and fascism disguised in big trucks with Canada flags funded by extremists- this is not a cause - stop reporting it as that

Police on guard against 'lone wolves' as protest convoy arrives in Ottawa | CBC NewsOttawa's police chief says officials are watching for 'social media actors' and 'lone wolves' who might try to infiltrate this weekend's convoy protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Lone nuts, you mean. Good. That's what is needed. There are far too many people in Ottawa right now that would benefit from this turning violent. This would only play into CBCNews & Trudeau little game of division

This is straight propaganda and CBC should be ashamed of themselves The only violence and extremist views are the Liberals and their paid propaganda spreaders Why didn’t they say this during blm protests? This is when we miss old Pierre Trudeau. These hillbillies wouldn't make it past lunchtime today. 'Just watch me'.

Erin O'Toole and his MP Jeremy Patzer openly support the gun violence threatened by organizers of the protests. Pratzer is adamantly opposed to vaccines, any mandates and any form of lockdown. This is O'Toole's Conservatives.. No they are not! Forcing Canadians to live as two separate nations based on vaccine status is the enemy. When you understand that you will understand why they are headed that way!

Justin Trudeau kneeled down to BLM while they were burning cities in the USA. While we lived with lockdown, job loss, closures & vaxx, truckers roamed free, now theyR asked to follow same rules we did for 2 yrs they’re raising 8m while convoying instead of deliver? What’s to stop the organizer of the 8m to keep it all? COVID19 TruckersForFreedom2022

Instead of using billy clubs use syringes CBC turn the cameras around in your studio and please report the news with transparency and openness… media should not be stifling voices of Canadians. These people have been on the road and across the country for a week with 0 violence, please don’t make things up

Health minister says vaccines are not 'the enemy' as protest convoy descends on Ottawa | CBC NewsHealth Minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended his government's vaccination push Friday as a convoy of protesters opposed to vaccine mandates prepares to descend on Ottawa this weekend. Well at least he’s flexible in his single solution or nothing approach. Keeping the dictatorship alive. if the vax worked as advertised you might have a point. Heck if all the truckers were heading to Ottawa to get the vaccine I might actually support them. But they're not. So F them.

Yeah they look like extremists fake news Would love to see proof of this so called ‘ violence ‘. This is a peaceful protest, I’ve been following since day 1. Stop spreading misinformation!!! when will Ottawa defundCBC The ignorance of this 'convoy' and supporters is mind boggling. Can we take a poll of the IQ level of this group. Stop calling yourself Canadians. Your one step away from Jan 6 in Washington DC. Hope you are prepared for the consequences when your 'extremist fringe' riots.

Stop using the word enemy in all of this. How about that for a protest. There are too many enemies in this country and it's tearing us all apart. A message I just sent to our PM: Biggest peaceful protest in Canadian history and you go run and hid! What a disgrace you are. Your Dad would have taken centre stage and met with those Canadians. He wouldn't have agreed with them I think but he wouldn't hide from them either.

How many Liberal MPs are already claiming they have PTSD from this demonstration? The absolute most disgusting reporting I've ever seen from anywhere. Your organization shouldn't be allowed to call yourself Canadian. What violence madeit across the country no one hurt just more CBC bullshit storieswhat do you do hire fired CNN employees

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Thursday | CBC NewsMost coronavirus restrictions, including mandatory face masks, were lifted in England on Thursday, after Britain's government said its vaccine booster rollout successfully reduced serious illness and COVID-19 hospitalizations. Now do it here! Buuuu huuuu, your lies are falling down CBC? Oh nooo 😱 what would you do once this government fells Where are you gonna get those milliks of dollars from US, the tax payers Here is what we need, the Truth

Hey... how about you report the news of the peaceful protests from the freedom convoy not the extremists ... but you are told what to say by the liberals that’s why you are not a real journalism news agency. Most call you a propaganda machine for hitler’s ( JT)’s regime I would be standing on the nearest building with about a thousand snowballs, one for each dumbfuck in the Failson Parade

Yes all those families I saw today holding and waving Canadian flags .. omg watchout OTTAWA here comes this violent extremists... They're not extremists; they're rallying against a tyrannical government. Shame on you. I don't care about vaxxed or unvaxxed - I just hope this convoy helps open the country up. Enough of all the lockdowns. Let's get on with life. We might lose a few but I think covid restrictions are doing more harm than good 2yrs later.

How much of THE CANADIAN tax payers money is Trudeau paying you to report fake news and spread fear? I’m sure Canada would like to know. What about some RESPECT for the ones taken by the vaccine/s ? CBC is a desiese. I support the convoy and I’m vaccinated. Freedom to choose! Holy shit CBC...when will you quit adding to the feat mongering? Oh right...youre federally funded. Try reporting something other than fake news.

