One in five Canadians think COVID-19 pandemic blown out of proportion: Poll

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One in five Canadians think COVID-19 pandemic blown out of proportion: Poll

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One in five Canadians think COVID-19 pandemic blown out of proportion: Poll

One in five Canadians weren't taking the deadly COVID-19 pandemic seriously as recently as last weekend, a new poll suggests.

In a Leger poll conducted between Friday and Sunday, 16 per cent of respondents said the crisis was partly blown out of proportion and another four per cent believed it was blown way out of proportion. As well, 16 per cent said the crisis was having no impact on them going out to stores, restaurants or other places; 17 per cent said it was having no impact on the social distance they're keeping from others; and 21 per cent said it was having no impact on visits with friends and family. Coronavirus newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inbox Nine per cent said they were still planning to let their kids play outside with other children. While the poll suggests the vast majority of Canadians were taking the crisis seriously and abiding by government advice to stay home as much as possible, Leger executive vice-president Christian Bourque says the 20 per cent who weren't taking it seriously could jeopardize nationwide efforts to curb the rapid spread of the respiratory virus. "That 20 per cent of people must go down if we want to collectively achieve the objectives of flattening out the curve," Bourque said in a interview, referring to the goal of keeping the number of COVID-19 cases from overwhelming the health care system. The poll, conducted for The Canadian Press, surveyed 1,508 adult Canadians randomly selected from its online panel. Leger's internet-based survey cannot be assigned a margin of error because online polls are not considered random samples. Various provincial governments have begun threatening to impose hefty fines on individuals and businesses that flout orders to close or keep at least two-metres distance from other people. A number of premiers have expressed outrage over Canadians who congregated in parks and on beaches over the weekend while others held house parties or otherwise socialized in groups beyond their immediate family. There have also been instances of individuals refusing to self-isolate for 14 days after travelling abroad or not abiding by quarantines after testing positive for COVID-19. Bourque said governments have little choice but to crack down when one-fifth of the population does not appear to be taking the crisis seriously. The poll suggests that 18-34 year olds were most likely to think the crisis is overblown -- 27 per cent compared to 14 per cent for those 55 years of age or more. But on all other questions, Bourque said the poll found little difference among age groups, including on the level of fear people are feeling. Forty-one per cent of respondents said they were somewhat afraid of personally contracting the virus; another 16 per cent said they were very afraid. Eighteen per cent said they currently have one or more of the commons symptoms of COVID-19: a cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing and/or a fever. Forty-four per cent said they were somewhat afraid someone in their immediate family will contract the disease; another 26 per cent were very afraid. Only four per cent said they personally know someone who's been diagnosed with the disease. Fifty-six per cent said the crisis was already having an impact on their work, 54 per cent said they were stocking up on food and supplies at home and 47 per cent said it's had an impact on their ability to visit loved ones in hospital or long-term care homes. As well, 48 per cent said the crisis had impacted their retirement savings or other investments, 38 per cent said it's affected their income, 35 per cent their capacity to financially assist other family members, 27 per cent their ability to pay bills and 21 per cent their ability to meet mortgage payments or pay rent. Sixteen per cent said they'd lost their job. Despite the hard hits, respondents signalled a relatively high level of satisfaction with the way governments are responding to the crisis. Sixty-five per cent were very or somewhat satisfied with the federal government's performance, 67 per cent with their municipal governments. That rose to 79 per cent for provincial governments -- fuelled by a whopping 94 per cent satisfaction rate in Quebec. Fully 63 per cent of respondents said they expect the crisis to last a few months, 12 per cent said more than a year. But 23 per cent predicted it will last a few weeks and two per cent said just a few days. For the coming week, 60 per cent said they planned to go grocery shopping, 19 per cent planned to get takeout food from a restaurant, 15 per cent planned to get food delivered, 14 per cent intended to go to a convenience store and 11 per cent to a liquor store -- although some provinces have now ordered non-essential businesses to close. Nine per cent said they planned to shop for groceries online, five per cent planned to visit friends and two per cent intended to patronize a restaurant or bar. This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 24, 2020. RELATED IMAGES Read more: CTV News

