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Cdnpoli, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

No quick fix to pipeline protests, Trudeau says, as rail links severed


No quick fix to pipeline protests, PM Trudeau says, as rail links severed cdnpoli

Published Friday, February 14, 2020 10:13AM EST Last Updated Friday, February 14, 2020 10:18AM EST Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Marcus Wallenberg Global Chairman of Saab (not pictured) at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany on Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick SHARE MUNICH -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are no easy answers to the dispute over a British Columbia pipeline project that has sparked Indigenous protests at vital rail links across Canada. In his most extensive public comments since anti-pipeline protests began affecting freight and passenger rail traffic across Canada last week, Trudeau said Friday that the path forward is "fraught with challenges and obstacles to overcome." "You need to know we have failed our Indigenous peoples over generations, over centuries. And there is no quick fix to it," Trudeau said, adding that all parties must move towards reconciliation. "We also are, obviously, a country of laws. And making sure that those laws are enforced, even as there is, of course, freedom to demonstrate free and to protest," he said. "Getting that balance right and wrapping it up in the path forward ... is really important." Tensions could heat up today, with the added threat of activists planning to shut down government offices in British Columbia's capital. Protests continue as political leaders look to negotiate solutions, while business leaders, opposition politicians and ordinary people call for immediate action to end the disruptions, which have already seen more than 80 arrests. Trudeau and B.C. Premier John Horgan spoke Thursday about the need to work together to resolve the pipeline tensions that have resulted in solidarity blockades in Ontario, Manitoba and B.C. Indigenous leaders in B.C.'s northwest have invited federal and provincial politicians to meetings to find solutions, and said they would ensure a blockade of a Canadian National Railway track near New Hazelton, B.C., would come down during talks. CN spokesman Jonathan Abecassis confirmed Friday morning the New Hazelton blockade had been lifted. The railway said Thursday it was starting a progressive shutdown in the East, while Via Rail cancelled all service on CN tracks in Canada. Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said safe and efficient passenger and freight rail service is critical to Canada's well-being. He is to meet with his provincial and territorial counterparts as well as representatives of national Indigenous organizations to discuss a way forward. The blockades began last week after RCMP enforced an injunction against Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs and their supporters, who were blocking construction of the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline, a key part of the $40-billion LNG Canada export project. Horgan has rejected calls from the Opposition Liberals to seek immediate injunctions to end the blockades and protests in B.C. "We can't just use force," he said in the legislature. "It needs to be dealt with by co-operation, by consultation, by discussion so that we can all move forward." Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said Horgan was taking an "entirely passive approach in the face of implacable protesters who are intent on shutting down constituency services, shutting down the universities, shutting down our transportation arteries." "The issues going on right now, these days, in Canada are pitting Indigenous Peoples and concerns about the environment against economic development," Trudeau said. "But, of course, there are lots of Indigenous Peoples who want economic development. They just need to want to see this being done in the right way, and in a way that is respectful and partnership." Groups including Grain Growers of Canada, Forest Products Association of Canada and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters have said rail delays caused by the blockades are hurting their members and the economy. Teamsters Canada, the country's largest union in the transportation sector, called on the federal government to intervene. The union warned the impasse could put up to 6,000 employees at CN and other rail companies out of work. Protesters have threatened to block government buildings in Victoria on Friday, but late Thursday a B.C. Supreme Court judge granted an injunction against further blockades at the legislature. Coastal GasLink has signed agreements with all 20 elected band councils along the pipeline route. However, Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs assert title to a vast 22,000-square-kilometre area and say band councils only have authority over reserve lands. More than two dozen people have been arrested in the pipeline construction area near Houston, B.C., by RCMP enforcing an injunction order. Vancouver Police arrested more than 50 people this week enforcing an injunction order against people blocking access to Vancouver area ports. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 14, 2020. Read more: CTV News

yes there is get the opp to do their job.. boom.. problem fixed This is a national emergency. Call up the police and military to fend them off. Enough is enough. It affects too many sectors and afew caused this havoc! So the ELECTED CHIEFS, EIGHT OUT OF 13 Hereditary Chiefs and a Plebiscite of the Wet'suwet'en in which 80% of members APPROVED the pipeline is OVERTURNED by 5 Hereditary Chiefs (2 of whom ran for Chief and lost)? And the media is COMPLICIT in covering this up and Trudeau WAFFLES.

Cattle catcher on front of train quick fix.TrudeauMustGo Why don’t he say at home and give it a try.Maybe if he pretended it is a foreign problem! Why the heck has there not been a non confidence vote been called and have this puppet removed? The illegal civil protests are getting out of hand. Eventually people will take matters into their own hands if the Police dont get control quickly.

No quick fix you say Mr Trudeau. It is because a liberal government that gives an Islamic terrorist 10.5 million dollars is too cowardly to do what must be done in defending jobs and the economy. Mass arrests and legislation to implement heavy fines. Idiot!! Just want mr. Trudeau to take one single decision that show his leadership skills .

