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Breakıng, Coronavirus

Ontario reports 351 new coronavirus cases, total cases now at 1,706

The total number of active cases in the province stands at 1706.

2020-03-30 6:10:00 PM

BREAKING : Ontario reported 351 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, marking the biggest single-day increase since the pandemic began.

The total number of active cases in the province stands at 1706.

Updated March 30, 2020 11:35 am1:58Coronavirus outbreak: Ontario premier announces new measures to combat price gouging​

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We were surprised when office and children’s supplies were considered essential services. We have a school supply business which was deemed essential. We closed for the sake of safety of our staff but found that our competitors stayed open. This is not essential at this time!! All the idiots that chose to go on March break are going to screw things up for people who stayed home. No one should of been allowed to go. The whole country reacted too slow.

People need to remember people have been returning home from all around the world. It takes time before people realize they are sick and they may have flown with symptoms or picked groceries (etc). Still lagging in real data but good indicator we are still up trending up not flattening yet Calm down people. It doesn't mean death if you get it.

here we go. JordanFariaLima Essa semana é o pico da curva aqui. Semana que vem devemos ver o número começar a cair. 😢 GlobalBC Stay isolated you stupid Ontario people... Facts that people in Ont can't listen... Jesus take the wheel CHEXNewswatch What is Quebec doing so well? Are their differences in provincial approaches fordnation

630CHED Stay away from the beaches stop being selfish you are risking the lives of other Canadians. Social distancing and isolation works. Please stop being idiots. This is devastating and depressing!!! Shame ! Who should WE the good citizens or Toronto and ONTARIO be Congratulating for this catastrophe and morbid “breaking news” !? Honestly please ! Who put our city and province in this Dangerous predicament!?

It’s way past due for Doug Ford to trim the fat off his ridiculous “essential business” list. If you can’t eat it, if it’s not essential to daily health and wellness, if it’s not contributing to the PPE shortage etc, it’s time to close the doors. fordnation Ontario is waiting. Is there a number of positive cases that the province is waiting for before announcing stricter measures? It’s clear that the current social distancing is not workin for FlattenTheCurve

partly from testing results all coming in at once and partly because people are having some gatherings outside enjoying the sunshine in their backyards.. no more than 5 people.. every person visiting represents a risk. Damn Out of how many new tests? Raw numbers are meaningless out of context. Just means testing is more broad based and we are catching more cases.

globalwinnipeg So many morons trying to down play this. We will become just like New York and other hotspots. Then the same morons will complain the government isn’t doing enough to help them. Lock Canada down already. Please look into and report back to us as to how the determination is made that a patient has the Covid-19 rather than any other Corona Virus.

President Trump just Donated his salary to fight the Wuhan virus. How many of our politicians are going to do the same in Canada. Do they no how to give or is it all take like a pay raise? Still have numbers coming in from march break travelers, especially to the US. I expect our numbers to start dropping 2 weeks and 3 days from the Monday after March break. 2 weeks for travelers, the other 3 days for people they infected while buying groceries once they got back.

Italy went under lockdown on March 9th, and they reported the highest deaths almost two weeks into it. And yet, still no lockdown. to As the backlog gets cleared up didn't we think cases would increase? Infection rated are irrelevant, death rates are important. GlobalEdmonton filmyourhospital recordyourhospital global lies continue. Fresh story on global parroting CBS LIES. Story was proven false but they keep the brainwashing rolling. Fact check people. GLOBAL IS A VIRUS.

Are we finally testing more? my daughter a frontline line nurse came into contact with two infected ppl, both died, this was more than two weeks ago. She was never able to get tested. GlobalBC Or the testing is just getting caught up a bit. Imagine there’s no corona. It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to spread and infect us. And no quarantine too.

Liberal MP talking about low numbers a day before Ontario sees biggest single-day increase. People are walking their dogs in the park chatting with others and kids are riding their bikes around and playing with their friends. What do you think is going to happen. Now we’ll all be locked up in our homes because of these selfish morons

Get ready.

Latest on the coronavirus: Ottawa giving funds to Kids Help Phone, United Way; Ontario reports 211 new cases, two additional deathsLatest on the coronavirus: Ottawa giving funds to Kids Help Phone, United Way; Trudeau encourages Canadians to donate, volunteer For child trafficking I donate at the office and it’s called tax. What the f*ck have you been doing with it all? For 54% tax I’m looking a cot in an empty hockey arena. This is total bullsh*t. onpoli cdnpoli I would like to see our selfish rich people donate money.

Ontario reports 211 new cases of coronavirus and two additional deathsIt’s the largest single-day spike in cases so far 😭😭😭

Ontario reports 151 new coronavirus cases, number of active cases rises to 1,118The provincial death toll remains unchanged at 18, though two additional deaths possibly related to COVID-19 were noted in Saturday's update.

Ontario reports 211 new COVID-19 cases, bringing total to 1,355 as death toll reaches 21This is the largest single-day spike in cases so far for Ontario An entire provincial ECONOMY put in FUTURE JEOPARDY and REAL BANKRUPTCY to DEPRESSION standing ALL for less than a thousand, nay less than a hundred deaths...STOP the INSANITY! getbacktowork Makes me sad and worried at the same time.

Ontario confirms 209 new coronavirus cases in biggest single-day spike yet, 2 deaths also reportedThe total number of active cases in Ontario stands at 1,326 on Sunday. It’s 211 Exponential graph. This doesn't sound good, but keep in mind that Ontario is clearing a backlog, so an increase in cases would be expected. Let's hope that the increase is due to clearing up the backlog, and not to an actual increase in cases.

China’s coronavirus cases are going down as most new infections appeared importedSaturday's sole case of domestically transmitted coronavirus was recorded in Henan province, bordering Hubei. China Communist party big success Only China will survive Apparently beating the coronavirus makes you teleport to the 90s. Yea everyone believes China 🙄...Least Global does haha