Doug Ford, Ontario, Ontario Cabinet, Ontario Legislature, Monte Mcnaughton, Ross Romano, Lisa Macleod

Doug Ford, Ontario

Ontario Premier Doug Ford reorganizes three cabinet portfolios

Ontario Premier Doug Ford reorganizes three cabinet portfolios


Ontario Premier Doug Ford reorganizes three cabinet portfolios

The changes come ahead of the resumption of the legislature next week

Ford has announced in a statement that he is reorganizing three portfolios to focus on job creation and small business supports.

Lisa MacLeod will now oversee the provincial heritage file in addition to her duties as minister of sport, tourism and culture.

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Did he reappoint himself Premier? Probably exclusive coverage by OntarioNewsNow 'Look Ma, he crawled out under the rock he has been hiding for the last few weeks'. He is back Keep fiddling while your rome burns, ford. All these constant changes and reversal means nothing gets done. But your budget deficit keeps growing.

Hopefully the improvements keep coming. Can't say I agree with everything he has done but things are better than the last government. My biggest disappointment with them was when they caved to the Autism lobby instead of standing up for all disabilities. Vacation is almost over Makes no difference. Ford is still a vile human being gutting education programs and much more.

Naloxone is free in Ontario pharmacies, but it isn't getting to everyone it could helpMany pharmacies in Ontario are staying away from a new program that allows them to dispense naloxone for free, even though the overdose-reversing drug has been tied to a reduction in opioid-related death rates elsewhere. Insulin, however.... Help junkies, not actual sick people. Because diabetics are asking for more than we have to give right now. Are WindsorPolice getting Naloxone any time soon? Who was responsible for keeping it away from police? Former police chief, drewdilkens or WPS Board? The OACP is on board and I believe the province funds the kits. TheWindsorStar CBCWindsor CTVWindsor BlackburnEssex

Spurs stumbles again; Chelsea, Leicester into top 4 in EPLTottenham’s struggles in the Premier League showed no signs of ending on Saturday

Ontario’s Milton riding poised to be a nailbiter as high-profile candidates face offA recent poll suggested Tory Lisa Raitt and LIberal Adam van Koeverden were tied for the lead, with Green candidate Eleanor Hayward a distant third, ahead of New Democrat Farina Hassan and People's Party of Canada candidate Percy Dastur. Can’t stand Lisa Raitt. All she does is lie No contest. Kayak boy is a waste of time Yes last election Milton only have 3500 voters. Now that the road through town got paved numbers are souring.

Crowd at Conservative rally in Ontario chanted ‘lock him up’ when Scheer mentioned TrudeauScheer’s press secretary said in an email that the Conservative Party leader 'recognized the chant from a small number of attendees was inappropriate' Really..... And Scheer corrected them to say “Vote him out”. Good stuff. What? No emails?

Woman targeted by Ontario NDP candidate’s 2012 tweet says he shouldn’t be runningPerrier is an advocate for victims of sex trafficking, an issue that disproportionately affects Indigenous women like her. No one said that politicians are intelligent...….. theJagmeetSingh the NDP doesn’t need this type of loser sociopath in its party or as an elected MP. his apology is way too late. Won't resign, the left exempt themselves from their own rules (this, JT McBlackface, et al). Outrage is just a weapon to use against people they disagree with, like everything else. And you wonder why the rest of us just laugh at this moronic childish outrage SJW culture.

Britain faces another Brexit delay, as PM Boris Johnson sends unsigned letter to EUThe prime minister was forced to grudgingly asked the European Union for a three-month extension This petty series of letters is what the elite in British politics do when they don’t get their way? Send BorisJohnson to bed w/o supper. He's just a spoiled little child who if he doesn't get his way acts churlishly. A little 💩 who never grew up 🧐 BorisJohnson king of the 💩💩's This is what happens when Parliament try to tell a Prime Minister that he's not allowed to have a view contrary to theirs. He's forced to comply but at the same time make it clear it's not what he wants. Its Parliamentary dictatorship. Surprisingly, Johnson is the good guy here.

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