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Ontario Teachers Strike, Elementary School Strike

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says union leaders holding parents ‘hostage’ in education contract talks

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says union leaders holding parents ‘hostage’ in education contract talks


Ontario Premier Doug Ford says union leaders holding parents ‘hostage’ in education contract talks

Contracts negotiations have stalled and no talks are scheduled, with all teachers’ unions on work to rule or staging one-day walkouts

His comments come as all teachers’ unions in the province are either on work to rule or staging one-day walkouts. Contracts negotiations have stalled and no talks are scheduled.

He singled out union leaders, saying they were preventing talks at the bargaining table from progressing.

Asked if his government will rule out back-to-work legislation, Mr. Ford said, “We’ll see.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, the province’s largest education union with 83,000 members, announced this week that it would start rotating strikes on Monday unless there is progress in contracts talks with the provincial government.

The union has been on work to rule, which includes not supervising extracurricular activities outside of the regular school day and not participating in field trips.

In a move that he said was meant to help families cope, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced this week that parents will be able to apply for up to $60 a day in compensation if strikes shut down their child's elementary school or school-based daycare.

Mr. Lecce has repeatedly maintained that the main stumbling block in negotiations has been wages, with the unions asking for a 2-per-cent increase in the face of the government's wage-cap legislation meant to limit public-sector pay increases to 1 per cent.

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No!! You Are!! He is absolutely right. Every year teachers want to bargain. They wouldn’t have to take such measures if Ford wasn’t such a liar. He said’Im for the people’. Now he’s screwing everyone. What people are you for Doug? Maybe it is time for merit based pay and teachers as contractors, not on contract

Very true, get back to teaching...union sucks Out of touch with reality, that is our Doug. Maybe Fat Boy Ford should lead by example and roll back the 14% increase he just gave himself and all of the corporate welfare he has handed out , that has added over 3 billion dollars to the deficit. You have our support mr. Ford!!

Seems the best professionals, in most professions, are usually paid well. If a society values their children, it should employ and pay for the best teachers while holding them to a very high standard. If a society wants cheap teachers, it reveals how how children are valued. Ford is holding them hostage. He came in and tried to ruin public education. Probably wants to go private so his rich buddies get richer and our students fall to the level of U.S. students.

That's a lie. How about this government holding autistic kids in limbo for funding for treatment?

Ontario Launches 57 Scholarships To Honour Canadians Killed In Iran Crash'Many of the victims were students and professors with bright futures,' Doug Ford says. ... but Doug has no money for teachers, or low income housing. He's only doing this to try improve his popularity.

More like the other way around! If hostage were an appropriate term Ford shares the blame equally. Let’s increase the taxes so we can pay these overpaid teachers Nice try Douggy! Your statements are about as reliable as Trumps! Greed and entitlement it's never enough and when this is all over we can look forward to it happening again when their contracts come due.

Teachers were never happy. Not with this govt or any of its predecessors incl. NDP. Stay the course Mr. Ford. Poor management by the Cons Doug is correct

Randall Denley: The quandary of wooing parents while the children lose outOntario is taking money that teachers are forgoing when they strike and giving it to parents. A union leader calls that ‘absolutely insane’ Extremely smart given that outside of the small number whose support is ideological in nature most parental support for teachers unions is due to frustration and child care concerns caused by strikes that drag on not agreement with their demands. Ford's trained seal's propaganda bashing the union isn't working so he may as well try bribes. Very smart and thoughtful. You’ll never convince me that anyone who can strike for two months in the summer or two weeks in the winter without hurting kids and parents but chooses not too is doing it for the kids. Terrorists

It's ALL YOUR fault Doug ford!!!! Classless Teachers / Union Greedy and do not care about families (a lot of single parents) who have to find childcare, lose time from the jobs (that pay on average 1/3 of Teacher salaries). Selfish and self seeking Parents are 'hostage' to these Unionized Teachers. They are. Unions need to be held accountable for hurting our children's education.

canukcookie The teachers & teacher's union only care about on thing, themselves. In the union world nothing is more important than the union, everything & everyone else is secondary! canukcookie Doug Ford telling the truth & stating the facts like a BOSS! true One term is enough for this Premier,, He's for the rich NOT for the little guys....!!

Can somebody start a Patreon to buy poor fat Doug a neck, please? Education standards before deficit reduction

Andy Warhol exhibit heading to Art Gallery of Ontario in 2021The Art Gallery of Ontario says a retrospective spanning four decades lands in March 2021

fordnation is holding kids education hostage with cuts & mocking a failed US education program class sizes mandatory online course to graduate w/ no regard that it has low success rates Teacher are standing up for their rights & kids rights to a education This premier is a disaster. I’m a parent and my kids say that they notice how school just isn’t the same! Classes are huge and kids can’t focus! Too much distractions! Take away from big corporations! Don’t take away from the students you prick!

Foolish statement , no one is buying it . The Ontario. Cons. Continue to make poor choices. Absolutely they are... and they always do! I lost a lot if respect for teachers and their unions in the 90s when my 3 kids struggled through strikes to get an education. Some of the replies are frightening. Yes, it’s all the teachers fault. Wow.

I’m so tired of the union playing these games. 🤡 Why do teachers have the right to strike at all? francoislegault tu as bien lu ? polqc

Ontario To Reimburse Parents For Child Care During Teachers' StrikesOntario to reimburse parents for child care during teachers' strikes

An employer's failure to meet cost-of-living increases in your salary is effectively a pay cut. We all know this, whether we're in the private, public, or not-for-profit sectors. 'Hostage': A cost/benefit analysis : Cabinet policies hurt students the most : 14% fewer teachers for 5110 days : 4-yr olds - JK until 2033. A few strike days in 2020 vs. 5100 days of improved learning conditions. Cabinet's mandate is stale and must be altered to get a deal.

No Union Leaders aren't the Premier of the province is trying to cram everyone into larger class sizes roll back your 14% increase to your cronies doug and put the money where it needs to be. TRUE Outside of a small number whose support is ideological in nature most parental support for teachers unions is due to frustration and child care concerns caused by strikes that drag on not agreement with their demands. Deal with that and the ON government can sit them out

What a Drama queen. There hasn’t been work action for over 2 decades. We sign every 3 years, and for over 20 years it’s run relatively smooth, until this guy came in. He’s got more drama than a high school cafeteria. Parents feel exactly the same way, thank you. Doug Ford doesn't have a clue what parents think. He's more tied up in 'winning' against teachers and students than looking at what is right for Ontario.

Parents know that isn't true.

Ontario parents enter lottery for 'world's most expensive drug' to save daughter's lifeThe Ontario parents of a five-month-old girl with spinal muscular atrophy have entered a lottery for the $2.8 million Zolgensma gene therapy, considered the world’s most expensive drug, in hopes of saving her life. Omg I'm sorry for this family that's crazy cash. If they win or don't other children loose the same opportunity, putting that in perspective is heart-wrenching. It's sad to see that its costing people over 2 million to get medication. While lives are on the line. Instead of paying for the drug I would buy a 2 million dollar mercenary army and take that shit.

Globe editorial: Will B.C.'s new UNDRIP law block the province’s natural gas megaproject? Good questionB.C. Premier John Horgan, a supporter of both UNDRIP and Coastal GasLink, says no. Some opponents of the pipeline say yes GlobeDebate 'BC.’s Human Rights Commissioner and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination agree. They want the pipeline stopped.' The fancy titles and huge paycheques for doing nothing of value don't change the fact they are nothing more than glorified 'activists' GlobeDebate

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