I think they’re the same 1 in 5 Canadians who support Trump..🧐 Well I'm sure 1 in 5 canadians are also stupid as hell Ship them to Italy..... Then 1 in 5 Canadians are stupid! Be responsible! Come on people! We must all do our part to flatten the curve! You may not be worried about catching the virus however you may infect someone who is vulnerable. SocialDistancing

Well let’s hope they’re the 20% that get it! How old is this ..ask again every week let's see how things change as it expands. Would be an interesting comparison. Data is life, or so we are told. asshats That one person better stay the heck indoors, otherwise could kill the other 4 In other news: one in five Canadians is a Covidiot. Update at 5.

Well it’s actually a bit confusing. Ford says go to work while trudeau says stay at home - which is it?!?

N.S. reports 13 new COVID-19 cases, including one involving a childNova Scotia is reporting 13 new cases of COVID-19, including one involving a child. This brings the total number of cases in the province to 41. When are extra supplies coming for all medical facilities. When are testing kits going to be supplied. So so sad! 😔

Come work the frontline with me with no PPE’s lol I wonder how many of those five Canadians were Men v. Women. How large was the sampling? Was the sampling done recently? So much missing from this statement. It has the flavouring of a Nanos Poll. Sorry N. N. We had the opportunity to heed the warnings of China and Italy. Could've, would've, should've. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Orrrrrrrrrrr.. 4 out of 5 think the pandemic is NOT blown out of proportion.. See the difference? It's way over done by media. False fear mongering propaganda One Raising our taxes and a unlimited spending bill... yes overblown! Not closing the borders months ago... Under reaction. I am sure that most of them are conservatives and would vote for Trump if he ran for party leader.

That’s why our PM should stop begging them and use enforcement to keep them following all the social distancing. Probably the same morons that voted for Justin.

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Four in five Canadians think one in five Canadians are stupid. So one in five Canadians are American? 1 in 5 need to leave the gene pool ! EdtheSock BoycottGiantTiger How about 'Four in five Canadians feel the proper level of concern is being voiced about COVID-19.' One in five Canadians are also idiots.

I'm sort of hearing a couple of people saying this.☹️ They don't have been following the international news, also not very good at math yup and I know a few of those people How many times are you guys gonna post this article today? They must be related to trump

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1 in 5 Canadians are stupid. this thing is hitting young and old. 3-4% mortality average. less than 1% if we are lucky, Italy's 10% if not. US is on Italy track and that compounds our situation cause we are bordered with them. US could cause a costly return of it. stayhome ! The exponential growth of the contagion, or even the spread of the disease, will not happen indefinitely. At some point, when the percentage of contaminated approaches 50% - 60% of the population, the contagion ends and, with it, the epidemic.

One in five cases reported may need oxygen. Without, mortality increases. How much respirators does the country have? Good luck! The same one in five that voted for AndrewScheer I bet. Wow I didn’t know that many Canadian watch Fox News?! When people are dead, people don’t now they are dead, the pain is only felt by others. The same thing happens when they are stupid!

They are complete fools and will be the ones to create a huge outbreak. Selfish selfish selfish only 1 in 5? 1 in 5 Canadians are apparently morons. I thought we were better than that... 😔 I'm not surprised. It's probably the same crowd that unnecessarily pillaged every grocery store and bought a years supply of toilet paper and groceries. Now that they're surrounded by their stash and feeling safe, it's no big deal.

Always in DENIAL

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Well you shouldn’t honestly have asked. It’s necessary so it doesn’t matter what they think. I’d rather be safe then sorry. Or dead. I’m sure people in Italy, Spain and Iran thought it wasn’t going to be very bad either. It’s just that all news channels keep blowing it up, seems like there is nothing else going on in the world or locally.

would be interesting to map that Just smarten up you guys, be safe 68% of statistics are made up on the spot.. and then represented badly. I don't It the media stirring shit. Wash your hands and stay safe We Canadian Citizens stranded here in the Philippines needs help to go back to our families in Canada. I have 2 boys left in Canada 5 and 7 years old. They need me there.

