O'Toole says pro-choice position can square with pledge to protect health workers' conscience rights

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Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says he can both be pro-choice and fight to protect the rights of health-care professionals who refuse to perform a medical procedure for moral or religious reasons.

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OTTAWA -- Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says he can both be pro-choice and fight to protect the rights of health-care professionals who refuse to perform a medical procedure for moral or religious reasons.

“This is not at all a contradiction. I think it’s very important to defend the rights of all Canadians. That’s what I will do. Making sure that women have the right to access abortion services across this country. I am pro-choice, I have a pro-choice record and that’s how I’ll be. I think it’s also possible to show respect for our nurses, our health-care professionals with respect particularly to the expansion of medical assistance in dying,” he said.

O’Toole did not directly answer questions about whether the conscience rights policy would stretch beyond medical assistance in dying and apply to abortion services as well. The issue of access to abortion dogged former leader Andrew Scheer during the 2019 federal election. Scheer stated he was personally against abortion, but that a government led by him would not ban the practice. Still, opposition leaders criticized him throughout the campaign for not clearly communicating his position.

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As if. At some point this MEDICAL procedure will stop being about controlling women. Can you imagine. JFC

Why r we even talking about this? Our bodies our choice. How about real consequences for men who can’t control them selves? We are constantly gocked at and feel unsafe and it needs to stop!

This is the same stance that republicans have been pushing lately where they can openly discriminate against not just women seeking family planning but treating LGB and especially Trans people. For those in rural areas with few Dr.s, this stance should be extremely troubling

So whats next doctor's being able to refuse service to gay people because of their so called Christian values. Erin O'toole will make canada like America, filled with hate. So much for love thy neighbor.

what a tool

Tool jumps the shark. Election over now. That only took a few days. Time to search for a new leader of the Conservative Party...again!

if you don’t believe in abortions then don’t work in that department, there are other options ! Imagine if I refused to treat or save the stabbed guy who just shot his kid and wife.I would be fired by my college!! Politics should focus on the things they can manage or improve..

If medical providers have difficulty with providing certain types of necessary procedures, they need to find a new job away from those procedures. They should not be allowed to stay and cause harm by refusing. Access is already a huge problem in Canada, don’t make it worse

Sometimes, it's not about the win but choosing what is just the right thing to do. A leader has to lead by example for the better good. The economy and the environment need to be at the forefront. There is too much smoke- literally- be Pro active with that!

This is the crap you hear from the GOP. Elect the CPC and it wont be long before we are fighting to keep our health care and the bible out of science and history classes.

Of course it can't, but there's no way you'd ever get him to admit it on the record.

Sounds like Liberals & Liberal biased media are desperate! The Conservatives majority win in Nova Scotia was quite remarkable!!

erinotoole you say you are pro-choice, but what is your party's CPC_HQ stance? That's important information to know.

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