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Breakıng, Covıd-19

Ontario reports 3,326 new COVID-19 cases, 62 more deaths

#BREAKING: Ontario reports 3,326 new COVID-19 cases, 62 more deaths

2021-01-14 6:18:00 PM

BREAKING : Ontario reports 3,326 new COVID-19 cases, 62 more deaths

Ontario is reporting more than 3,300 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday as a stay-at-home order came into effect across the province to reduce transmission of the virus.

The province logged, 2,903 on Tuesday and 3,338 on Monday.A single-day record of 3,945 cases were reported on Sunday.The seven-day rolling average now stands at 3,395, up from 3,140 a week ago.Provincial health officials said 71,169 tests were processed in the last 24 hours, a jump of more than 20,000 tests from a day ago.

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The testing positivity rate is now 5.1 per cent, compared to six per cent on Wednesday.Most of the cases continue to be from hot spots in the Greater Toronto Area."Locally, there are 968 new cases in Toronto, 572 in Peel, 357 in York Region and 268 in Windsor-Essex County," Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted.

As of Thursday, 1,657 patients were hospitalized with the virus, down from 1,674 on Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Health. Of those hospitalized, 388 are in intensive care and 280 are breathing with the help of a ventilator.The latest numbers come as a stay-at-home order came into effect across Ontario today.

The order requires residents to stay home except for essential outings, including accessing health care, shopping for groceries and exercising. Read more: CP24 »


no way? so the numbers are going down, thats good. They better keep going down since we're all basically dead, living to exist isn't living. Perhaps the dead are happier, so why no compassion for the living? Let’s see if this ‘lockdown’ and stay-at-home order will change things and decrease the amount of daily cases.

From hanging out with 5 people? 🛑 stayhome Whats new I have 2 questions. 1. Where are 3,300 people a day picking it up? 2. What happens after these next 28 days with these measures don't work The issue is being able to isolate properly from other family members. My cousin works in a distribution centre and brought covid home to all her siblings and mother. Where is she to go to distance for 10-14 days? Especially people out in Peel, York, Durham etc

I’m still a bit confused on this stay at home order. How is it different from what was happening before? If someone gets pulled over and their out what happens exactly? 159021 vaccinations (+14237)💉 IN A DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3,326 NEW COVID-19 cases 62 more deaths Please act save lives. STOP GOING TO GET TESTED...YOUR WASTING EVERYONE'S TIME..WHY WAIT IN LINE FOR HOURS FOR A COLD

70,000 tests. For 1600 in hospital and 3300 positives. Why are we testing 670000 asymptotic or negative people Excellent, averages continue to fall. That is on about 71,200 tests with a positivity rate of about 4.7% which is lower than as of late. 62 citizens lost their lives. If we lost 62 a day, for a month, that'll be 1,860 lives. One month. Stay home people. Be safe.

This will go down as the biggest over reaction in history. Every politician who led this will be laughed at in 5 years. This is why the governor of Florida will be the next president of the US. When all the dust settles, he’ll look like a genius. All he used as common sense. How many are from outbreaks in fulfillment distribution centres? Patrick brown spoke on a radio show this morning and the government has done nothing to address this and these people are still working in close proximity to each other. Are masks effective in those environments?

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What happened to all those people who said Sweden 'got it wrong'? Please listen to Bilingual Doug Ford 😂 : More bullshit more bullshit and more bullshit So much for numbers going down 🤦🏻‍♀️ Getting Covid can be beneficial for most people. Stay home! Spend time with people in your household. One BIG push to reduce COVID transmission. Our actions impact the health & life of other people in our community. It may not always feel like it but we truly are InThisTogether! fordnation