Ontario asks family clinics to work nights, weekends to help overwhelmed hospitals

2022-11-23 9:14:00 PM

Ontario asks family clinics to work nights, weekends to help overwhelmed hospitals

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Ontario asks family clinics to work nights, weekends to help overwhelmed hospitals

Ontario has asked thousands of family health-care workers to work evenings and weekends to help ease the burden on overwhelmed children's hospitals.

The health minister's spokeswoman says extended hours at family clinics will help avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals, and primary care providers will be compensated through OHIP.The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario says many clinics across the province are already offering extended hours to help deal with the surge of patients with respiratory illnesses.

The association says the government memo was not a directive, but a request to help tell patients, especially sick children, where to go for help when a clinic is not open.Pediatric hospitals across the province are well beyond capacity with children flooding emergency rooms and intensive care units with the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

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That’s the solution that this incompetent govt could come up with ? Let’s make the already burnt out speciality work more while adding more administrative work/costs and giving them a merely 1% raise 👍🏽 Here’s a great idea. Hire back all the nurses that were wrongfully terminated. ONTARIO HAS NOT asked this. fordnation, SylviaJonesMPP and the never present Dr Moore may have asked this, but Ontario has not.

Bring back the unvaccinated nurses and health care workers and this chaos is averted. Everyone knows the vaccines do not stop the spread of the coronavirus aka, common cold. Just ask Pfizer. Why doesn't fordnation work longer hours? He'd rather be snowmobiling that's why... I think a General strike from all Ontarians to stop this pathetic government from killing our health care. He's doing this on purpose so to show the system is broken and privatize health care!

Overwhelmed Children’s Hospital because there’s no Children’s medicine at drug stores. More fear mongering. Who fired the unvaxxed. They need to be fired Ask healthcare workers to volunteer while the PC gov't sits on billions of unspent money that THE PEOPLE PAID IN TAXES. The Ford government want everyone working overtime, but they spend all their time taking selfies and declaring legislative breaks for themselves (while also granting themselves raises). 🙄 FordFailedOntario FixOurHealthcare

For overtime pay?

Ontario promises to clear major northern highways soonerUnder new standard, Highways 11 and 17 are to be cleared to bare pavement within 12 hours of the end of a winter storm Promises....heh.😉🤣🤣🤣

Don’t even try to burden them even more! 😡 Tell Doug ford to pay up and sure Heaven forbid Ford actually invests money in the problem. Better to shave $2B in a license sticker publicity stunt. Too bad nobody showed up to vote in the election. Our hospitals and schools will be unsalvageable by the time he's done.

Aren’t there labour laws that prohibit this or did the Conservatives rewrite those. Even truck drivers can’t drive for long periods. Start funding Health Care, Education and Seniors! People are the ones that voted you in - they can vote you out! I would’ve loved that ot pay What a piece of garbage gov't we have here.. Sad it's their fault.

Doug Ford you are a sick SOB. You can’t even put forty hours in and show up at queens park. No Ontario didn't ask, the Ford government did! Why not just bring back the capable nurses that uhn and other health facilities let go. Stop the show!! Maybe rehire all the ones you fired over ridiculous mandates? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Trudeau announces appointment of three more senators to represent OntarioPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the appointment of three new senators to represent Ontario, bringing vacancies in the Senate down to a dozen More independent liberal senators We have elected senators in waiting here..... How can he do that when he is too busy fondling China's balls?

Health system went really bad in ER . 'ask'!!! They the health care workers Doctors, nurses , lab tech ect are essential workers. Don't ask tell em. If they refuse they are breaking their oaths coming into the medical field. Specialized Doctors nurses ect should also fall into the have to work category. Or fireem

Maybe Doug Ford can lead by example. Regardless of what the province wants, the doctors and medical staff need to put their health and the welfare of their families as a top priority. you mean Druggie right? Yep let’s burn them out as well that makes sense years of cutting or freezing health care cost instead of planning for increase population and an aging population has caught up with us. Governments need fair taxation to meet required services not no services for low taxation

Then why did the government cut funding for essential virtual pediatric health care providers like KixCare_Canada who were doing an exceptional job at checking patients online and guiding them to the hospitals accordingly? Reinstate funding for virtual healthcare providers!! tlsaloranta How much longer are we going to give Doug Ford a pass while healthcare workers and the system are crushed under the weight of his deliberately appalling decisions? GET HIM. You're the media. You have the power to call this shit out enough to turn the tide. DO IT.

Maybe politicians should work to clean beds, take out garbage and clean toliets

Lowest paid CUPE workers to get 4.2 per cent annual hike under tentative deal with OntarioThe lowest paid CUPE school support staff will receive a 4.2 per cent annual increase in the tentative deal reached with the government, says Education Minister Stephen Lecce . '...but all workers benefit from this deal,' Lecce said. 'And frankly, all families and taxpayers benefit by having stability for children. So I think it is a win-win-win.' On his Twitter graphic he wrote, 'This is not a win for government or education sectors' Lecce's👖on🔥 What a complete joke The media focused on this 39k to distract from the real goal of this strike. Was to get trades workers making 150k an %11 increase every year for 4 years %44 do the math on that? Now understand there are thousands if trades people in Ontario school boards. The media is disgusting

While Ford & Co do everything they can to avoid accountability or actually do something constructive. onpoli How about getting some children's Tylenol to help ease the burden so colds don't turn into pneumonia It’s a surprise to no one that chronically underfunded public services are crumbling. Failing children’s hospitals are the perfect justification for Ford to expand the private healthcare system.

