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Opinion: Are the federal Conservatives a party of losers?

Are the federal Conservatives a party of losers? @GlobeDebate


Are the federal Conservative s a party of losers? GlobeDebate

The greatest challenge for a Tory leader is uniting the diversity of conservative factions into a common cause

Full Circle: Death and Resurrection in Canadian Conservative Politics

, but that’s largely because Conservatives are prone to disunity and choosing unelectable leaders. Will they make the mistakes of the past in 2020 or get it right this time?

Early commentary on the recent election suggests that the Tory party needs to quiet social-conservative voices and all will be well. But Conservative fault lines run deep. Former Tory Minister John Baird’s post-mortem on the 2019 election delivered to Andrew Scheer this week confirms as much.

Federal Conservatives do not lack for ideas, which are readily supplied by party members, think tanks, academics and conservative governments around the world. Provincial success shows that Conservatives need not be Liberal-lite or land on the dead centre of the political spectrum to succeed. But the best platform means nothing if the Tories choose a leader who cannot broadly inspire Canadians.

In a leader, instincts matter as much as the policy positions taken within the confines of an election campaign. Canadians need to believe that, when faced with difficult decisions or a crisis, the prime minister will make the call that’s in the long-term best interests of Canada. Voters fear that politicians, despite anything they say in a campaign, may have hidden agendas or are not who they say they are.

Party members should ask themselves which of the candidates would they most want to have a coffee or a beer with. Leaders who are fixated on an ideology, care about themselves more than others, lack generosity of spirit or have a negative disposition rarely pass this test of charisma. That doesn’t mean voters expect a candidate of perfection. As Churchill said, “I should have made nothing if I had not made mistakes.”

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GlobeDebate I trust them more than I do the liberals. GlobeDebate GlobeDebate ...I don't know...what sort of screwed up country do we have when a party leader with 1 of 4 required real-estate courses can't win an election?🤐 GlobeDebate why yes, yes they are GlobeDebate Yes. Ever since the MacKay fiasco in 2003. They need to eliminate the Reform virus.

GlobeDebate Is this a question? The answer is clearly yes. 🤷‍♂️ I would have also accepted pieces of shit or mentally not capable of wiping their own asses. GlobeDebate They are an illiberal populist party driven by the holy con Trinity of corporatism, evangelical crackpotism, and anti-science dumbassery. This BS is catnip to fascists, but this lot ain't too bright.

GlobeDebate Short answer or long? GlobeDebate Being draconian, authoritarian, sexist and racist does not make them losers. It makes them evil. GlobeDebate Like the analysis of the situation. CPC has a lot of soul searching to do. GlobeDebate If they are going to let Stephen Harper choose the next leader, yes....

Peter MacKay running for Conservative leadershipProminent Conservative Peter MacKay is running for Conservative party leadership. No surprise at all Backstabbing weasel. he will win, part of the Harper old guard

GlobeDebate Party of ❄ GlobeDebate Holy malarkey. GlobeDebate Yes. They need to get back to their roots. GlobeDebate This is a rhetorical question, I presume? GlobeDebate When you've got people in the party promoting Polievre as the BEST the party lead...a guy the average person cannot stomach for a 10 minute presser...the arrogance...yes, this party is full of people who have no vision or personality at all. Zip.

GlobeDebate Yes. Next question? GlobeDebate When you've got people in the party promoting Polievre as the BEST the party lead...a guy the average person cannot stomach for a 10 minute presser...the arrogance....yes...this party is full of people who have no vision or personality at all. Zip. (Former con here.)

GlobeDebate More losers than you can shake a stick at. GlobeDebate Yes GlobeDebate Ha ha ha Why even ask?

Baird report on Conservative election campaign won't be made publicOutgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has received former Tory cabinet minister John Baird's postmortem on the party's unsuccessful federal election campaign, but it will not be made public. Well that seems completely contrary to the CPC's policy of openness, honesty, and humility. - Said no one, ever. CPC cdnpoli Of course it will be kept quiet. Sheer is the big reason why their lost and he is not going to let the world know the truth. i *hope* Baird was paid with PC campaign funds. 'cause if the public paid for that report...

GlobeDebate Yup your correct , they are no longer conservatives they are Christian alt right fascist .infected with the American style politics GlobeDebate GlobeDebate The Conservatives are indeed using an international IDU manual to try and govern our country. Their strict adherence to ideology is what paralyzes them. The Feds are working around the stunted leaders in Ontario Alberta and Saskatchewan.

GlobeDebate Well, they aren't winners. GlobeDebate Canadians do not want to be governed by an Alberta centric party. 🇨🇦 GlobeDebate Is it cold in Edmonton? 🥶 GlobeDebate New Oxford Dictionary definition of 'Conservatives' is, wait for it, no need to guess, not's 'losers'. Geesh, that was easy. cdnpoli cdnmedia

GlobeDebate appears to be GlobeDebate Rhetorical? GlobeDebate yes

Baird report on Conservative election campaign finished, won't be made publicOutgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has received former Tory cabinet minister John Baird's postmortem on the party's unsuccessful federal election campaign, but it will not be made public. NatCitizens It's their report and quite frankly none of your dam business. Liberals in blue now, is the CPC Pretty standard for a political,party not to make internal documents public is working really hard to manufacture an issue where none exists

GlobeDebate Oh oh i know this one 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️ YES! GlobeDebate Losers and uggos and an *alleged* international kid fiddler named John Baird. CPC_HQ GlobeDebate Racist, misogynistic, homophobic, to start. cdnpoli CPC_HQ GlobeDebate I can’t believe it’s even up for debate. They’re still run by stephenharper ffs. LOSERS.