Coronavirus Update: Ottawa police preparing as truckers’ protest convoy nears OttawaJan. 27: Security forces on Parliament Hill are preparing for up to 10,000 protesters to set up camp in downtown Ottawa this weekend to push back against lockdowns and vaccination mandates Normal for any protest. They'll be liasing with protestor leads, RCMP, RCMP VIP, and have a team in sheilds ready to roll. All normal. God Bless these Truckers If these men fail - Canada will be gone forever. Hire back our nurses, healthcare workers, truckers, all who have been illegally fired. If you support mandates you are NOT Canadian, your are a 1930’s German. Forget the police. War measures act just like daddy. Get ready to take these idiots down with the Canadian military. FreedomConvoy2022 vaccinate

The main convoy is coming tomorrow. Ottawa will be the biggest parking lot of trucks for a long time....get used to the horns blasting But but but they'll just say the only extremists is the MSM lmao They travelled a long way! Did they harm anyone? No!! Tell this minister pls read real news not the one govt pays!!

With all those trucks being in one place (Ottawa), it's a great opportunity for authorities to check for licensing, truck safety requirements and breath tests for alcohol. Keep Canada Safe! 😉safetyfirst The only extremist is JustinTrudeau himself! Fawken TRUDEAU, the liBS and CBC. Labeling anyone who questions the Vaccine mandates as VIOLENT and Extremists. ITS OK TO QUESTION your govt. IT KEEPS them on their TOES. Before you left lunatics question me. I’m 3X vaxxed and I believe in science NOT fascism

Can CBCNews stop it’s enough with your false narrative Come on CBC the trucks protesters have not even happened yet . But fears mongering maybe violence. Kind of bias journalism. You think 🤔 Maybe they can start by dining them for violating mask mandates by the thousands - might help pay for the police they are costing tax payers - how much COVID are they allowed to spread before paying their own hospital fees?

If we've learned one thing, it's that cops stand with the far right. Can't blame some dudes for making some OT and chilling with their bros.

She’s right. Vaccines aren’t the enemy. Trudeau is. So far this convoy has done nothing but bring Canadians together. Got my support, and I’m vaccinated! Where is the military in all this? NNYLiberty …not so very different from other protest rallies of other individuals whose lives & livelihoods be threatened (in one form or another). — Tear gas fired as angry Indian farmers breach barricades in tractor rally on Republic Day | South China Morning Post

What horseshit reporting. There is nothing to fear other than incompetent media For a fringe minority? Pathetic governments and even more pathetic journalism, if it can be called such. Vaccines are not the enemy - the loss of personal choice is - why can an employer fire staff for not being vaccinated? Why does our government agree and support this by making EI ineligible? Vaccinated people are still getting Covid & can transmit.

convoynuts trumptards Nobody said anything about violence except for the MSM! Media is completely evil!! The constant lies they spew is sickening! Ever notice its all one sided? This is a peaceful event! If there is any violence, it will be infiltraters or plants to incite it. DO BETTER CBC! Please start telling the truth. We are on to your grey

I'm loving all of the people protesting Justin Trudeau you best wake up because canada is not cuba CONSENT FreedomConvoy2022 This is about consent. Think of three things. 1. The vulnerable may want to consider the vaccine. If they choose not to why make the healthy? 2. Aside from the aged, the vulnerable are generally folks who live like shit. 3.

The propaganda wouldn’t be necessary if they were winning. Find you way back to us CBC. You are lost in the darkness. Peace and Love. Way to sew discord CBC Justin journos Stop with the click bait headlines. It says right in your article 'extremists who have latched on to a massive truck convey'. The majority of the people are there for a peaceful demonstration. But you would never know that from your headline.

Politicians love working class voters until they move against them, then they’re branded violent extremists Headlines like this are why the CBC needs to be defunded by taxpayer money! FYI - I have zero affiliation with the convoy! But they have every right to peacefully protest - stop the fear-mongering!! Get a grip!

Walk them through the icu. Not really, the agenda is not really about vaccines, it’s a cover.

We naively thought Qanon wouldn't come to Canada. Lol. No violence is happening—peaceful protesting for the resignation of a PM with no real cojones or leadership qualities. Also, why so many police for such a small fringe minority? How much are they paying you to twist the facts? Feel sorry for the local citizens to put up with noisy parties and loudspeakers violating their privacy especially at night time eh 😏😏😡😡

Theyre just angry they cant win an election and lash out at anything that will get a response. Looks like plenty of pickup truckers getting free parking. Trump supporters in the midst yet no one home at parliament this weekend 😏😏😡😡 Hmm, so all races, all genders of every age walking around the praliment building are extremists? Wow cbc! How about you jump on the real story - it’s not too late to save your soul!

