Ottawa prepares for thousands of vehicles, pedestrians to arrive with truck convoy | CBC News

2022-01-29 2:30:00 PM

Traffic disruptions in Ottawa are expected to peak Saturday with the main demonstration of the truck convoy planned for noon on Parliament Hill.

Ottawa braces for traffic disruptions with truck convoy, protesters set to converge in downtown core; several businesses opting to close for weekend:

Traffic disruptions in Ottawa are expected to peak Saturday with the main demonstration of the truck convoy planned for noon on Parliament Hill.

·(Ivanoh Demers/Radio-Canada)She said the line of vehicles on Highway 417 was an estimated seven kilometres long.Police are also expecting around 5,000 pedestrians from Gatineau, Que. to make their way to Parliament Hill today.But there's going to be gridlock downtown this weekend, and residents should expect that to have impacts across the city.

Protesters have been directed to use the Pinecrest Road entrance to the Highway 417, the Kent exit, and the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway, police say.The City of Ottawa has an interactive traffic map where residents can check on lane and road closures

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this is what white men do when they make their own choices that do not align with what they want to do... they cry foul, play victim and yell loud... because they can... if only Canadians with real problems beyond their own control seeking help were taken just as serious... Vous être laid Aughh! There is nothing more to learn about the arrival of the convoy and it’s views. You’re late already to the story of the widespread backlash, condemnation and outright anger this protest and its behaviour has created in the majority of Canadians! Don’t believe me? Do a poll.

An estimated 1-2 million people arrived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada today to call for an end to government mandates. GO CONVOY GO! END COVID SCAMDEMIC! defundthecbc While millions at home shake their heads. How many vehicles are in Ottawa right now , is the People living in Ottawa are safe ? Is Erin O'Tool is going to address to the crowd later tonight? Are the protesters are going back home tomorrow?

Erin O'Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa | CBC NewsConservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill — but does not plan to meet with the actual organizers of the convoy. Of course he will. He needs to beg for their votes bc they’re being purged to PPC. CBCNews As apposed to Justin Trudeau “2022 Hide and Seek World Champion” TrudeauMustGo

Idiots DEFUND CBC! So truckers started a go fund me n have 6+ million n yet still our health worker hold the line n report for duty god bless you all Downtown Ottawa is a sihthole. I was there this summer for the first time in 15 years and it's turned into a slum of the absolute bottom rung of society. It's worse than Toronto. Such a shame.

The businesses in byway market forced to close due to the Convoy. Should get financial compensation from the go fund me money raised by the protesters. Giving this too much press is just enabling this kind of destructive nonsense! Don't give these rebellious MAGA hooligans air time! People that are in hospitals sick with Covid...tell there story instead!

More from the CBC's Judy Trinh: Our very own ‘capital hill Jan USA’ - bad eggs

Police on guard against 'lone wolves' as protest convoy arrives in Ottawa | CBC NewsOttawa's police chief says officials are watching for 'social media actors' and 'lone wolves' who might try to infiltrate this weekend's convoy protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Lone nuts, you mean. Good. That's what is needed. There are far too many people in Ottawa right now that would benefit from this turning violent. This would only play into CBCNews & Trudeau little game of division

Some much for the freedom to do commerce and move about freely. environmentca RosieBarton ..... Why didn’t Trudeau meet with FreedomConvoy2022 💪💪 in Winnipeg 🤔 Save Ottawa ClimateAction 🤮🤮🤮 When you hear the people in the convoy speak ... they are happy and overwhelmed by the support of real Canadians ... but you hear from the media & government about the convoys malicious intent ... funny what do the government, police & media have planned?

CBC is owned by the liberal government. They haven't reported any real news in years ... but they sure are reporting how this peaceful convoy has malicious intent ... The only malicious intent will come from the media, government or the police themselves Protests happen in any civilized country when a group of people want change. Naive Canadians are just pissed that people disagree with their choices.

Not sure why ppl think theres going to be violance, its a peacefull protest by ppl who are vaxed and dont want to be mandated. If i had a buisness down there id be fully opened imagine the foot traffic of essential a massive tourist movement from all around Canada! $$$$$ duhhh This is a smaller scale repeat of January 6th 2021 in the US. No one wants to witness any of this hate that is promoting the removal of freedoms from the majority of Canadians. I hope every person and business in Ottawa that is impacted by this protest sues the organizers.

