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NP View: If Trudeau has lost interest in his job, perhaps he should quit

NP View: If Trudeau has lost interest in his job, perhaps he should quit


NP View: If Trudeau has lost interest in his job, perhaps he should quit

While Chrystia Freeland and other cabinet members have struggled to deal with the rail blockades , Trudeau has been flying around Africa and Europe

Construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and other energy projects, was never going to be easy given concerns over environmental impacts, but Trudeau greatly complicated the decision he would one day face by trying to play both sides against the middle. While assuring Albertans of his appreciation for the crucial nature of the energy industry, he egged on activists with pledges of support for “social licence” and legislation making it infinitely harder to win regulatory approval for pipeline projects or tanker traffic. His tactics backed the government into a corner when Trans Mountain looked in danger of cancellation, forcing it to purchase the pipeline for $4.5 billion and saddle taxpayers with a project now expected to cost $12.6 billion, up from a previous estimate of $7.4 billion. The political capital expended on that decision only increased the difficulty of rendering judgment on the Frontier mine, a $20.6-billion oilsands megaproject that once again pits the environment against the economy, with Ottawa caught between its past assertions of sympathy and support for both sides.

Canada’s Indigenous community is not a single unified body with universally recognized leadership and established policies. It is a collection of widely differing interests, pressure groups, power points and varying regional, political and economic agendas that are often at odds across geographical regions, and within communities themselves. At the moment, a collection of Indigenous protesters has managed to cause serious disruption to train services across the country by blockading rail tracks. The blockade in Ontario is in sympathy with actions in British Columbia that have been ruled illegal. The B.C. protest was ordered by hereditary chiefs who are at odds with elected Indigenous leaders. Police are reluctant to act against groups that have taken the law into their own hands for fear of making things worse. Canadians are caught in the middle.

Gee, thanks. And whose job would it be to get that balance right but the prime minister, who has done so much to talk the country into a position where protesters feel free to ignore the courts, and police feel helpless to intervene, all in the name of reconciliation efforts that can only lose public sympathy the longer the spectacle persists.

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Trudeau never had the interest of Canadians in mind ,all he ever did is promote his friends from the middle east.Canada and Canadians are the last thing on his mind other than destroy the prossperity our Canada has enjoyed in the last 150 plus years Canada is leaderless! Trudeau must step aside. His “charm” diplomacy Internationally and within Canadia has been a dismal failure. He is weak and has lost all respect and credibility.

How beautiful would that be! Alberta/Sask time to defy the law like everyone else and stop payment of the equalization payment corruption; let them send in the army that would really go over big. He’s trying to do 13 things at once. I can only imagine how much slack you’d be giving Doug Ford or Andrew Scheer if the roles were reversed. Turn it in! Shut this sad excuse of a newspaper down, finally!

National 🇺🇸Post is such an embarrassing little rag these days. bugzy_lady Since when did he ever show interest in his “job?” He was and is interested only in being a sybaritic popinjay. If he didn't quit fire him. Call in the deputy lol 😂 Maybe a vote of no confidence would be more fitting and yet, The rail police who have as much power as that of other police forces, and yet they too have failed to do make arrests, enforce injunctions etc.

Canada doesn’t tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesScheer said the prime minister should tell Public Safety Minister Bill Blair to use his authority under the RCMP Act to end what he called the ‘illegal blockades’ Precisely! ~ Go for diplomacy! The RCMP have no problem handing out speeding tickets but when the going gets tough you’ll find them all hiding out in donut shops. cdnpoli The police will do whatever he wants them to do.

Agree. He doesn't have the guts to step down man is a coward Lost interest or not, just quit! You can see the poorly planned pattern of posts attempting to imply many support these idiot views in response to articles that mention the PM. Even bots try to look capable of thought. I agree give these criminals an ultimatum and if they don’t go home declare an emergency and if necessary send the military in to remove them

One can dream. Tabloid It’s turning on his own supporters, that when the statesmanlike behaviour needs to kick in. Living large on the taxpayers dime. Won’t be too long before Canada is a full on commie nation at which point Trump will hopefully liberate us. Words of wisdom from the National Conservative Party Post.

Trudeau criticized over meeting with Iran's foreign ministerCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism over his meeting in Munich, Germany with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The backlash comes ... I know that face

JustinTrudeau is like the idiot son of a succesful father who inherits the family business, enjoys acting like the “boss” (& the perqs) but proceeds to run the business into the ground due to a lack of skills & experience, disinterest in work. Oh, look, there's the nation's other voice of the disconnected right wing mumbling the usual talking points.

Sort of like the NP has given up on any semblance of journalism? It's called the ' Peter principle ' when a person has reached a level of respective incompetence. Bottom line has been the blockade protests have nothing to do with aboriginal rights. US & CND environmental radicals, U.S. foundations & special interest groups want to damage CDN fossil fuel industry & orchestrating it as a aboriginals rights issue for their poli agenda.

Cooked What will he do? Trudeau's interest towards his job is about as high as the interest his ex-wife has in his dick HAHA! Perhaps it is not a case of the PM’s loss of interest; perhaps it is a case of the PM’s obvious incompetence. You’re trying SO HARD to make this narrative stick.

Trudeau tells U.S. lawmakers he’s confident USMCA bill will pass CommonsIt’s expected to pass in spite of the government’s minority status and a lack of enthusiasm from the NDP, and the opposition of the Bloc Quebecois Haggisman57 That is unless they want tariffs on the Maple syrup... Umm ... it’s a take it or leave it deal. Aladdin Watch 2020 Prince Jackwagon !! So Much Power, World Leadering & Useful Idiocy LOL 🤡👀🧔🥔 TotalClownShow ✈️🌴🧦😜 Team Train Wreck! 🤡 2.0 TrudeauJr PeterPanPM MagicKingdom

There absolutely should be a new Liberal leader, the guy is now known internationally for wearing black face. The Prime Minister needs to be a leader for all Canadians. I think it is more than just disinterest, I think he finally know he is not capable of doing this job. It might be pride and privilege that he doesn't admit it and just resign. I think if he resigned he would be putting the needs of the country first. It would be better for him 2

But he would have to pay for his nanny's then! This was complete BS the first time you posted this piece of fiction. Did you think it would become factual if you re-posted it over and over again? Since all you print is tripe...Maybe you should quit!!!!!!!

Trudeau skipping Caribbean trip amid rail blockades, protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau has cancelled a planned trip to Barbados as protests continue to choke rail travel across the country. not a fan, but this is not his issue. What a noble thing to do Awwww poor justin !

Trudeau in talks with cabinet ministers as nation-wide pipeline protests continueIndigenous Services minister Marc Miller said the economy is suffering due to the blockades, but the government’s response is a test of Canada’s ability to find peaceful resolutions to … Talks cheap .. he's a narcissistic man that lacks empathy and is incapable of leading this country. trickytrudeau mustgo I’m pretty interested to see what he and his band of merry liberals will do here. I’m almost always disappointed in him but I’m hoping this time, he will do something positive and useful. If there is just a bunch of money given, or virtue signalling made, it’s all over for him. How this Liberal Govt let this happen in the first place is beyond logic? Thugs in Ottawa and on the Tracks and Canadian tax payers stick paying for both sets of moronic imbeciles.

Trudeau cancels trip to Caribbean after facing criticism over Liberals response to pipeline protestsScheer as well as various industry groups have called on the federal government to intervene and end the blockades, which they say are causing major damage to the economy Trudeau = total failure Crappy for him. To bad the opposition parties are just crying baby’s these days. Nothing constructive just criticism Well it’s only been 10 days...what’s your hurry 🤦‍♂️

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