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New month begins with daily Trudeau address on COVID-19

New month begins with daily PM Trudeau address on COVID-19 #cdnpoli

2020-04-01 5:16:00 PM

New month begins with daily PM Trudeau address on COVID-19 cdnpoli

As April begins, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold what's become a daily address on the COVID-19 pandemic and the federal government's response plan.

SHAREOTTAWA -- As April begins, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold what’s become a daily address on the COVID-19 pandemic and the federal government’s response plan.Into a new month, and after Toronto cancelled all major events through to the end of June, Trudeau could also face questions about what the latest federal projections are for how long the public health measures like physical distancing and border closures will be in effect.

Peter MacKay says fall election not ‘the priority’ for the country amid coronavirus Globe editorial: Canada, and the world, must stand up to China’s latest attack on Hong Kong Don’t blame those who gather in parks – blame the city

Trudeau has faced several questions about the time it’ll take before Canada comes out the other side of the pandemic, and his response has consistently been some version of “weeks or months.” Though, many of the financial assistance measures being implemented are slated to be in effect into the summer. 

Wednesday afternoon, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Industry Minister Navdeep Bains, and Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Minister Mary Ng will —a day later than initially billed— provide an update on the costs of the expanded wage subsidy for Canadian businesses, after the details were still being worked out. 

Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxOn Monday, Trudeau announced that any Canadian businesses whose revenue has decreased by 30 per cent or more due to the pandemic will be eligible for a 75 per cent wage subsidy, regardless of the number of employees they have. This announcement was a major increase to the initial 10 per cent wage subsidy for small- and medium-sized businesses, announced the week prior. 

Aimed at helping keep employees on staff, the emergency wage subsidy is being back-dated to March 15 and will be on the first $58,700 earned, meaning up to $847 a week per employee.The government continues to indicate more financial assistance will come to Canadians and impacted sectors as the shutdown of many aspects of society continues, to try to flatten the curve of the virus, meaning the price tag will continue to grow. 

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I like the spruce trees that were cut down and stuck in the planters behind him..I thought he cared about the trees NEVER FORGET The fearless leader emerges. What an inspiration in these troubled times! Trudeau has failed everyone I can't even stomach his breathless voice anymore Spewing lie after lie after lie And CTV just lets him get away with it Enjoying the taxpayers money? From you share of the bailout?

He just REPEATS what he said the day before,this is simply Gerald Butt’s PUBLIC MANIPULATION program in COLLUSION with the media...what a waste of time it’s simply enforcing his branding..and the media is supporting it with NO real questions...sad statement on democracy in Canada Haven't seen or heard a peep about JustinTrudeau raising the CarbonTax from the media, I guess the liberals realize how bad it looks so they will just count on the bought and paid for media to not talk about it and hope people don't notice.

Hoping (hope isn’t a management tool) a reporter asks on use of malaria drug for those who are dying, prisoners being Covid released with example of cop in hospital convict released a 2nd time, what small businesses in food / beverage are not eligible for financial assistance Ask him about his carbon tax scam

Chicken face is coming out of his hole again. It's April Fools... I wish this was a joke :( And the Carbon Tax too? Bring that up as well He will dodge the prescreened questions and no actual hard questions or follow up questions will be asked by the media! I guess that’s what we get when JustinTrudeau pays the media🤷‍♂️.

How is this a story!?!? Good grief! This daily address vague, weak and fake. And has inconsistencies between what JT says & what the legislation actually says. Nobody asked anything yesterday so I doubt today will be any different. The Media is now The Ministry of Truth and complicit in the liberal governments stupidity.

1/2 hour of uhh uhh ahhs...can't wait Anyone wonder why he is still in quarantine? Yet that prince Charles dude who drinks kids blood as in quarantine for only 8 days. All taxes should be frozen should be frozen at this point Just brutal! 😤Trudeau 😡🤬 Looks like Turdeau has his 'EVERGREEN' tie on. Hmm. A daily dose of lies, and no responses, we can hardly wait!

CTV managed to capture a picture of an April fool. Time to be more decisive! Can’t be too laidback on this JustinTrudeau! (Follow me TOdiary to help keeping our governments accountable!) Scarier than covd19 Look at our hero coming out of hiding Well it is April Fool’s. Raising the carbon tax during a pandemic is unconscionable. Hopefully there will be a reporter present with a conscience

Trudeau to speak, cost of COVID-19 relief measures expectedPrime Minister Justin Trudeau will be speaking to the latest efforts the federal government is taking to address the COVID-19 pandemic as the number of cases in Canada continues to climb. Why? Bigger lies today? Rather listen to a cat climb a chalkboard. Less irritating and more informative: It’s time for PM JustinTrudeau to tell Canadians to make their own masks.

New images give bird's-eye view of the world amid COVID-19 pandemic

Nova Scotia confirms 5 new cases, community spread of COVID-19The Nova Scotia government has confirmed there is community spread of COVID-19 in the province. CTV_Liveat5 McNeil should smarten up and define what an “essential” manufacturer really is! These companies taking advantage of the situation. People play by the rules when home. And rules are broke when at work!

Via Rail lays out new COVID-19 inspection process for travellersVia Rail says travellers wishing to use its trains will be asked a series of questions about COVID-19 risk factors before they are allowed to board. Why are the trains running if people are supposed to be in self isolation Is there any company in Canada that can manufacture this type of technology? AI-driven temperature screening device. KroniKare to pilot iThermo – an AI-powered temperature screening solution that screens and identifies those having or showing symptoms of fever. cdndoli Yeah, um. Okay. Right. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!

Social post gives new meaning to ‘viral video’ during COVID-19 pandemicThe one-and-a-half minute clip shows Canadians 'passing' a roll of toilet paper from city to city on their hockey sticks, from Winnipeg to throughout rural Manitoba and on to Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. MEANWHILE, WHY ISNT GLOBAL NEWS REPORTING TRUMPS WIN Lord help us all Oh man I can remember when the Corona virus was safely in the confines of a batsoupmeme

COVID-19 in New York City: Navy hospital ship arrives in harbourA Navy hospital ship with 1,000 beds arrived Monday in New York City as officials pressed for more federal help. When does your criticism start? Don’t forget to mention the other one that went to California I think the last place I would want to be right now is on a ship.