Opinion: Canada must be ready for the mayhem Trump’s about to unleash

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Canada must be ready for the mayhem Trump’s about to unleash @GlobeDebate

Donald Trump, Easter


Canada must be ready for the mayhem Trump’s about to unleash GlobeDebate

President Donald Trump ’s vow to begin relaxing social distancing requirements by Easter Sunday could have profound health implications for the U.S. – and, in turn, for us in Canada

Audio for this article is not available at this time. This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy. Full Disclaimer You could argue that U.S. President Donald Trump’s short-sighted and bungled handling of the COVID-19 pandemic began before the virus took hold in his country. Two years earlier, Luciana Borio, the president’s biodefense preparedness advisor, warned that a flu pandemic – not a 9/11 redux – was the country’s No. 1 health security threat. As the director of medical and biodefence preparedness at the National Security Council, Borio said the country wasn’t nearly ready to confront such a lethal outbreak if it was to occur. What was the White House’s response? It dismantled the NSC’s global health security office shortly thereafter. Story continues below advertisement Dr. Borio, and other experts such as her, were soon out of jobs. And now, 327 million Americans have been left to suffer through a pandemic without a coherent strategy for dealing with it – even though their government saw it all coming. U.S. President Donald Trump pressed his case on Tuesday for a reopening of the U.S. economy by mid-April despite a surge in coronavirus cases, downplaying the pandemic as he did in its early stages by comparing it to the seasonal flu. Yahaira Jacquez reports. Reuters To make matters worse – much, much worse – the country is being led by a dangerous egomaniac who has lied to and misled Americans about the gravity of the threat they’re facing almost from the beginning. Now, he is musing about grossly inflaming a problem he had a chance to mitigate. Mr. Trump is threatening to ignore the advice of virtually every major public health officer in the U.S. – including his own White House adviser on infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci – and effectively allow for a “culling of the herd” that will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans. Maybe the scenes we are about to witness will help Canadians isolate-in-place with even more vigilance. The plague of Donald Trump What is about to unfold will be horrifying, unquestionably. The situation in New York, which could become the new global epicentre of the disease, is dire. Governor Andrew Cuomo has pleaded with the White House to do more, and when the state was offered 400 ventilators, Mr. Cuomo exploded: “What are we going to do with 400 ventilators when we need 30,000?” The White House has since agreed to send 4,000 more – but the governor has predicted that more than 40,000 New Yorkers might need urgent care in the next few weeks. There are scenes of turmoil and disarray everywhere in the U.S. In New Orleans, which survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and is now living through another disaster, doctors have reported that intensive care units are running out of basic supplies; meanwhile, residents of the city continue to ignore calls to keep a safe distance from others. This scenario is being played out across the U.S., where the coronavirus death toll on Wednesday was 791, with nearly 60,000 cases. And now, President Chaos is promising to begin ramping down social distancing by Apr. 12, despite the pleas of doctors and nurses around the country who are begging him not to do it, as doing so would unleash scenes of pandemonium in already overwhelmed hospitals and allow the disease to spread further and faster. But it might be April 12. And just because he thinks having the churches full again on that day “would be a beautiful thing.” This intended course of action has already caught the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office, and to say there is worry there would a gross understatement. Canadians also have to be prepared for the fallout of Mr. Trump’s actions. Story continues below advertisement That means being prepared to tighten restrictions at the border even further. If the virus spreads because of a decision by the president to relax the rules around social distancing, it will undoubtedly mean that those U.S. workers coming into Canada now to transport goods will be at greater risk of carrying the disease. That, in turn, will put Canadians at risk. And that is not right. Canadians, for the most part, have gotten with the program and are staying inside. We can’t let our health be compromised by the idiocy of Mr. Trump and the pathetic, loyal lapdogs that make up his administration. While we likely couldn’t shut the border completely, we may have to institute new, harsh rules about the manner in which those coming into the country are treated. I’m not sure precisely how; we’ve just put a mandatory quarantine in place for those arriving from international destinations, which is a smart move. Our medical professionals, as ever, would have a better idea of how this might be handled. But we have to be ready. We can’t let our efforts to plank the virus be compromised by the unconscionable folly of others. Keep your Opinions sharp and informed. Get the Opinion newsletter. Sign up today . In the interests of public health and safety, our coronavirus news articles are free for anyone to access. However, The Globe depends on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able, please subscribe to globeandmail.com . If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support. 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GlobeDebate Does the Globe publish anything that isn't an overheated diatribe? GlobeDebate Trudeau's mayhem has prepared us GlobeDebate Mexico & Canada are in trouble with that neighbor... ain't no way to avoid it! Alas... GlobeDebate Great article. mustangmadd GlobeDebate Exactly. If Trump proceeds with his EasterMassacre, Canada has to keep its borders closed to non-essential travel by US residents. In fact, I'm not going to be thrilled by US delivery truck drivers still coming in. Currently, the US has the sharpest infection curve in the world!

GlobeDebate Truck drivers would have to trade off at the border. GlobeDebate We need the US to stay strong. If they go down the vacuum that will be opened up in global politics will be filled by a country much less favourable. I wish them all the best. GlobeDebate Excellent. The US is our gravest threat in mitigating the effects of the pandemic.

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GlobeDebate It's not only a worry about the workers transporting the goods, but of every single worker who may have handled the goods themselves. GlobeDebate 2) by Easter but I have yet to see anything seriously scheduled. You can't fault him for being optimistic. I doubt it will happen. In the mean time the media continue to distort the truth. Why don't you take a long hard look at Justin instead of lobbing him softball questions?

GlobeDebate 1) Trump has done more than Trudeau and this claim that he dismantled the NSC pandemic response is incorrect. They merged several organizations, many of the people remained and an NSC priority was still pandemic control. Trump said he would like to see the country up and running GlobeDebate Trump will get it done thank the USA as usual not incompetent Judas

GlobeDebate Hundreds of thousands or millions of deaths? God you’re a clown, fear monger clown for political virtue signalling GlobeDebate Ivonbartok GlobeDebate They’re not gonna let him reopen the country. No way. Covid has only began terrorizing the US so yes, he may want to open the country but the reality will be very different, and it’ll smack him in the face when half of his country will be infected.

GlobeDebate Fake News. How many $$ does Trudeau pay for you to give him cover? Planes arriving in Canada 🍁. No screening of passengers.Deathly ill passengers arriving and dying. Trudeau 's Mayhem. GlobeDebate This whole chaos is caused by the World Hoax Organization and their corrupt communist leader! Watch this YouTube video then think it!

GlobeDebate Oh the sheep have no idea what’s to come!!!

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GlobeDebate More left wing propaganda. GlobeDebate If there is a big difference of prevalence between the 2 countries, we will have to step up the border security and policies. Maybe review any crossing policy: truck drivers and plane. GlobeDebate Thats fime if dump trump wants to re start his economy by makin every one go to work.... our boarders will remain closed tills its all over and if cdn gov doesnt go by that im sire there on a one way ticket out

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GlobeDebate Disinformation alert GlobeDebate We can’t let this idiot, who is totally mishandling the situation down there, make things worse up in Canada. I agree we might have to take stronger measures at the border. Maybe a Cdn driver takes over at the border and the American driver does not a enter our country!?

GlobeDebate Is it too late to build a dome over Canada? GlobeDebate Agent Orange is by far the worst world leader ever! 😢 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 We are fighting two pandemics, Conarivirus and Stupidity ❗ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 GlobeDebate Trudeau and the liberals have already wrecked our economy and country making us all poorer.

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