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New Zealand probing for outbreak source, may extend lockdown

New Zealand probing for outbreak source, may extend lockdown

2020-08-14 8:44:00 AM

New Zealand probing for outbreak source, may extend lockdown

Health authorities said Friday they were investigating whether shipping workers were a source of New Zealand 's first domestic coronavirus outbreak in more than three months.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is scheduled to announce later whether a three-day lockdown in Auckland would be extended past Friday, which seemed likely given the increase in cases.Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxUntil the cluster was discovered Tuesday, New Zealand had gone 102 days without community-spread infections, with the only known cases all travellers quarantined after arriving from abroad.

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Health officials don't believe the virus was lurking undetected in the community for months but believe it started with a returning traveller or a border worker. But stumped officials have yet to discover the origins.All but one of the 30 cases in the outbreak are linked, most through family or work connections. The only known infections outside Auckland were two people in the central North Island town of Tokoroa who were linked to the Auckland cluster by a family visit. Officials said they thought the chances were low the virus would spread further in Tokoroa.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said they had only started investigating the 30th case, which was the most recent found and also the first person in the outbreak to be hospitalized.Several of those infected work at an Americold food storage facility in the Auckland suburb of Mt. Wellington. Officials are looking at the possibility that workers on a freight ship or at the port may have spread the infections, despite physical distancing requirements at those sites and orders preventing ship workers coming ashore.

Bloomfield said they were doing rigorous testing at Auckland's port "as part of our investigation just to follow that chain of the Americold goods that might have come in through the port and been transported to that Mt. Wellington depot."

Officials are also investigating the possibility the virus could have survived from abroad on chilled or frozen food boxes and then infected workers in New Zealand, a scenario they consider unlikely.Bloomfield said that they completed a record of more than 15,000 tests Thursday and they were getting a clearer picture of the outbreak's contours.

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Puzzling New Zealand virus outbreak grows to 17 casesA puzzling new outbreak of the coronavirus in New Zealand 's largest city grew to 17 cases on Thursday, with officials saying the number will likely increase further. Because its a flu? Not puzzling ... when it is made up lol ... Someone says “hey we 17 new cases” .. and we just believe it and report it ... makes total sense All to bring in Marxism.

New Zealand reports 12 more coronavirus cases as country mulls lockdown extensionThere is growing concern that a repeat of the tough five-week lockdown Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern imposed earlier in the year could cripple the economy. Wow 100 and some days. Then 1. Now 12. Immediately after facing criticism for her covid “camps” where she goes on video saying you don’t have a choice they can take you form your home and a child or all of them or the whole family if they want parental rights. Holocaust. The NZ headlines have turned on a dime. 12 cases! Wow lol.

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