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The one thing that stands out about the NHL return-to-play format currently being discussed is it doesn’t include a meaningless game. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to do much better than that.

2020-05-21 11:39:00 PM

Perfect is not the goal in any decision made by the NHL right now. The return-to-play format under consideration doesn’t include a meaningless game. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to do much better than that. (by reporterchris)

The one thing that stands out about the NHL return-to-play format currently being discussed is it doesn’t include a meaningless game. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to do much better than that.

Of note about the proposed format is that it would be bracketed similar to the NCAA tournament — somewhat lessening the sting if Boston or St. Louis weren’t to end up with the No. 1 seed after leading their respective conferences when the regular season was paused.

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Any of the top-four teams in the East or West could actually end up facing the lowest remaining seed following the play-in round. For example, the No. 4 seed could face No. 12 Montreal (in the event the Canadiens pulled off an upset over No. 5 Pittsburgh) while the No. 1 seed would be left with the winner of No. 8 Toronto vs. No. 9 Columbus.

Sources say there was consideration given to taking the regular-season results and making that kind of upset more difficult — say putting Montreal down 1-0 to start its series or requiring it to sweep the Penguins to move on — but there was no formula that was deemed to make sense.

Perfect is not the goal in any decision made by the NHL right now. Gary Bettman has said there will be no fool proof solutions available as his league navigates this unusual landscape.The return-to-play format under consideration includes six Canadian teams, five Original Six teams (the Canadiens, Blackhawks and Rangers would be excluded in a 20-team format) and everyone who had any hope of winning a championship when the 2019-20 season was halted.

And absolutely every game played would have a bearing on the chase for the Cup.Under the circumstances, it’s hard to do much better than that. Read more: Sportsnet »

Spec reporterchris What is the worst possible format we can have to make the most money? Yup, we are getting close... Spec reporterchris Yeah, they could do much better - don't do it at all - scrap the season and start fresh in the fall. This is just plain ridiculous. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Man this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris GoHabsGo FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Montreal 71 games 71 points. Buffalo 69 games 68 points. Montreal in buffalo out. A well rested Carey Price could easily steal this series. Good luck Pittsburg with your 86 points. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Sounds good let's go!!!! You people complain about this are probably the type of people who only fuck missionary with the lights off on Saturday nights. It's ok for things to be different once in awhile 🤣🤣🤣

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is STUPID. Not right that the Canucks get all the breaks yet again FriedgeHNIC reporterchris They refuse to except that their normal format is junk and even though they are making this up, they won’t correct it. Reseed after each. 10,11, and 12 could all win - yet 1 has to play 8 or 9. Ridiculous.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris YES! Hockey baby FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Haven’t personally done the math, but does going by PPG make a different vs total points for seeding? Some teams were at 68 games, others 71. curious FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Minnesota still has a team!?!? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Anyone know if the seeding will be by points or by points percentage?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So the Oilers, 9th in the league overall, would have to get a play in while Dallas gets a bye? In other words: we are cursed and might not see the playoffs one more year because of Gary Bettman. Dumbest idea ever. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Also, if a team like CHI, MIN, MTL make a run for the cup, Gary Bettman should be fired. This is not a fair bracket at all. If you like it, you're probably a fan of these teams that were 'gifted' by the NHL. Revenue matters the most in this league. What a joke.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Toronto would maybe win a round before Boston kicks them to the curb this year Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Time to ink the agreement and find a way to make it happen FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Giving a shot to teams that have struggled the whole season is just disrespectful with all the effort put for the top 16 teams in the league. It's absolutely nonsense. Bettman is doing his best: anything but Canada. It just screw the Oilers, Flames and Toronto the most.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris CMPunk hawks vs oilers playoffs FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I hope the players reject this. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Fair ? 12 games to exact seeding in top four, with 3 games per team against rival seed, 3 reg wins 9 pts, ot win 2 pts, to loss 1 pt. If tie short season rank wins high seed. 12-20 games for play in round with 3-5 games per team vs opposition vying for seed. Playoffs In week(s)?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I still think we should scrap playing for Lore Stanley’s cup this year. To modify the format cheapens the fight to win it. We should bring out the OBrien Cup and let em battle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Play in round best of 5, then switch to best of 7 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Let’s go Canucks

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris JMile305 What do you think? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Exciting that this is being talked about, but how much time will teams be allotted to get their ice legs back? And would the play-in teams have an advantage because of getting those extra games in after the hiatus? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris StevieSinatra

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I want Bruins so bad in second round. Need to silence the haters. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Dumb FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is dumb as fuck FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I don’t like it one bit...non playoff teams getting in! Not one bit! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris No playin..

