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Wednesday felt like a chance for the NHL to take some action, to spread the conversation to a largely white audience. To spark discussion in households and make people pay attention to the injustice. The league missed that opportunity. (lukefoxjukebox)

“I don’t think we should be here. I really think the NHL should postpone the games,” Hrudey said onThe games felt unworthy of commentary outside of the disappointment that they happened at all.

But this one was on a platter for hockey players. A tap-in. They didn’t have to lead, just follow the pack of humanity. Listen. Support. Be an ally. “But if no one stands up and does anything, it’s the same thing — it’s just that silence that you’re just outside looking in on actually being leaders and invoking real change when you have such an opportunity to do so.”

Kane also tweeted this: “Actually, it’s incredibly insulting as a Black man in hockey the lack of action and acknowledgement from the @nhl, just straight up insulting.”


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lukefoxjukebox Remember when you could watch a hockey game and it was.....just a hockey game? Sure was nice.

lukefoxjukebox What injustice? Known criminals can resist arrest because they will protest , riot and loot businesses? Cancel sports ? What exactly will this do ?

lukefoxjukebox Hey remember when Kadri scored last night and was celebrating? Why wasn’t he taking a stand then?

lukefoxjukebox Yep they did

lukefoxjukebox Interesting that some injustices are promoted while others are swept under the carpet.


lukefoxjukebox Hey the Bruins did their part and boycotted the game, come on.

lukefoxjukebox More Maoist struggle sessions from the Sportsnet church of the redeemer. May I reserve one of your confession booths to confess to one of your priests? I do find it comforting that you have your social justice priests wearing referee stripes by the way.

lukefoxjukebox I need to be lectured by millionaires that have never had a real job or obstacles in their life because I’m white. Maybe the nhl should be inspirational to children about making positive life choices.

lukefoxjukebox I tip my hat to the NHL. Players sitting out does nothing for the cause. The show must go on. I hope they didn’t get paid for that game.

lukefoxjukebox I would recommend staying outta this one sportsnet. Singling out races in headlines like you just wrote, super irresponsible. 🤡

lukefoxjukebox I'm done with your network and the NHL. Good luck with your ratings.


lukefoxjukebox how about the NBA takes responsibility for their acts? Or BLM? Or Lebron, Oprah and other black racists?

lukefoxjukebox Then how about grow some ball's SPORTSNET and not televise the game if you feel more needs to be done! Sports has nothing to do with the violence that's taking place in the States! period!

lukefoxjukebox the 14 yr old jimmy raped...can you speak to her social injustices? just asking

lukefoxjukebox The liberals come crying crocodile tears

lukefoxjukebox Well the NHL is going to cancel all their games today. Time for to sign off the air for 24 hours....unless the media happens to be a hunch of hypocrites.

lukefoxjukebox Don't worry about it. Nobody was watching anyway.

lukefoxjukebox Let’s have a Canadian team take a knee that the American teams were too afraid/complacent to take last night. (Potential bonus: start a hockey diversity/accessibility fund for BC - Reaves & many others would appreciate it) TheOfficialHDA

lukefoxjukebox I read this weeks back someone said “the NHL never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity” they are 100% right.

lukefoxjukebox Can't we let sports be sports?

lukefoxjukebox So MLB & NBA are still on? If the HDA wanted a real impact, it would have coordinated with NBA & MLB to suspend for same time frame. This does nothing.

lukefoxjukebox I’ve already had this convo with my family, as they’ve grown up & as things in the world occur. It’s hockey ffs, entertain me. Allow me to forget about all of the crap that’s going on in the world and is bombarding me every second on social media, even if it’s only for 3 hours.

lukefoxjukebox The NHL stands firm against Police Brutality ?

lukefoxjukebox They really did and now they are scrambling to save face.

lukefoxjukebox I will tell my kids they will get shot if they don't listen to the police and are reaching for a knife..I don't need the NHL to pause to have that friggin conversation.

lukefoxjukebox This race baiting is in our faces everywhere we look. People are already aware. Glad to see you support a rapist, Jacob Blake, who was resisting arrest and opted to reach inside a car when police had guns drawn on him lol. My god the stupidity continues

lukefoxjukebox Americans on whole don’t view the NHL as a major sports league anyways so stay in the basement

lukefoxjukebox They missed nothing, they did their job and the fans are grateful.

lukefoxjukebox 100%

lukefoxjukebox Couldn’t agree more.

lukefoxjukebox No they did just fine

lukefoxjukebox It's the Police that are used and abused.

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