If Justin had the guts that Pierre did we have War measures Act? Enacted Any liberal supporters on this thread?

Trudeau says there’s ‘no quick fix’ to dispute over B.C. pipeline projectThe public comments were the Prime Minister’s most extensive since anti-pipeline protests began affecting freight and passenger rail traffic across Canada GlobeBC I imagine there's no quick fix to many of the issues he's caused. GlobeBC Yes their is, pepper spray! cat2potter GlobeBC Ya there is. Stop arresting Indigeonous on their small bit of land that Canada so graciously allowed them to have after murdering their families. Try that first.

Everyone slams the PM (me included). The first four years wasn’t punishment enough, they voted him in again.... What the hell did you expect?! “No quick fix” for anything, eh Trudeau? Theres a limit Joe/Jane public are going to take before someone going to go beserk and get seriously hurt. This will be on Trudeau and only Trudeau!!!

Not until Quebec needs propane anyways. Trudeau shuts down Canada energy and puts a Carbon Tax on Canada.. Meanwhile he's overseas promoting Coal,Gas and oil jobs... There is a very quick fix but son of National Energy Program Trudeau doesn’t have the stones to execute it. Idiot Such an incompetent leader

We have not failed the Indians in the least. Every corner turned, they're recieving Government handouts. A,K.A TAX PAYERS money. Free education, pay no taxes yet use our enemities. Maybe it's time they start paying us. And not in beads and trinkets. Bye bye PMJT. Majority rules and that you do not have !

Could be fixed if he wanted it fixed

Trudeau urges quick resolution as anti-pipeline blockades continue across CanadaProtesters have erected blockades across several rail lines in solidarity with those opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline project that crosses the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in northwestern B.C. globepolitics globepolitics The quick resolution boat sailed about a week ago.

Ya there is; but hes to much of a pussy to do anything because then he would have to pick a side. and let's be real, hes a weasel so that ain't happening Only in Canada could the will of a few disrupt the rights of millions. There is a quick fix. Hold JustinTrudeau accountable for doing his job, namely enforcing the law. Remove all the blockades and criminal protesters. Would take 2 days. take that approach every time, and after a bit, no more problems.

Yes there is , they are breaking the law. ARREST THEM Germany? You actually went to another country after the handout tour in Africa? Next ✈ Barbados right? Gutless JustinTrudeau. lol right, took more work to stop the pipelines than it would to just let them build.. why did he even bother buying it when it was already paying for itself?

Are you kidding? There is a quick fix. Protests outside of that indigenous community are by persons with nothing else to do and who know they continue to be paid by taxpayer dollars for their non contributions to the country. Wrong. There is a quick fix. Empower your police to do their job. There is. Enforce the court order! If the rail lines are being blockaded, it’s trespassing. How long would it be before anyone else was moved off the lines?

The I don’t give a shit look! On my way to Barbados.

Manitoba government seeking injunction against pipeline protest rail blockade outside WinnipegWinnipeg blockade is stopping trains in both directions on a main CN Rail line They don't need an injunction they need the usless police to do their jobs and uphold the law. Do you think these idiots will respect an injunction? Are the spineless police going to enforce it? Grow a set of cohoes and clean up this mess. Their right to protest ends when my right to travel is impeded. Just arrest them already, then seek injunction

As he says quickly on a runway before he continues on his way, in some random country. Take a stance!!! No matter what side just DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN TAPE ON EYEBROWS 🤦🏻‍♀️ Of course there are no easy answers, but there are solutions that can be pursued. There is an easy answer if fact: an election

This boy is a mentally challenged Not as long as that clown is P.M. idiot doesn'tcare hatesWestCan Trudeau may need brain surgery. I think he is experiencing psychosis. And then there is this: who are the protesters hired by? Why isn’t the mainstream media covering those who are pro-pipeline? Where’s the truth?

Soo - why all the fuss about a ho-hum commodity. Consider better alternatives to invest money and promote job creation. (Hint greener alternatives)

VIA Rail cancels trains across Canada, CN shuts down Eastern Canada network amid pipeline protests Via Rail is cancelling its entire passenger train network across the country until further notice due to ongoing pipeline protests. But JustinTrudeau is off in foreign countries again, busy trying to build up his international reputation! He obviously doesn't much care about important domestic issues like having NO rail service in Canada! Wow! Good Now let’s get RID of PMJT

Just clear the rail lines Do something !!! In summary “um, ah that’s hard... someone should fix this! oh look! A squirrel! I wonder what gender it identifies as 🤔 “ Does he know what his job is as PM of 🇨🇦? Grow a set!!! Yep...take the high road AGAIN All the armchair quarterbacks have a quick easy solution as usual.

