Ohio Abortion Bill, Abortion, Ectopic Pregnancy Replanting, Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill, Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancies, Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancies Ohio

Ohio Abortion Bill, Abortion

Ohio abortion bill calls for ectopic pregnancies to be reimplanted — considered medically impossible

Such a pregnancy involves a fertilized egg implanted outside the uterus, which can lead to life-threatening complications for the woman.


An ectopic pregnancy involves a fertilized egg implanted outside the uterus — which can lead to life-threatening complications for the woman.

Such a pregnancy involves a fertilized egg implanted outside the uterus, which can lead to life-threatening complications for the woman.

She said Ohio has become a sort of testing ground for new abortion restrictions in recent years.

Ohio governor signs controversial bill banning abortion after 1st heartbeat

Earlier this year, the state’s Republican-dominated legislature and GOP governor approved a new law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. A federal judge has temporarily blocked that so-called heartbeat bill.

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and I assume they expect the mother to pay for this crazy procedure? Getting worse for women..isnt even prochoice Disgusting animals. No, worse. Demonic. What happens when people making decisions use emotional reasoning instead of fact based reasoning. 2% max. This is why debating abortion matters all the way no can kill mother. All the way yes kills millions.

Everyday the world finds new ways to disappoint & make it difficult to be a woman. This is horrid. Incredibly troubling Wow! This is ridiculous. It’s already traumatic finding out and going through the process and then to be told this is your only option. This can’t be real. The stupidity of this is mindblowing.

New York considers 'virginity test' ban after rapper T.I. sparks uproarNew York state is considering banning so-called virginity tests after an American rapper sparked outcry by saying he takes his daughter to a gynecologist every year to check her hymen is still intact. What a freak ! Could they check and see if his sphincter is intact? his daughter, his property, I dont see the big deal with checking on your daughters well being.

USA. The doctors are committing malpractice if they put the woman’s life in danger & this law is trying to force them to do that. The minute the ectopic fetus is removed it is dead material that cannot grow again. If you try to put dead organic material in a womb you will cause harm. Stupid ohio

Japanese man, 71, booked for making 24,000 complaint calls in 8 daysThe man reportedly made thousands of complaint calls from public payphones. Holy macanoly! He must have had that number on speed dial. Way too much effort!

China and U.S. clash over Xinjiang, Hong Kong billsAlready strained relations between China and the United States were further muddied after U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill targeting Beijing's mass crackdown on ethnic Muslim minorities. Democracy vs Dictatorship? Easy one!!!

School boards suspend use of Bill Blair-linked charitable program over privacy concernsTwo Toronto-area school boards have suspended their participation in a charitable program Public Safety Minister Bill Blair helped establish following allegations that children's personal information wasn't adequately protected online. Bill Blair rounded up and detained law abiding Canadians on behalf of his political masters. He is the last person I would trust with anything let alone something effecting my children. Wow, good thing he is charge of our safety and security. What could go wrong? Another CTV employed snowflake crying ...

China launches series of rebukes against U.S. Uighur billChina responded with swift condemnation Wednesday after U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill targeting its mass crackdown on ethnic Muslim minorities, further straining ties after President Donald Trump last week signed separate human rights legislation on Hong Kong. ... On one side the Koran diffinately promotes violence, history is the witness. But the method the Chinese government is doing to suppress this violence is not kosher to the peace loving rainbow walking western world. Yeshua was so right on about what is and will happen. Amen

Akim Aliu says 'big change coming' after meeting with NHL - Sportsnet.ca'I think there’s just some big change coming. It’s long overdue, and I’m excited to see it come to fruition.” Dreamer_Aliu78 met with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly on Tuesday. Dreamer_Aliu78

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