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I'd rather see the season straight up canceled then this sacrilegious dumpster fire. The best modern era playoffs was the 1st LA Kings cup run 8th seat knocking 1,2 and 3 handedly then the Finals. Playoffs should not be for most team just the better teams FriedgeHNIC reporterchris No matter what they do people will bitch.

bruinscapspace FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why are the Islanders 7 when they have less points than Leafs Canes BlueJackets FriedgeHNIC reporterchris devils got snubbed FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I’d prefer for a 5 game regular season extension till every team plays 75 games then seed the top 16. This way everyone gets back in game shape somewhat and only the top teams qualify to play in the playoffs.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I don't care, Somebody play something! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I hate how the NHL always wants to lock in a team w/ the best record to potentially play a team w/o the worst record. Seed AFTER the play-in games! Top team plays team w/ the worst remaining of the bottom 4. 2nd overall plays 2nd worst & so on. Make the regular season count!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I have an idea! What if we tried to salvage the season and playoffs but instead of salvage we made a mindless and convoluted system that made no sense and made everything worse and turned all the fans against us? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Thoughts UrinatingTree? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Doesn't matter what the scenario is, Boston's winning the Cup anyways.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So dumb FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This destroys the grind and the pride it takes to win what is the greatest trophy in sports. 16 wins, in four rounds of best of 7 play until you win hockey. I’d rather they didn’t award it and cancel as they did almost 100 years ago. Then sit through a playoff in empty arenas

bruinscapspace FriedgeHNIC reporterchris In the East, you wanna be 2 or 3. Out West...damn. Love the format though. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I would say the teams that have play the extra round have an advantage over the stale 'top seeds' FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I think it’s too complex. Top 4 should not compete for seeding.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The teams with the most young good players might win it, they will get in shape faster. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I like this a lot. I believe the league needs to play to an equal amount of games let’s that be 74 for this argument. Players get 2-5 games to shake off some rust and get pack to pace everyone plays the same amount of games. Also mcdavid has a chance 100 points and drai 50 goals

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Can that Winnipeg vs Calgary series start right meow please. We all need this FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I’m an idiot American so I have some ?s to gain a better understanding Is it pool play to where it’s under regular season rules and playoff seeding is determined by who gets the most points? And if your team is knocked out in the best-of-5 round, off to the lottery?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris We're at the point where if they want to start next season anywhere even close to the normal time they should be *hrinking the playoffs, not expanding them - this is gonna drag on until July, maybe even August! Division leaders in the Conference Finals, winners play for the Cup.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why 24.. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I like this idea. What is considered a play in game. One game or a best of 3? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Explain Dallas ahead of Edmonton for 4 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I will take anything!!!! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I hope this is the setup.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Just end it and start fresh next season. Whatever they decide to do for the playoffs will end up being a farce with the world's biggest asterisk beside the eventual champ's name. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris If a non-playoff team flukes their way to a cup under this format they MUST have a giant asterisk engraved on the cup beside their name.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris 1 can get 8 while the 4th seed can get 12 bruinscapspace FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Another potentail bruins vs leafs first round matchup harpsama FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The 9 through 12 teams in each conference should be ashamed of themselves. Ashamed, I say. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Every team that’s not mathematically eliminated should be part of these playoffs!!!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris It’s dumb! So Habs would be the 24th team in this 24 team NHL COVID19 playoffs because they played 2 more games than the Sabres 🤦🏼‍♂️ makes no sense...what a joke 🤦🏼‍♂️ FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Re-seed after the Play-in Round. If not it is a ridiculous idea FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I love hockey and all, but this seems gimmicky and forced. Call the season done, and we’ll all hope there can be some hockey next season.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is such a stupid idea. Cancel the season so that a normal 20/21 is at least possible. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Just do it. I want hockey. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris A 12 seed that wasn’t in the picture can now take out a 4 seed with a guaranteed spot. Now what happens with the trades that included conditional picks.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I like it. Lets get it going...safely FriedgeHNIC reporterchris If these were developed by FriedgeHNIC and reporterchris then it makes no sense cause neither of these know anything about sports. Let the professionals do the reporting and not the Leafs lovers that you 2 are.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I’m so for this one FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Could be very interesting FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I don’t like it at all Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris FriedgeHNIC Steve_Dangle reporterchris As a Caps fan, I totally hate this. Why bother playing when it could only be 7 games total? We're chasing regular season records!. If they're going to play, they should finish the season. Let Ovi get 50 so the playoff loss hurts less!!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Play in round best 2 out of 3 not 3 out of five FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why bother, start again in Sept. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris 2/2 Instead: Top 8 NHL teams play 7game Rnd Robin for TOP team seeding & 9-24 play 3/5 series for 9-16 seeding. Teams are then ranked ranks 9-16 & 1 seeded team CHOSES 1st rnd opponent! This would be awesome drama & the fairest way to proceed. Forget East & West!! BEST v BEST

Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The leafs have a chance to win a playoff round! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I'm Confused!! Wth 24 teams split into Two Hub cities (wth No HkmeTeam advantage) then WHY do we need EAST & WEST!!! 1/2 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris GOLEAFSGO FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So who is going to edit this so that the West is on the left side? Seems a bit weird to see them on the right side. But, what is normal these days anyway?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris They have been very slow on this. Make a decision and stand by for appropriate implementation. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why don’t they reseed after the play-in round? Explain. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Absolute garbage. 24 teams making the playoffs is a joke. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The EdmontonOilers were ahead of all “play-in” teams and yet would be playing for the 4th seed? Same with Pitt in the East. The WC and teams below should “play-in”, the rest should be in.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Nice to know that the Leafs have a chance of losing in round two under this format FriedgeHNIC reporterchris In the NHL iOS app what am I missing here❓The EdmontonOilers are currently 4th in the West ahead of DallasStars. Games played are both close. Stupid format ‼️ Standard 16-team playoff format ‼️ Play-in for wild card if needed. Oilers are 2nd in Pacific ‼️ They’re IN ‼️

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Still think a handful of season games to even everybody up and give teams like Florida , Canucks Plus a few others to get the playoff spot. Then 3 5 game series’s with 16 teams and a 7 game final would be better. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I hope they let the players vote on this, so it will get shot down! This is one of the dumbest ideas the NHL has come up with. If the reg season can’t be finished, then do the playoffs based on standings in March, or just cancel this Season and prep for ‘20-‘21 Season.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Best of 7 or 5 to start? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I like it, let’s do it FriedgeHNIC reporterchris No. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris If they are going to do that, maybe the bottom teams that are not in the playoffs should play for seed to then. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris As long as they give participation medals out for the the teams that should of never been in the post season it is all good nhl

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Not terrific for the 8 teams which finished 9th-16th in the standings. They need to win 5 rounds to win the Cup, instead of 4 in a normal year. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Just be smart and dont put players n staff at risk CANCEL THE SEASON PUT HEALTH ABOVE WEALTH N STATS!!!!!!!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Would be awesome! Bring back hockey let's gooo FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Maybe the habs can finally win our 25th cup FriedgeHNIC reporterchris No! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris the playoff format has SUCKED for many years....and this proposal is just as bad!! its summertime, my golf clubs are ready to go...not really interested in watching some format like this

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Let’s go. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Very weird but kinda makes sense. Welcome to our new world. Welcome back sports. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The is the 2nd time in 2 work stoppages the the NHL managed to figure a way to slip the rangers into the playoffs when they weren’t there

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Yes with games in Edmonton, Calgary, Vegas. As the 3 hubs for playoff games. The challenge is holding training camps and opening the border. August camps with 24 team tournament in September. cweinreich12 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Leafs swept in the first round 😆

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why does everyone keep putting the Stars ahead of the Oilers, the Oilers have 83 points and Dallas only has 82 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Typical NHL. Why do simple and you can be this convoluted... You want simple add a 5th round put everybody in and give the bruins a by. This way after the first round you're back to a normal 16 teams playoff format.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Wow I can't wait for the Freeway Faceoff Round II this yr!! XD FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Ass FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Does anyone else think they're doing this dumb 24 teams thing just to make sure Chicago is in the playoffs? Not the first time Gary and the Gang would conspire to get them in the post season.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Do teams that don’t get in move up in the draft 🤔 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why not 30 teams? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Would have rather seen the top 16 teams play. The non playoff teams dont deserve to be a part. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Boston has 100 points, they’re the 1 seed in the conference. Nobody should be even trying to challenge for that. The next closest eastern conference team is 8 points back. Have 2-4 fight it out there. 3 points separate them

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris No fans at the arena = zero interest for me, thanks for asking. event201 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Can somebody explain to me why they don’t re-seed every round, if they only have two hub cities? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Season over FriedgeHNIC reporterchris TKulbisky Looks like we may have a first round worth watching!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Bruins & leafs again lol but does this mean the top 4 seeds have to play each other for the top 4 seeding? That part makes zero sense. All the hard work by the bruins this season to get into first means nothing if they lose a game? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Tell me why they dont do this every year

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris It should be 16 teams FAN590 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So the Habs could win the Cup this year!?! 😉😂🏆🏒 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Love it! Bring it on. If you don’t like it then you don’t like hockey. Go Flyers! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Leafs would lose first round again

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is stupid. Why would the 1 seed play a potentially better seeded team than 4? The NHL is and always will be a clown car. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Any provision in place for social distancing on that playoff bracket since, ya know, pro hockey players, coaches, trainers & arena staff can spread COVID-19 asymptomatically? It's a House of Cards. Quit wasting our time NHL & refund our money for missed games that we've paid for

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Love it. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I think we’re gonna find out which players have really still been keeping up with the training regimen lol FriedgeHNIC reporterchris If they are going to do this then they should put all 31 teams realTylerZed FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Let’s Go!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why not! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Give everyone a shot FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Best of 7 rounds? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This makes no sense on a few levels. Firstly 24 teams is too many. Take 2 of the bubble teams from East & West to make it 20 max. More importantly why do teams who weren’t in a playoff spot get an easier path than the 8 that were at the time the season was suspended?!