1M Canadians laid off in a week and 26 Canadians dead since this started months ago.

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Probably because of the less than 1% effective mortality rate. And they will eventually be infected So 4 out of 5 are taking this very seriously...good news yes? Thank goodness four out of five are taking it seriously. What don’t you 1 in 5 idiots understand about contagious diseases? Stay home. Perhaps 1 in 5 people don’t have a job, or a health care professional in their family.

Yeah...well maybe if the MSM would stop spreading lies such as the supposed climatechange 'emergency' ppl would believe it when an actual emergency occurs....crywolfe comes to mind! yes..customers tell me lots im being ridiculous for wearing gloves Responsible journalism CTV News why not turn around that survey and say 8 out of 10 don't consider it overblown

Liberals pull one controversial tax-and-spend measure from emergency aid billConservatives signal they could not support bill as originally drafted; Small group of MPs reconvene in Ottawa for House debate

How is that even defined? It's comparing two subjective magnitudes with no pure defined metrics. Given this, 1 in 5 means response is perceived as quite on point. 80% agreeing it’s a big deal is pretty good really. How often does 80% of the country agree on anything? They are putting all the rest of us in jeopardy.

So we shall deal with the one dummy in the bunch.PeopleAreDying RespectTheRules StayAtHomeSaveLives WereYouOnSpringbreak DontBeASpreader DontBeACOVIDiot PetulanceDoesNotPay ForCrapsakeDisneyWorldClosed EyEyEye Amazing, since the numbers show we shouldn't be panicking, still the media has fooled 4/5.

If the herd needs to be thinned out, these dummies are the place where nature should start. I guess that’s why the numbers of sick people keep rising. GEEZ. That means that breathing is blown out of proportion. Record someone dying and fighting to breath and show it to them. 😡 Arrange a paid vacation to Italy for these folk, with a stop over in Spain thrown in.

Only cus we lost all trust in media and government

Those 1 in 5 are dangerous. They’re the ones not practicing social distancing and will keep this damn virus alive. And they watch CNN and Fox to hear Trump’s garbage In other news 1 in 5 Canadians still believe the earth is flat... i.e. 20% of the population, the bottom part of the normal distribution Ya and I bet they're mostly conservatives

These Canadians need to go to Sky News twitter account there is a video of a young Irish man describing the coronavirus. He said it was an incredible pain, he could not breathe and he thought he was going to die. This is not like the flu it is a million times worse. we have the medias to thank for that...

And it is a proven fact 25% of people have below average IQs. So this is not too bad. Only ‘most’ of the dummies don’t get it. that's probably an accurate number I know I run into more than a few who are skeptical. Four out of five don’t see the pandemic is over exaggerated.

Unbelievable, please ask family of woman who died in McKenzie Towne Continuing Care Centre in Calgary. Thankfully less than one in five Canadians will die from this virus. 1 in 5 should be removed from the gene pool !!! They are the problem. Thank you to those that are abiding the rules. Maybe after that 20% of Canadians get the covid19 they will think differently, if they are still alive. Hopefully they aren't carriers and kill their relatives. StayHomeSaveLives CoronavirusPandemic PhysicalDistancing FlattenTheCurve

Can we somehow nominate them to be the ones to represent us in the hospitals as patients? I mean, they should experience it and all, given that they don't believe it is serious enough. Also, don't forget to tell them to update their will, JIC Meh... not giving this topic any life. Next! 4 of of 5 Canadians are brain washed by relentless repeating, sorry, reporting by the media who do exactly as they are told by the equally inept politicians. 1%ers will rule the world and the police state will become the norm.

