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Opinion: Why are Americans trying to fight COVID-19 with guns?

Why are Americans trying to fight COVID-19 with guns? @GlobeDebate

2020-04-06 10:40:00 PM

Why are Americans trying to fight COVID-19 with guns? GlobeDebate

Under a President who thrives on stoking division, more armed U.S. citizens is a prospect that should scare us all

Leviathan, citizens must hand over sovereignty, and thus the right to use force, to an almighty state. Democracies today are not almighty, but they do claim a monopoly on the legitimate use of force – as do dictatorships, of course.The U.S. federal government was never trusted with a monopoly on the use of armed force. But for the most part, efforts were made – not always successfully – to limit violence by restricting the types of guns people could own and the types of people who could own them. Until the 1970s, the National Rifle Association was an organization of gun enthusiasts that focused on firearms safety.

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But then the NRA, provoked by one of those periodic panics that drive so many Americans to seek guns, switched its position to become a radical proponent of private gun ownership. And when large numbers of Americans panic, race is usually in the background.

Story continues below advertisementFrightful violence was unleashed by gun-toting Ku Klux Klan members beginning in the 1860s, when white southerners sought to restore the racial hierarchy upended by the end of slavery and Reconstruction in the former Confederate states. This resulted in paranoid rhetoric about black men threatening white property and women; shootings and lynching followed.

Echoes of this resounded in the 1970s, when white resistance to court-ordered school integration peaked. Indeed, what really pushed the NRA into active politics and lobbying an individual right to carry guns was the expansion of civil rights for African-Americans under president Lyndon Johnson. This triggered the flight of southern Democrats to the Republican Party, the active involvement of evangelical Christians in right-wing politics and the demand for a new interpretation of the Second Amendment. Images of Black Panther revolutionaries taking up arms to defend themselves against racism seemed to confirm many whites’ worst fears.

Years of lobbying and cajoling by the NRA, and the steady radicalization of the Republican Party, finally paid off in 2008 when five right-wing Supreme Court justices ruled (against the other four) that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of individuals to carry guns to protect “

hearth and home.”The “war” against COVID-19, belatedly declared by Mr. Trump, is not on the surface the same thing as racial resentment of minorities. But fear of lawlessness is fear of poor and desperate mobs, deprived of jobs and health care. It is fear of a war of all against all – or perhaps not quite all.

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GlobeDebate They’re not... They’re getting ready to kill each other GlobeDebate ‘Merica GlobeDebate Because...stupid. GlobeDebate Back home we put all this testosterone to good use..... GlobeDebate Because the majority of the US is made up of states that are essentially just third world countries. Rednecks, poverty and uneducated. Just look at Detroit right across the border from Windsor. There's probably only five or six states that are actually functional.

GlobeDebate Bro if the neighbors on your street are all packing the paranoia is going to get you GlobeDebate America is still the wild wild west. That is why the Yanks rush to buy guns every time they think they might be in danger because their elected officials and the police forces they command are either incompetent or corrupt.

GlobeDebate Because looting is too common a problem during crises. ☹️ GlobeDebate Why was Trudeau and you in the MSM trying to fight the pandemic with political correctness rather than concrete policies? GlobeDebate Are Yanks smarter than we are? Police, Army, Airforce, Navy, Spaceforce. 350 million weapons. In Canada 🇨🇦, spitballs, peashooters, sling shots& backscratchers.Only gangs have guns & ammo!

GlobeDebate They look s little CV close. Quick call the tape measure police GlobeDebate They aren't. Don't be absurd. They're concerned about social collapse. Those concerns are likely unwarranted. But still, there they are. There's nothing wrong with wanting to defend yourself in a time of anarchy.

GlobeDebate You gotta love those Americans GlobeDebate Clickbait GlobeDebate He idiot liberals when people get desperate they will do anything it’s called protection ... we need fines to fight against the Trudeau dictatorship GlobeDebate Because they know exactly where western civilization is heading in the aftermath of this pandemic. Canadians can learn from Venezuela.