GlobeDebate Yes GlobeDebate I love rhetorical questions 😉 GlobeDebate Yes. Patriarchal dinosaurs. Unevolved men. GlobeDebate They are anti-social, lack empathy and display monstrous greed. They denigrate the courts, higher education, healthcare and the very institution they seek to control -- the executive branch of government. They are a blot on the public square. CPC_HQ

GlobeDebate Umm yeah. GlobeDebate From the loser G&M Let them in fight an go broke None them can bring back the true Conservative Party This Reform mutation is a joke and Canadians aren’t interested

Tight rules for Conservative leadership prompt Bryan Brulotte to drop outTight new rules for the Conservative leadership election have led businessman and longtime party volunteer Bryan Brulotte to declare he's no longer making a bid for the job. Who?

GlobeDebate Maybe. But the Globe and Mail is certainly a medium of losers and Con supporters. GlobeDebate Yes. GlobeDebate Short answer, yes. GlobeDebate If you say so! GlobeDebate Nah, just completely out of touch with mainstream Canadian society, buried in an anger that’s only growing. GlobeDebate Losers

GlobeDebate Yes. Yes they are. GlobeDebate “Liberals call themselves the natural party of government” WE DO NOT! That snarking epithet was bestowed on us by some petty jealous (Conservative) pundit We just don’t insult Canadians’ intelligence. We offer comprehensive palatable strong policy & Good Government! cdnpoli

GlobeDebate WTF! No longer even a pretence of nonpartisanship. I wouldn't pick up my dog's shit with this paper. GlobeDebate I hope so.

Harper has resigned from Conservative fundraising boardFormer prime minister Stephen Harper has resigned from the board of the Conservative Fund, the party confirms. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyuyyyyyyyuyyyyyuyuyu Maybe he will run for PM again? 🤞 Ugh, that guy still breathes?

GlobeDebate Loserds! GlobeDebate There is only one trophy with a W on it ... the rest all have an L and the placings are irrelevant! All the Little Johnnies will just have to get over it! GlobeDebate Is the Pope Catholic? GlobeDebate Yes GlobeDebate Ooooooo pick me, pick me......YES!!!! GlobeDebate GlobeDebate Yeah!

GlobeDebate No but the liberals are GlobeDebate The most accurate headline in...ever? Cc. CPC_HQ Alberta_UCP GlobeDebate

Peter MacKay expected to announce he will run for the Conservative leadershipFormer Tory cabinet minister Peter MacKay will make a run to replace Andrew Scheer as leader of the Conservative Party . Harper’s best friend and puppet. I don’t think so. GlobalRegina I’m already more interested in the race for CanadianGreens leader. Don't bother, and I am a Conservative.

GlobeDebate Click-starved media resorting to sensational headlines is nothing new. GlobeDebate Lots of suspicious accounts seem to be upset by this article. GlobeDebate morons I would say since watching the Australia fires and listening to the cons still complain about carbon tax. GlobeDebate No, But the Liberals are

GlobeDebate Yes GlobeDebate Obviously. The Conservative Reform Party of Canada is an embarrassing anachronism socially, philosophically, economically, scientifically, politically, environmentally and demographically. cdnpoli GlobeDebate GlobeDebate they are literally just the dregs. Republican lite. Where other parties put effort into quality candidates conservatives run in safe ridings where they would elect a sock puppet, quality of person not required. Look at Michelle Remple or Erin OToole.

GlobeDebate Yes GlobeDebate Yes

GlobeDebate Well.. They are the party of Anti-Women, Anti-Immigrants, Anti-LGBT2, Anti-Muslims... They are definitely the Party of Old White Men... cdnpoli GlobeDebate What a headline I guess it’s ok to bully and slander if you’re a liberal GlobeDebate This dude just come out of hibernation? GlobeDebate 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

GlobeDebate No. They are the party of alt right misogynistic homophobes GlobeDebate Are the MSM hopelessly compromised by their bias? GlobeDebate Many just like leaders that tell them they can do whatever the hell they want and if something goes wrong it is the other guy's fault. Who the hell wants to follow someone who say that not everything is easy and you actually have to do something other than looking for pleasure

GlobeDebate When you spout nonsense in a debate, how do you expect to win? GlobeDebate This article begs the question that if the points you make are right, how in God’svgreen earth did JT get elected? “They want problem-solvers who speak about kitchen-table issues while being empathetic to those who are hurting.” JT is not this.

GlobeDebate Holy Crap! Liberal media starting again. My wish is that people open their eyes and see how bias and powerful the “news” has become.

GlobeDebate Federal, provincial, local. Take your pick GlobeDebate NO GlobeDebate No matter what your political position is, this headline is disrespectful to the people who choose to serve. And to our democratic process. Shame on the GlobeDebate Are the federal Liberals a party of racists? GlobeDebate Earning the taxpayer money handed to you by the liberals..well done

GlobeDebate If they can't deal with the social conservatives in their party yes IMO most Canadians would prefer a much more centrist government than any of the current options and swing voters would support them if it wasn't for them pandering to the SoCons GlobeDebate Quality reporting here 🤮🤮🤮🤮

GlobeDebate Rhetorical or nah?

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