Stop giving these people so much coverage! All they want is air time and media is playing into their hands like they did for Trump! And look where that got us. Stop giving this all this coverage! Send the bill to the organizers if your business or private property gets any damages.

Health minister says vaccines are not 'the enemy' as protest convoy descends on Ottawa | CBC NewsHealth Minister Jean-Yves Duclos defended his government's vaccination push Friday as a convoy of protesters opposed to vaccine mandates prepares to descend on Ottawa this weekend. Well at least he’s flexible in his single solution or nothing approach. Keeping the dictatorship alive. if the vax worked as advertised you might have a point. Heck if all the truckers were heading to Ottawa to get the vaccine I might actually support them. But they're not. So F them.

Ottawa braces for White nationalist Klan meeting in downtown core. There, CBC, I fixed your headline. Ya but are they boarding up their windows like in TO? Um they're staying longer than the weekend 🙃 Get a life and go home. Stop embarrassing our country Who knew that crossing the border would be so important to so many?

They are already close thanks to the corrupt government, get your story straight lyingagain This guys reporting is better than the CBC Well, they could negative test and stay home I guess..

Coronavirus Update: Ottawa police preparing as truckers’ protest convoy nears OttawaJan. 27: Security forces on Parliament Hill are preparing for up to 10,000 protesters to set up camp in downtown Ottawa this weekend to push back against lockdowns and vaccination mandates Normal for any protest. They'll be liasing with protestor leads, RCMP, RCMP VIP, and have a team in sheilds ready to roll. All normal. God Bless these Truckers If these men fail - Canada will be gone forever. Hire back our nurses, healthcare workers, truckers, all who have been illegally fired. If you support mandates you are NOT Canadian, your are a 1930’s German. Forget the police. War measures act just like daddy. Get ready to take these idiots down with the Canadian military. FreedomConvoy2022 vaccinate

its time the brainwashing stops…the story is the media this time DefundCBC Go truckers Go! Don't close. Stay open for support. Food, drinks and warmth. Canadians are the best! A message I just sent to our PM: Biggest peaceful protest in Canadian history and you go run and hide What a disgrace you are. Your Dad would have taken centre stage and met with those Canadians. He wouldn't have agreed with them I think but he wouldn't hide from them either.

So, you say the freedumb tour is closing more businesses? Cool, cool. Can these places apply for compensation from the grifting fund, or did the “Management fees” use that all up already? How can these independent truckers afford this crap? Fuel is expensive and they haven't hauled freight for a week.

Sounds frindgy Cool, does that mean they are 'prepared' to arrest them like peaceful land defenders? Ticket everyone who blocks traffic, parks against rules etc…there is a record of their presence.

Amber Alert issued for 2-year-old Calgary boy | CBC NewsAn Amber Alert has been issued for a two-year-old Calgary boy allegedly taken by his mother, Tamara Jean Vanderjagt, from downtown Calgary. Its ok tell them the Freedom Convoy was spotted in Thunder bay and both Transports are just fine! Hopefully safe and sound and just local 🙏🙏 Update: Amber Alert issued by Calgary police was cancelled around 12 a.m. ET. Police say the child in question is now safe.

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Thursday | CBC NewsMost coronavirus restrictions, including mandatory face masks, were lifted in England on Thursday, after Britain's government said its vaccine booster rollout successfully reduced serious illness and COVID-19 hospitalizations. Now do it here! Buuuu huuuu, your lies are falling down CBC? Oh nooo 😱 what would you do once this government fells Where are you gonna get those milliks of dollars from US, the tax payers Here is what we need, the Truth

Social Sharing Expect lane closures, OC Transpo detours and increased police presence CBC News · Posted: Jan 29, 2022 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 4 hours ago A demonstrator waves a flag in Ottawa on Jan."I will be meeting with truckers, I will be meeting with parts of the convoy.Health minister says vaccines are 'not the enemy' as protest convoy descends on Ottawa At least hundreds more were expected throughout the day and over the weekend and Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly says they aren't sure of the how large the rally would be."The enemy is not vaccination.