Looks like 1 in 5 Canadians don’t have a fucking clue got it 👍 I think so too

Don’t be in denial...this is serious stuff....listen to our medical and government officials....follow the deligent and smart...before this really escalates....your life, your families lives and your community depends on safe and healthy...🙏🇨🇦💕 Actually I am pleasantly surprised that it is only 20% in the US that number is significantly higher.

Do they all live in Vancouver? BillyWalters09 sccoooooooopppssss 20% are ill-informed. It's the fear of the unknown with some, they really do believe it but deny the scope of the virus. ... there all sitting on the B.C. beaches ... Young adults don’t get it How many deaths does it take before they consider it serious? How many of their family members & friends have to die before they consider it bad? In Italy there is about 1 person per minute dying. Is that serious enough for you? Can’t happen here? Do you want to chance it?

That's due to mixed messages from politicians, health experts and the media. I don't know why that would be a surprise anyone . It s generous . That s why we need mesured control and enforcement . In other words 1 in 5 Canadians is a moron! That is now your third retweet on the same question! Why do you do that? What is it you want to hide? the previous comments?

Having these kinds of stupid surveys simply reinforces the thinking, in done, that it might be overblown. How about you survey the families of those who passed away from Covid19. At this point they are the only opinions that should matter! That 1 person out of 5 better stay the hell out of the vaccination line up. 😡

Probably the 1 in 5 watching Donald Trump. COVIDIDIOTS They can go live with Dr. Trump then If you are the 1 out of 5 wake up!

How many of those 1 in 5 are in medicine? One in five Canadians are covidiots WHAT? you don’t know whats going to hit your country . Take a look at whats going on in Italy , Spain and now us in UK , and now in Africa Send all these 1 out of 5 to Italy to see what a out of control outbreak looks like This is why. PattyHajdu

Bet they're Conservatives. It's actually a easy fix. Suspended all Bill's and put Canada on complete lockdown for 2 to 3 weeks. Give a 72 hrs notice to stock up. Have stores put limits on shit so all can get. Virus will have no where to go and dies. LOL but what do I know Give that 20% a tv and some eyeballs.

And that's why I hope our Federal Emergency Act gets activated ! People aren't listening Public Health and I can't fathom why😔 4 out of 5 Canadians don't.

Therefore FOUR out of 5 don't think we're over-reacting! Can't you ever put a positive spin on anything? They are the uninformed idiots. Thanks to fear mongering sensationalist journalism. So...4/5 think it's a big deal. You know that's like 80% of other people? But please yes, tell me what the Crazies are doing...

Well, that's a dumb, stupid point of view. Thanks to the media yea 1 in 5 Canadians have been watching and/or listening to FoxNews Hmmmmm I would guess more like 3/5 I certainly think that COVID-19 is no excuse for Fascism. One in five Canadians live in Alberta & Saskatchewan!

I'm Canadian and I don't recall being asked my opinion. These poll results aren't representative of all Canadians. So I guess we’re not flattening the curve anytime soon with this stat! 😷 Honestly better than 1 in 3 Americans not buying Corona beer because of the name 😱 Stats don't lie. Maybe its cause how many people are still at work and how many stores are open TIME to shut things down get this quarenteen going we are Canada let's get it done

That’s because they are watching realDonaldTrump spewing bullshit and lies......tune into JustinTrudeau and GovCanHealth for REAL updates and FACTS! 1 in 5 Canadians go to the 10th Dentist. Probably. StayTheFHome COVIDIOTS This is why so many are getting sick. it is blown out of proportion, you are wrong if you think otherwise

I dont know ANYONE who thinks its blown out of proportion. We are all listening to the daily updates We’ll never know if we overreacted but it will be glaringly obvious if we under-reacted. One in five Canadians should go work for Trump Who cares? They're watching trump tv. If you’re the 1 in 5 you haven’t been paying attention or don’t understand exponential growth. This is the beginning- redo this poll in 3 months please.

4/5 people dont read the articles on your stories and just go with the sensationalized headlines. This was an online poll (which isnt as credible) and was done last week, which honestly, seems like a lifetime ago. I say let those folks head to Europe or China and let’s see their opinion in a few weeks.