If only the liberals would have treated the blm/antifa terrorists half as harshly as they're treating our hero truckers. Water canons please. canadianwinterracistwash Wait till they find out Trudeau and the cabinet left town for the weekend.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly told CBC News Network's Power & Politics that the protest organizers initially told his force the demonstration would be a weekend event, but that "the option of going into the week is also still on the table.· Posted: Jan 26, 2022 2:18 PM ET | Last Updated: 7 hours ago Actor Ryan Reynolds, seen here at a premiere in New York on Dec."I will be meeting with truckers, I will be meeting with parts of the convoy.Health minister says vaccines are 'not the enemy' as protest convoy descends on Ottawa At least hundreds more were expected throughout the day and over the weekend and Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly says they aren't sure of the how large the rally would be.

" Sloly said any decision to bring the protest to a close early or let it extend beyond the weekend would be based on public safety and that security services will be asking a number of key questions as the protest unfolds such as: "Are there lives at risk, are there elements of critical infrastructure that cannot function sufficiently, or at all." He also said his force currently has solid communication lines open with protest leaders but if that were to change, and police feel that promises made to them to ensure public safety meant the situation was no longer "predictable," a decision could be made to shut the protest down. (Charles Sykes/Invision/The Associated Press). Sloly said that his force is well resourced and that the number of officers and equipment can be swiftly reduced or increased depending on how the demonstration goes. Some of those organizing the protest have expressed hopes of dissolving the government upon their arrival in Ottawa. Friday evening the Ottawa Police Service told CBC News that Ottawa Police will be augmented with officers from forces in Toronto, Durham, London, York and the Ontario Provincial Police. WATCH | Protest convoy begins to arrive in Ottawa: Protest convoy begins to arrive in Ottawa 4 hours ago Duration 8:04 CBC News' Hannah Thibedeau talks to Power & Politics about the protesters who have arrived in Ottawa ahead of an expected weekend demonstration. "The demonstrations this weekend will be unique, fluid, risky and significant," said Sloly in a news conference Friday morning.

8:04 The bulk of the trucking protest had yet to arrive in Ottawa Friday evening but tractor trailers, motor homes and pick up trucks already brought parts of Ottawa to a standstill around 5 p. 1:38 But the Conservative Leader also voiced opposition to Liberal policy choices.m. Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill was completely blocked with vehicles and demonstrators waving flags. Drivers honked horns up and down the street as participants in the protest walked alongside their vehicles waving flags shouting slogans and cheering. Truckers were our heroes at the start of the pandemic. Those not participating in the protest have told CBC the build-up to the protest and the arrival of the trucks have caused anxiety over concerns the protests will get out of hand. "We do not know all the parallel demonstrations that may occur and/or the lone wolf individuals who may insert themselves into the mix for various reasons," Sloly said.

Vaccines are not the enemy Earlier in the day, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended his government's vaccination push as the convoy of protesters opposed to vaccine mandates began descending on the city. "The enemy is not vaccination. 👇 Some of those tied to the protest have vowed to stay until all vaccine mandates are repealed or the government somehow resigns. Large number of donations to support convoy came from aliases, unnamed donors Earlier Friday, Ottawa police said they don't know yet how many people will show up this weekend. Sloly described the situation as "unique, fluid, risky and significant" and said police and security resources, including cameras, will be bolstered throughout the downtown. "Let me be very clear. We are prepared to investigate, arrest if necessary, charge and prosecute anyone who acts violently or breaks the law in the demonstrations or in association with the demonstrations," he said..

"We have seen in other jurisdictions where these behaviours have led to people getting injured, killed and/or incarcerated. We're doing everything we can to ensure that that does not happen again." Today, I met with truckers heading to Ottawa. Truckers are our neighbours, our family, and most importantly, they are our fellow Canadians. 1/2 pic. — Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole met with some of the truck drivers participating in the protest and afterwards called in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with demonstrators and "hear their concerns." "Truckers are our neighbours, our family and most importantly, the are our fellow Canadians," he said. The Canadian Trucking Alliance and the Ontario Trucking Association have both come out against the convoy, saying 90 per cent of cross-border truckers are vaccinated. Earlier in the day O'Toole urged politicians to lower the temperature and said the government's insistence on making vaccines mandatory is unjustly causing people to lose their jobs.

Trudeau, who is self-isolating after one of his children tested positive for COVID-19, has called the protesters a "fringe minority." NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh denounced the convoy earlier this week and accused its organizers of voicing "inflammatory, divisive and hateful comments." With files from Nick Boisvert .