'Only pagan in Fort Saskatchewan' says city nearly fined her for religious artwork in backyard

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A pagan witch in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., says the city's bylaw officers nearly fined her for religious artwork in her backyard.

This photo, posted to Alayah Esotera's Twitter, showcases her"spider home," which is designed to appeal to spiders so they will build homes on and in it. In the distance, a horned bust is visible, which she calls"Enki," and says represents the earth. TORONTO -- According to Alayah Esotera, there is only one pagan witch in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta -- her.

“I’m a witch! That’s what I do, I talk to the ghosts, I talk to the energies,” she says in the video.The other woman answers, “We are trying to sell this house. We are losing $50,000. We have had people on his text messages saying, ‘We see the signs” -- seemingly referring to pagan artwork in Esotera’s backyard.

The spider home is exactly what it sounds like: a structure designed to appeal to spiders so they will come and live inside it.On June 10, police officers showed up at Esotera’s house after her neighbour complained.of the interaction, she leads them through her backyard and explains the pagan artwork and what it means to her.

A copy of the relevant bylaws, which Esotera was given by the bylaw officers and which she shared with CTVNews.ca, explain that homeowners can be given a “nuisance” fine.


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Only Pagan in the village

They can force you to take stuff down in your backyard? Just build a taller fence.

Her yard, so who cares?

Metal af 🤘

We pay tax dollars to people to harass some woman with a statue on her own property? True north strong and free🤔

As long as the spiders are hanging out at her place. Those miserable neighbors don't know how lucky they are to have Halloween 24/7 🎃

Let them keep it!! 🧙‍♀️🔮🧞✨

I love this so much.


We definitely need a blood sacrifice cus one of the old gods is so pissed at us right now....

looking for new 'victims' to write stories on.

She’s beautiful and I refuse to hear otherwise!

Pagans are dullards


She’s Muslim right?

Nearly fined her?

Communist Canada what else would you expect?

Freaky Cool😍😍😍😍😍

That’s nearly a story.

There's nothing religious about that freaky sculpture

Here’s the list of what I’ve been reported for just in this Past Year & the “Signs” the Neighbour’s Girlfriend is referring to in the story & video are my Beware of Dog & No Tresspassing signs which they reported me for as well.

For Full Conversations between me & Police, Bylaw Officers & the Neighbours who’ve reported me 20 times in less than a year for minor things, you can view them Here...

Freedom at a cost of violating other people's rights is unlawful. people that confuse it or abuse it goes to jail by law. Their neighbour has all the rights to say fuck off imo. Freedom (abuse) Common Sense should be a curriculum. So many trolls playing dumb n innocent.

I also want to say the neighbours had their house up less then a month before it sold AND it sold June 15th! I even told Bylaw that but they said they still were at that point going to charge me... Here’s my complete conversation with them.

I thought the liberal government said we are to be tolerant of all religion.... or is that just for the main stream ones that can get them votes?

Good on her - I’ve seen many bylaw officers, inspectors, etc. overstep their bounds. Me? I’d love to have EsotericPagan and hubby as neighbours - the convos would be enlightening and fascinating! I won’t lie, though - I love spiders but this’ll give nightmares, tonight, lol!

Like year round Halloween for the kids.

She shouldn’t be fined for it being religious but she should be fined for inserting this monstrosity into my nightmares

I feel for her. I'm Wiccan living between a Baptist and I'm not sure what. Baptist is great, leaves me alone. Other guy throws a fit the second he sees me start a ceremony. He's called Bylaw so many times they've stopped coming. Not fun.

Yup, everything in 🇨🇦 is getting banned. Freedom, what's that?

How can anybody say with confidence there is only one pagan in Fort Saskatchewan? These headlines just keep getting dumber

Really? Tell them to build a higher fence if it bugs them. Also if they have to make an effort to peek over the fence just to see it they should be fined not her. The city owes her an apology. That was unacceptable whether it was religious stuff or not.

This rules

EsotericPagan Good for you for going to the media!

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