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Opinion: Even though it’s from the odious Trump, the ‘two-faced’ smear cuts Trudeau deeply

Even though it’s from the odious Trump, the ‘two-faced’ smear cuts Trudeau deeply @GlobeDebate


Even though it’s from the odious Trump , the ‘two-faced’ smear cuts Trudeau deeply GlobeDebate

Sympathy for the Prime Minister is mitigated because he did much to bring on the insult himself

Even though the President added that the Prime Minister is “a very nice guy,” his slam cuts deeply with Mr. Trudeau as it aligns with the depiction of him by many critics as a phony.

For Justin Trudeau, the odious reputation of the deliverer of the put-down is a source of some relief. Mr. Trump is currently facing impeachment hearings for behaviour far worse than being two-faced. His serial abuse of the truth is legendary. He habitually smears opponents. He is viewed in Canada, compared with other presidents, with unprecedented disdain.

Mr. Trudeau also surely knows from experience that the slightest criticism of Mr. Trump triggers his temper. Caution is in order. Whatever you do, don’t provoke a Trumpian tantrum. There’s no telling what he will say. In this case, Mr. Trump seems to have enjoyed insulting Mr. Trudeau. He was later caught on a mic saying “That was funny when I said the guy’s two-faced.”

Canada has in fact increased its defence spending under the Liberals. On the eve of this summit, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s Secretary-General, lauded the country’s role in strengthening the alliance. Ottawa’s military spending has come under criticism by virtually every president since the Second World War. Canadians are not in favour of outlays as high as 2 per cent of GDP. In that respect, they wouldn’t mind Mr. Trudeau telling this President where to get off.

Mr. Trudeau has to be careful with any temptation he may have to lash back. He needs Mr. Trump’s help in the continuing feud with China on the Meng affair, which still sees two Canadians being held in Beijing. The new NAFTA, the USMCA, is still in the process of being ratified by Congress. Even if that goes through, the President could strike Ottawa on the trade front in other ways.

On that note, in the wake of the London summit, Canada has a Prime Minister who has all the more reason to wish the President no luck in the impeachment proceedings.

Read more: The Globe and Mail

GlobeDebate This photo will be a meme. GlobeDebate He should be cut off by impeaching him. He is lucky to have a tolerant population. GlobeDebate It’s unclear, but it sounds like the Glob&Pail is advocating for Canada to take a submissive and subservient role to Trump... not the US, just Trump... thankfully Canadians are not sycophants...

GlobeDebate Really. GlobeDebate The truth is that the whole world political leadership are 'two faced laughing' behind his back as his influence dwindles; all of his own making, possibly dragging the U.S. with him. GlobeDebate And no one questions the source? Who's camera is capable of picking that audio in a noisy room? And it only captions Trudeau's comments? C'mon now..

GlobeDebate No it doesn’t. You’re trying to create a story at the expense of our government leader. That is the state of journalism in Canada? Part of the problem. GlobeDebate Oh, he called you directly and told you so? Being called names by Trump, pff. He is a thin skinned ass whose delicate feefees were hurt because JT related how ill mannered he acted as usual, making everyone wait. There was no lie in it, and they all laughed at how uncouth he is.

GlobeDebate No matter what Mr. Trudeau thinks of Mr. Trump, it is an undignified way to act. He came across as a gossipy teenager. GlobeDebate An elite, inside media view. Get out on the street and ask around. People are proud that the PM called the jackass thug out. Good on him. GlobeDebate Dont think so !!! Media is creating a fake hype over it ...calm down ..nobody died

Letters to the editor: Dec. 3: ‘Canada should thank Andrew Scheer for helping to keep our country untainted with the smell of an even less palatable dish.’ Plus other letters to the editorIn today’s letters to the editor: standing up in Manitoba; show them the money; justice in Ontario; Trump and NATO; the health-care debate goes on; art in Vancouver; cooking with Andrew Scheer

GlobeDebate Meh. Nice try globe and mail. GlobeDebate Is this really what NATO/UN stands for ... silly laughing and name calling like grade school children ... ? NATO/UN is more than military/perhaps a way to resolve differences and keep globalist prosperity for more without military. Do we really want some profa country rise? ...

GlobeDebate Pot calling the kettle black syndrome from Trump who badmouths everyone. International neighbours should ignore everything, I mean everything that orange scum bag says. GlobeDebate It does not. Get some perspective fercrissakes. GlobeDebate Seriously? Read The Star's take on this for a more intelligent analysis of Trump's latest shoot from the hip drivel.

GlobeDebate Why isn’t anyone talking about the others that were just as guilty of talking crap about Trump! GlobeDebate Only in the tiresome right wing amateurish Canadian media. FFS shut up !!!!! GlobeDebate Only in the eyes of conservative media outlets like this one owned by conservative endorsing, Woodbridge Company. And good on Trudeau and the others that were also involved (funny you only mention Trudeau's name) Weak Trump talks shit about everyone. He's a cry baby.

GlobeDebate Utterly embarrassed by the behavior of the Canadian PM GlobeDebate Be better Globe, not pandering to a demagogue psychopath raised Trudeau up a few notches. Also, who hasn’t had a conversation like this when they don’t think they’re being listened to.

Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced' after candid video U.S. President Trump has called Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 'two-faced' after video surfaced of world leaders seemingly talking about him while attending an event at Buckingham Palace. Read more here: lmao the snake oil salesman... shame on the usa electorate for electing him.... 25th ASAP! Trump will retaliate against Canada now. Steel tariffs, farmers ? Tracey Ullman as Angela Merkel springs to mind...

GlobeDebate No it doesn’t. Cheap journalism yet again. The Globe usually rises above such nonsense. ‘He’ will say anything to distract from a thing called impeachment hearings. GlobeDebate Nothing wrong being two-faced. Have a professional face and your personal face. Trudeau should be keeping it professional regarding our ally though. Would be nice if there was an apology.

GlobeDebate You seem to have made up a lot of knives. GlobeDebate Agreed, he totally lacks judgment and political wits. GlobeDebate The days of pandering to Trump are over. Going along to get along with a clearly racist President is not acceptable unless of course your PM is a US citizen. GlobeDebate 'The international media were giving (Trump's 'two-faced smear of Trudeau) blanket coverage. And sympathy for the PM is mitigated because he did much to bring on the insult himself.' LMartinWashDC cdnpoli

GlobeDebate It’s not a smear, Trudeau is a two faced lowlife GlobeDebate Trudeau's next reelection campaign should be only Trump jokes if he wants a majority back. GlobeDebate 'A U.S. president publicly calling a CDN PM “two-faced” is arguably the worst insult a president has ever issued to a PM. His slam cuts deeply with Mr. Trudeau as it aligns with the depiction of him by many critics as a phony' LMartinWashDC cdnpoli

GlobeDebate Watch the interview. trump is not being truthful.

Video: Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced'President Donald Trump has called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'two-faced' during a news conference. The comments come after Trudeau and other world leaders were caught on camera apparently criticizing Trump the night before. It's what he's doing when he's not in blackface. Did those bad boys make fun of you ? Shame on them . Trudeau should only talk to trump in French from now on...

GlobeDebate Nah. Trump was 10x worse to Trudeau’s face in front of cameras broadcasting to the world. Pick better battles, silly conservative media. GlobeDebate He and Macron are little spoiled boys playing in a sandbox that is clearly to big for them. GlobeDebate And surely it should, he should watch his mouth, what he says affects us all, whereas what POTUS says........

GlobeDebate Trudeau acts like a teenager and needs a detention GlobeDebate Black face + white face = two faced GlobeDebate Seriously Who cares GlobeDebate 'opinion' GlobeDebate A smear from the odious Trump ? Did Trudeau welch on his commitment to NATO or did he keep it? Hint he welched again. So whats the smear from the guy who managed to keep his commitment? topoli cdnpoli onpoli

GlobeDebate Nope! It. Does. Not GlobeDebate I'll take blackface Trudeau (which happened nearly two decades ago, mind you) over a morally bankrupt imposter like Trump.

Trump blasts ‘two-faced’ Trudeau over candid video at NATO reception U.S. President says Prime Minister is a ‘nice guy’ who is ‘not very happy’ about being called out for not spending 2 per cent of GDP on NATO defence Trudeau once again showed a lack of maturity and leadership along with a great deal of arrogance. The Trump ears were probably whistling on this time Blame the media.

GlobeDebate A world leader being insulted by Trump is just...Wednesday. That’s like taking offense at what the crazy person down by the bus stop is yelling. Nobody cares. GlobeDebate Good thing he didn't mention the black face as well GlobeDebate Nope. Try again. GlobeDebate Odious? Please...he was duly elected President..whatever YOU think of him. Please stop these juvenile snide comments

GlobeDebate Meh... consider the source GlobeDebate There’s nothing wrong with what he said but, Trudeau is acting like a bullied kid who talks tough when the bully is not around. GlobeDebate Trump is a child, not a politician. I'm 0% surprised other politicians make fun of him, why do people think this is news?

GlobeDebate Oh, shut up. GlobeDebate maga2020 GlobeDebate It’s not a smear when it’s the truth.

No apology from Trudeau after Trump calls him 'two-faced'Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not apologize after U.S. President Donald Trump called him 'two-faced' in the wake of a video of the PM apparently speaking candidly to other world leaders about the president. Name calling is so juvenile but that's Trump ...spews hate against everyone who doesn't agree with him CTVAtlantic Good. If Trump dishes it, he should be able to take it. He's vile.

GlobeDebate Trudeau has the misfortune of dealing with someone who has no moral compass, is not qualified to be President, and is going senile. GlobeDebate JustinTrudeau should talk? GlobeDebate Trump is a great leader with great achievements and he is People man not like Trudeau a puppet for Cartels billionaires and elites

GlobeDebate IT SHOWS THE WORLD HOW STUPID TRUDEAU IS GlobeDebate Oh please GlobeDebate The truth hurts. GlobeDebate Nope GlobeDebate Snark journalism! GlobeDebate This is parody right?

Evening Update: Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ over NATO reception video; Ontario’s climate-change plan will not hit emissions-reduction targets, watchdog saysAlso: Bank of Canada leaves key rate unchanged Oh no. Do you think Justin will be invited to Trump’s birthday party? Trump said what most in Canada already know... TwoFaceTrudeau ....and Ontario doesn't need to worry about the ClimateChangeHoax Facts & Data Trudeau is exactly what you get when the Media Class engenders in the swamp with the Luxury Class. ' Because this age and the next age Engender in the ditch, No man can know a happy man From any passing wretch; If Folly link with Elegance No man knows which is which...'

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