To Work for free. Their compensation isn’t being changed. They’re just being asked to provide a LOT more Labour with no additional compensation. Why would they? Cons trying to drive Drs and Nurses into Galen’s new clinics. Can Ontario spend money to upgrade the system in line with the population pressure?

Agreed but ppl need to stop running to the emergency for every sniffle and soar back. Leave spaces for those who really need it Bring alternative health care workers into the system. Deregulate. Address the root cause of the mental health issues - start with Family Court reform. But nothing is wrong. Right? Right guys? Right?

Why not do a hybrid system like Australia? No thanks, I get abused enough during the day. But nice try 😉

Eastern Ontario child dies after testing positive for influenzaThe flu “is the primary respiratory virus circulating in the (Leeds, Grenville and Lanark) region at this time. What wasn't influenza wiped with phony covid ? Vaxxed and boosted? I see the headline has been changed from the original inflammatory one. Hmmmmm

I'm wondering whether Sweden is going through this, too. Nothing at all wrong with that. How many people in this province have to work hours like that just to pay the bills? Family doctors could do the same to help out. Most family doctors aren’t even in their office for more then 30 hours a week. Why don't they ask the Trudeau government when children medication is coming?

Family med/ care workers don’t go around with Oxygen/ intubation kits should your child need. ERs -acute care hospitals only have the skill sets and equipment Stop the Gaslighting Stop the madness, slow the infections BringBackMasksFFS JustBringBackMaskFFS Meanwhile our lovely government gets how many weeks off F’N pathetic

And this is all that ON is willing to do? Who's easing the burden on healthcare workers? How bout RepealBill124 We should keep getting sick! I go everywhere when I get sick.

Guelph’s Wellington Brewery wins big at Ontario beer awards gala - Guelph | Globalnews.caWellington Brewery won five medals at the Ontario Brewing Awards in Toronto over the weekend. They have eight more from Canadian and U.S. events earlier this year.

Right let’s overburden our health care providers even more, so our supply of doctors and nurses dwindles to zero. How about you do the right thing and start beefing up our work force, along with treating them with some respect and decent hours. Done with this government . Pretty sure they’re already overworked, underfunded and under supported.

Hire back the nurses already it’s not like there is any good reason not to. It's always workers who need to compensate for Ford's neglect and incompetence. They're already burdened too. My foster daugher needs the pediatrician to adjust her meds. He missed the scheduled appointment yesterday as he was 'swamped' and now they've rebooked us in March!! They also warned us it's be a 2-hour wait when there.

Outrages..... Did they ever think maybe it's a good time to hire back all those nurses they laid off? Look what TTC did, I'm sure the rest of the world will wake up soon and realize how much more harm its done then protecting anybody IMHO.. “Hey remember how we fucked you with that bill to cap your wages? Wanna do us a solid and burn out working 7 day weeks to cover our mistake?”

Incorrect This is fucked... we need to mask up again, help these people out a little

GOLDSTEIN: NDP MPP Joel Harden epitomizes the left's obsession with IsraelOntario New Democrat MPP Joel Harden has apologized for making comments about the Israeli\u002DPalestinian conflict. sunlorrie Jews are first and foremost loyal to Israel. They can never be trusted.

Or you know ... We could all wear a mask indoors. In theory this plan is a plausible solution but in practice I am concerned about it’s efficacy We don't need health care workers or even hospital capacity though, masks alone will end all illnesses and death. They literally help cancer recede. Or they could save lives and money and put a mask requirement back in place.

As if they've got plenty of spare time and energy to work 24/7. FORDmustRESIGN Doug Ford and his CLOWN GOVERNMENT are absolutely destroying Ontario...all I had on Wynne was out of control Hydro rates...Heathcare is BEYOND A CRISIS...Education is BEYOND A FAILURE Those asked will probably do as asked for the good of others in Ontario. And Ford … he’ll be off snowmobiling in the Muskokas as soon as the snow flies because that’s what he does. Therein lies the rub …

It’s become clear this Ontario government is comprised entirely of donor-pleasing dullards and photo opping do-nothings. Unreal! Overwork, already overworked docs, and waste time if a child really needs hospital admission. Doug Ford needs to fire Sylvia Jones! She's as incompetent as they come, and has no business being the Minister of Health!

A lot of these physicians also do ER rotations or are on call for the ER. Are they asking these doctors to stop their work in the ER?

That will happen when you take all kids medications of the shelves How much is to much to ask of doctors and nurses? The health Minister should put her ass in the trenches with them then try to suggest they should give more! Ford should be ashamed of himself and his Minister! After this they should strike!