How else do Conservatives get elected? Denying reality and not caring about others About 1 in 5 Canadians voted conservative last election.... 🤔 Just sad, someone help these flat earth, climate change denying, tide pod eating, right wing extremists before they drag us all down with them

1 in 5 Canadians need to pay attention. The global cases increase by the hour, everyday. Hopefully only those 1 in 5 will get the coronavirus Thought we were smarter than this... More or less the same as climate change... Take photos and we will shame the stupid out of them. Listen there's always going to be those people, it's like when you're told to show up too the airport two hours before a flight and people show up with minutes to spare. People are selfish and they are bringing us down

So now we know the exact ratio of idiot CPC supporters in this country 👍🏽😁 Must be conservative... Those 1 in 5 can go lick some door knobs together. Other countries didn't take it seriously and look what happened to them. Some countries are going to have to choose who gets medical treatment and who dies. Why is it so unreasonable to minimize the outbreak? Thanks for being part of the problem

I’m a Canadian who lives in New Orleans. I can assure you this is NOT blown out of proportion. Get ready. 1 in 5 canadians are the champions of stupidity I would like to permanently social distance myself from that 1 out of the 5 forever. I bet they’re all Conservatives. 1 in 5 Canadians need to trust the verifiable science and stop waiting for hopes and prayers to solve everything. coronavirus COVID19

0-5 CDC tests apparently may be bunk Its time for Canadianpoliticians to dotheirpart like they're asking us to do. Until we're ALL backatworkCanada PoliticianpaycutCanada will show you will doyourpart too. weareallinthistogether politicianpaycut Canada COVID19 COVIDCanada COVID19canada COVID19BC

Those must be mostly from Ontario and the same people who voted for fordnation Would the same 1 in 5 Canadians agree to go to the back of the line when there’s a vaccine available? 1 in 5 Canadians need to stop listening to the Trumpidiot south of our border who cares more about Wall Street than anything or anyone else.

One in 5 Canadians voted for Trudeau. It might not be serious when there's a handful of cases and everyone gets proper medical medical treatment, but this is growing exponentially, and that scenario isn't likely. The survival rate is plummeting. Was 87% 2 days ago, 85% today. AndrewScheer STOP YOUR BULLSH*T

Let them congregate and nature please thin that herd. Life after covid19 will make these people feel like idiots (if they still are alive). I mean, if it was actually that serious they would of did a national lockdown so the initial wave of infected could of been dealt with. Why wouldn't you want to control the movement of people when this virus proved to be so dangerous.

this is not 'news'. 1 in 5 is basically the rate of idiocy in the country. Science doesn't care what people think or believe. Facts are facts. I wonder if these same people would be happy to waive their rights to medical care for the next 3 months. COVIDIDIOTS

1 in 5 Canadians need to find someplace else to shop. That’s a VERY concerning statistic. 1 out of 5 And it's exactly that 20% of the population that places the rest of us a risk. This is a pandemic folks, wake up and get you're head out of the sand. I know one of these one in 5 Canadians in my own family, trust me this person is not the most thoughtful.

1 in 5 covidiots in Canada. Not too bad I guess. I spoke to that ‘one in five’ while grocery shopping last week. There’s ignorance and then there is sheer stupidity. Wonder where their head is at now. 'The poll, conducted for The Canadian Press, surveyed 1,508 adult Canadians randomly selected from its online panel. Leger's internet-based survey cannot be assigned a margin of error because online polls are not considered random samples.' Bruh what.

It's the CHINA virus You’ve got to be a complete idiot if you still think this.

4 in 5 Canadians think they're irresponsible yes I know a few of those people. and they make me so angry. my answer oh yeah that's why the world is shutting down Try this.. Google.. Italy!!!!!!!!! That 1 in the 5 will cause the virus to mutate Those 1 in 5 Canadians need to get their heads out of their ass.