GlobeDebate Cauae they are led by a maron GlobeDebate Guns cure windmill cancer obviously GlobeDebate Oh you know, Zombie apocalypse maybe...or Sharknado attack...any one of these make as much sense as this. egyptia GlobeDebate Its so they can shoot and kill whoever comes to loot their homes. The U.S. is full of paranoid people who follow a huge gun culture that suggests that you need to be armed for war 'just in case' someone tries to break into your home.

GlobeDebate Why is the Globe being disingenuous? In a time of crisis, self reliance and self defense are first on people's minds. I wish more Canadians had that attitude, instead of looking toward corrupt government to solve all their problems. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate In Canada, your right to life, liberty & security of the person is your personal responsibility to ensure. Americans view that as sacrosanct, while Canadians tend to view their safety as the govts responsibility. Tools of freedom & independence will naturally increase in a crisis

GlobeDebate Because they aren't willing subjects of the government like Canadians. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Maybe they think the apocalypse is imminent... GlobeDebate Who cares?! GlobeDebate Whoever wrote the headline didn’t read the article. GlobeDebate Because so far the public people seem to have more knowledge in pandemics than governments.

GlobeDebate They dont trust their government. GlobeDebate Rubbish! People buy guns if they have doubts that police will be in a position to respond. Fascist power grabs fuel distrust in the government. Americans are dealing with the Coronavirus by staying home and shopping online. GlobeDebate Well when prisoners are being let out for Covid 19 safety and gun shops are being closed because they’re not considered essential...

GlobeDebate What a rediculous click bait headline. GlobeDebate Something about tyrannical governments, food and looters I reckon. GlobeDebate Why do you have to be so underhandedly critical of Americans, all the time? Even a brain dead liberal understands that people buying guns today, are the ones who a few weeks ago, were trying to get them all banned. You're being deliberately obtuse.

GlobeDebate Because they are stupids. GlobeDebate Maybe coz certain segments of the population are openly saying, on social media, that they are going to invade these people's homes and take their supplies? GlobeDebate Cuz they've seen the movies and they need to guard their toilet paper at all costs.

GlobeDebate Shoot COVID19 virus 🦠 to death? GlobeDebate Guns and religion. Almost like those 2 things could get an idiot elected. GlobeDebate Because Americans for the most part are morons. They can't add that more guns equal more deaths. When more than half the country is educated by FOX NEWS, this is the result. But hey, let's blame the email lady for what's wrong and the token black president.

GlobeDebate When all the free stuff for the illegals stop, They're going to need them. GlobeDebate Check firarms sales in Canada you will see a huge increase. Instead you want to focus on the US all the time. GlobeDebate Because they are stupid. GlobeDebate Because actions speak louder than words to them

GlobeDebate Simpson’s did it. Wiggum fought off the Osaka Flu years ago. GlobeDebate Because they can Given the very blatant incompetence of North American governments in dealing with a global pandemic it’s not surprising that sales are up not only in the US but in Canada as well up until the shutdown Guns are protection Only fools think they don’t need any

GlobeDebate Lol, what don't they try to fight with guns? Guns, explosions, bombs, missiles, everything in life is like a Hollywood action movie to some Americans. Kindness and compassion, on the other hand, right over their heads. GlobeDebate Inbreeding? GlobeDebate Really that's what u think 🤔 GlobeDebate They aren't fight the virus they are getting ready to go shopping for toilet paper.

GlobeDebate Because when the s*** hits the fan is good to have one GlobeDebate They are preparing for the end game. This is pretty obvious no? GlobeDebate Why, it is to shoot the virus. What a silly question GlobeDebate How ironically funny! GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Come on, you know why! GlobeDebate This a rhetorical question?

GlobeDebate Because it is easier for the simple minded to fear a tangible enemy like the neighbour next door, than an invisible creature like a virus that can't be shot or beaten with a baseball bat. GlobeDebate Don't worry Globalist Mail, it's over your head.

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