Also having 0 access to fever medication for small infants doesn’t help the overwhelmed hospitals when you need to come in to have access to some. 🤦🏼‍♀️ My brother is an emergency dr and he said that the only thing that will alleviate this is if the government invested into healthcare & funded 24hr ambulatory clinics. But we know Doug won't 🤷‍♀️

Doug_Ford_ON SylviaJonesMPP wdgph BringBackMasks FordFailedOntario before asking already stretched thin health care workers to do even more DO YOUR JOB MandateMasks to at least slow down the spread of respiratory disease. At least lead by example FordFailedOntario They would need to actually be taking patients first in order to do that.

And they say no? Can’t even convince them to see patients in person Lol ya right, most of them aren’t even seeing people who are sick or they are still working shorter days. The whole world went back to normal and family physicians are still in hiding🙄 That would only make sense. Unions won’t let it happen.

They should have walk ins and have then open 9-9 pm

Good luck with that Maybe if the provincial government worked just as hard, people might think about it. What's happening with our healthcare system is a nightmare right now!! 💔💔 Considering a large percentage of people clogging up our hospitals don’t need their services, this plan makes sense! Remove restrictions on how many patients a doctor can have, plus increase their service pay

Are they equipped for that? And still were not doing anything to lesson thr burden here? This isn't going to help Emerg lol. Like what rich clinic's do politicians go to that can do emergency cases? Good luck with that .. our family doctor don’t even see patients unless you make a stink. They always refer to ER or urgent care never willing to see patients

Wow! Just wow! Pathetic! Ford do your job you 🤬!! 3 more yrs of his 💩 Ontario will done by then!😣

Is fordnation going to pay for overtime. ford just fucks up and up and up theres no end to his ineptness just more excuses lies distractions and deflections .. Ford wants to cut health spending WTF? I thought fordnation sylviajones told Ontarians that everything was getting much better because they had hired 10,000 healthcare workers.Well where are these workers?Have the quit already?This government has defined rescinding bill 124 to get staff back on the job we need them.

No worries is not for free ppl!! We pay as in US but we get putz in return! This ON govt is totally bonkers. This won't solve anything. It will actually push doctors to close their practices. How about fordnation actually FUNDS HEALTHCARE? What a novel idea, I know. The family doctors need to start seeing people in person. I know some are but many are not still.

If I was to call my doctors office right now the only available appointment would be in 2 weeks. It has been like this for years.. so how will this help kids who are in an emergency situation?!! But let's put all our taxpayer money into building a highway for 12 cars a day to travel on. Oh wait, I forgot, fordnation has a lot of developer friends to pay back due to campaign donations. (And maybe he got some nice renos to his Muskoka cottage thrown in as well).

Ontario just doesn't get it. Good idea Anyone seen Fordnation since his bday? He claimed parliamentary privilege to avoid testifying in the EA, but hasn’t been to Parliament in 2 days! Shouldn’t that be mandatory to invoke such privilege? Ontario we are in serious trouble 🤬 Hey I have to work both days of the weeke d and nights so why don't they. I'm for this. Obviously if you work weekend you get a day off mid week but yeah I'm for this.

Medical clinics are not equipped with Emergency equipment and honestly my family doctors office STILL WONT SEE PATIENTS IN PERSON SO LIKE help me understand how we aren’t in trouble

In a government memo obtained by The Canadian Press, the Ministry of Health asks family clinics to offer extended hours until further notice.The Ontario government is announcing a new measure aimed at improving road safety in Northern Ontario by clearing Highways 11 and 17 four hours faster than the previous standard of 16.Everything you need to know about the Emergencies Act national inquiry History was made on Oct.4 min.

The health minister's spokeswoman says extended hours at family clinics will help avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals, and primary care providers will be compensated through OHIP. The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario says many clinics across the province are already offering extended hours to help deal with the surge of patients with respiratory illnesses. Ontario says it is the only province in Canada to have a bare pavement requirement — meaning the road is fully clear of snow after a storm — that is publicly reported. The association says the government memo was not a directive, but a request to help tell patients, especially sick children, where to go for help when a clinic is not open.ca breaks down everything you need to know. Pediatric hospitals across the province are well beyond capacity with children flooding emergency rooms and intensive care units with the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. "Clearing Highways 11 and 17 to bare pavement four hours faster following a winter storm will help keep Nipissing residents safe when they travel. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov.2 per cent increase annually every single year … It’s a significant increase from where we started,” Lecce told reporters Monday at Queen’s Park.

23, 2022." See related: Unique 2+1 highway initiative coming to Highway 11 North The government says the new standard for clearing snow follows a detailed technical review of winter maintenance operations on Highways 11 and 17 and an analysis of data from the winter maintenance pilot from the past two winter seasons on these highways. Pierre Poilievre wins Conservative leadership on first ballot Pierre Poilievre is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, securing victory on the first ballot after a record-setting and divisive leadership campaign. Related Stories .