So 20%. So what. 20% think lizard people run the world One in five Canadians are high. And this is why our numbers are spiking up!!! So 1 in 5 is stupid And I guess what is happening in China, Italy and the rest of Europe is “fake news!?” I guess they don’t believe in scientific facts either. 🙄

1-5 needs to have their ass kicked. Those same Canadians also think Trump is a good them to USA Thank goodness 80% are informed citizens! I say this as my next door neighbors are out and about instead of following quarantine protocol. They just returned from a sunny spot... 1 in 5 Canadians see the truth behind this, population control 101 a book or Trudeau won’t tell you that because that’s bad policy, this is the flu nobody has seen before of course people will get sick, but people who are dying are mostly already sick or old as dirt

I don’t think so... Probably the same people that went on vacation and still stranded somewhere That’s good. That means 80% of us think it is serious. It is definitely serious but for perspective 750 Canadians die every 24 hours or 31 an hour from various causes. Thoughts and prayers when they end up in I.C.U. 🙏

Here's hoping those that don't believe don't get sick or worse.

🤯 Well one in 5 Canadians are morons Just like the climate change, nobody wants to take this pandemic seriously! cathmckenna Wow!! Just shows you how stupid people are in denial🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s not the virus that’s blown out of proportion, it’s the bullshit fear mongering from the news media that is! I'm proud of the fact that 80% of my fellow Canadians have decent common sense.

Fun fact: 1 in 5 is all you need to elect a government in Canada. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid..... So 1 in 5 are idiots. Gotcha I’m guessing those 1 out of 5 haven’t felt what it’s like to not breathe but gasp for air because of the virus.

At least some are getting the message They are idiots. Ask a healthcare provider. And they are the reason it’s spreading !! 😡 Left wing survey. These are the moron Canadians that follow Trump Show me the stats by province because I’m guessing a healthy portion of the ignorance we are seeing with those opinions are coming from Alberta .

Maybe it’s because we get told we are in an “emergency” situation and then they say, pretty much all, businesses are essential. Meaning we, pretty much all, have to go straight back to work. We get told to stay home, and then they turn around and say get back to work. 🤦🏼‍♀️ About 1 in 5 infected Canadians will be hospitalized.😳

Wtf... My 30-30 rule.. 30% of any group are 'strange'. 30% of those are 'lunatics'.

The truth can sometimes be found in what is being hidden by the media from the public. The MSM is very good at that...sometimes! Until they end up on a ventilator. Here are some stats for those disbelievers. Some observations for COVID-19 statistics for March 23 (source: ) New headline '80 of Canadians think appropriate measures taken during Coronavirus Pandemic' Try to stay POSITIVE !!

Would like to see geographical breakdown. I don't think it is blown out of proportion. wait till it hits them hard... but on other hand, a lot of Canadians are living alone in the woods eating fresh black bear off a stick Magats Dumbasses. karma awaits 100 % of those 1 in 5 are complete morons.

And this is why we need to Shut. It. Down. The whole province. The whole country. OntarioPolitics JustinTrudeau In related news, one in five Canadians are DEAD 💀 wrong. So then, they won’t need any ventilator if or when they get sick. Better to follow safe procedures and stop this. 1 in 5 Canadians doesn’t read/watch/listen to the news.Italy

Covid-19 has seven stages: 1⃣shock- I can't believe this! 2⃣denial - It not happening! 3⃣anger - WTF!! 4⃣bargaining - Others will get it, not me. 5⃣depression - I think we are screwed! 6⃣testing - I need a test. 7⃣acceptance - Covid-19 exists, I will follow all these measures. Maybe they would work on the front lines then, the rest of us are Staying at home, washing our hands, keeping 6 feet away, waiting patiently and praying for our elders and immunocompromised!

How come Trudeau never gets his feet held to the fire for not having enough tests ? If feels like a lot of people are in serious denial. So what your saying is 1 in 5 Canadian's are self severing mentally challenged people?

20% of Canadians are idiots Send them ty NY

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