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So for the devils, we have our pick in 2020 AND pull for Minn to beat Vancouver (for best 2020 position of the Vancouver pick) AND AZ to beat Nashville (AZ 2nd vs 3rd Rd pick in 2021) then lose fast in the next round to improve 2020 draft position. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Give me hockey

Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The round robin winner makes zero sense . being seeded 1 can be a disavantage match up over 4 seed match up.. You want to make it more intriguing let seeded teams have a choice in order who they want to play from the winners of the play in rounds.. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why wouldn't they reseed instead of doing this bracket format?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris If they wanna be fair to the teams on the cusp of the playoffs play 5-6 games to end the season to a) give them a chance to play their way in and b) allow teams to get their legs back under them. Ya know, common sense. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris SABRES!!!!!!! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So bruins played 70 games to run away with the east to now be thrown back into jockeying for position? What a joke of a proposal

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So your giving teams that shouldn’t be in the playoffs a chance, ok lets c how that works out FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is the most “hockey” dogshit ever. Allow teams who wouldn’t be in the playoffs to play their way into form and then play rusty teams who earned their way in? GTFO with that BS. Stop with the cute shit and just play the playoffs with the 16 who earned it.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I hope this is one off because if it isn't makes requler season meaningless FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why wouldn't they reseed? It's all in one city potentially so it would easy and more fair. How does it make sense that a 12 seed could face 4 if they win and 8 faces 1?

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Can they start now.. I need something to watch FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I love it idc how stupid it looks FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Asterisks* on the winner this year.... Errrrrrrrrr! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris this would actually be pretty dope! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris What about NJ and a BUF? 3 points back of Montreal, each with 2 games in hand. Not totally inconceivable that either of those 2 wouldn’t win those games to overtake MTL in points. If I was a fan of those 2 teams I would be rattled by this.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris 🤡 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Need to re-seed after first round. Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So the burins play the jackets or leafs..... what a surprise..... FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest format I have ever seen. This is the COVID-Cup not the Stanley Cup.......16 teams and that is it! Chicago and Montreal don’t even deserve a shot at the playoffs

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris FriedgeHNIC reporterchris 1 Game winner takes all first round ? Higher Seed gets home ice ? Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Honestly, I love this. This is fun. Whoever doesn’t like this just doesn’t like fun FriedgeHNIC reporterchris FriedgeHNIC reporterchris What do you do when Teams Had game in hand like Florida 1 point behind Leafs Florida had game in hand

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is the best option. Teams that were on the bubble still get a shot and teams are still rewarded for their play during the season FriedgeHNIC reporterchris 👍 Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Depends on the Scenarios. If it's Best of 7 then yikes it would take 3 Month to end it. If it's One Game Win or Go Home ... awesome Shit. But the Problem with the NHL is marketing. You have to Promote the Product better.

Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Ridiculously stupid. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris The Blackhawks and Canadiens don’t deserve to be in this. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Yeah but how many games would it be like a best of 7 cause I'd be pissed if Vancouver faced Minnesota and lost 1 game and then they were out of the playoffs

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This would be fun to watch FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Have the winner of the mini-tournament pick their opponent, then 2nd place picks, and so on. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I know tons of people are against this but I’m not gonna lie... I’m intrigued! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Make it so

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Re seed after every round, so that the top seed still gets to play the lowest seed FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Why trash teams would be making playoffs?let the only 16 teams play and the rest are out......Might as well just cancel this crap. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I only like this idea because there could be Leafs vs Bruins....AGAIN

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Leafs are done FriedgeHNIC reporterchris CanPuckPodcast 4thlinesports: Hold our beer! FriedgeHNIC reporterchris They should reseed after the play in round. If 12 wins, they should play 1, not 4. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris So ..... they play until September , and start next season when

Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Well at least the regular season meant nothing FriedgeHNIC reporterchris RIP Sabres Steve_Dangle FriedgeHNIC reporterchris This is stupid. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris idc just give me hockey FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I looks weird to put the west on the right side.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris What exactly would that mean for the top 4 teams to play for seeding? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris I just want hockey. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Go Kings Go! Wait what.. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Is the play-in round considered playoffs? FriedgeHNIC reporterchris Red Wings should be in 😏

reporterchris A 24 team playoff is beyond ridiculous. event201 reporterchris as long as the Stanley Cup is decided by a team winning 4 best-of-seven series, it's all good in my books. reporterchris Boom!! LFG 🔥

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