28, 2022, as a truck convoy protesting COVID-19 mandates makes its way down Wellington Street. (Ivanoh Demers/Radio-Canada) Originally planned against vaccine mandates in the trucking industry, the protest has attracted international attention and grown to become a wider demonstration against the federal government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The protest, initially billed as a demonstration by Canadian truckers against vaccination rules in their industry, has expanded in recent days to include people with much broader grievances against the federal government and its handling of the pandemic. Ottawa police could not say for sure Friday evening how many vehicles are coming, but acting deputy chief Trish Ferguson said at least a couple thousand are expected. The larger rally is expected on Saturday. She said the line of vehicles on Highway 417 was an estimated seven kilometres long. "There are other groups using the plight of truckers to bring division, hatred, and we need to call that out and stamp it out," O'Toole said, later repeating a call for Canadian politicians to "lower the temperature" around the protest. "The numbers change, the numbers swell in a province and they shrink while they cross the provincial border. Erin O'Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa While a few convoy vehicles have started lining the streets near Parliament Hill already, organizers say most of the convoy will arrive Saturday morning.

They swell as they go through cities, particularly large regions, and they drop off," said Chief Peter Sloly in a media briefing Friday. 1:38 But the Conservative Leader also voiced opposition to Liberal policy choices. While the protests are national in scope and massive in scale, he said they are also "polarizing in nature" and come with "significant risks. Because of that "accordion effect," Sloly said police can't predict numbers until they're all in the city — and they're coming from all directions. Police are also expecting around 5,000 pedestrians from Gatineau, Que. In a tweet posted just minutes after his news conference ended, O'Toole said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to "smear and demonize" truckers. to make their way to Parliament Hill today. — @OttawaPolice Sloly points out organizers of the main convoy have promised demonstrations will be peaceful, but there have been various online threats locally, nationally and internationally inciting violence, hate and criminal acts. No road closures planned for major arteries Plans are in place for traffic disruption and parking, police said, as they have been in constant communication with the captains of the convoys.

Now Trudeau and his Liberal allies want to smear and demonize them. We are prepared to investigate, arrest if necessary, charge and prosecute anyone who acts violently or breaks the law in the demonstrations or in association with the demonstrations," he said.

But there's going to be gridlock downtown this weekend, and residents should expect that to have impacts across the city. "The stated goal of demonstrators is to disrupt traffic, to bring attention to their cause," Ferguson said. 👇

The City of Ottawa has an interactive traffic map where residents can check on lane and road closures here . Quebec police try to keep people from standing on the Trans-Canada Highway between Montreal and Ottawa on Friday as they wait for a convoy protesting federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates to pass through Rigaud, Que. (Peter McCabe/The Canadian Press) "For those of you living or working in the downtown core, we understand your concerns and we are working to lessen the impacts on your lives, but there will be significant impacts,' Sloly said. "We have every confidence in the world that the vast majority of people who are choosing to come to this city, or who live in this city and choose to participate in some form or other in the demonstrations, will do so as Canadians do, lawfully, peacefully and with respect to everybody," said Sloly. The impacts won't just be for drivers: police said pedestrians and cyclists may also be rerouted for safety reasons. Several businesses in the vicinity have also made the decision to shut for the weekend." With files from Nick Boisvert.

WATCH | Ottawa police warn people to avoid downtown core this weekend Ottawa police warn people to avoid downtown core this weekend 18 hours ago Duration 1:01 Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly said that the demonstrations against vaccine mandates for truck drivers that are expected to happen in the city this weekend will require a large-scale response from police to ensure safety. He advised Ottawa residents and visitors to limit any business they have in the downtown area over the weekend. 1:01 Snow removal paused, bus routes shifted The City of Ottawa has paused all snow removal and asks residents not to request routine snow removal. It says it intends to restart removal as soon as it makes sense to do so. Waste collection services should not be interrupted, the city said.

OC Transpo has rerouted its Rideau Station bus service to Mackenzie King Bridge. Its westbound Queen Street bus service, including Parliament Station, will move to Albert Street, while eastbound service will relocate to Slater Street. Other detours may be announced throughout the weekend, OC Transpo said. Service disruptions can be found here . Residents should also expect to see more police and emergency crews throughout the downtown and on highways this weekend.

Although the main demonstration is planned for Saturday, police aren't certain how long protesters will linger. "We will certainly be extremely concerned should there still be a large set of demonstrations happening in the city of Ottawa, in the downtown core, as we resume a normal workweek," said Kim Ayotte, the general manager of emergency and protective services. Ottawa Public Health has also .