Canadians would go to jail for this. Indigenous ... not so much. Wtf? I don’t agree with the pipelines but can’t interfere with an unrelated business ops. You have snow plows for trains that will now down 5’ of snow but no way to mow down a few signs? Do you have any contingency plan? We’re all ears. What ..poor skippy cant think through this dilemma that he is in...have a pull on the old mans pipe you kept and think what he would have done.. NOT

Retailers and manufacturers brace for shutdowns as pipeline protests block transportation across the countryIndustry groups said the protests in support of gas pipeline opponents in B.C. have halted rail shipments of perishable food, chlorine for water treatment and raw materials for manufacturers Canadian commerce crippled like an arthritic patient. Where is the law? OvarTaxed RuleOfLaw matters RCMP should have no patience with illegal protesters Keep business open. fordnation CPC_HQ ErinOTooleMP Is there anyone leading this country?

I know there has been issues with the indigenous people but enough is enough. If a person of other heritage did this you would throw him in jail. They love court decisions in there favour but won't accept negative vertices Arrest the degenerate free loaders In other words he is still mouthing platitudes while doing nothing

Yes there is, full steam ahead! Wonderful positive attitude no wonder you’re a politician nothing gets done. No shit & enhanced by this govt You weak pantomime PM... grow a set, speak to the majority, tell them the truth, expose the behind the scenes manipulation of this whole debacle...both within Canada and from outside, take control, be a leader.

The quick fix would have been voting for a competent PM, but Canadians seem more interested in teary-eyed platitudes than in practical solutions. Citizens could take care of blockade no problem remove RCMP for a few hours Too bad

How the anti-pipeline blockades are hurting Canada’s economyCN Rail and Via Rail are suspending services across Canada, following days of rail blockades over the Coastal GasLink pipeline slated to run through northern... Why is this the main narrative that it is getting coverage by our media? And now :why: so many protesting, regardless of where they are? You cant have an economy without a liveable biosphere...

How about some buses and paddy wagons? There is, in fact, a 'quick fix': arrest the protesters, get the trains running, build the pipeline. Really ? What if they we Christian Pro -Life people shutting down the country in the name of the Unborn Citizens of Canada? Hey that’s a good idea. Fix the problem, you Hug a Thug PM, First Nation have never contributed economically to the advancement of our great country. Money money is all this is about. Just sick of this shit by First Nation minority group.

Fix this now or resign Mr. P. M. A typical response by JustinTrudeau, likely the WEAKEST Prime Minister that Canada has ever seen. He's off auditioning for his next job while the rest of us are stuck. He just doesn't care. What a guy! Non confidence vote. That will fix it. A good start would be the removal of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Govt. Most unethical,corrupt and incompetent federal govt. in Canadian History.

Enforce the Law. That is one option Skippy.

It's called making arrests. Not that hard. There's only 50 people to be arrested. I hope there is lots of snow in Ottawa when he comes back. Time for him to take a long walk in the snow and do the right thing. The usual JustinTrudeau cop out. 'No Quick Fix' is code for 'I'm not going to do anything'. Trudeau should do his job and get this country working together again! Who cares about the seat on the UN council!

Every drama in.the book.. Our queen of Canada the showpeopleperson Unfit for office. He lives to travel, that's what I do. This is ceremonial to me. With my privileged class & entitlements Things will balance themselves There's no quick fix. That makes me look good. ....fixed it for ya. What a complete baffoon!!!!

I am so disgusted with PM Moonbeam, he alone has created the divisiveness this country is experiencing. Not just pipelines, but with identifiable groups. Or you can just arrest them. And he gives everybody the green line to 'protest' anyway we want: blocking rails, CT trains, highways, schools.. everything we want, without any problem! So, we can protest against him, too.. right? It's Canada, as Singh said, we can do anything we want, disrespecting everybody!

Gutless leader and he rather play nice with a few then with the rest of the country well he not the one having to find other ways home. He just hope in are plane we pay for and goes Dividing the country even further with his liberal thinking & social justice backbone. I see another 'Trump' coming to rise in power very soon in Canada. The left has pushed a tad too far now.

OK for Junior as he takes a jet everywhere he goes. Movement of freight and ordinary people are hindered because of this situation. There is a quick fix for illegal disruptive protests! Grow a set !!! I think the liberal party should invite Trudeau to retire asap Enough is enough. Get the lines open. This is ridiculous.

Lol WHAT? Trudeau needs to resign Wrong answer. Yes there is! Handcuffs and jail cells!

Yes there is a easy way. Its called arresting them all because they are roge protesters from a band that okay'd it and tge rest is Americans whi should stay out of our business in the first place. Have you seen my baseballs! Yes there is! Tough decisions....?! This is a man with no backbone. Take a good look.

Gut less , weak, useless PM Bullcrap. Get the protesters off the rail lines and open a dialogue, at the same time. Easy! CanadianPM JustinTrudeau claims, *without evidence*, that Canada is a country that embraces the rule of law. New rules, that's how FakeNews is done now.

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